This is a Fairy Tail AU.

Gray and Lucy existed in their own worlds in high school. Gray was the lead guitarist in an up and coming band and Lucy was the student council president. None had any idea who the other was, until they met, and everything about their futures just became unexpected.


She stumbled back after bumping into him, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she prepared to apologize, bowing her head.

"I am so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings." Her soft voice reached his ear and all he could do was smirk. She felt a hand gently tilt her chin upwards and she was faced with the most handsome man she had ever seen. Her cheeks grew redder, (if that was even possible), at the sight of him, he was dreamy.

"No need to look so down gorgeous, no harm done." He winked at her, and she swore she was ready to get down on her knees for this man. Thankfully, she had some self-control left, and with a great amount of strength, she stood up straight, effectively removing his hold on her, (sadly).

"Thank you." She smiled in reply, pretending as though she wasn't about to let him do whatever he wanted to her.

"No worries." He walked over to her and bent down just a little, levelling his mouth to her ear, whispering in such a deep and husky voice, she felt her heart beat a mile a minute. "And next time, maybe i'll do something more to get those cheeks blushing harder, I wonder how red you'd get if I had one hand around your throat and another between your legs." With that, he walked away, leaving her breathless and dazed. Snapping out of the mini coma she was in, she felt her cheeks get hotter.

"What the hell just happened..."

Rated M for Mature Themes!

There will be smut in the future, lemons, limes, mature language and mature relationships. Do not read unless you're 18, or do what you want, I can't control you ;)

I hope you enjoy!