By: Finn Mertenz

AN: I'm taking several changes and liberties to both Naruto and Bleach as a whole. Because of this, various 'canon' features won't be relevant to this story. (like aging in the Soul Society, certain relationships from Naruto, the Four noble houses and Gigai)

For example, while some Zanpakutō will remain in this story, they'll be given to a Naruto character. Also, some Zanpakutō will be removed entirely, while I add my own unique Zanpakutō to specific characters.

Credit: I really do value the artist who made the Cover Image for this story. They deserve all my praise, love and affection.

Summary: Every single Bleach character has been replaced with a corresponding Naruto character. So, there is no Aizen, Ichigo, Rukia or Kisuke, none of that, they're all replaced with Naruto characters.

If you know anything about me, you know how much I hate crossovers, so it says a lot that I'm actually writing one. However, I'm only writing this story because I really like this concept.

A blend between the Naruto cast and the Bleach world, this story takes place in Karakura Town, a settlement in Western Tokyo. Set in the summer of 2020, a twelve year old Naruto Namikaze starts his first day of middle school.

An orphan for his entire life, Naruto never knew either of his parents, forcing him to live alone. However, as deadly Hollows begin to spring up and invade his home, Naruto's forced to realize one truth, you're never alone.

Season One: The Soul Society: Chapter 1 - Ongoing

Scene Change:

Internal Dialogue: His level of spiritual pressure is crushing... I can barely stand!

Conversation: "Get out of here, idiot! You're going to die if you don't run!"

Hollow Voice/ Zanpakutō Voice: "Don't be afraid, runt. I will protect you."


Chapter 1: Are You Alone? The Day I Became A Shinigami.

Monday 7:11am, August 15th 2020 A.D.

Dampened by the sound of a rustling train, a twelve year old Naruto lazily walked down the sidewalk. The first day of the school year, Naruto wore a long-sleeved grey button-up shirt, standard for his class.

Matching this attire, Naruto also wore a pair of grey pants, partially draped over his poorly-tied black shoes. Strapped over his right shoulder, Naruto carried a white bookbag, bulging at the seams.

Illuminated by rays of the morning sun, Naruto's most prominent feature was his spiky blond hair. Jutting out in various directions, this jagged hair framed the odd set of whiskers on Naruto's face.

Defined by fair-skin and sky blue eyes, Naruto glared at the ground with a downcast face. Holding both hands inside his pant-pockets, Naruto's ears were plugged with a pair of wired buds.

Listening to music, Naruto froze in front of the rushing train, surrounded by a crowd of bustling citizens. Adrift in his own mind, Naruto's vibrant eyes were filled with a hazy glare.

Taking several minutes for the train to pass, Naruto leisurely strolled forward, walking with heavy steps. Ignoring the people around him, Naruto walked for felt like hours, reaching a grassy embankment that overlooked a river.

Startled by a violent thrash on the water's surface, Naruto surged down the grassy knoll. Focused on a drowning cat, Naruto quickly tore his ear-buds loose, tossing his phone to the ground.

Leaping into the river without a second thought, Naruto hastily recused this wet cat. Swimming to the shoreline, Naruto's finger was bit by the terrified feline, forcing him to stagger with agony.

As this hissing cat hit the ground before running away, Naruto gripped his bleeding finger. Squinting each of his blue eyes with contempt, a sour expression spread across Naruto's face.

"Why me...?" Slurring these words, Naruto was concealed by beams of sunlight.

Several seconds later.

Situated inside Karakura Town, this small village was the only home Naruto ever had. Living in an isolated house for his entire life, Naruto didn't have anything to lose, because he didn't have anything at all.

Picking an array of yellow flowers from the grass, Naruto approached a narrow alleyway. Encompassed by ornate stone fences on the sidewalk, a water-filled glass vase came into view.

Exposing the dead flowers inside this vase, Naruto replaced them with his freshly picked bundle. Shoving the rotten remains into his bookbag, Naruto placed his ear-buds back inside, playing more music.

Suddenly, the transparent outline of a fourteen year old girl faded into sight, moving with an ethereal appearance. The spirit of a dead girl with chest-length black hair and pale skin, she recently died in a car accident.

Dressed in white shorts and a red-stripped blouse, this lingering spirit smiled at Naruto's kind display. Characterized by an iron chain that protruded from her small chest, this metal was known as the Chain of Fate.

"Thank you... Your kindness means a lot to me." Kotohime giggled.

Sheepishly waving one hand in reply, Naruto turned around before walking away, strolling to school. Despite the strange circumstances of his morning routine, Naruto wrinkled his nose out of boredom.

For as long as he could remember, Naruto was able to see the spirits of the dead. This was a daily occurrence for Naruto, and the only type of friendship that he really had.

Five minutes later.

Signaled by the ringing of a bell, Naruto barely made it to class on time, limping through the doorway. Undaunted by several glares and muffled whispers about him, Naruto was drowned in his music.

Sitting down at a wooden desk, Naruto held his chin with one hand before staring out a nearby window. Eventually, Naruto was shrouded by the overcast shadow of his twenty three year old teacher, Iruka Umino.

Dressed in the formal attire of black work pants with a blue tie, Iruka also wore a short-sleeve white collared shirt. Drawing attention to the horizontal scar across Iruka's fair-skinned nose, his ear-length brown hair was held in a spiky topknot.

"Namikaze! It's the first day of school and you're already listening to music?!" Shrieking in complaint, Iruka narrowed both of his black eyes.

Lazily glancing at Iruka with distant eyes, Naruto slowly pulled one bud from his ears. The center of attention, everyone in class was focused on Naruto, and the strange whiskers he had.

"Do you want detention?" As Iruka spoke, he pinned both arms against his chest.

Casually nodding in agreement, Naruto put his ear-bud back inside, returning his blue eyes towards the window. Enraged by this reply, Iruka slammed both palms against Naruto's desk.

"Do you want a months worth of detention?! You'll never be able to go home!" Shouting with such vigor, Iruka's voice pierced the music in Naruto's buds.

"If that's what you want... It's not like I have anyone to go home too." Naruto muttered his response, not even looking at his teacher.

Broken by this choice of words, Iruka dramatically gasped while both hands began to tremble. Swallowing a wad of spit, Iruka turned around before walking to the front of the class.

Cut off by his music, Naruto gazed out the window for an eternity, oblivious to the lesson of the day. As this occurred, several students were whispering about this whiskered-boy.

"Why is he so alone?" A twelve year old Hinata nervously mumbled.

Adorned with a short-sleeve white schoolgirl outfit, Hinata wore a grey skirt to match. Suspended over her fair-skinned legs, this skirt was the same color as the bow around Hinata's raised-collar.

Tapping her black shoes against the floor with a hesitant tick, Hinata used two fingers to twirl her hair. Cut with a slanted angle in the front, this gave Hinata a prominent set of black bangs, framing her pale eyes.

"That's a good question." Rin hummed, holding both arms against her flat chest.

A twelve year old girl with pale skin and auburn brown eyes, these were a perfect match for Rin's chin-length brown hair. Covered with rectangular shaped purple face paint on each cheek, Rin couldn't take her eyes off Naruto.

Dressed in a carbon copy of Hinata's schoolgirl outfit, Rin's most distinguishable feature were her knee-high grey socks. Kicking the legs of her desk with black shoes, Rin swelled with interest.

Beating a piece of chalk against his green board, Iruka garnished everyone's attention, except for Naruto. Directing his class to take out their books, Naruto was in a completely different world.

Seven hours later.

Lazily walking out the front entrance of his school, Naruto sighed before pulling both buds from his ears. Playing the same song for hours on repeat, Naruto's phone was finally dead.

Suddenly, the distant silhouette of a thirteen year old Gaara was shoved against an iron trashcan. Spewing half-eaten garbage across the ground, Gaara wore the same school outfit as Naruto.

Looming over this bruised 7th grader was the assembled group of Zaku, Yoroi and Misume. The iconic trio of school bullies, Misume was a 7th grader while the other two were 8th graders.

Denoting their status inside school, each of these bullies wore the same outfit as Naruto and Gaara. Basked in rays of the afternoon sun, these bullies just got done beating up Gaara.

"A stupid coin?! Is that the only thing you have?!" Zaku mocked, a fourteen year old boy with pale skin and spiky black hair.

Gripping an old Irish coin, Zaku flipped and tossed Gaara's greatest childhood treasure. But instead of fighting back, Gaara laid on the ground with pale green eyes, devoid of any emotion.

Without warning, Naruto lunged into view, tackling Zaku to the ground before snagging Gaara's coin. Rushing to aid their friend, Misume and Yoroi promptly overwhelmed Naruto, kicking him in his stomach.

"Give that back!" Shouting his command, Zaku punched the cradled face of Naruto.

Clenching Gaara's coin with both hands, Naruto pinned this shiny metal against his chest. Beaten and kicked for several minutes, Naruto continued to shield Gaara's coin.

Soon, Misume and Yoroi were both drenched with sweat, overcome by heavy exhaustion. Because of this, Zaku scoffed with annoyance before kicking Naruto one last time.

"Whatever... Keep your stupid coin." Snarling his words, Zaku turned around before walking away, trailed by Misume and Yoroi.

Utterly traumatized by Naruto's display, Gaara's mouth fell open after catching a glimpse of his blue eyes. Filled with a hazy and blank expression, Naruto's eyes held the same empty glare as Gaara's.

Reaching out with a twitching hand, Naruto returned Gaara's coin before straining to stand up. Grabbing his bookbag, Naruto limped through the schoolyard. beginning his quiet walk home.

Twenty minutes later.

Walking down an empty road, the sidewalk was lined with stone fences and lush greenery. Forcing strands of Naruto's spiky blond hair to sparkle, the afternoon sun illuminated everything in sight.

Rubbing the bruises on his whiskered-face, Naruto grumbled and groaned under his breath. Also, because of his recent beating, Naruto's school uniform was stained with dirt and grass.

Why me...? Naruto repeated the same question that he always asked himself.

Strolling in front of his teal-colored house, Naruto lived in a luxurious apartment, despite his empty up-bringing. Frozen in the street for several moments, Naruto was soon shrouded by the twenty six year old outline of Zabuza Momochi.

A looming-figure with a muscular build and grey-tinted skin, Zabuza glared at Naruto with narrow brown eyes. Draped over his mouth, Zabuza wore a blue surgical mask, matching the shopkeeper apron he wore.

Sprawled under his brown shirt and pants, Zabuza's wooden sandals clapped the stone road as he moved. Intently focused on the bruises across Naruto's face, Zabuza hummed.

"Rent is due, you need to pay up." Zabuza barked.

Using one hand to shuffle through his pocket, Naruto revealed a half-empty handful of Ryo. At the same time, Naruto's stomach erupted into an intense growl, begging for food.

"On second thought... Just keep the money, you don't have to pay for this month." Speaking with genuine concern, Zabuza turned his back to Naruto.

"Ar-... Are you sure? I didn't pay last month either... I don't want to be a burden." Naruto muttered.

Instead of responding with words, Zabuza shuffled into a nearby alleyway, disappearing into the shadows. Inspired by this silence, Naruto sighed before unlocking his front door, limping inside.

Throwing his bookbag to the floor, Naruto hastily charged his phone before rushing to the kitchen. Rummaging through his pantry, Naruto snagged a container of instant ramen before tossing it into the microwave.

Standing in his kitchen for over a minute, the air was repetitively pierced by the beeping of Naruto's microwave. Exposing the empty and barren background of Naruto's house, he always lived alone.

Enthralled by the beeping of his food, Naruto tore this microwave open before devouring his noodles. Afterwards, Naruto was abruptly depressed by the silence of his own house, sighing with defeat.

Placing his container of food on the counter, Naruto rushed to his poorly-charged phone before unplugging it. Running out the front door, Naruto charged through the streets of Karakura, baked by rays of the sun.

Three hours later.

Irradiated by neon screens of bright and flashing lights, Naruto walked through downtown Karakura. Allowing the wires from his ear-buds to frame and brush against his chest, Naruto held both hands in his pockets.

As smoking adults and lingering prostitutes walked around him, Naruto was adrift in his own world. Lost in his own thoughts, Naruto venture through a trash-filled alleyway, reaching the outskirts of his schoolyard.

With a vibrant moon overhead, and clouds swirling in the horizon, Naruto strolled towards his school. Abandoned because of the late time of day, Naruto journeyed up an exterior staircase, reaching the rooftop.

Leaning against an iron railing, Naruto sat down before crossing both arms over his knees. Drowning the world away with music, Naruto closed his blue eyes, falling asleep.

Five hours later.

Jolted by a jarring quake of the earth, Naruto accidently faceplanted the rooftop, rubbing his soar nose with a groan. Leaping up, Naruto yanked his ear-buds loose before panic-filled screams polluted the air.

Radiating out from Kotohime, this restless ghost was being trailed by a demonic screech. Because of this, Naruto tossed his phone to the side before running downstairs, chasing after Kotohime.

"Hey! Are you alright?!" Naruto panicked, surging across the schoolyard.

Suddenly, nearby powerlines were torn from their spot, falling to the ground with a static explosion. Exposing the tree-sized outline of a demonic hollow, this creature had a fish-like white mask.

Defined by grey-tinted skin and a bulging dorsal fin on his back, this hollow was known as Fishbone D. Characterized by the circular void in his stomach, Fishbone's hands were much larger than his arms.

"Help me! Help, Naruto!" Kotohime pleaded, tripping over her own feet.

Frozen with stark hesitation, Naruto's blue eyes bulged after catching a glimpse of Fishbone D. Reaching out with lumbering hands, Fishbone stopped mere inches away from Kotohime, sniffing with his mask-covered nose.

"I smell it... The smell of a tasty soul..." Speaking with an angelic tone, Fishbone's yellow eyes became focused on Naruto.

Unleashing a hollowfied cry, Fishbone's demonic howl echoed through the night sky, forcing Naruto to stagger. Shuffling towards this blond-haired boy, Fishbone's strange mask was smiling from ear-to-ear.

I mustn't run away... I mustn't run away... Naruto choked on his own thoughts, charging forward.

Running with a panicked heart, Naruto was startled by the pink-haired silhouette of a thirteen year old girl. Revealing her emerald green eyes, these deeply contrasted the pale-skinned face of Sakura.

Dressed in an ankle-length black shihakushō with white lining, this brought attention to Sakura's Division Badge. A wooden seal strapped against Sakura's upper left arm, the black kanji for "Thirteen" was on full display.

"Such dense spiritual pressure..." Sakura awed, sliding her strapped sandals across the ground.

Gripping the cherry-blossom hilt of her Zanpakutō, Sakura unsheathed this sharpened blade with both hands. Ignoring this pink-haired Soul Reaper, Fishbone snapped his own neck while gazing at Naruto.

"I can smell it... Inside you." Despite his demonic cries, Fishbone's voice was filled with angelic peace.

Extending one hand towards Naruto, this discolored limb was quickly cut off before Sakura. Spewing black blood through the air, this detached hand fell in front of Naruto.

Knocked to his feet by this heavy impact, Naruto gasped for air while crawling backwards. At the same time, Fishbone unleashed a pain-filled demonic shriek, injured by Sakura.

Leaping into the air, Sakura's shihakushō dramatically wavered against the night time wind. Sweeping her ornate Zanpakutō down towards Fishbone, Sakura gasped with a shocking revelation.

Th-... This spiritual pressure isn't come from this hollow-... It's coming from that Human?! Glancing over her shoulder, Sakura glared at Naruto.

Distracted by her own thoughts, Sakura was easily swatted away by Fishbone, hurled into a stone wall. Causing a crater of rock to rupture on impact, Sakura squealed with agony.

This is bad... I don't have permission to use my Shikai. Swollen with concern, Sakura bit her lip in frustration.

"Get away from her!" Naruto shouted, stomping one foot in front of Sakura.

Traumatized by this declaration, Sakura glanced at the strange whiskers on Naruto's face. Straining to move, Sakura was bruised and battered, covered with various scoffs of dirt.

Can that... Can that Human see me?! Can you see the Hollow too? Confused by her thoughts, Sakura's shihakushō was stained.

Lunging at Naruto with his gapping mouth, Fishbone's demonic tongue swished and swirled in place. Staring at this approaching mouth with empty eyes, Naruto was completely frozen in place.

Shielding this innocent Human at the last moment, Sakura leapt in front of Naruto. Blocking Fishbone's attack with her Zanpakutō, Sakura's shoulder was pierced by hollowfied teeth.

Cut on the edge of Sakura's weapon, Fishbone howled before stumbling backwards, pouring black blood from his wounds. As this occurred, Sakura fell to both knees before faceplanting the ground, dropping her Zanpakutō.

"Hey! Are you okay?!" Naruto screamed, crouching over Sakura.

Staining his school uniform with fresh blood, Naruto wrapped both arms around Sakura, lifting her head. Caught off guard by her emerald green eyes, Naruto discreetly blushed from behind his whiskers.

"You fool... A Human like you should know better! You were no match for him..." Struggling to speak, Sakura pushed herself onto one knee.

"But I can't run away! I can't!" Panting for air, Naruto loomed beside Sakura.

What's with this Human? He's obliviously afraid, so why doesn't he run away? Unable to answer this question, Sakura groaned with pain.

As the ground quaked under a lumbering Fishbone, Sakura held her blood-soaked shoulder with one hand. Dripping blood atop the white socks she wore, Sakura tightened the grip on her Zanpakutō.

"If you're not going to run away... Then you need to fight." Slurring each word, Sakura propped her back against the stone wall.

Pointing the tip of her Zanpakutō towards Naruto, Sakura was shrouded by the large shadow of Fishbone. Staggering forward, Fishbone hummed with anticipation, licking the lips on his mask.

"Run this sword through your heart, and I will pour some of my power into you..." Struggling to lift her blade, blood poured from Sakura's mouth.

Met by a hyperventilating Naruto, each of his blue eyes violently throbbed with anxiety. Also, Naruto's hands began to twitch and tremble, dampened by the advancing outline of Fishbone.

Th-... Through my heart? But why me? Naruto repeated the same words.

If you're not going to run away... Then you need to fight. As Sakura's words rippled through Naruto's mind, he continued to pant for air.

Without warning, Naruto reached out with both hands before gripping the sharpened edge of Sakura's Zanpakutō. Cutting the skin on his palms, Naruto didn't even notice, because be didn't care.

Give me purpose... Give me value! Screeching these thoughts, Naruto plunged Sakura's Zanpakutō through his own heart.

Suddenly, a crushing display of spiritual pressure ruptured out in all directions, resembling dense rain. At the same time, a blinding geyser of red light consumed Naruto and Sakura from view.

Undaunted by this crippling display of Reiatsu, Fishbone continued to advance, hurling one fist forward. Dispersing the bright cloud of red light, Naruto nervously towered in front of Sakura.

Dressed in a black shihakushō with white lining, Naruto parried Fishbone's attack with the side of his Zanpakutō. A heavy and massive blade, this bulky sword was longer than Naruto's entire body.

A duel-edged blade that was curved into a sharpened tip, the hilt was wrapped in red thread. Drawing attention to the crimson sheath against Naruto's back, this was held in place by an array of red beads over his right shoulder.

Matching the color and tone of his shihakushō, the blade of Naruto's Zanpakutō was solid black. Extending into his rectangular shaped cross-guard, Naruto's hilt was also dark black.

"What do I do now?!" Begging for guidance, Naruto's sandal-covered feet slid across the ground.

Left speechless by Naruto's display, a bloody Sakura was crouched in the background, gasping in shock. Denoting her sudden lapse of power, Sakura's black shihakushō morphed into a snow-white tone.

Impossible... I only meant to give him half of my Reiryoku, but he took all of it?! Sakura was stunned.

I've never seen a Human with enough spiritual pressure to overwhelm a Soul Reaper... Drowned with confusion, Sakura's mind was racing.

Also, his Reiatsu is at Captain-levels... And his Zanpakutō is the biggest I've ever seen! Illuminated by the moon, Sakura's mouth was held open.

Who is this Human?! Dragging her bloody nails across the ground, each question only raised another.

Torn from these thoughts by the panicked voice of Naruto, this blond-haired boy was knocked backwards. Thrown into an iron streetlamp, Naruto dented the metal before falling down.

Dropping his Zanpakutō on impact, Naruto twitched and writhed atop the stone sidewalk. As crippling pain surged through his back, Naruto groaned with agony, throwing up a mouthful of spit.

"Tasty soul... Tasty soul." As the angelic voice of Fishbone spoke, he staggered past Sakura.

Grunting with each movement, Naruto hastily scrambled onto both feet, grabbing the bright hilt of his Zanpakutō. Plunging this sharpened blade into the ground, Naruto propped himself up.

Why me? Naruto repeated his iconic catchphrase before charging forward.

As his strapped sandals clapped the earth with each step, the surrounding world slowed down for Naruto. Waving his massive Zanpakutō with one hand, Naruto's eyes displayed the same hazy glare as always.

They all have parents... Why don't I? Inspired by his childhood, Naruto could never answer this question.

In the past, Naruto would regularly loiter after school, watching as parents picked up their children. Daydreaming about his own parents and his own family, Naruto never understood what happened to them.

They all smile... Why don't I? Pondering these thoughts, Naruto was polluted by the cheerful faces of his classmates.

Constantly stuck in an isolated world, Naruto never smiled or laugh, because he didn't have a reason too. Using his music like a shield, Naruto never reached out or communicated with others.

They all want to be alive... Why don't I? As Naruto charged, his whiskers and hair rustled against the wind.

Shrouded by his depression, Naruto didn't see any purpose in his life, he didn't see any value. That's why Naruto always rushed too help others, because it was the only time he felt needed.

Suddenly, Naruto's thoughts were disrupted as Fishbone impaled him through his stomach. Pierced by the bony protrusions on Fishbones knuckles, Naruto coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"Don't die! I need you!" Sakura screeched, pinning both hands against her flat and blood-stained chest.

Echoing through Naruto's ears, Sakura's voice forced his heartbeat to slow down, pulsating in place. At the same time, Naruto's saucer-like eyes were defined by twitching pupils.

So-... Someone needs me?! Naruto couldn't belief his ears.

If you're not going to run away... Then you need to fight. Sakura's voice repeated inside Naruto's mind.

At this moment, Naruto released a bloodcurdling scream towards the moon, struggling with his sanity. Horrified by this revelation, an injured Sakura gasped in disbelief, causing her emerald eyes to swell.

Still impaled by Fishbone, Naruto's free hand raised his Zanpakutō into view, allowing the red hilt to glimmer. Without a second of delay, Naruto plunged this blade through Fishbone's torso.

Shrieking like a madman, Naruto dragged his Zanpakutō through Fishbone's body, cutting grey skin. As this occurred, black blood erupted from Fishbone's wound, soaking Naruto's hair and outfit.

I-... I can't even tell which one is the Hollow anymore! Sakura panicked.

Losing all sense of control, Naruto sliced his Zanpakutō towards the sky, cutting Fishbone's mask in half. Afterwards, a geyser of blood poured from this Hollow, raining down upon Naruto.

As this hail of blood rushed through Naruto's hair, he stood in the same angle and pose for several minutes. Also, the bisected corpse of Fishbone fell on either side of Naruto, quaking the earth on impact.

Dropping his Zanpakutō without warning, Naruto's blade pierced the stone sidewalk, lodging itself in place. Naruto then fell to his knees with a downcast face, exposing his shaking hands.

Crossing both hands against his face, Naruto cried like a baby, unable to control or accept his emotions. Glaring at this traumatized boy with emerald eyes, Sakura had no idea just how broken Naruto really was.

Eventually, Naruto became crushed under the weight of his own Reiatsu, knocking him unconscious. Faceplanting the road with a heavy thud, blood poured from Naruto's injuries.

"...-?!" Sakura tried to speak, but she didn't know Naruto's name.

"My, my... Two children shouldn't be out late at night." A twenty six year old Minato Namikaze cut in.

Strolling from a nearby alleyway, Minato was dressed in a leaf-green shihakushō without an undershirt, exposing his naked chest. Over his, Minato wore a knee-length black haori with the white kanji for 'twelve' on his back.

Despite his young age, Minato used a wooden cane to walk, tapping the ground in perfect unison with his ornate sandals. This brought attention to Minato's fair-skinned face, sky blue eyes and spiky blond hair.

Baring a stark resemblance to Naruto, Minato's face was partially obscured by his green and white stripped bucket hat. Dampened by the distinct clap of his traditional Japanese sandals, Minato loomed over Naruto.

C-... Can this human see me too?! What's going on? Sakura questioned, straining to stand up.

"You've done a good job. Lieutenant of Squad Thirteen." Scratching his nose as he spoke, Minato displayed a childish grin.

Gasping in response, Sakura glared at Minato with wide eyes, enthralled by his choice of words. Revealing Sakura's identity as a member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, this pink-haired girl was actually an immortal Soul Reaper.

Housed inside the Soul Society, Soul Reapers were the bridge between the living and the dead. While Waco Mundo belonged to the dead, and Karakura belonged to the living, the Soul Society was designed to enforce this balance.

To protect this order, Soul Reapers helped peaceful spirits pass on, while Hollows had to be cut down by force. This was the eternal duty of a Soul Reaper, to sacrifice everything for the balance.

"I'm sure you have plenty of questions... But, they can wait until we get back to my shop." Crouching down, Minato picked Naruto up with one hand.

Unaware of the rustling eyes upon him, Naruto slept his cares away, snoring with an opened mouth. As Naruto continued to sleep, he had no idea that his life would never be the same.