Fairy Tail High is the most elite high school in all of Magnolia. Students are held to a higher standard and are recognized to be the best of the best. In every aspect possible, Fairy Tail High is always Number 1, whether it be the soccer team, basketball team, volleyball team, debate team, or academic decathlon team, they always come out on top.

Fairy Tail High students are hard-working, passionate, competitive and smart students. However, they all have their fair share of struggles and everyday problems.

Lucy's POV

6:30 a.m.

I heard the faint buzzing of my phone on my bedside table. I reached over to turn the alarm off before stretching my arms up over my head.

"Ahhh~ Time to wake up huh?" I smile to myself before getting out of bed and pushing my curtains open. It was always a pretty view outside, this early in the morning.

Inhale. Exhale.

"Yosh! A new day for new opportunities!" I nod before heading to the bathroom inside my bedroom.

My name is Lucy Heartfilia. I am 18 years old and I am the daughter of Jude and Layla Heartfilia.

My mother is a fashion designer, a famous fashion designer. She established "Golden Designs" and her business took off almost instantly.

Her creativity and skills were recognized by some very important people. Celebrities would beg her to take them in as clients, while some TV show stylists would consult with her regarding their styling choices.

My mother loves her job. Sometimes, she brings me along to her boutique. Watching her in her element, seeing her so concentrated and working so hard, always inspires me to be better; She always inspires me to chase my dreams.

My father on the other hand, is a businessman, if that is even the right term for it? He is the CEO of The Heartfilia Co. He owns multiple businesses and enterprises. In simpler terms, The Heartfilia Co. is a conglomerate. My father acquires businesses and the like, successfully expanding the company.

Over the past 2 years, The Heartfilia Co. has been dubbed one of the largest conglomerates in the world. My father is incredibly hard-working and dedicated. Granted, the price for his success is the sacrifice of his own personal time, so mom and I don't see him as often as we did before, however, whenever he is home, he makes sure to shower us with love and attention.

I love my parents. My mother and father have pushed and grinded for years to get our family to where we are. To say we are rich, would be a great understatement. Our house, well in short, is a mansion. I honestly do not see the point since, there's really only the 3 of us?

Anyways, our maids and butlers and all the help around the house, are also provided shelter here. Calling them, "the help" makes me feel uneasy since, I think of them more as friends and second parents. Growing up, there were inevitable moments when I would be left alone, my parents would both be consumed with work and there would be no one there to take care of me. That's when they decided to start hiring nannies and chauffers to watch over me and take me to school and whatnot.

Up until now, they are still with us. They watch over the house, and are responsible for the upkeep. I have a chauffeur that takes me to school and picks me up after. They have become my family, people I can confide in and trust. They have all sworn their loyalties to me and my family and for them, I am extremely grateful.

After my shower, I proceed to wrap a towel around my body and start getting ready for school. I allow my hair to air dry while I put on my makeup. Just a little blush, mascara and lipgloss, and voila. I brush out my hair and put a section of it up in my signature ponytail.

I walk out of the bathroom and proceed to my walk-in closet. I make my way over to where my school uniforms are neatly hung up on and I start getting dressed. Did I mention that mother designed our school's uniform?

The cold-season version consists of a white long-sleeved button-down top, with pearlescent buttons and a ruffled babydoll collar, accented with a navy blue necktie, with golden accent threads. The top is then tucked into a beautifully pleated navy blue skirt with golden threads streaking through forming a checkered design. Finally, we have a navy blue blazer, with golden buttons. The edges are lined with gold accents and a golden Fairy Tail High insignia is embroidered into the left breast part of the blazer.

The hot-season version is virtually the same, however the button-down's sleeves are replaced with puffed ones instead of long, and the blazer is replaced with a vest.

I usually wear black thigh highs or black stockings along with my black heels.

I walk to the mirror right outside my closet, and scan to check if I look presentable. Satisfied with the results, I shut my closet doors close and start packing my school bag.

A few moments later, I hear 3 light knocks, followed by the voice of Virgo-san, one of my personal maids.

"Hime-sama, breakfast is ready." She announces and so I pick my bag up and rush out the door.

"Ohayo Virgo!" I greet and smile at her as soon as I see her. She smiles at me and offers to take my bag.

"Ohayo Hime-sama. Please allow me to carry your bag." She reaches over and I shake my head.

"It's not that heavy! I got it!" I grin at her and she nods. We walk together, heading towards the kitchen, where the beautiful aroma of pancakes floods my nose.

"Ohayo Aries-san!" I greet her as soon as we enter the kitchen. Aries is one of the best chefs I have ever met. Her timid personality immediately dissipates whenever she's in the kitchen. I love Aries' cooking; she prepares all my meals, breakfast, my bento and dinner.

"Ohayo Lucy-sama, gomenasai, we're having pancakes today." She greets me, and I let out a little giggle.

"Mmm~ it smells delicious Aries-san!" I compliment her and her cheeks flush slightly. I make my way over to the kitchen island and take a seat on the stool, watching Aries work around in the kitchen.

(A/N: just imagine Lucy's house as a very modern smart house/mansion)

Not long after, a beautiful plate of blueberry pancakes was placed in front of me. There was powdered sugar on top along with 3 little blueberries. Beside my plate, Aries placed a little pot of blueberry syrup. I could feel myself salivate slightly.

"Enjoy, Lucy-sama!" She smiles at me and hands me a spoon and fork. I grin back up at her and put my hands together.

"Ittadakimasu!" I chant before digging it. It was delicious. My eyes widened as soon as I tasted it and I looked up to see Aries staring at me, waiting for my thoughts on her dish.

"Oh my gosh, Aries-san! This is dee-lish! I think I have a new favorite!" I gleefully tell her, and she giggles at my critique.

"Lucy-sama, you say that every time." She tells me and I nod at her.

"Well, I mean it every time too!" She nods happily and proceeds to prepare Virgo's plate for her.

Once Virgo and I finished eating, she told me we were about to leave for school. Once we were outside, the car pulled up. No, I do not take a limo to school, if that's what you were thinking.

Capricorn stepped out of the matte black Range Rover Evoque that we take to school, and waved at me.

"Ohayo Lucy-sama." He bows and I wave back.

"Ohayo Capricorn-san!" He walks over to the other side of the car and opens the door for me and Virgo. Once we're both inside, he carefully shuts the door and gets into the driver's seat.

As Capricorn starts driving, Virgo turns to me.

"Hime, are you ready for your first day back at school?" She asks me and I nod.

Over summer break, I was fairly busy. In Fairy Tail High, the council for the next school year is elected before the current school year ends. We follow the system where, the student body elects the president, however, the president is the one who chooses her fellow council members.

I was elected Student Council President last year, so during summer break, I was busy preparing for the start of the new school year. My council consisted of:

Levy McGarden, our SC Vice-President. Levy and I are best friends, however that was not the reason I chose her. Levy is incredibly smart and very organized. I wouldn't hesitate leaving her in charge when I cannot be present. She is in class 2-A with me.

Wendy Marvel, our SC secretary. Wendy is one of the most responsible friends I have. She is incredibly inept at listening and remembering the tiniest of details. She is in Class 2-A, along with Levy and I.

Erza Scarlet, our Disciplinary Committee Chairman. Erza is incredibly fearless and very dedicated to following the rules. She was literally perfect for the position. She is in class 3-A.

Mirajane Strauss, also in class 3-A with Erza. Mira is our Extracurricular Activities Committee Chairman. Mira knows everything that's happening around school, especially events happening to the school clubs all over campus.

Rogue Cheney, our SC Treasurer. Rogue is basically in charge of all the funds of the Council. I chose Rogue because his responsibility with regards to money is incredible. He and I will be spending alot of time together this year, overseeing all the council's expenses. He is in class 2-B together with Sting.

Sting Eucliffe, our SC auditor. Sting and Rogue go hand-in-hand, seeing as Sting is in charge of keeping track and record of our expenses. He and Rogue are best friends who work extremely well together.

These are my council members. They are all some of the best leaders and model students in the whole school. I really am excited to spend the year trying to make a difference with them.

About 15 minutes later, Capricorn looks over at us from the rearview mirror.

"Lucy-sama, Virgo-san, we're here." He announces and I look out the window to see my beloved Fairy Tail High. I smile and click my seatbelt off. Capricorn parked the car, and was about to get out and open my door for me but, I held his shoulder.

"Arigato Capricorn-san and Virgo." I kiss both Capricorn and Virgo's cheeks before opening my door and heading out. "I'll text you when class is done!" I tell them and they both smile and nod at me.

"Have fun Hime!" Virgo tells me and I nod in response before carefully shutting the door.

Gray's POV

7:15 a.m.

'Fuck, its noisy." I thought to myself, the persistent ringing of my phone becoming the bane of my existence.

"Who the fuck is calling me right now?" I ask myself before reaching over to my bedside table and checking my phone.

Incoming Call: Juvia Lockser

I let out a sigh before accepting the call.

"Gray, baby, you're picking me up for school right?" She asked me as soon as the call went through. God I wanted to pull my eyes out of my head.

"Yeah, be there in 15." I tell her in a gruff voice, she didn't seem to notice though.

"Hai! I'll be waiting! I love you!" Her shrill voice made me feel like my ears were bleeding. I bit back a sigh and rolled my eyes.

"Love you too." And with that, I ended the call.

My name is Gray Fullbuster and that was my girlfriend, Juvia Lockser. Why did it seem like I hate her? Well because I do.

My mother Ur, is a businesswoman. She owns Ice Enterprises. She owns a bunch of mall chains and small businesses all over the country. I have 2 siblings, Lyon and Ultear. We all attend the same school and we have a good relationship.

Our mother is awesome too. She's really smart and powerful, it's probably why the 3 of us are all headstrong and fearless, because of mom. Our father (he's a dick), left us 8 years ago. He walked out on mom, and us, a few weeks after I had my 10th birthday.

It fucking sucked. Mom was depressed for 2 weeks and Ultear had to take care of all of us, despite being only a year older. When mom recovered, she decided to show him, that she could do it without him, and do it she did. She started her company, and worked her ass off daily, to get it off the ground and up in the sky.

Ice Enterprises is now a household name in the county, and we couldn't be prouder of mom. She did everything to get us by, and now, we're living comfortably (an understatement by the way).

Mom always told me to follow my dreams, so I did. I formed a band with my friends, Natsu, Gajeel and Laxus. We're called the "Blue Fairies" and we're actually pretty good. I play lead guitar, Gajeel plays the drums, Natsu is the rhythm guitarist, and Laxus plays the bass. We all sing, but Natsu and I are the lead singers.

We've played a bunch of gigs, and alot of people are actually taking notice of us. It's fun, playing with my friends and being able to share our music with the world.

Now, about Juvia. Well, I didn't always hate her. I was actually the one who asked her out. I found her extremely cute when I first met her. I had bumped into her in the cafeteria and her cheeks were flushed and she looked so pretty. We've been together 2 years now and I can honestly say, she is nothing like the Juvia I first met.

What did she do? She cheated on me. Not once, not twice, but multiple times. Juvia was beautiful and her body was extremely sexy. It didn't surprise me when a lot of boys would stare at her in the hallway or try to get her number. I trusted her though, I knew she would never betray me.

But she did.

Clearly the innocent Juvia was just an act, because she slept with our classmate Hibiki. They were swim club friends and one day they had a celebration party; Juvia got drunk and slept with him.

She didn't tell me at first, until Cheria, another swim club member, approached me and told me that she saw them both making out before entering a room.

I waited for her to confess, but she acted innocent, telling me she loved me and that I was her prince charming and stuff. It annoyed the fuck out of me. So I confronted her, asked her to tell me the truth.

She burst out crying, and my heart sunk. She told me she felt neglected by me, and that she felt I didn't desire her. She just wanted to feel wanted and she got drunk and Hibiki was saying all the right things. It broke my heart to hear her sentiments and to watch her cry. She kept apologizing and I couldn't take it anymore so I held her in my arms that night and she promised it would never happen again.

I am a fucking idiot for believing her.

Orga, Freed, Bixlow, Bacchus and Loke are some of the guys she 'didn't mean' to sleep with. Everytime I confronted her, the same thing happened, tears, excuses and apologies. I don't know why I kept falling for it. Maybe because, she was my first love I guess? My head would always remember the cute little blushing Juvia I first met and I didn't want to let her go. I never wanted her to cry. So I took her back, each and every fucking time.

I know, im stupid.

I sighed and got out of bed, quickly getting ready. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got into my uniform. I appreciated how nice our uniform looked, credits to whoever designed it.

As I was putting my vans on, I heard Ultear through the door.

"Gray, are you ready? We're leaving!" She asked, and I opened the door, bag in hand.

"Ul-nee, I'm picking Juvia up, you and Lyon go ahead." I told her, and at the mention of Juvia's name, I saw her roll her eyes. Time and time again, my big sister has told me to leave Juvia and move on. She hates her, hates how she plays me, but I know she's mad at me too, for allowing this shit to be done to me in the first place.

"Alright." She placed a kiss on my forehead before walking away. I sighed and headed downstairs, I knew I had to let go of Juvia, but I couldn't find the courage to do so. I was a coward.

Our house was huge, very modern-day smarthouse. I walked downstairs and picked up the keys to my Audi R8 V10 Coule. Before leaving the house, I made my way over to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast on the table. Contrary to popular belief, our household was purely kept up by the three of us. We had no maids or butlers or anything. Mom always taught us to pick up after ourselves and so we do. Lyon, Ultear and I divide housework within the three of us, like who makes breakfast and who cleans the bathroom.

Looks like Ultear was in charge of breakfast today. I place the toast in my mouth and make my way to the garage, munching on the food. I make sure to swallow down the whole thing before getting in my car (im not about to have crumbs all over my baby).

I drove out, and down to a very familiar route. Juvia lived close by, and I've been to her house so many times, I could drive there in my sleep. Once I got there, I parked in front of her place and beeped the horn thrice.

After about 5 minutes, I looked over and saw her running towards me. I couldn't help the smile spread across my face. She looked beautiful as always, hair curled, adorned by a cute little headband on top of her head. She looked good in the uniform too, as it accentuated all her curves. Beautiful.

I wish it could've been like this all the time, before the betrayal and the lies. I wish it could've been Juvia and I, happy, like we were in the beginning.

She opened the car door, and got in.

"Good morning baby!" She greeted me, leaning forward and kissing me sweetly. I was stiff, as I always was whenever she initiated and sort of physical contact nowadays. She pulled away and huffed, hitting my shoulder with her hand.

"Babeeee... kiss?" She whined, looking at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. I smiled and leaned over, kissing her softly, feeling her smile into the kiss, and wrap her arms around my neck.

"Mmmh.. Gray.." She moaned, and I pulled away, both our faces flushed. I couldn't; I couldn't hear her moan without seeing an image of her fucking some other guy in my head.

"Sorry, let's go to school yeah?" I smiled at her and drove off, seeing her smile and lean back into her seat.

Narrator's POV

8:00 a.m.

As students of Fairy Tail High filed into the school, Lucy was in the school gym, getting ready with the rest of the Student Council members. Since it was the first day of class, it was orientation day. The teachers will be introduced, and the Student Council will take over and discuss the year's plans, as well as take questions and suggestions from the student body.

It was 8:00 a.m. and the Student Council officers were all complete, gathered around Lucy. Since orientation started at 8:30, they decided to have a mini-meeting.

"Ohayo minna~!" Lucy greeted them, a smile on her face. The rest of the officers smiled back, feeling their president's good spirits rub off on them.

"So we'll start with introductions, and each officer will tell the student body their plans for this year, as well as everything they wish to contribute to the school. We'll start with Levy-chan and I will go last. Okay?" Lucy explained, and the rest shared signs of affirmation.

"Got it." Sting grinned and held up his thumb. Lucy giggled and held hers up with him.

"Okay, any concerns before we start?" She asked them and they all shook their heads no. She smiled once more and nodded.

"Okay, let's take our seats, the orientation is about to begin." She gestured towards the chairs on stage. The officers did as they were told, while Lucy made her way over to the school principal.

"Makarov-sensei, Ohayo Gozimasu." Lucy bowed in greeting once she was in front of Makarov, the school principal. Makarov smiled sweetly at Lucy, and ruffled her hair.

"Ohayo Miss President! Are you ready?" He asked her and she gave him a little salute, which made Makarov laugh.

It was no secret that Makarov was very much in favor of Lucy being SC President. He knew how suited she was for the job, not to mention how her good mood always seemed to lift everyone's spirits. He was delighted, to say the least, when the results came in, declaring Lucy the president. He knew she would do great things for the school, and he was looking forward to seeing what she could do.

As 8:30 came, all the students of Fairy Tail High were settled in the gym, chatter was resounding as everyone made conversation with their friends, entertaining themselves whilst waiting for the orientation to begin.

Gray sat with his best friends/bandmates, as well as Juvia.

"Aish I'm still so sleepy!" Natsu, his pink-haired friend, complained. "It's too early!" He groaned and started hitting his head against Gajeel's shoulder.

"Baka, shut up." Gajeel told him, hitting Natsu's head as he did, causing the pink-haired boy to groan even louder.

"What the fuck Gaj?" He complained and Gray couldn't help but laugh at Natsu's misfortune.

"That's what you get idiot." He told Natsu and Gajeel and Laxus chuckled in response.

"You all fucking suck." Natsu pouted.

Before they could continue this discussion of Natsu's apparent idiocy, they heard microphone feedback, before Makarov's voice echoed throughout the gym.

"Ohayo minna! Welcome to another year here in Fairy Tail High! I am very excited to have you back, and to experience another great year with all of you!" Makarov began his opening speech.

As their Principal spoke, Gray felt Juvia's arms wrap around his, as she leaned her head onto his shoulder. He smiled and placed a kiss on top of her head before looking back towards the stage.

Makarov's opening remarks were finished, and all the teachers for the school year were introduced. The students would cheer for their favourite teachers and their class advisers.

"Now, to move onto the next part of our program, let me introduce to you this year's student council president, Lucy Heartfilia." Makarov presented Lucy as the student body applauded. Lucy was popular, being a beautiful and rich girl; however, people knew her more for her sweet and bubbly nature. As Lucy made her way onto the podium, Gray's eyes widened.

"Yo, Natsu, that's our student council president?" He whispered over to Natsu, and Natsu raised a brow in response.

"Yes? How the fuck do you not know her?" Natsu asked in disbelief.

"That's because he barely paid attention in school the whole year, last year." Laxus interjected, overhearing their conversation. "He wasn't present whenever the campaigns were happening, he didn't even vote for the president." Laxus explained further, and Gajeel and Natsu nodded in realization.

"Yeah, that's because he was too caught up with his girlfri-." Laxus covered Gajeel's mouth before he could continue, and before Juvia could overhear.

Gray realized, he had no idea who Lucy was because the whole year last year, he was depressed, avoiding going to school because he didn't want to hear people whispering in the halls about what a cheater his girlfriend was, and how stupid he was for staying with her.

He looked over once more and for the first time, admired how beautiful Lucy was. She was perfect, and you could tell how excited she was about the school year plans.

As each officer was introduced, they gave their speeches about how the wish to contribute to the school and the roles they would play.

Girls cheered for Sting and Rogue, while the boys cheered for the girls. This year's student council seemed promising, and clearly the student body thought so too.

The orientation ended and everyone started to leave the gym, making their way towards their own respective classrooms. By 9:30 a.m., the students were all settled in.

Lucy, Levy and Wendy were all in the same class. They sat next to each other by the front of the room. Their classmates would smile and greet them as they entered the room, and the trio would do the same.

Gray was in class 2-B, the one next to where Lucy was. He was classmates with his bandmates, as well as his girlfriend. They were all sat near the back of the room, laughing amongst themselves as the awaited their adviser's arrival.

A few minutes passed and the door to their room slid open. The students hushed down, assuming that their teacher would be entering, however, instead of a teacher, Lucy entered the room, accompanied by Levy and Wendy. They made their way over to the desk in front of the room, and bowed.

"Ohayo gozimasu. My name is Lucy Heartfilia and I am your student council president." Lucy introduced herself and stood up straight. "I apologize for the intrusion but your adviser, Ichiya-sensei, and the rest of the teachers have been called to a meeting. We were instructed to let the students have an early break period, but before you leave, I was hoping you could fill these little suggestion cards up." Lucy announced, and Levy presented the suggestion cards.

"Please give your suggestions, like events you would wish to have this year, so we can map them out." Wendy continued, as she handed the cards down per row.

"Any changes you also wish to see, please write them down." Levy finished and smiled at the students. As class 2-B started filling out their forms, Lucy made her way over to Sting and Rogue.

"Let's eat at the council room?" She asked them and the duo nodded.

"Yes please." Rogue told her and Lucy couldn't help the little giggle that left her lips. Unbeknownst to her, a certain raven-haired boy had his eyes on her from across the room.

'Damn, she really is beautiful.' Gray thought to himself however, he was knocked back to reality when Gajeel passed a card over to him. Gray pulled a pen out from his bag, clicking it a few times before writing:

Suggestion: Let Blue Fairies play in school functions.

After 5 minutes, Lucy made her way back to the table and asked everyone to pass their cards forward, while Sting and Rogue collected them.

"Thank you for your cooperation minna! You may now have your break period." Lucy smiled and Gray couldn't deny that his heart skipped a beat, wishing that she was smiling because of him instead.

Author's Corner!

Hi everyone, I'm sorry this took so long and if it's kind of awkward in some places. Im always like this with the start of a story. I will be uploading a lot more frequently now, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you continue to read!

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