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Prologue – What could have been

As the sun began to set on a dark and desolate world, two figures walked across its red sand plateaus, and between crumbling ruins of a once mighty empire. Now only ancient tombs, monuments, statues, each echoing silence, evil, and death surrounded them. The two individuals were an odd paring to say the least. One of them stood at 6'5" was heavily armed with a blaster rifle on his back, 3 pistols distributed on hips/leg, and a large vibrosword handle coming out of a panel on his back. The figure was completely robotic, made out of an intimidating and battle weathered red metal with complementing glowing red eyes, that constantly scanned their surroundings. The other man was no were less frightening to the average viewer. While only standing at 5'11" they were probably the more intimidating of the two, clad in long dark robes that ended in a hood obscuring his face, which was further hidden by a black and red mask that possessed an almost demonic quality to it. Under the rest of the robes was a heavy looking set of red and silver Mandalorian-hybrid battle armor, hidden with all kinds of technical add-ons/weapons, accompanied with the more obvious weapons of two lightsabers hanging off of his belt. As the duo continued their walk across the silent and dead wasteland, the droid finally broke the heavy silence.

"Query: Master, how much longer are we going to be sneaking around here like common scavengers? The sith armies have been completely removed from the planet and the Republic is in the process of building a new space station in orbit."

The cloaked man finally stopped and stood before a large tomb, its ancient statues, glyphs, and red sand-stone looked down on the two figures, and while the droid could not feel it, Revan could sense the dark-side calling out to him from every direction, but became concentrated at this particular tomb. Revan reached out a gloved hand and slowly felt the almost-familiar stone, running his fingers carefully across the sith glyphs and writings, a dead language decorating a dead place. Revan finally turned and faced HK-47, who had been examining Revan's movements with slight curiosity, when he wasn't sweeping their surroundings visually and by scanner.

"We are not hiding from the sith my old friend." Revan's voice came across automated and distorted, a default setting he had left on his mask and couldn't be bothered to consistently switch on and off. "I simply do not want to attract any unwanted attention. The Republic and Jedi still do not trust me, even after all I have done for those ungrateful sods, and me, of all people, coming back to Korriban dressed in my old attire, which we recently stole from the Republic, would cause quite a few concerned reactions." Revan finished his explanation before going back to examining the massive stone doors before him.

"Advisement: Then perhaps we should conclude our business quickly and leave this place. Unless there is an opportunity to kill some bothersome Republic meat-bags, then I would be quite happy to stay as long as you like master."

A slight smile crept on to Revan's face under his mask, before he shook his head and responded without turning around, "No HK, we are not here to fight anyone, at least, you aren't." The assassin droid turned his head to examine its master. Feeling the implied question Revan answered, "I'm going away HK, probably to my death if we're going to be perfectly honest and before you insist, no, you cannot follow me, even if I would enjoy your company and the extra gun covering my back." The ruins and tombs of Korriban may have fooled the rest of the galaxy into thinking death was the final legacy of the sith, and their threat had been altogether removed from the galaxy, Revan knew better. HK said nothing and simply watched Revan work, calculating something in his metallic mind, whatever it was Revan did not know, so he continued to speak into the silence around them.

"I want you to take the ship and go back to Bastila, she is your new master now." Revan turned to stare directly into his loyal assassin's eyes, "You will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, I do not care if it costs you everything to do so, nothing happens to her. Do I make myself clear?" Internally HK was surprised with the harshness of his master's order, but his synthetic exterior revealed nothing. If the droid could feel emotion, Revan's words brought him to a place of 'hurt' or 'abandonment' if he could even approximate what that feeling might be. After several moments of silence HK slowly nodded and said, "Acknowledgement: I understand master. I will follow your directions to my last nanosecond of operation, no matter the cost."

Under his mask Revan shifted between HK's two glowing red eyes, instinctually looking for some kind of assurance or tell, knowing subconsciously there would not be any to be found. Finally, Revan nodded back, before turning again to the doors in front of him. "Oh, and do treat her like your new master. For the love of anything do not give her any grief or back-talk, she'll be mad enough at me once she finds out what I've done." HK did not respond, but Revan knew the droid would cling to his every word, he had built him with that same reliability he had counted on for so many years.

"Query: And what of the others master, what shall I tell them?" Revan stopped his work and looked down at the sandy floor beneath his feet. A flood of emotions, memories, good and bad flooded through his mind at once before he was able to fully swallow them down and breath again. "I have already left detailed instructions for the rest of them, but, if they do decide to ask you, tell them…I went where my dreams took me." After a few moments of silence between the two Revan looked slightly over his shoulder, "You can go now HK." HK waited slightly longer than he knew he should, but eventually the tall droid began to make its way back to the ship. Just before HK could disappear from view Revan turned and called out, "Oh, and HK!" The assassin turned and looked at his master surprised and possibly hopeful. "…Take care of my ship." HK simply looked at Revan for a few moments then nodded before turning and disappearing from sight.

Revan felt a slight ting of sadness wash over him, knowing that was probably the last time he would ever see a friendly face. He turned back to the door and clenched his fists willing new determination in his spirit before waving a hand in front of three specific runes. The symbols slid back into the wall, loud noises of gears, mechanisms, and contraptions began to creak and groan as they moved for the first time in perhaps a millennium. Finally, the mechanism finished its long sequence and the ancient stone doors broke their tension from each other and slowly opened inwardly to the dark tomb, letting a rush of dust and stale air wash out of the tomb. Revan thanked his past-self mentally for the air-filters in his mask.

He slowly entered he dark structure before him as the sun began to set behind him, casting an eerie orange glow that barely penetrated the room before him. Revan pulled out a blue lightsaber and cautiously walked forward, igniting it as he did so, casting a fait blue glow on the sith halls around him. Making his way deeper into the tomb he heard the sound of terentatek begging to stir deeper in the tomb, but instead of moving down the obvious path before him, Revan stopped in the middle of a hallway and turned to face one of the walls. Slowly sliding his hand over the sith glyps and writings he found one he was looking for and sent a spark of force lightning into it. The wall made a hiss as a secret door slowly slid back into the wall and then to the side, revealing a cramped and more ancient tunnel. Revan had to duck slightly as he made his way through the new tunnel, only slightly glancing behind him as the wall closed back into place. After walking for less than a minute he came to a corner, which he rounded, and then he could finally see it. At the end of the passage was a room, no more than 10 feet long in all directions. In each of the four corners stood statues, and all around the room were hieroglyphs, carvings, pictures, and writings; however the room as so ancient that almost everything in the room had become dust, even the walls; and nothing was recognizable. In the middle of the room as a small pyramid with its top flattened, standing at about 5 feet tall, hovering with a slight spin just above the pyramid was a purple crystal, dimly pulsing with a purple glow.

Revan entered the room and turned off his lightsaber. As he approached the crystal it began to glow brighter, and something dark began to call to him, its sounds could almost be heard whispering around the room itself. Revan had seen this crystal before. It had called to him once, right before he became Darth Revan. It had offered a solution, a different way to defeat the true sith and save the galaxy and the republic, however he was younger then, more prideful and arrogant, confident his vision for the galaxy could be achieved through swift military might. Almost immediately after He had killed his former apprentice and friend, part of his old memories came flooding back to him. It almost broke his mind again, if She had not been there to help him. Over the next two years she had helped him as more and more memories slowly came back, as his mind began to heal itself fully. Then, a few nights ago, a vision, this memory, this crystal, appeared to him along with his original mission and purpose, why he had become Darth Revan, and what he had to stop before it ever came back to the galaxy.

He pondered for a moment what would have happened if he had gone down this path instead of the one he choose, but such thoughts were ultimately pointless. Shaking the rambling questions running through his mind Revan did one last careful check of his equipment, armor, and weapons. Satisfied that he was as prepared as he could be for what would happen, he slowly reached out towards the crystal. The purple object began to spin and glow faster and faster as his hand approached it, the voices in the room becoming louder as well. Just before he grasped it Revan spoke, "Take me to the Lord of the sith." Once his hand grabbed the crystal, purple lighting began to shoot out of it into the room. The crystal burned in Revan's hand as he forced it to stop moving and he felt like all the bones in his body were going to snap as energy coursed through his arm and into his entire frame. He let out a cry of pain as light and smoke filled the room. When the light cleared Revan was gone and the room stood empty and quiet once more.