Part 1: Rick

Nov.4: 2018

The whirling of the copter blades finally died down and Rick could feel himself being moved. .

Opening his eyes, he saw a man looking down at him. He looked familiar. "Rick, don't move alright, we will get you all patched up" the man said half smiling telling Rick he was just trying to make him and himself feel better:

It hit him right then and there. "Shane, is that you? Am I seeing ghosts again?" Rick asked with a raspy voice. The man smiled for real and said "no it's Conner, Shane's twin brother and by the sound of it my brother is no longer with us. I'm going to take good care of you though don't worry".

Rick felt like laughing but couldn't find the energy to do so. After a while though the gurney stopped. Conner and Jadis must have thought he was out because they were having a conversation he was sure he wasn't supposed to hear.

"How could you Jadis? This man is a living hero and you bring him here to these psychos. I would be out of here if I didn't want to help as many people as I can" Conner growled softly. "Hey if I didn't call then your so-called hero would be a dead one" Jadis snapped back. "Just remember Anne Penny Blake, if he never gets back home that's on your conscious" Conner barked back and started towards Rick's bed.

Hearing him move, Rick quickly closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. Though pretending didn't last long as he fell into a deep sleep wondering what Conner meant about never getting home.

Present Day

"Have you found them?" Rick asked over the walkie as he held position. The collar around his neck itched but he learned early on not to mess with it. He looked over grateful that Conner and his boyfriend, Heath, who everyone thought had died but had become a prisoner like himself, was with him.

The one person he wasn't glad about was Anne. She kept trying to get close to him in more than a friendly way and it was driving him crazy.

"Have you found them yet?" Rick snarled into the walkie when no answer came through. There was static and the Annes voice came over "I'm sorry Rick, they're gone. Both Alexandria and Hilltop are completely destroyed and The Kingdom and Oceanside look like they've been abandoned for many years".

Rick went pale. He thought about Michonne and his baby girl. The tears streamed down his face and he barely felt Conner and Heath wrap their arms around him. "Keep searching" Heath said into the walkie and returned to holding Rick, no one noticing the lack of response from Anne.

Part 2: The safe houses

Negan sat, his back to the front door and watched as Lydia slept. It was the first time in a week that she was fully asleep and he was glad.

He heard the person enter but didn't make any movements. "Finally come to kill me widow?" he asked in his mocking tone of voice. "If you did please make it quiet because Lydia is finally asleep and I don't want her woken".

"How did you know it was me?" Maggie asked interested and pissed off at the same time.

"I know the sound of a badass woman anywhere. And you widow, are the most badass woman here right now" Negan said keeping his attention on the sleeping girl.

Maggie took a deep breath and stepped forward. Just as she was at his back, something moved quickly in front of her eyes and suddenly a young girl had her arms around Negan and was looking up at her.

"Please don't kill him. He's the only family I have" the girl begged, the pain of her past swirling in her eyes and the tears from that pain forming at the edges of her beautiful blue eyes.

"I'm not gonna kill him but you should get back to bed. I heard you've been through a lot these days" Maggie said gently as she helped Lydia up and back to bed.

As soon as Lydia was settled again, Maggie went back out and was surprised to see Negan in the same spot she left him.

Going over to him, Maggie sat in front of him and stared into his eyes. Looking into his eyes she could see that he had changed. That the man who once had eyes of death now has a warmth and love to him. She felt as the weight of all that inner hate she felt for so long towards the man in front of her was swept away. As the weight was lifted, Maggie fell into awaiting arms and cried. Negan stroked her hair, whispering softly, "it's going to be alright".

In the clearing outside the safe houses

Gracie bent over and picked another flower. She smiled as she realized her bouquet was finished. She was feeling a little lonely with Judith and RJ spending bonding time with Daryl but she understood. She heard her dad calling and knew it was time to head back. He was going to love his wedding bouquet. She couldn't wait for the day that him and Luke said "I Do".

Gracie dusted off her pants and headed back bumping right into Carol. "I'm sorry Auntie Carol," Gracie said softly. Carol smiled and bent down to Gracie's level. "It's ok Gracie, but I have to ask you a favor" Carol asked and handed Gracie her bow. "I want you to watch this while I'm away. Become strong. Learn to use it to protect those you love. I believe in you, Gracie". Gracie nodded but looked up sadly and asked: "where are you going, Auntie Carol"?

Smiling, Carol stood up and backed away and as she disappeared she put one finger to her lips. Gracie watched in awe as Carol disappeared completely.

Gracie smiled, waved at the empty spot and said "until we see each other again Auntie" and headed back to her dad.

She didn't know how to explain it so she just said that Carol needed some time and left her bow to her. Unbeknownst to any of them, Ezekiel had vanished in the same fashion leaving a very excited Princess and Eugene to continually say "he is a wizard".

Part 3: Michonne

"Daito, you are Daito" came a small voice over the walkie. Michonne laughed and picked it up, allowing herself to yawn before answering.

"Is this little brave man?" Michonne asked smiling. "Roger that Daito" the little voice said again. She could hear the laughter in the background and laughed.

"How are you little brave man?" she asked half not wanting to hear out of worry. "I am good. Shoto and I are with Bowman and bonding" he said excitedly. "I'm glad to hear that. May I talk to Bowman?" Michonne asked.

"bowman here" Michonne heard as she heard shuffling over the walkie. "How is everything?" Michonne asked softly. " It's alright. Shoto and I have done a lot of talking and I think she understands why you had to leave. Also, Maggie is going to take us all to a safe place once everyone can travel. I will give you the coordinates as soon as we are there. Has there been any sign of the brave man?" Daryl asked with a hint of worry plus fear in his voice.

"Not yet, maybe I should just come back and give up. I'm not getting anywhere" Michonne said sadly.

"You better not Daito. He may need you. We need you to find him. I'm sorry for calling you a bad mom last time we talked. I was wrong. I have the greatest mom in the world and I know she will bring the brave man back to us" Judith said, her voice mixed with sadness, tears, and anger.

Michonne took a deep breath. She couldn't answer the way she was feeling so she waited a minute then said "Shoto, I'm glad you were honest with me and I will find him for all of us. Now, the group I'm with is moving so I've got to go. Love you all and be safe" Michonne said choking back tears.

"We all love you Daito. Come back to us safely" Daryl said and she heard the click off of his walkie. Putting her own back in her bag she started down the hill to continue the march towards the unknown.

As she went down the hill she saw someone who shouldn't have been there but was. Sneaking closer she heard her say "I'm sorry Rick, they're goneā€¦" the rest sounded like mumbling to her. When she heard Heath's voice her heart beat faster.

That's when she heard him, she heard him beg for a different answer and her heart broke and she knew what had to be done.

Anne didn't know she was there until the cold of Michonne's blade was touching her neck. "Now Jadis, you are going to give me that damn radio and then you're taking me to my man you hear me bitch" Michonne said with poison in her voice.

Nodding Jadis handed her the radio. "Rick is that really you?" Michonne asked frightened. "Oh my God Michonne I've missed your voice" Rick said. "I am coming for you so believe a little bit longer" Michonne said crying. "Oh I will," Rick said laughing.

Putting the new walkie in her bag, Michonne turned her attention back to Jadis. " Let's go and if you try anything I will kill you" she said with a growl. "Fine I will take you, but they'll never leave you in peace," Jadis said as Michonne pushed her forward and headed in her new direction.