By: Finn Mertenz

A/N: GamerX568 - You're really good at this, you got every single one correct.

Thor94 - Overall, this story follows the same format as Bleach, with my own changes. For example, there are no Fullbringers, which means Gaara isn't a Fullbringer.

There are several changes to the plot, like character deaths, what happened to Naruto's mom, or Rin's secret power. Also, the ending of this story is nothing like the canon ending for Bleach.

Canonically, Rin replaces Tatsuki (a side character) but Rin is actually a main character in this story. Rin is one of the four potential Waifu's, and as the reader, you have to decide which girl you ship.

PKmntrainerCam - I feel like it will be more dramatic if I don't spoil any of the character replacements.


Chapter 4: The Law That Was Broken! You're Under Arrest.

Thursday 6:32am, August 18th 2020 A.D.

Smothered by a white pillow, Naruto was torn from his slumber before frantically squirming in bed. Yanking this pillow loose, Naruto was shrouded by the petite shadow of Sakura.

Dressed in a pair of fuzzy blue pajamas and a matching shirt, Sakura rubbed her sleeve-covered hands together. Allowing her emerald eyes to sparkle, Sakura's face was encircled by vibrant stars.

"Ar-... Are those my pajamas?" Naruto slurred.

"I've been reading about Zoo's! Take me to the Zoo!" Sakura pleaded, changing the conversation.

Gripping Naruto's wrist without hesitation, Sakura tore this boy out of bed, pulling him across the floor. Eventually, Naruto was dragged into the hallway before sliding downstairs, knocking his head on each step.

Caught on a loose nail from his stairway, Naruto's red sweater was yanked from his torso. Exposing Naruto's naked chest and stomach, Sakura bit her own tongue before turning around.

"Put a shirt on! Geez!" Screeching with embarrassment, the blush on Sakura's face matched her hair.

Grabbing the cushions off a nearby couch, Sakura buried Naruto under a pile of fabric. Concealing her blush, Sakura sighed with relief, determined to have one good day, even if it was the last.

Two hours later.

"Look at that one! It has pointy ears!" Sakura giggled, pointing at an orange fox.

Adorned in their school uniforms, Naruto and Sakura were propped against an iron railing. Overlooking the fox exhibit, these young teenagers were illuminated by rays of sunlight.

"I walk by this place all the time, but I've never actually been inside." Naruto explained.

Scaling the stone wall of their exhibit, a radiant fox popped his head over the iron railing. Characterized by orange fur and red eyes, this fluffy fox scrambled onto the edge.

"Shouldn't we get someone? I don't think their supposed to get out?" Speaking with a murmur, Naruto scratched his nose.

"No! He's so cute! Look at him!" Sakura protested with glee.

Glaring with heart-filled eyes, Sakura swooned as the fuzzy fox scratched his own ears. Flapping the pointy tips from side-to-side, this fox soon became intently focused on Naruto.

Stepping over the ledge with nimble paws, this fox leaned forward before sniffing Naruto's face. Licking the bundle of whiskers on his cheeks, this fox treated Naruto like a fellow critter.

"That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask. Why do you have whiskers? Humans shouldn't have those." Whispering this argument, Sakura wrinkled her nose.

Shrugging both shoulders in reply, Naruto's face was continuously licked for several moments. Personally cleaned by a fox, this creature turned around before crawling back into the exhibit.

Surging into the foreground, the 13 year old outline of Rock Lee dashed into sight. Dressed in the same grey school outfit as Naruto, Lee's most prominent feature was his bowl-styled black hair.

With fair-skin and circular black eyes, Lee had a pair of bushy eyebrows that framed his forehead. The top athlete of his class, Lee would constantly challenge others to maintain his rank.

"Let's go! Right now!" Shouting with hostility, Lee leapt to his palms.

"One hundred hand-stands! Let's go!" Moving without encouragement, Lee erupted into a fierce and dramatic exercise.

Startled by this display, Sakura's emerald eyes twitched with confusion, standing beside Naruto. As this occurred, Kiba, Shino, Hinata and Rin all strolled into view, wearing their school outfits.

"No! Sakura! Say it isn't true!" Ino shrieked, running out from the crowd.

Displaying puppy-dog eyes, Ino fell to her knees before wrapping both arms around Sakura's leg. However, discreetly, Ino used this opportunity to glance up Sakura's skirt, spying on her panties.

"I can't believe you're cheating on me... With a boy!" Rolling her eyes in reply, Sakura kicked Ino to the ground.

The school lesbian, Ino would constantly flirt with cute girls, it was a habit that she couldn't stop. But now, Ino found a girl that completely ignored her advances, and she didn't like it.

"What's everyone doing out? Schools cancelled." Naruto cut in, rubbing the back of his head.

"Akamaru wanted to go for a walk, so I invited a few along." Kiba exclaimed, holding a white puppy atop his head.

As this conversation progressed, Lee was ferociously counting in the background, drenched with sweat. At the same time, Shino had both hands in his pockets, allowing a fly to land on his glasses.

"Don't change the subject! Why are you on a date with Sakura?" Ino asked what everyone was thinking.

Stuttering in unison, Sakura and Naruto both swelled with a deep blush, unable to speak. Because of this, Ino pointed a lone finger of accusation, poking the tip of Naruto's nose.

"It-... It's not like that at all!" Sakura strained to speak.

"We've just been crammed in the house for a few days... So I wanted to go out." Blurting her words, Sakura's face was bright pink.

Enthralled by this revelation, Ino stomped one foot into a detective-like pose, flaring her nose. Also, Hinata timidly twirled her fingers together, standing beside a quiet Rin.

"You're living together?!" Shouting in disbelief, Ino cried with drama.

"It's really not that serious, other than wearing my clothes, she ha-..." Cut off by a crying Ino, Naruto wasn't allowed to speak.

Staring at Naruto with unblinking auburn eyes, the painted face of Rin hummed in confusion. Whenever she got close to Naruto, Rin could feel an odd sensation inside her stomach.

Why does he make me feel so... Comfortable? Rin asked herself.

Usually, He's distant and alone... Did Sakura do something? Tapping various fingers with anxiety, Hinata downcast her face.

An isolated girl, Hinata's childhood was ruined by her alcoholic father and her prostitute mother. However, this all changed when her older brother, Neji, ran away with Hinata, raising her by himself.

Seven years had past since running away, and now, Neji was no where in sight, sacrificing his life for Hinata. A traumatic memory that she buried under her subconscious, Hinata never talked about it.

Infact, since Neji's untimely death, the only family Hinata had was Rin, her childhood best friend. Sheltering Hinata after Neji's disappearance, Rin became a stern and protective sister.

"Done! That's a new school record!" Lee interjected, garnishing everyone's attention.

Throwing a thumbs up in the air, Lee displayed an ear wide smile, exposing his snow-white teeth. Glimmering like diamonds in the sunlight, Lee's teeth blinded each of his classmates.

"If it didn't happen on school property, it doesn't count." Shino declared, pushing his glasses up.

Drowned by this statement, waves of depression eroded and crashed against Lee's ego. Wallowing for several seconds, Lee gripped the collar of Shino's outfit before running away.

"You're right! Let's go to school and you can count me!" Lee shouted with vigor, charging off scene.

Twenty minutes later.

"I'm surprised you two wanted to come along..." Naruto muttered, scratching his whiskers.

Walking beside Sakura, these children were trailed by Rin and Hinata, dressed in their school uniforms. Surrounded by stone fences and street lamps, these students were on a journey through Karakura.

"She's afraid of you, because you don't smile..." Rin proclaimed, pointing at Hinata.

"But I wanna know what happened at school." Hearing these words, Sakura narrowed her emerald eyes.

Shuffling through the streets of Karakura, Naruto, Sakura, Rin and Hinata all walked in a group. Ignoring the occasional adult that strolled past, Rin anxiously waited for a response.

"We both know why school is closed, and it wasn't because of a gas leak." As Rin spoke, Hinata twirled her fingers.

Dispersed by the rustling sound of a high-speed train, this conversation came to an abrupt halt. Frozen in place, these four children were forced to wait for the train to pass, unable to talk.

"Maybe you hit your head, you don't know what you saw." Sakura cut in, dampened by the train.

Surging out of view, this train allowed the railroad gates to rise, encouraging citizens to walk across. Muffled by the sound of rustling feet, these teenagers traveled through a popular market.

"I saw it too, if that means anything." Hinata strained to speak.

Flustered by this reply, Sakura froze mid-step before stomping her tiny feet in protest. Pinning both arms against her flat chest, Sakura rolled her green eyes with boredom.

"Ask your questions later, I'm trying to have a good day!" Sakura complained.

"We're gonna go check out the circus, you can come with, if you want!" Grabbing Naruto's wrist, Sakura hastily pulled him down the street.

One hour later.

"I haven't had this stuff in decades!" Sakura awed, holding a foot long pillar of pink cotton candy.

Walking between tents and food stands, Naruto, Sakura, Rin and Hinata were adrift in bright lights. While stuffed plushies sat in the background, a flock of playing kids ran through the crowd.

"Y-... Yea! Mine is pretty good too." Hinata murmured, gripping a cone of blue cotton candy.

"You're just a little kid though, I'm almost the same age as you." Rin argued.

"Why do I have to carry all this?" Naruto asked, quietly changing the conversation.

Shrouded by layers of stuffed lions, bears and giraffes, Naruto was barely visible through this pile of plush. Met by a sparkling smile from Sakura, this weakened Soul Reaper whimpered like a puppy.

"Cause you're the boy, and I'm just a fragile lil girl." Sakura exclaimed, wiggling her body like a worm.

Ten minutes later.

"So, I just drive into other people?" Sakura stuttered.

Seated in a cherry blossom bumper car, Sakura fumbled with the steering wheel for several minutes. T-boned by Hinata, Sakura was briefly dazed before driving her car.

Watching these playful friends from a distance, Rin and Naruto were propped against the safety railing. Standing beside a neatly-stacked pile of plushie animals, Naruto gazed at Sakura with unblinking eyes.

"Do you like her that much?" Rin questioned, forcing Naruto to twitch.

Waving both arms in protest, Naruto accidently bit his own tongue with hesitation. Giggling in reply, Rin held one hand over her mouth, drawing attention to the purple rectangles on her cheeks.

"N-... No! It's not that... It's just..." Naruto fumbled for an excuse.

"This is the first time I've ever felt like this..." Speaking the same words that Rin thought, Naruto clenched his stomach.

For his entire life, Naruto always felt stuck in the past, fueled by his struggle with emotions. But now, with Sakura by his side, Naruto could see a new side of life, something he never saw before.

"This is the first time I've actually felt alive." Enamored by Sakura, Naruto finally found a purpose in life.

Five hours later.

"I'll keep this one, it's my favorite." Sakura declared, waving a lion plushie with both hands.

Donating their large pile of plush to a group of kids, Naruto and Sakura were the center of attention. Shuffling through a bundle of bears, turtles, whales and giraffes, dozens of plushies were distributed.

Grabbing Naruto's wrist with her free hand, Sakura dragged him through the crowd. Running through the sunbaked circus, Sakura and Naruto rushed out the front entrance, disappearing from sight.

Ten minutes later.

"I can't stand this afternoon breeze." Yawning into one hand, Sakura strolled in front of Naruto's house.

With the setting sun on the horizon, rays of vibrant light washed over Naruto and Sakura. Causing Naruto's blond hair to glimmer, Sakura glared at him with an open mouth.

Tightening the grip on her new lion plushie, Sakura downcast her face with a look of concern. Biting her lip, Sakura narrowed both eyes with a hazy and distraught expression.

I don't belong here... Fueled by this conclusion, Sakura was startled by the screech of a Hollow.

Rushing inside, Naruto snagged his Zanpakutō before running down the street, dressed in his school uniform. Trailed by Sakura, her favored plushie was dropped to the road, basked by rays from the afternoon sun.


Seated atop the slanted roof of Naruto's house, Anko watched these fleeing children as they ran away. Strolling across the roof, Minato's wooden sandals clapped the tile with each step.

Releasing a solitary meow before glancing at the horizon, Anko's fuzzy tail swished and swirled. Sitting down beside this fluffy feline, Minato carried a jug of milk and a wooden saucer.

"What's wrong? Is it gonna rain?" Minato asked, laughing like a drunk.

"You can drop the act... We both know what's going on." Anko remarked, speaking with a manly voice through her cat body.

Encouraged by this statement, Minato's tone, posture and facial expression took on a jarring shift. Kicking his sandals off, Minato slouched both shoulders, allowing his black haori to swallow him.

"They're already here." Squinting her brown eyes, Anko licked one paw.

"We'll go investigate... After you finish your milk." Minato exclaimed, tilting his hat down.


Dashing through the empty alleyways of Karakura, Sakura was chasing after Naruto. Dampened by the sound of her footsteps, Sakura's thoughts began to weigh down upon her.

Hey! Are you alright?! Sakura remembered the first time she heard Naruto's voice.

But I'm completely lost without him. Please, don't send me away. Reciting the same words from class, Sakura clenched both fists.

Despite three decades of life inside the Soul Society, Sakura never really felt alive. Stuck in a boring and empty void, Sakura never understood what happiness was, until now.

But weren't you scared? Of dying? Polluting Sakura's conscious, Naruto's voice was muffled by charging feet.

Running without pause, the gap between Naruto and Sakura became wider and wider. Because these children lived in two completely separate worlds, they could never be together.

All of this is a burden... For a Soul Reaper, I'm such a disgrace. Sakura insulted her own weakness.

Distracted by her thoughts, Sakura bumped against Naruto's back before falling to the ground. Taking several minutes to rub her sore butt, Naruto glanced from side-to-side.

"The Hollow, I don't hear it anymore." Naruto proclaimed.

Suddenly, Sakura gasped as a familiar sense of Reiryoku filled the horizon, giving her saucer-like eyes. At the same time, the sun finally set, slowly replaced by a rising moon.

"Hey, loser!" Tayuya snarled from atop a street lamp.

Crouched in place, Tayuya was a fourteen year old girl with pale skin and brown eyes. Draped across the black shihakushō she wore, Tayuya's most distinguishable trait was her back-length crimson hair.

Contrasting the dark fabric of her shihakushō, Tayuya's attire had white trimming and a sash around her slim waist. Also, the red hilt of Zanpakutō was strapped against Tayuya's sash.

"I had to come all the way here because you took so long!" Scoffing in complaint, Tayuya's sandal-covered feet leapt into the sky.

Soaring towards the ground, the outline of Tayuya's shihakushō was irradiated by moonlight. Landing with a quiet thud, the white bandana on Tayuya's forehead was exposed, painted with the kanji for 'Six'.

The Lieutenant of Squad Six, Tayuya was also the childhood bestfriend of Sakura. Dying in the same car accident over thirty years ago, Tayuya and Sakura were a pair of immortal sisters.

"Everything is fine, there's no reason to check on me." Sakura stuttered.

Sighing with boredom, Tayuya lazily glanced at Naruto, becoming enraged at the sight of his Zanpakutō. Charging forward, Tayuya gripped the collar of Naruto's uniform before pulling him close.

"Where did you get a Zanpakutō?! What squad are you from?!" Tayuya shrieked.

Shaking and thrashing Naruto through the air, Tayuya didn't realize how close she was too him. Pressing their noses, Tayuya growled like a rabid ferret, baring her naked teeth.

"There's no good answer you can give... Right, Captain Kaguya?" Inspired by this statement, Sakura gasped for air.

Stomping his foot against a blue roof tile, the fifteen year old outline of Kimimaro came into sight. Defined by vivid green eyes and snow-white hair, various strands were tied with red ornaments.

Dressed in a topless black shihakushō, Kimimaro's pale chest was barely concealed by his white haori. An iconic piece of attire for all Captains, this haori had the black kanji for 'Six' sewn across Kimimaro's back.

Like all Soul Reapers, Kimimaro carried a Zanpakutō that was strapped to the right side of his waist. However, unlike Tayuya or Naruto, this hilt was wrapped in snow-white thread.

"No response will satisfy me." Kimimaro spoke with a dry tone.

Flicking his sandal-covered feet against the roof, Kimimaro instantly appeared behind Sakura. Moving with a Captain-level display of the Flash Step, Kimimaro's white hair rustled in the wind.

Shoving Naruto into a pile of trashcans, Tayuya turned all her attention towards Sakura. Approaching her childhood friend, the iron lid of a trashcan was rolling across the alley.

"You know the penalty for giving Soul Reaper powers to a Human..." Tayuya muttered.

"So why? Why would you do it? Why would you throw away everything we've built?" Grabbing Sakura's collar, Tayuya snarled.

As Sakura's emerald eyes became locked with Tayuya's brown gaze, these friends fell into a silence. Pierced only by the distant sound of a beeping car alarm, this reticence permeated the air.

"I just wanted to be happy..." Sakura murmured her reply.

At this moment, a blue blur surged across the horizon, forcing Tayuya's eyes to widen. Separating these Soul Reapers, a pulsating arrow of blue Reiatsu plunged into a stone fence.

Magnified by stark footsteps, the shadowy silhouette of Sasuke strolled down the dark alleyway. Illuminated only by the faint light from street lamps, Sasuke's silver cross sparkled like diamond.

"You can see us?! Who are you?!" Tayuya stammered.

"I'm just a classmate... A classmate who hates Soul Reapers." Sasuke exclaimed.

Snarling in reply, Tayuya gripped the hilt of her Zanpakutō before dramatically unsheathing the blade. A deep contrast to her calm Captain, Tayuya charged like an enraged animal.

Quivering an arrow with two fingers, Sasuke gasped as Naruto parried Tayuya's Zanpakutō with his own. Spraying sparks through the air, the sound of metal grinding against metal could be heard.

Wh-... Why didn't I notice him?! Tayuya panicked, obscured by her blade.

But more importantly, why is his Zanpakutō so big?! Slurring these thoughts, Tayuya became focused on Naruto's whiskered face.

Compared to the katana-like Zanpakutō that Tayuya and Kimimaro wore, Naruto's blade was massive. Over five feet in length with a bulky girth, Naruto's Zanpakutō dwarfed Tayuya's in comparison.

The size of your Zanpakutō is a reflection of your spiritual pressure... Awed by this revelation, Tayuya swallowed a wad of spit.

How can a Human this young have a Zanpakutō this big?! Tayuya couldn't believe her eyes.

Fueled by her own thoughts, Tayuya slid her sandal-covered feet across the earth. Forcing Naruto to stagger backwards, this red-haired Soul Reaper loomed over her opponent.

"I get it now! Everything is your fault! Because of you!" Shouting with rage, Tayuya continued her assault.

Battering the edge of her Zanpakutō against Naruto's, this blond boy was forced to retreat. Knocking him back with each blow, Tayuya's rage swelled, baring all her hatred onto Naruto.

Why me? Naruto muttered his catchphrase.

Launched past Naruto's ear, a perfectly placed arrow caused Tayuya to leap backwards. Sliding across the alleyway, a cloud of dust erupted from Tayuya's feet, briefly polluting the air.

"The next one won't miss." Sasuke scoffed, drawing another arrow.

Suddenly, the crimson outline of Tayuya teleported behind Sasuke, shocking the Quincy with her speed. Sweeping her Zanpakutō out, Tayuya sliced a blood-stained wound across Sasuke's back.

Kicking Sasuke to the ground, Tayuya stomped on his open wound, smearing blood across her sandal. However, this rampage was soon interrupted by Naruto, swinging his Zanpakutō through the air.

Scrambling to parry this strike, Tayuya was overwhelmed by the sheer size of Naruto's sword. Narrowly blocking this swipe, Tayuya was launched through a street lamp, crashing into a stone wall.

"Now, we just have t-...?!" Rushing to form a plan, Naruto was cut off by Kimimaro.

Teleporting beside Naruto with remarkable speed, Kimimaro tilted his head while humming with confusion. Reaching out, Kimimaro grabbed Naruto's throat before lifting him into the air.

"Oh? That Reiryoku you have... And that hair... You remind me of someone." Kimimaro mumbled.

Despite his age, Kimimaro was actually an elite Captain for the Soul Society, one of thirteen. A Captain for over twenty-five years, Kimimaro had witnessed much change inside the Soul Society.

Lifting his right foot, Naruto kicked the side of Kimimaro's stomach, but he didn't even earn a reaction. Instead, Kimimaro twisted Naruto's neck to the side, examining his whiskers

"Stop! You don't have to do this! I'll go back!" Sakura pleaded.

Empowered by Sakura's voice, Naruto broke Kimimaro's grip with his Zanpakutō, cleaving the air. Swinging this massive blade forward, Kimimaro caught Naruto's Zanpakutō with his bare hand.

"This blade is a piece of trash..." Sighing with boredom, Kimimaro snapped Naruto's Zanpakutō in half.

Kicking his opponent in the gut, Naruto was launched into a distant window, shattering the glass. Afterwards, Kimimaro tossed the severed chunk of his Zanpakutō to the ground.

"We have to kill him, for your Soul Reaper powers... But you're still under trial." Strolling down the alleyway, Kimimaro didn't bother to look at Sakura.

Followed the orders from her superior, Tayuya jumped to her feet before surging after Naruto. Ignoring the bloody outline of Sasuke, Tayuya ran with one hand on her hilt.

Everything is your fault! Because of you! Tayuya's hate-filled voice polluted Naruto's conscious.

Pierced by blades of shattered glass, Naruto bleed from his stomach, wrist and scalp. With blood staining his hair, Naruto's eyes were hazy and blurred, drifting into a different world.


Walking down a grass-covered embankment of Karakura, a five year old Naruto came into view. Throwing rocks across a rushing stream of water, Naruto was playing with the only friend he had, himself.

Torn from his game, a wild dog fell from the bridge above, plummeting into the harsh stream. Barking and kicking for safety, this dog began to drown in front of Naruto, yanked below water.

Running without a second thought, Naruto dove into this water before swimming after the puppy. Holding this stray dog above the water, Naruto drowned himself to save the puppy.

Pulled to the water's surface by a pale hand, Naruto and this dog both gagged for air. Exposing the masked face of Zabuza, this adult was looming over Naruto with narrow eyes.

"Why would you jump in, if you knew you would die?" Zabuza asked.

Lowering Naruto to the ground, this blond boy freed his rescued dog, allowing it to limp away. At the same time, Naruto struggled to stand up, wiping the water from his hair.

"Because, if I ran away, they would've been alone..." Naruto exclaimed.

"I know how that feels, and I don't want anyone else to feel that." Grabbing his stomach with both hands, Naruto downcast his face.

Because of the kind generosity from Zabuza and Minato, Naruto had a roof over his head and food. But, Naruto constantly struggled with his own self-worth, unable to value his existence.

Gripping the top of Naruto's head with one hand, Zabuza rubbed the water from his blond hair. As this occurred, a flock of birds soared overhead, consumed by dense clouds.

"Trust me, you're never alone." Zabuza grumbled, glancing towards the sky.

-Flashback ends-

I mustn't run away... I mustn't run away... Repeating this phrase without pause, Naruto crawled to his feet.

Nervously holding both hands in front of her stomach, Sakura was shrouded by Kimimaro's shadow. Running down a narrow alleyway, Tayuya approached the front of a cracked window.

Rupturing from the stone wall, the chipped edge of Naruto's Zanpakutō was swept towards Kimimaro. Parried at the last moment by Tayuya, this Lieutenant leapt to the defense of her Captain.

Blocking each of Naruto's rabid strikes, Tayuya's feet sundered the earth under this barrage. Grinding her teeth with disbelief, Tayuya felt like she was fighting a Hollow.

Interrupting this battle, Kimimaro unsheathed his Zanpakutō, carving an instant gash across Naruto's torso. Spewing a geyser of blood from his severed collarbone, Naruto fell to his stomach.

Traumatized by this horrific sight, Sakura had to look away, clenching her chest with trembling hands. Dampened by the sound of a rustling train, Naruto's blood leaked atop the stone ground.

"We're done." Spitting these words, Kimimaro sheathed his Zanpakutō.

Turning to walk away, Kimimaro was unaffected by the horrific expression on Sakura's face. Grunting, groaning and writhing in agony, Naruto's quaking hands scratched the stone earth.

If you're not going to run away... Then you need to fight. Sakura's voice scorched Naruto's conscious.

Don't die! I need you! Empowered by this memory, Naruto reached out before grabbing Kimimaro's ankle.

Staining another school uniform with blood, Naruto's vision became distorted and dark. Enveloped by a swirling presence of shadows, Naruto's gasps for air were raspy and drawn out.

Lazily glancing at Naruto with vivid green eyes, Kimimaro hummed from under his breath. Feeding off a familiar sense of Reiryoku, Kimimaro felt like he was looking at a ghost.

"You fool! Let go of him!" Sakura pleaded.

Stuck in his own world, Naruto couldn't even hear Sakura's voice, buried under an endless abyss. Grappling with his slow beating heart, Naruto's body became soaked in crimson liquid.

"On second thought... You're nothing like the man I was talking about." Kimimaro sighed.

Reaching for his Zanpakutō, Kimimaro's hand was anxiously stopped by Sakura. Kicking Naruto's hand away, Sakura couldn't even look at her bloodied friend, she was too obscured by tears.

"Just lay there awhile longer! If you stop moving, you'll live a few extra seconds." Sakura choked.

Swollen with boredom and disinterest, Kimimaro directed a quiet nod towards Tayuya. Raising her Zanpakutō towards the sky, Tayuya used this Reiatsu-filled blade like a key.

Unlocking the bridge between worlds, an ornate sliding door ruptured into existence. Known as the Senkaimon, this dimensional gateway was used by Soul Reapers to enter and leave the Soul Society.

Why can't I move?! Frozen in place, Naruto glared at Sakura's feet.

Strolling into this opened Senkaimon, Sakura, Tayuya and Kimimaro faded from existence. Inspired by the fading outline of Sakura, a twisted sensation of dark Reiatsu rippled out from Naruto.

Drawing attention to his blood-stained face, Naruto's eyes morphed into a bright shade of yellow. Squealing like a demonic hound, Naruto bared his jagged and fox-like teeth, taking on the appearance of an animal.

Suddenly, the tip of Minato's cane was plunged against the back of Naruto's skull, knocking him unconscious. Using her paws to walk across this sleeping boy, Anko sat down on Naruto's back.

"Not here, please." Minato murmured with stern eyes.