"Beca is now obsessed with collegiate cheerleading."

"She is not!"

At the sound of her name, Beca stops in the hall outside their office and then wanders in to find Chloe sitting at their desk using Beca's massive iMac. "What about me?"

"She said you're obsessed with collegiate cheerleading. But there's no way!"

Beca smiles at the sound of Aubrey's voice and crosses the room to put herself in-frame of the video chat a couple of feet behind Chloe. "It's true, I am," Beca says with a shrug. "It's not my fault that Jerry deserves to be on mat."

"He really does, though!" Aubrey says, eyes big and sad as she clutches at her heart. "I love him so much."

"Obviously we've been binging Cheer," Chloe says after agreeing with the sentiments. "What are you doing to pass the time?"

"BRB," Beca says and then wrinkles her nose at actually saying 'b-r-b' as she leaves the video chat for a few seconds to grab another chair and swing it around to sit next to Chloe.

She listens to the two best friends talk and though they're actively trying to not talk about the health crisis affecting the world, the conversation keeps drifting back to it and how Los Angeles is handling it compared to Mykonos. Beca lets her hand rest at the back of Chloe's neck, a small bit of comfort in what are proving to be increasingly unpredictable times.

"What happened to that guy you were seeing?" Beca asks, hoping to find a topic that won't be tainted by a stupid virus.

Admittedly, she isn't super interested in Aubrey's romantic life but it's something to talk about and they have nothing better to do do with their time anyway.

She does kind of tune out, though. She's been a little distracted all day. Her day had begun by waking up to Chloe's fingers between her legs and despite the swift orgasm she'd been gifted, her body has been humming all day. Maybe it's because Chloe had declined her offer to return the favor, citing that it was 'just for [Beca]' but she's never quite satisfied if Chloe isn't satisfied.

Maybe it's because their sex life, which Beca would have already described as "more than sufficient" has gone off the charts in the last week. She never would have guessed that being forced to stay home with her girlfriend for days at a time would turn them into sex fiends, but in hindsight, she doesn't know why she was so unassuming.

There's something freeing about having no responsibilities but each other. Chloe isn't exhausted from a long day at the clinic. Beca isn't tired from flying back from New York or Paris or London. They aren't stressed out about tomorrow's schedule or bickering because they both want to spend more time with each other but their individual lives are making it difficult.

The most important task on their daily to-do list now is each other.

And man...they have really been completing those tasks.

Chloe shivering beneath her fingers gets her attention, pulling her out of her daydream of the way a strap-wearing Chloe had bent her over the dining table last night before dinner. She hadn't realized her fingers had started wandering with her thoughts and her fingernails are drawing goosebumps to the surface of Chloe's skin where she's absently stroking her neck and shoulder.

Chloe glances over and kind of smiles but falls right into the conversation.

It's the trip down memory lane that spurs it. She's always been easily convinced to try risque scenarios when she's turned on, and she's maybe not proud of how willing she is to get caught by a stranger when Chloe has her within an inch of her sanity, but she's accepted it's just who she is.

She scoots her chair closer to Chloe's under the guise of wanting to simply be close and lets her fingers travel up into her hair to scratch at her scalp, something she knows Chloe loves. She watches her eyelashes flutter and feels her lean back into it. Beca doesn't know what the conversation is about anymore; she's not listening. Her focus is on Chloe but she's still acutely aware that they are on camera and their very good friend Aubrey is on the other end of the line.

Maybe that's why she's already so turned on. They have an audience. A known audience. Aubrey is no stranger. They've all seen each other naked, more than once. Hell, she even made out with Aubrey once at a college party on a dare. She also knows Chloe hooked up with her a few times in college, too. Nothing more than drunken fun, but enough fun that it happened more than once.

It's a distracting thought and Beca lets her hand backtrack until she's rubbing the back of Chloe's neck in a gentle massage.

Aubrey's words finally register in her brain. "You guys are so gross and adorable."

"What can I say?" Beca says with a shrug and a smile at the camera. "I'm whipped."

It makes everyone laugh and she uses the break in conversation to guide Chloe's face to hers with a touch to her chin for a kiss that is better meant for the bedroom and not in the middle of a video chat.

"Get a room, you two," breaks through after a few seconds of Beca trying her best to steal Chloe's breath.

It works because Chloe's breathing quickly when she pulls back, eyes wide in surprise at the unexpected enthusiasm.

"Sorry, Aubs," Beca says with another smile at Chloe before turning to offer the same smile to Aubrey. "What were you just saying?"

It's a legitimate question; Aubrey had been talking when she interrupted herself to comment on Beca's physical affection and she has no idea what the conversation was about.

She doesn't care, though. She just wants them talking again so Chloe remains distracted, but she can tell Chloe is already distracted, but not by Aubrey. It's clear Chloe's on edge with the way her jaw is firmly set, the muscle in it twitching now and then as Beca excuses her hand from where it's been caressing Chloe's neck and shoulders to move it decidedly lower.

She does check the screen to see how she and Chloe are framed first. The camera angle them cuts off around their chests which works for her intentions.

Her relocation is quick and masked by a routine shifting of the way she's sitting. If Aubrey's aware that her hand just moved between Chloe's legs, she's doing a good job of pretending she's not.

There's a quick, sharp inhale from Chloe followed by a cough, another action meant to conceal something. Which tells Beca that Chloe is okay with this.

If the cough didn't, the way her knees tip further apart would have.

Chloe's wearing thin cotton shorts and at the first touch of her fingers, Beca knows there's nothing under them.

She can feel Chloe's body through them distinctly, though she keeps her touch light. Nothing more than a slow graze up and down, not enough motion to be noticeable. It's just her middle finger stroking back and forth and she smiles when Chloe's hand moves to her knee. They always have a need to be touching, mutually. It's not enough for Beca to touch Chloe; Chloe needs to be touching Beca, too.

Beca's heart is racing and she hopes she's not flushed. A glance at their small inset video preview tells her she's not, but Chloe does look a bit feverish.

It only emboldens Beca to stop being so gentle and press two fingers against her firmly. She just holds them there for a few seconds because Chloe's entire body twitched with it. Plus, she's savoring the way she can feel wetness slowly soaking through the material.

Chloe's blunt fingernails dig into Beca's thigh, but Beca really doesn't care. She's too busy beginning to massage her fingertips into Chloe's clit through her now-soaked shorts and watching her attempt to keep up a conversation.

It's not as though they've never done something like this before, but it's never been like this. They've definitely touched each other below tablecloths at restaurants with others present at the table. In movie theaters with people sitting in the same row. And the number of orgasms Beca has had on commercial airliners is quite literally illegal.

This feels much more intimate. There's not the hustle and bustle of waiters and other patrons around them. There's not a loud action movie muffling the sound of a chair squeaking as Beca's hips push themselves up into Chloe's fingers again and again or a dark plane, a blanket, and the drone of jet engines.

It's startlingly quiet save for the conversation that, she can tell, is becoming more and more difficult for Chloe to maintain without stuttering or losing her train of thought.

"Chloe? Are you okay?"

Beca bites her lip to not laugh because Chloe's flat-out failed to speak. She waits for her to notice and slows her fingers to give her a chance to catch up.

"I'm fine!" Chloe says with too much enthusiasm than is necessary.

"It's not like you space out in the middle of a conversation," Beca says brightly, fingers moving in slow, slow circles. She can feel Chloe trying to move against them. "I'll go grab you something to drink. It's important to stay hydrated," she adds, directed at Aubrey.

She doesn't know what's gotten into her.

But it's some evil sex monster, apparently.

She stands up and starts to walk away, earning a not-subtle whimper from Chloe at the loss of her touch.

But instead of leaving, as Chloe clearly thinks she is, Beca turns around and puts a finger to her lips to shush her. It happens to be one of the fingers she was just stroking Chloe with so she slips it into her mouth while she has Chloe's attention, her taste faint but evident.

She kneels as she does it and Chloe has to fight to rip her eyes away from Beca who is definitely no longer in the room and return to her conversation while Beca crawls back over, out of frame, until Chloe's lifting her left leg a bit so Beca can crawl under it and tuck herself into the space beneath the desk.

She gets herself comfortable, regretting a lack of kneepads on this hardwood floor (which they do own for possible needs like this) and smirks up at Chloe who keeps glancing down at her with nervous excitement.

Beca waits, though. She needs to know Chloe is okay with this, and if she's not, she'll sneak out and return with a glass of water as promised and wait patiently until the call is over for Chloe to give her what she's asking for.

A minute or two passes and then with a particularly boisterous laugh, Chloe's lifting her ass off her chair just enough for her to slip her own shorts off.

The way she spreads her legs and looks down at Beca is obscene in its own right.

Beca puts her hands around Chloe's knees and pushes her open wider, more for the show of it than out of necessity. She wants to see Chloe up-close, see how aroused she's become thanks to Beca's little game. Wetness is already streaked high along her inner thighs and her clit is swollen and peeking out, but Beca already knew that. She could feel it. But it's something else entirely to see it.

She's not sure how much time they have, really. Aubrey might have something better to do and hang up, which in all honesty would be totally fine. Beca will see this through regardless. But the fun, the game, the challenge, the kink is to do this while Chloe is on a live video call.

She doesn't wait or go through her usual teasing build-up of working her way closer and closer until Chloe's begging.

She leans close and runs her tongue through Chloe, entrance to clit, and hears Chloe stop talking mid-word for a solid two seconds before she can continue.

Beca has to struggle not to moan herself. She's outrageously turned on and tries to channel it into her attention to Chloe.

And she lavishes that attention.

Making love to Chloe is always an experience, but some are more heightened than others. Beca has no shame in the knowledge that she would happily sit and lick Chloe for hours and then ask for permission to do it for several more. She loves it. She loves it more than she loves most things in life. If she had to rank the things she loved, Chloe would be first and eating Chloe's pussy would be second.

Everything else is after that.

It's almost startling how wet Chloe's getting. Beca feels it on her chin and cheeks and laps at Chloe like she can't get enough (she can't). Her tongue slips higher to stop avoiding the type of focused attention she knows Chloe needs and flicks it against her clit, now fully swollen and on display for Beca to worship. Which she does. Chloe keeps inching away from her as she struggles to stay still but Beca just follows, not letting her mouth leave Chloe for even a second.

Her tongue flicks and swirls and when she knows Chloe's not expecting it, she lifts her hand and sinks two fingers into her to give her something to squeeze.

A moan gets her attention and she glances up to see Chloe's head thrown back just as fingers slide into Beca's hair to start guiding her.

The sight makes Beca moan, too, and whatever semblance of discretion they'd been exercising gets thrown out the window. She didn't remember Chloe telling Aubrey goodbye or hearing the sound of the call disconnecting, but it's hard to hear with Chloe's thighs pressing against her ears every few seconds as she writhes in her seat.

She's just starting to set a pace with her fingers when she hears another moan. Except, it's definitely not her own, and it's definitely not Chloe's.

Her whole body freezes on reflex and Chloe's head snaps up.

"Baby, don't stop."

"Yeah, keep going."

Beca's head whips around, hair pulling uncomfortably where it's still tangled in Chloe's fingers, to look up at the computer screen.

She was so focused she had no idea they'd migrated so far away from the desk or that what they were doing was in full-frame, right down to where it cut off just below Beca's ass.

If that wasn't enough of a surprise, the fact that Aubrey's chair has rolled back enough for it to be obvious that she's touching herself, hand down the front of her leggings, was definitely a shock.

But the screaming arousal shoves away the shock and the sight makes Beca groan. She hadn't expected this; she'd expected to get Chloe off quickly while their friend was none the wiser. That was the game.

This was...a threesome?

"Holy fuck," Beca says, watching Aubrey (who didn't stop touching herself with Beca's discovery) for a few seconds before turning back to Chloe following a sharp tug on her hair. "Holy fuck," she says again before leaning back in to take Chloe's clit between her lips and start sucking as her fingers start thrusting.

Her mind is reeling. Every time she glances up, Chloe's eyes are either locked on her, locked on the screen, or her head is thrown back. She rearranges a little, no longer having to be discreet, and uses her free hand to lift Chloe's leg over her shoulder. The other stays planted on the floor for leverage, Beca realizes, so Chloe can rock her hips up into Beca's face.

She's never heard Aubrey like this before. Her moans are loud and breathy and Beca can tell by the way they're stilted that she's touching herself hard and fast.

She does the same for Chloe, fingers starting to pound into her in fast, short strokes as she sucks harder and harder on her clit.

Chloe's moan of, "Shit, I'm so close," sends Beca's hand down the front of her own shorts to thrust three fingers into herself and start riding her own hand.

It's a move she didn't think would have any effect on but herself but she hears Aubrey react, a moan of Beca's name that almost sends Beca flying over the edge.

"I wanna watch you come together." Aubrey's breathing hard. "Make her come, Beca."

"Oh, my God," she groans into Chloe before she pulls hard on her clit with her lips and curls her fingers to grind into the spot inside Chloe that will make her see stars. Her own hips and other hand move fast; she's so desperately horny that she doesn't actually want to come. She just wants to maintain this level of arousal forever.

But Chloe's moaning her name and swearing and she feels her cunt tightening around her fingers so she fucks herself— and Chloe— harder and harder until Chloe's moans are so loud they're creating feedback on the call.

She feels Chloe explode from within and lets go, too, both of them moaning and bucking, wetness dripping down both of Beca's hands.

And then she hears it.

She hears Aubrey coming and she takes her mouth away from Chloe, still fucking with her fingers, so they can watch it happen together.

It's really a sight to behold to see Aubrey in a state of pure ecstasy. No hang-ups or stress or worries, just pure and utter release.

"Shit," Chloe whispers but it's more than loud enough to reach Beca's ears.

She doesn't look away from the screen but she does slip her fingers out to move them to her clit to start rubbing because she knows Chloe always comes twice in a row. And she kind of really wants to watch Aubrey, still breathing hard and still clearly touching herself, watch her make Chloe come since she missed it last time.

It doesn't take long.

And she gets way more bang for her buck than she expected; apparently Aubrey's into being watched, too, and as soon as she notices Beca watching her and touching Chloe she'd fallen right back into the same rhythm she's kept on herself, one that's hard and fast and tells Beca that Aubrey's as impossibly turned on as she knows Chloe is.

She doesn't have to turn around to see that, though. She has ears and as much as she's watching Aubrey, she's watching herself and Chloe in the picture-in-picture display.

It doesn't take long—it never does—for Chloe to be on the edge again. She falls quickly, no prolonged plateau with how overstimulated she is, and Beca watches Aubrey watch Chloe fall apart on screen until Aubrey's falling apart again, too.

Beca turns back to Chloe once Aubrey's moans have subsided to bury her face between her thighs. Not to make her come again, though she knows she could. Instead, she licks at her slowly, trying to clean her up (a futile effort) and prolong their intimacy.

Eventually, the bubble of sexual tension surrounding them pops and she feels Chloe stroking her hair and saying her name.

It pulls her out of her reverie and she hears Aubrey's voice say something, but she doesn't catch what it was. The reality of what just happened slams down on her and she leaps backward, slamming the back of her head on the desk before groaning it and ducking beneath it to hide.

"Oh, my God, baby, are you okay?" Chloe says, rolling herself forward to check on her.

Beca feels like she's on fire, and not in a good way. Everything had been so hot in the moment but now she's mortified. That was Aubrey. Aubrey whom they've known for so many years. Who they've lived with and cried with and would probably be Chloe's doula whenever they finally got around to the whole having kids thing.

"What happened? Was that your head? Beca, are you okay?!"

Beca just groans again and lets her face fall into Chloe's naked lap, though there's no licking this time. "I cannot believe that just happened."

She hears Chloe laugh and feels hands on her head feeling the throbbing spot on the back of it. "It's not a big deal," Chloe says soothingly.

"We literally just fucked in front of Aubrey." Her voice is muffled and it must be amusing for Chloe because she giggles again.

"I don't think she minded, babe."

"I really didn't. Will you come out from under there so I can see you?"

Beca sighs and lifts her head so Chloe, still nude from the waist down, can roll backward to let her out. She ends up sitting in Chloe's lap even though her own empty chair is right there, but she has a desperate need to feel protected right now.

She glances at the screen and tries to ignore how flushed Aubrey's face still is. How flushed all three of them are if she's honest. "What?" she says flatly.

"Look, Beca. I can pretend this never happened if you need me to. Chalk it up to cabin fever."

"I'm okay with everything that happened," Chloe says with a squeeze of her arms around Beca's waist.

"Of course, you are," Beca sighs. "Well, I really only have myself to blame here, right?"

Chloe and Aubrey both make sounds of agreement.

"But just so you know," she continues to Aubrey, "I really didn't intend for things to...for things to go that far. You weren't supposed to know."

"It was pretty obvious the second you 'left'"—she uses air quotes—"to get Chloe something to drink and she could barely string a sentence together ten seconds later. I'm not an idiot."

"Well, it's not my fault this one can't keep her shit together for five minutes," she jokes with a playful pinch to Chloe's cheek that earns her a slap on her hip that would have been on her ass if the angle was different. "What?! It's true!"

"Yeah, well," is all Chloe argues, "what are ya gonna do?"

"Well, I'm going to say good night. This has been sufficiently...sufficient," Aubrey says with a bit of a laugh.

"Sleep well, Bree," Chloe says with a wave before the call ends and Aubrey disappears.

"Oh, my God!" Beca crows, covering her face while Chloe bursts into hysterics. "How long did you know she was watching?!"

"Oh, a long time," Chloe says through her laugh. "Wait, are you mad?" she asks, suddenly sobering.

"No, I'm not mad," Beca sighs. "I just cannot believe we fucked in front of Aubrey. On camera!"

"Would you have preferred it to not be on camera?"

The suggestion makes Beca's brain short-circuit and her hesitation must be obvious because Chloe gasps and bounces her in her lap like she's a damn child.

"Oh, my God, Beca do you want to have a threeway with Bree?"

"Stop it," Beca says, shoving her finger in Chloe's face only for it to be captured in a fist and pushed away.

"You do!"

"I—no! Look—this was—" she struggles for words. "This was an accident! It was just hot and everyone was turned on and it was...it was an accident," she finishes weakly.

"Which is why you watched her get off the second time instead of me?"

"I was watching both of you!" she yells in defense and then immediately regrets it. Instead of claiming her easy victory, Chloe just grins at Beca until she crumbles with a groan. "Shut up."

"It's okay, baby; it's hot," Chloe says and Beca has no choice but to give in when Chloe guides her down and into a kiss that reminds Beca's body she didn't get to come a second time like Aubrey and Chloe did.

She whines into it, feeling every bit the pathetic person she is when she's in this state and feels Chloe smile against her lips.

"Okay, okay, let's relocate and I'll take care of you."

"Thank you," Beca says before stealing another kiss and climbing off Chloe's lap. "And we tell no one of this."

"Scout's honor," Chloe says as she holds up three fingers that Beca knows are going to be buried in her in the next few minutes.

"But maybe we find out if Aubrey has plans tomorrow night," she says. "Probably not, right? Who has plans anymore?"

"We do," Chloe says as she snags Beca around the waist to lead them to their bedroom.

The End