Chapter 1

A while back I did a Warhammer 40k crossover with Mass effect. I ended up deleted it because of justifiably criticism. Why? To be frank, I honestly have no idea. Perhaps it was just an on the go thing that I stupidly went with? Perhaps I couldn't handle all the criticism and I'm just that thin-skinned. Or I wanted to just start over and to give the people with good critique a better story. I don't really know.

But whatever the reason is, I'm restarting this story again, hopefully it's just better than before. (Than again I only released only one chapter of that story so it's not like it could get any worse.)

And before anyone asks, there's only three Warhammer factions that'll feature prominently in the Mass effect universe. (And no the Imperium and any of their sub factions are not one of them.) The rest will feature, if at all, only in the Warhammer universe. Nothing more.

4/23/20- Removed a writing error that was caught by a reviewer

Dholen system

In the eternal night that was space, a tuning fork-shaped device with a blue energy core surrounded by rings that moved around, hummed effortlessly as it stayed in position on the edge of a system with a red star. The star system that held the device had only three planetary objects in it. One was too close to the star for it to be viable for colonization. The other was still too close for it to be inhabited naturally, but was far enough for colonies to be established. The 3rd, the one farthest from the star, however, was perfectly capable of sustaining life with no complications. Indeed, the last two planets used to be inhabited by an alien species called the Quarians, who established both a refueling station and colony on the two planets, using them to supply other colony ships or for mining resources to suit their needs. It was an uneventful system with little to add to the overall Quarian species, which is why when their creations rebelled, the Quarians living on those two planets were wiped out without much resistance.

Around three hundred years ago, the Quarians had created an Artificial Intelligence race called the Geth. The primary purpose of their creation was to provide cheap labor or security for the Quarians. Originally, they were non-sentient machines, incapable of thinking for themselves, but eventually so many of them were created that they began to think for themselves. This was because the Quarians created them with the ability to increase their processing power whenever multiple Geth were in close proximity with each other, which resulted in them gaining intelligence and begin questioning the Quarians about their existence.

Fearing the Geth rebelling and massacring their people, the Quarians attempted to destroyed them, hoping they weren't organized in any shape or form. Unfortunately for them, they didn't destroy the Geth fast enough and so, sensing the Quarians were a threat to their existence, the Geth massacred the Quarian people, killing anyone, be it children, elderly, or babies, the Geth did not care and murdered them all. With victory no longer possible, the Quarians retreated from their space, now Geth space, in a mismatched space fleet of military and civilian vessels that are still operating for around three hundred years.

Since then, the Quarians dreamed of taking their worlds back from the Geth, if not to avenge the humiliation they suffered from their creation, then because of their want to settle on their home world once again.

But none of that matters now. What matters now was that the rings around the blue ball in the tuning fork shaped device were spinning rapidly. Eventually, a single ship came jutting out from a blue light next to the device and began making it's way to the planet furthest from the sun in the system.

The white painted ship with black highlights was a respectable length, just under 200 meters. It had a streamlined design with two prongs on the nose tip of the ship. It had two wing tips at the back of the ship, where the engines were. Speaking of the engines, there were four massive, black engine blocks attached to two wings, one for each side of the ship with two of the engine blocks on them. Giving the ship unparalleled speed for a ship it's size. As the ship whizzed through the vacuum of space, if one could see the right side of the ship, where the prong is, they could see the letters SR next to the number 2. Next to it was thin hexagon with an opening on the bottom, surrounded by two thin lines that aligned with the hexagon's sides. This ship was an engineering marvel and was home to one of the greatest humans ever to be born.

Within the confines of the ship, a lone human was piloting the ship toward it's destination. His hands tapping meticulously at the orange holograms all around him, never taking his eyes off of the holographic panels in front of him.

As he did so, one could examine him and see his features. He was an average military build with brown hair and green eyes. He wore white pants with black boots. He also wore a black and white military shirt with an armored carapace in the chest area. A military cap was also on top of his head, hiding most of his brown hair that was cut to a military standard.

With him so engrossed on his work of flying the ship, one would be forgiven for assuming that he couldn't focus on anything other than his work. But they would be wrong. As proven when he heard the footsteps of someone approaching the cockpit of his ship, their feet echoing in the dull metal floor that connected the cockpit with the rest of the ship.

Already knowing who it was, the human gave controls of the ship to it's resident artificial intelligence before spinning around in his seat to face the person that was approaching him.

The person was a human, just like him. But his one was more buff than him, not to the point of being one of those buffed up people on the extranet, mind you, but was still buff enough to make people reconsider fighting him in a one to one fight. He also had his black hair cut to the point that only a bit of fuzz remained on his head. He had a handsome face with blue eyes, within those eyes exhibited great authority and strong leadership. The kind that made people fight and die for the man as he lead from the front, willing to fight by their side, regardless of the danger he was putting himself in. He wore the same uniform that the pilot was wearing, indicating that they were serving in some military organization of some kind.

Stopping just two feet from the pilot, the man crossed his arms and looked at him.

"Joker." Said the man, looking at the pilot with a neutral expression on his face, but beneath that lay a friendly aura that calmed the pilot down. "How long until we get to Haestrom?" The pilot, now know as Joker, simply shrugged.

"We'll be there within the hour, Shepard." Said Joker, straight to the point, before making a snarky remark. "Eager to rescue Tali and be a knight in shinning armor again, commander?" The man just shook his head at that, too used to Joker's antics to let it be a bother to him.

"EDI, is there anything else that I need to know about Haestrom?" Asked Shepard, looking over to the left of Joker, looking right at a projector, which then activated before making a holographic image of a blue stage microphone. The sphere part then began emitting light blue squares that were on vertically on top of one another.

"There is a complication." Said EDI. "Haestrom's sun seems to be destabilizing. The radiation emitting from the star has overwhelmed the planet's magnetosphere. This result in radiation exposure that'll fry most unprotected equipment. It'll even overload the kinetic barriers of most infantry soldiers in a matter of seconds. Recommend avoiding direct contact with the sun's radiation." The human man pursed his lips at that. That would complicate things a bit, but he was still confident that they can achieve their goal and get Tali out of the planet. They have done harder missions before.

"Any recommendations on who to take then?" Asked the man, willing to listen to the AI's advice.

"Since Haestrom is a reported Geth stronghold, I recommend bringing in Grunt to deal with their heavier units as well as Mordin for tech support. I also recommend bringing in Biotic support as well." Said EDI. "Shepard, I also need to mention that, should you need it, the Normandy will be on standby to provide quick extraction and air support should you require it." The man known as Shepard nodded at that.

"Understood." Said Shepard before turning to Joker. "Joker, have Grunt, Garrus, Jack, and Mordin meet me in the shuttle bay. We got a Quarian to rescue." Joker nodded at that before doing as he was ordered to do. As Shepard made his way out of the cockpit, he wondered how Tali was doing and if she was alright.


Surface of Haestrom

"Commander Farsight, unidentified ship has entered the system." Said a voice, urgency in it's tone. Upon hearing it, a 2 meter tall, red, humanoid machine looked up at the sky of Haestrom, able to do so without suffering radiation because he was viewing it from the shade emitting from a stone pillar that was in front of it. Three red eyes, two small ones on the right of it's square, gray head with a big one right next to them, glowed brightly as it planned for this new development.

"Is it of Quarian design?" Asked the machine, plans already forming to deal with this.

"No, commander. The design matches that of the SR-1 Normandy of the human System's Alliance, but it's much larger." Said the voice. "It…it just launched a shuttle to the surface of the planet. Should we intercept and destroy? They haven't detected us, it seems." The machine known as Farsight pondered on this for a few moments. They had just taken care of the Quarian infiltration team that managed to bypass the Geth's defenses with ease. Any survivors are being held captive for future negotiations with the Quarians. Negotiations that have to be commenced now that the Quarians have sent a task force in Geth space. A task force with the daughter of one of their admirals. Even if she had a poor relationship with her father, such a disappearance would certainly cause the Quarians to send another team to investigate her disappearance. Whether or not they'll be able to reveal the truth about the Geth's hidden allies in time before their destruction was irrelevant. What was relevant was that the time of discretion was over. They had to reveal themselves or face more suspicion and distrust than they would already have by allying with the Geth.

This Normandy copy…if it was a System Alliance vessel, he didn't want to destroy it. Not when the humans in this dimension are more tolerant than those from his own. Thinking long and hard, Farsight came to a decision.

"Let the shuttle land." Ordered Farsight. "Have stealth teams stalk them. Let them venture into the Quarian's base camp. Once they're there, we'll spring a trap and force them to surrender. Hopefully, they'll listen to reason."

"And if they don't?" Asked the voice. Farsight then lifted up a gigantic blue, single-edged blade. A blade that had helped keep him alive far beyond what his kind can normally live for. A blade that…helped him survive a painful experience. One that changed his whole life.

"Then we'll kill them." Said Farsight before leaving to prepare the trap.

Few minutes later

Normandy shuttle landing zone

"So this is a Quarian colony?" Asked Jack, a bald human woman of average height, as she got off the Normandy shuttle and was on the stone surface of Haestrom. With her was Shepard, a giant reptilian alien that was both bigger and muscular than all of them combined, an avian-like alien with an armored exoskeleton with mandibles pressed to the sides of it's narrow mouth. The final member of her party was an amphibious alien with horns on top of it's head. They're names were Grunt, Garrus, and Mordin respectively. All them decked out in heavy armor and were heavily armed. Looking around, she saw old mining equipment and some heavy-duty doors. Nothing special or breathtaking. "Looks more bare bones than I thought. And I was expecting something techy. Were the Quarians always this boring?"

Upon hearing that, Garrus, glared at Jack, cheek mandibles flaring out in anger. Before it could say anything, Mordin spoke up

"Codex entry for Haestrom before Geth rebellion informs us that it was a mining colony, primarily Iridium. Overall importance of colony was likely low enough to prevent grander examples of Quarian architecture from appearing on the world." Said Mordin as the group arrived to the first heavy door, finding it locked. Seeing this, Shepard ordered one of them to find the security station for them to open it. Finding it right next to the gate, the team activated the ancient panel used to open it and began making their way forward.

"EDI, have you managed to make contact with the Quarians?" Asked Shepard as his team moved past more ancient mining equipment, still in working condition and, based on the sounds they were making, they were still in use. Likely the Geth, seeing no point in scrapping them when they could still do the job, appropriated them for their own use after the rebellion. After all, it was still perfectly good equipment.

"Negative Shepard." Said EDI. "Either they've been found by the Geth and were wiped out or they're doing radio silence to avoid Geth detection."

"It's possible." Said Garrus as he looked around their surroundings. "Geth haven't ambushed us yet. And we haven't seen any corpses yet. Still, got to keep under guard, the Geth are excellent ambushers."

"Bah." Said Grunt as he trudged forward, a massive shotgun in his hands. "The machines should just come out and face us like real warriors. They stain themselves with doing things like hiding."

"They're robots, Grunt." Said Jack, rolling her eyes. "They don't give a shit about honor or real warrior crap. They just care about killing their opposition."

"She's right." Said Shepard, looking around their surroundings, making sure to keep in the shade as much as possible. Unfortunately, he spotted a massive gap between them and the next shaded area. Cursing himself, he looked at his team and spoke. "I'll go first. It's better for all of us that one of us goes first." Nodding in agreement, the team stayed behind a stone pillar as Shepard sprinted towards the next shaded area. As soon as his armor came out of the shade, alarms began to blare out in Shepard's helmet, warning him of a radiation spike and it hampering his shields. Watching as his shields dropped rapidly, Shepard kept sprinting until he made it to the shaded area, which was a mined out tunnel made out of stone. Looking at his helmet's heads up display, he saw that he only had ten percent of his shields left. Sighing at how close he getting cook alive in his own suit of armor. After waiting for his shields to recharged, he yelled out for his teammates to follow him.

As they did so, Shepard looked around the Quarian architecture that surrounded all of them. All of it showed the ingenuity and utilitarian culture that was the Quarians. Instead of using the metal found in Haestrom or importing more building material from other worlds than was needed to do mining operations, they used the abundance of stone found on Haestrom to build their colony homes, saving the mined material found on Haestrom for other colonies in Quarian space. Looking at the perfectly geometric shape of a pillar that was created by a Quarian stone mason, he saw how to fitted perfectly with the rest of the décor. Such architecture. It was a shame that the Quarians lost everything to the Geth and were forced to live aboard starships, some of them hundreds of years old and have been with them since their exile from their home world.

Why they didn't live on another world, far from Geth space, was simple. The Citadel council, the intergalactic government for the Milky Way galaxy, have prohibited them from colonizing another world again. The reason they were able to do so was because the Quarians, at the time, was a member of the council, serving as one of their associates and they had broken one of their most sacred laws. Creation of artificial intelligences were forbidden. And though the Geth weren't, initially, created as AIs', more like Vis, the fact that the Geth were now AIs was all that mattered to the council. When the Quarians pleaded for aid with the Geth, the council denied them and, as punishment, they stripped them of council association ship and prevented them from colonizing a world on Citadel Space ever again. Well, the Quarians technically can colonize in systems that don't recognize Citadel rule, the only systems that are known to the galaxy are in constant danger of pirates attacks. At least, that was what Shepard assumed the reason was why the Quarians refused to colonize another world. He had to ask Tali, his old friend, the exact reasons why the Quarians don't colonize another world.

But that would have to wait. Right now, he had to rescue her from her task in Geth space. And once he did, he'll have all the time he needed to ask her those questions as, not only was he here for a friend, he needed her expertise to save the galaxy from a threat that threatens all life in the galaxy.

Once his entire team was with him, they moved on, constantly on the look out for Geth soldiers or Quarians. After a few minutes, they found a large mining camp. It was here that they found evidence of a firefight. Corpses of Quarians soldiers and Geth troopers were scattered around the camp. Most of the corpses were Quarians, unfortunately.

"God damnit." Said Garrus as he knelt before a Quarian corpse before them, face down on the ground, a hole at the back of his suit, indicating that he was taken from behind. "Geth ambush." He then examined the corpse more closely and saw that the wound was recent. "Firefight was recent. Any survivors would have fallen back to that bunker there." The alien then pointed to a bunker complex that was embedded in a wall of stone. The corpses of Quarian soldiers indicated that they fought hard to keep the Geth at bay.

"Agreed." Said Shepard before checking his assault rifle. An M-96, a semi-automatic rifle. "Keep it tight. The Geth may be still in there." With that, the group went towards the bunker, running to avoid staying in the sunlight for too long. As they opened the door to the complex, however, shimmers of light begin to appear from several pillars and catwalks that were completely shaded from the sun.

"Commander Farsight. We are pleased to report that the new arrivals are walking into our trap. We'll continue to guard the entrance with a Fireteam of breachers and Pathfinders." Said a voice coming from one of the shimmers before the shimmers disappeared.



In the vacuum of space, the Normandy was silently waiting for their commander to complete his mission and for the word to send a shuttle to pick him and his team up. It was currently floating out in space, it's stealth systems on to prevent the Geth fleet, which was stationed somewhere around the planet from detecting them. It was a tried and proven system and the Geth still haven't figured out a way to detect a ship with the system. Despite not being necessary, the crew was still on standby in case a Geth ship detected them and they had to make a quick retreat.

Joker, in particular, was at the cockpit, ready to act on a moment's notice. Looking at the ship's sensors and scanners, Joker wondered what Shepard was doing. He knew that Tali was somewhere on the planet, needing his commander to save her. Chuckling at the two, Joker wondered when those two would get together when EDI suddenly contacted him.

"Mr. Moreau, I have something to report." Said EDI, her hologram appearing right next to his seat. Sighing at the annoying AI, Joker spoke up.

"What? Is Gardner making his legendary death stew again?" Asked Joker, joking around a bit. The response from EDI left him a bit stunned.

"A large amount of unidentified energy is emerging twenty thousand kilometers from our current position." Said EDI. The response caused Joker to look at EDI's hologram with a surprised look on his face.

"What you mean unidentified energy?" Asked Joker, getting ready to act should it be needed.

"The energy signature does not match any known signatures in my data base. Nor does it match any known theoretical energy signatures." Said EDI. "The fact that it is emitting so close to our position is alarming. Recommend that we…" Before she could finish, a massive rift of purple and pink energy ripped the fabric of reality in two, allowing a massive ship to come out of it. As soon as it came up on sensors, EDI was alarmed. "Alert! Unidentified ship has come up on sensors. It's making its way towards us." Sure enough, the ship began turning it's prow towards the Normandy. As it did so, EDI brought up a 3D holographic image of the ship for Joker to see.

It was a massive ship, easily eight kilometers in length. It bore a red color scheme. It was half as wide as it was long with massive wingtips that curved at the back edge of the wings. It had two pronged like extensions that made the ship even longer. It also had a big circle around those prongs that had glowing blue dots all over it. To top it all off, the ship was bristling with guns that could outgun the most powerful dreadnought in Citadel space. Seeing that it was making its way towards them, caused Joker to pilot the ship out of here. Though he wasn't sure if they even detected them, he wasn't taking any chances.

"EDI! Contact Shepard, tell him that some giant ass ship came out of nowhere and is in pursuit of us!" Yelled Joker as he tried to maneuver the Normandy away from the giant ship, who simply continued to pursue the frigate, despite it being much faster than it.

"I'm trying, Mr. Moreau." Said EDI as she attempted to contact Shepard. "But we are being jammed. I'm trying to break through." Upon hearing that, Joker gritted his teeth. This whole thing was a setup! Before he could think of a way to get out of this. More purple and pink rifts ripped open the fabric of space and time and out came more ships, this time crescent-shaped. They weren't as big as the first one, but they were still massive at over three kilometers in length. Once they arrived, they began to corner the Normandy like an animal. As they did so, multiple Geth ships appeared out of FTL speeds and also helped with cornering the Normandy. As they did so, EDI detected multiple attacks to the Normandy's systems by Geth programs. She tried to fight them all off as best she could, but there were simply too many to fight off at the same time.

Though she was designed to be the best defense against any VI and other AI attacks against the Normandy's systems, even she couldn't fight all of the Geth programs that were flooding the Normandy's systems. Not at the same time.

"Mr. Moreau! The Geth are…" Too late, the Geth broke through EDI's defenses and to fight her for control of the Normandy. As literally thousands, maybe ten of thousands of Geth fought her to a standstill, other Geth began to infect the ship and turn off it's propulsion systems. EDI, detecting this, tried to stop it, but couldn't. She could only watch as the Geth turned off the Normandy's propulsion systems, leaving the Normandy dead in the water.

"No! No! NO!" Yelled Joker as he watched this all happen. Slamming his hands in his screens in dismay and anger, he couldn't do nothing but watch as the Geth and the massive ships surrounded them. Once they did, EDI detected multiple gun batteries locking onto the Normandy and several dropships were being launched from the Geth and the unidentified ships. As this all happened, Joker looked at the image of the first massive ship and saw an insignia on it's wings.

The insignia was a white round insignia with what resembles a tower with a red sun at the top.



Opening the 2nd door that led to the bunker complex, Shepard's team swept for any Geth or Quarians, only to find dead Quarians and some Geth corpses around. After looking around for any hidden Geth troops or if any of the Geth were playing dead, the team stood down.

"This is bad." Said Garrus as he knelt before the corpse of a Quarian, a male one, full of bullet holes. He then looked around the bunker complex to see the rest of the carnage.

With the portable cots and communication equipment around, he guessed this was the main base camp for the Quarians. And it had been overrun by the Geth. Corpses of Quarian soldiers were all over the place, at least half a dozen in all, with only three Geth units as repayment. With one Quarian down, he begun to check the other corpses, praying that none of them were Talis'.

"Hate me for this, but I don't think Tali survived." Said Garrus as he began looking at all the corpses. Though Shepard wanted to hate his compatriot for saying that, he had to admit, the possibility that Tali was dead was getting more and more probable with how many dead Quarians they were finding. Still, Shepard wasn't going to give up hope that his friend was fine. Tali was one of the most resourceful people he had ever meant. Give her a day and she'll be able to make a rusty engine into a high-quality engine reserved for the elite. And her knowledge on tech was unparalleled. Both of which would give her an edge against the Geth.

Still, a part of him was beginning to suspect that the Geth got to her. Sighing, Shepard wondered if he should try to contact Tali with the communication equipment in this Quarian camp.

After a minute of looking at the base, the team concluded that Tali was not among the dead and that she must have escaped with any other survivors. Because of this, Shepard hoped he can use the communication around here to contact her. There's probably an emergency transmission code around here somewhere that they can use. Before Shepard could ask anyone to help him find it, the reptilian alien began to sniff around, smelling something strange in the air.

"What is it Grunt?" Asked Shepard once he saw this, watching as the named Grunt looked around the base. "Something wrong?"

"Something is wrong, Shepard." Said Grunt before sniffing again. "I smell something strange. Something that the tank didn't give me knowledge on." He then sniffed again and growled. "It's…something alien." Before anyone could comprehend what he just said, the doors that led to the camp, four in total, opened up and multiple grenades went inside the camp, exploding the moment they entered the room.

The grenades let loose massive flashes of bright light, blinding the entire team. As they were blinded they heard the thunder footsteps of Geth soldiers marching in. Once they recovered, they saw that they were surrounded by Geth and something else.

At first, they thought they were a new type of Geth model, but closer inspection saw that they were humanoid aliens with hooves for feet.

The unknown race wore red armor that covered all vital sections of their body, but wasn't insulated, like most armor in the galaxy, much to everyone's surprise. They wore strange helmets that had a dome like top that went over the back of their heads slightly. For eyes, they had two red optics that stacked on top of one another in a vertical slit in the middle of the helmet section where the face would be. There was also an antenna on the right side of their helmet, likely for enhanced communications with other of their kind. To top it all off they had an enlarged shoulder plate for their left shoulder, in contrast to the one on the right, which was much smaller. Why this was here was unknown to them. On that shoulder plate was a symbol, likely their nation's flag.

In their hands were either long, rectangular-shaped, double-barreled rifles that looked ill-suited for close quarters combat or more compact version of the first weapons, but still looked deadly enough.

Combined with the Geth troopers, there were forty soldiers all around, all of them pointing at a different member of Shepard's team.

With guns pointed at them, the team got out their own weapons and aimed them at a different soldier. Even if they go down, they'll go down fighting.

But that was something that Shepard didn't want. Not when their mission was still incomplete. Not when the fate of the galaxy was in their hands. But how would they get out of this? As Shepard thought of what to do. A voice began to speak up, heavily synthesized.

"I advise standing down." Said the metallic voice as a massive, nearly three-meter tall, machine came out of the biggest door that lead to the Quarian base camp. With him was two more of the new aliens and two Geth troopers.

The machine, besides the massive height, was a work of technological genius. It had a box like head that held three red optics, one bigger than the other two. It had two legs that had three metal toes that crunched up the ground, creating cracks over the floor. It was so heavily armored that Shepard had a flint of doubt course through him that none of their weapons could harm it. Not even Jack's biotic potential. On it's left hand was a massive, circular, shield that hid a gun barrel attached to it. On it's right hand was a massive, single-edged blade of fine craftsmanship. Despite technology advancing so much that close combat weapons were obsolete, especially metallic blades, Shepard had the feeling this blade would slice any of his team in half with just one swing.

The massive machine, dwarfing even a Geth prime in height, marched up to Shepard and looked down upon him.

"Commander Shepard." Said the machine with a hint of surprise in it's voice. "It seems the reports of your demise were false, after all. And that the rumors surrounding you still being active were true as well." Before Shepard could response to that, the machine spoke again. "I had preferred that we meet as allies, but circumstances demand that I ask you to surrender." Upon hearing that, Shepard looked up at the machine, confused at what it just said. As soon as he recovered, Shepard spoke.

"Usually people who fight me want me dead." Said Shepard. "Why are you asking me to surrender?"

"Because if I kill you here and now, it'll create complications for my people's future along with the Geths'." Said the machine. "Please consider my offer of surrender. I will treat you and your followers with the respect that should be given to those that surrender peacefully. And before you think your ship can save you, know that we have captured your ship." That caused Shepard to widen his eyes in shock. They've captured the Normandy. He then tried to contact the Normandy, only to receive static. "Your allies aboard your ship are fine as well. As I said, I don't wish to kill you. Though I will do so if you force me to." The red optics of the machine glowed bright red. "Choose now."

Shepard, pursing his lips, looked at his teammates, who looked back. Though Grunt and Jack didn't like the idea of surrendering and possibly being subjected to the torture of enemy combatants, they were still willing to do what he says as he did many great things for them. The other two aliens, just nodded at Shepard, telling him to take it. That throwing their lives away would be pointless. Looking at them and the machine that gave him the offer, Shepard sighed. Hoping that he wasn't making a mistake.

"I surrender." Said Shepard as he offered his rifle to the alien as a sign of surrender. Allowing of his soldiers to take it, the machine ordered everyone to take them all and to treat them as humanely as possible. With those orders, the Geth and aliens began to direct Shepard's team away, careful to not antagonize the more…volatile members of his team. Once this was done, the machine that has asked Shepard to surrender spoke.

"Arra'kon." Said the machine. "Gather the eight and the commanders stationed on Haestrom. We need to discuss this in detail."