Overall Build

Name: Ambrosius Malphas

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Gold

Looks: Ozymandias from Fate Grand Order

Build: Medium

Body Type: Athlete


Strength: 1

Endurance: 1

Speed: 2

Dexterity: 2

Appeal: 0

Shape: 0

Sense: 2

Batman Arkham Asylum CYOA Jump

1000 CP to spend

Origin: Bat-Family(-100 CP) - Thomas Elliot's son with Lucy Malphas, who is the last member of the declining Malphas family. Due to Thomas missing, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne as a favor from Lucy on her deathbed. Puzzled out Bruce's secret as Batman at age 13, trained extensively with Bruce for two years before finally debuting 6 months before Arkham Asylum.


Comic-Book Looks (-100 CP): Strong jaws, herculean physiques, or beautiful curves. More than a few of the people around here are amazingly beautiful/handsome, and with the purchase of this, so are you.

It's Me, Remember? (Free for Bat Family): You know how to keep projects and

operations secret. You could build an (admittedly small) hi-tech base underneath an insane asylum without anyone being the wiser. Looks like you've at least inherited Batman's ability to keep things secret.

World's Greatest Detective (-100 CP for Bat Family): You a fan of Holmes? Poirot? You

must be, because now you're a pretty great detective yourself. You pick up the slightest details about your environment, and are able to connect clues together nearly instantaneously. With this, you might just become the equal to Batman as a detective.

Enough To Kill 10 Men (-200 CP for Bat Family): You possess a determination rivaled only by Batman himself. You possess the will to keep your sanity even after you've been injected with a drug that turns it's users into ten-feet tall raving lunatics, and to keep going after being injected with enough Fear Gas to kill 10 men. Suffice to say, its going to take a lot to put you down and keep you there.

Martial Arts Grandmaster (-300 CP for Bat Family): You possess an intense and

crushing mastery of martial arts. In fights, you have to actively hold back to keep from killing people. You know just what spots to target to break bones, and where to punch to incapacitate someone. With just this, you could go up against some of the strongest superhumans and have good odds of winning.


Belt O' Tools (Free for Bat Family): Batman graciously seems to have loaned you a belt

containing the tools that he'll be using for this adventure. This includes stuff like remotely

applied explosives gel capable of bringing down walls (though never seems to kill when blown up near someones feet), to a cryptographic sequencer able to track signals, hack terminals, and listen to live radio broadcasts. ...How did he know you'd be needing this stuff?

Animal Suit (-100 CP for Bat Family): A hightech set of body armor themed after an

animal of your choice (DCAU Damian Wayne Robin suit). The head piece contains advanced electronics equipment that scans the environment for information and clues relevant to the situation. It can pick up anything from gaseous alcohol molecules that'll lead you to a crooked guard, to traces of tobacco on the ground to lead you to a hostage. You may also import a set of armor you already own to gain these qualities.

Bat Wing (-200 CP for Bat Family): Hmm, seems like you've picked up one of Batman's

spare vehicles. The Batwing is a supersonic aircraft faster than many jet fighters, possess advanced stealth systems that make it invisible to radar, and can be operated remotely, or operate autonomously.

Bat Cave (-300 CP for Bat Family): A series of platforms and bridges situated within a

small cave. Contains a computer with immense analytical abilities, a landing platform for any aerial vehicles you have, and some workshops for working on gadgets and gizmos. After the jump this can either be attached to the warehouse, or will appear somewhere nearby.


Seductive Ivy (+400 CP): Aw, isn't Poison Ivy simply the greatest? Her attempts to save the environment, her personality, her intelligence...She's just the best, and you're totally not saying this because she's brainwashed you with pheromones are anything. You'd be willing to do anything for her, even fight the Batman.

1. Batman and Robin

One thing that Batman fans have know since forever is that Batman is a hard taskmaster. From Dick complaining about never being good enough to Jason passing out on the couch from a grueling workout it is a universal fact that Batman is a hard taskmaster. However, knowing it and experiencing it are two completely different things.

Ever since I've started training to become he's partner, It's been one grueling task after another. From the long sparing sessions to the detective work, it's all been extremely difficult. If it weren't for my above average stats I wouldn't have been able to keep up. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if he purposefully made the training harder after watching me bench press 180 lbs. at the age of 13.

However, I can't complain that the results aren't there. I've never felt so light and aware before. Don't get me wrong I definitely love being able to bench press 180 lbs at 13, It's just that now that I have the training to go along with it I can use it more effectively. The difference in efficiency is staggering. The closest comparison that I can make to it is Naruto's chakra control end of shippuden vs Naruto's chakra control at the start of the series. Naruto at the end of shippuden is more about efficiently using every last drop of chakra that he has while Naruto in the beginning just brunt forces it.

But I digress, After I've completed the brunt of the training all that I really needed was experience.

"Pay attention." Bruce says.

We were in the bat cave facing the computer with a list of rogues on the screen.

"I am" I replied coolly.

He raises an eyebrow, asking me to reiterate.

"You were debriefing about which of your rogues are currently out of Arkham and who's most like to make a move first."

He inclines his head to tell me to continue.

"Currently the only ones out of Arkham are Two Face, Penguin and Joker. Two Face is probably going to lay low for awhile, Penguin is now a "law abiding" citizen and Joker is most likely planning his next crime as we speak."

Nodding his head in affirmative he turns back to the screen and turns it off. Facing me once again he finally speaks, "Suit up it's time for patrol."

With a smirk on my face I turn around and ascend to the platform holding our uniforms with a set of acrobatic flips.

Patrolling with Batman actually involves more than just running around rooftops looking for crimes. It's a very methodical process that even factors things such as the weather. Because depending on how well equipped a criminal is will decide where we patrol. For example, if it's freezing outside the chances are that most muggers and drug dealers and other low level grunts are most likely inside their home trying to warm up. However groups like the Falcones don't care about stuff like because they have money to buy warm clothes.

As we made our way through East End District the radio in our cowls goes off

"Dispatch we have a situation at City Hall, the Joker is inside holding the Mayor Hostage! So far he hasn't made any demands yet. He is armed and extremely dangerous proceed with caution!"

It looks like it's about time for Arkham Asylum to begin.

Capturing the Joker was easier than any other time that we've done it before. Other than a few bombs rigged with Joker gas and his goons it was fairly easy. If I didn't know the plot of Arkham Asylum I would have actually thought that it was all over and done with.

While Batman took him to Arkham Asylum I continued to patrol around Gotham waiting for the inevitable call about the brea-

"Robin this is Oracle, we have situation at Arkham."

Speak of the devil.