It was a cold, rainy afternoon. The soft rain hit the ground as a boy looked out the window of his room. However, the seventeen-year-old did not care for he was back home now after a lonely night. For Edward "Teddy" Remus Lupin this happened all the time, however. Teddy was glad that his father was ok after the full moon, but he could not help but wish that his father was not a werewolf. If his father was not a werewolf then he won't have to be apart from him once every month. Teddy let out a sigh as he looked at his owl who just landed on his windowsill. "Hey, don't worry," Teddy said to the barn owl as he opened his window. The owl hooted and flew in. "Do you have a letter for me?" Teddy asked the owl. The Hufflepuff sighed when he did not see a letter. "All right. Do you think that mum is proud? What do you think Nymph?" Teddy asked the owl with a sad tone to his voice. The owl looked at him with his big blue eyes. Teddy looked at the Firewhiskey that he had on his nightstand. He knows that he shouldn't drink too much, but he could not help it. For he felt alone at the moment. A year, a year since Teddy was kidnapped by a stupid werewolf who gave him a scar over his right eye. Teddy sighed after his owl did not hoot at him instead she flew over to her perch and cleaned her feathers. Teddy smiled at this as he took a drink. 'Hello mum, I'm back. Dad's ok, he didn't hurt himself this time thanks to Sirius and…..On Merlin, I wish you were here. Why can't you be here?' Teddy thought with tears forming in his eyes, but he did not let them fall as he picked up a book and started to read.

An hour later Teddy fell asleep, but he did not see his father in the doorway smiling a little to himself. Remus John Lupin just woke up and was resting his hand on the doorframe. "Oh, Ted," Remus said limping into the room. He was still sore from the full moon, but he was feeling fine regardless. "I'm sorry," Remus said quietly as he sat down next to his sleeping son. Remus then ran a hand through his son's now sandy brown hair. Remus then let out a sharp breath when he felt the soreness that he felt. However, he did not let that stop him from being with his son even if that means that he's asleep. "I'm sorry cub," Remus said with shame in his eyes.

"Why are you sorry dad?" Teddy said with exhaustion in his voice. Remus smiled at this as he continued to run his hand through his son's hair.

"Because I'm this….." Teddy shook his head cutting him off. Remus sighed and shook his head too. "Teddy, you know that I'm a monster," Teddy shook his head once again and sat up a little.

"Dad," Teddy sighed. "You are not. I'm the monster here. I'm the freak here," Remus looked at his son shocked for he never heard his son say these words that you should never say about yourself. Remus closed his eyes and looked at the empty bottle of Firewhiskey that sat on the nightstand. The werewolf opened his green-amber eyes and wiped away the tear that he felt form in his eyes.

"Edward listen to me," Remus said firmly. Teddy who was looking at the wall thinking about his mother and that bully in school that he never told his father about, looked at his father. His eyes were a bright shade of amber now. Remus sighed at this knowing that Teddy was warring him. It was the wolf in him telling Remus to back off, but Remus knew that Teddy has a hard time controlling his wolf sometimes. "You are not a freak. What makes you think that, and you are not a monster cub. Now, why all of the Firewhiskey?" Teddy looked down in shame, but he did not say anything. "Edward?" Remus warmed with the wolf slipping from his voice.

"All right! There was this stupid kid that bugged me when I was at school! I'm drinking because I can't let the bloody thing go. Also, it's been a year since Greyback and I…." Teddy cut off after his little outburst. Remus sighed but he did not say anything as Teddy shook his head and looked at the wall again. Remus ran a hand over his face and looked at his son.

"I'm sorry Ted, I should not have….." Teddy pulled his father into his arms. Remus was taken aback by this for a few seconds. "Cub? You are not a freak. You are my son and that does not mean that you are a monster either," Teddy did not say anything as he closed his eyes and hummed into his father's arms.

"I love you, dad. I'm going to go to bed. I did not…." Teddy yawned cutting himself off. Remus nodded as Teddy pulled out his father's arms and laid on his bed. His eyes were closed before he hit his pillow. The werewolf still sat there watching his son sleep with a smile on his face. Even though he wished that Tonks was still here to help him with Teddy. Remus took a deep breath before he stood up, picked up the bottle and walked out of the room.

A/N: Ok how was that? this is a sequel to Endless full moon night. I know I always do storys like this, but I love to have Remus bound with Teddy in a way. Thank you all for reading and tell me what you think. Have a nice night/morning and I will see you next time. -Captain Voxland