every time the season comes

I hold tightly, our bond

that will be unbinding

so that I won't lose it

"Hey, look at her."

"Who's her mother?"

"Apparently, no one knows."

"I thought the wives would treasure their children."

"Hey, what about her father?"

"Don't you know? Her father is obviously.."

"Ah... Sir Khun Eduan..."

I got stuck with the heaviness of my words

I just drowned in a warm dream

And before I knew it I already lost sight of you

"Who will take care of her from now on?"

"Can't one of the wives take her in?"

"Poor her, she still a toddler..."

"Even if any of them take her in, she would just be used for their own benefits..."

I gently scatter the image

that I bound and held

as it painfully turns red and burns into my mind




"What's the commotion here?"

"Ah, sir."


"Why aren't you answering? Spit it out."

"Actually, this child here. There is nobody claiming her their child..."

"Hm... Just give her to anybody then."

"That's... nobody wants to take her in, sir..."

"Nobody among my wives?"

"Yes, sir.."



"Sir please put her down! She might die if you hold her that way!"

"Who are you to order me?"


"Why isn't she crying? Usually babies would cry if they feel pain, right?"

"That, sir... She doesn't seem to be crying no matter what we do.."

I'll let go of that colour of our bond

to the sky, to the sea, to somewhere far away

so that even a fragment of that colour reaches you





"Miss, what are you doing?!"


"Hahah! This little one's pretty daring! You there. Be her caretaker from now on."

"Ye.. yes sir."

"Use the room beside mine for this one."

"But.. but sir, that room is.."

"Just shoo away whoever in that room."

"Yes.. sir."

these blurring memories

bloom at the moment they scatter and wither

yet, they are still vivid




"Why are looking at me with that innocent eyes?"

"Why aren't you afraid?"

"What are you.. hoping from me?"

my voice falls gently like rain

so that the last words reach you

for the very last time

"Let's see if you can stay alive beside me."