Doug and Mark are on the golf course

"You don't have the carpool on Tuesdays, right?"

"Yeah, you know, I think a, uh, car full of screaming eight-year-olds arguing over who's got shotgun is less aggravating than this."

"Ok. You know what? Straighten your back up like this."

Doug walks over behind Mark and touches his back. Mark tenses up at Doug's touch.

Doug pauses with his hand still on Mark for just a second too long. Mark is frozen.

Doug clears his throat, looks away, "Keep your head down. Watch the ball."

Mark is still frozen, staring off into space.

"Look Mark, like this."

Doug steps behind Mark, putting his arms around him to adjust his hand grip. Doug presses his body into Mark. He reaches down to touch his thigh. "Bend your knees, Mark."

Mark bends his knees, twisting his head to look at Doug. Their eyes meet and linger.

Doug clears his throat again and steps back. "Watch the ball, Mark."

Mark takes his shot. They both watch the ball until it lands.

"Well, you're in the fairway. It's the wrong one, but you're in the fairway." Doug picks up his clubs chuckling.

Later in the Doctor's Lounge: Doug is practicing putting

Mark comes in after being yelled at by a patient's father for not calling in a plastic surgeon for a cut on her leg.

"Remind me why I work here," Mark says.

"Rough day, Mark?" Doug asks while making a perfect shot.

"This guy demands a plastic surgeon to come look at a cut on his daughter's leg! It's her leg, Doug."

"Ok come here. Take this." Doug hands Mark his putter.

Mark shakes his head and takes the putter.

"Try a shot."

Mark makes an attempt. The ball misses. Doug retrieves it and puts it back in front of Mark.

"Ok Mark, try again." Doug steps behind him. "Relax your shoulders." Doug gives Mark's shoulders a squeeze. "Now loosen your neck." Mark tips his head side to side and turns his head slightly to glance back at Doug.

"My knees are bent. Can I take the shot already?" Mark says irritably.

Doug steps away, looking down. "Yeah, yeah. Give it a try."

Mark hits the ball. It goes straight into the machine and bounces back.

"See Doug, I'm not so bad at golf."

Doug chuckles. "Yeah Mark. You're great. One putt...," Doug says, still laughing.

Mark is looking at Doug with desperation, searching for just a little reassurance. Doug catches Mark's eye. His laughter fades.

Doug steps closer to Mark, keeping eye contact. Another step closer. They are face to face, less than a foot apart from each other. Doug moves just a little closer and starts to reach out his hand toward Mark's face.

The door to the lounge bangs open. Carol looks back and forth between Mark and Doug and smiles slightly, almost laughing. "Paramedics rolling up. We need you Mark." She closes the door shaking her head, still smiling.

Mark takes a step back. "I gotta get back to work." He holds the putter out to Doug. Doug reaches for it, their fingers touching. They pause and look and their touching hands.

Mark lets go of the putter. "I hear the ambulance pulling up." He walks out of the lounge.