Chapter 8

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"And you are certain that these soldiers and warriors are adequate in listening to the commands of someone that isn't affiliated with the enclaves?" Asked Farsight as he looked at Arra'kon, who was out of his battlesuit, revealing him to be a buff, for his species, Tau male. Arra'kon just nodded at Farsight, who was also out of his battlesuit, before bringing forth the datapad in his hands and giving it to Arra'kon.

"Yes, sir." Said Arra'kon. "They've proven themselves to be loyal to the Enclave and are skilled warriors that know how to adapt to a changing battlefield. They will serve us well as our representatives for commander Shepard." Farsight nodded at that, trusting Arra'kon and his judgment. If he believed these warriors were good, then he had no reason to not believe his friend and comrade.

"Very well." Said Farsight. "I approve of their transfer. Have we already finished constructed convincing backstories for them?" Arra'kon once again nodded.

"Yes sir." Said Arra'kon. "The Geth have forwarded backstories we believe are authentic enough for the commander and his men to be fooled. At least for a sufficient amount of time until they've proven to be trusted with the truth." Farsight pursed his lips at that. That will have to do. If Commander Shepard is as trustworthy as he thought he was, then this will not be a problem. And if he's as understanding as the Tau commander thought he was as well, then he'll understand why the truth was kept from him and why the secrecy was done.

Closing his eyes, Farsight remembered the amount of death and destruction that inhabited his people's old home. The hopelessness and constant warfare that would have made any strong man break from the sheer hopelessness of their situation. It was the kind of situation that can break even the most stoic of Tau warriors easily if they allow it. So, he was grateful indeed for the events that caused his people to settle in this more peaceful galaxy, even if they were strange indeed.

Thinking back to those events, Farsight recalled exactly how they came to be in this galaxy and become allies with the Geth.

One and a half years ago


O'Shovah was staring at the massive warpstorm that had engulfed the entire Farsight Enclaves and a few neighboring systems within its ravenous maws from his command center at Vior'los, the capital world for the Enclaves, as various other commanders coordinated their cadres in preparation for what was to come. Through information retrieved from Imperial prisoners his forces captured during their assistance of Tau Empire forces at Mu'Gulath bay as well as the Gue'vesa that lived under the banner of the Farsight Enclaves, he discovered the dangers of a Warp storm. The humans told him of how they can render communications all but impossible. How they can affect the passage of time on those that are engulfed in them as well as how they can destroy an entire civilization without any effort. Perhaps even worse, however, was that some of the stories, either acquired from Imperial logs from high-ranking Imperial forces or from stories passed down from a Gue'vesa's ancestors, the Gue'vesa told him there were those that call the warp their home. And how they are the pinnacle of evil and the very anthesis of the Greater Good. Some of his commanders and officers disregarded those stories as the warp, as the Gue'vesa called it, was inhospitable and that there was no such thing as daemons as the Gue'vesa called those that inhabit the warp.

But Farsight was not so easily dissuaded. He had learned long ago that there was no such thing as impossible. He had once thought the Tau were the destined rulers of the galaxy and that all would swear fealty to them. He had once thought the Ethereals were benevolent in their teachings and workings of the empire. He had even once thought he could live in peace after he founded the Farsight Enclaves, relegating himself to just a footnote in history as a traitor to the Tau empire that he once loved so deeply, and that he would never again fight for the Tau Empire ever since he learned the truth. Each and every time, the galaxy proved him wrong and wrong again, eventually teaching him a valuable lesson. Nothing is impossible. And that it was better for one to accept that lesson or die as a result.

It also helped that some of the descriptions the Gue'vesa gave him regarding these daemons matched those that he encountered on Arthas Moloch, the accursed planet that caused him to abandon his former empire in disgust. Remembering the slaughter of his men at the hands of those monsters and refusing to have another thing occur again, Farsight was willing to hear everything the Gue'vesa had to say about these daemons so he can better prepare his men for what was likely to come.

Not like it was to going to help much in the battles to come. If these daemons were as powerful as the ones, he faced at Arthas Moloch, then, no matter what preparations they could make, no matter how many weapons they had to face them, the casualties will be high because it seemed these daemons were resistant to whatever weapons the Tau had at their disposal, baring Farsight's own Dawn blade. But regardless of that fact, Farsight was going to fight them with everything he had. For to give anything less was a disservice to his people.

A few moments later, Arra'kon arrived with Aun'shi, both with grim looks on their face.

"O'Shovah, the civilian populace is safe within the shelters." Said Arra'kon. "Our armed forces are ready to face the enemy when they appear." Farsight nodded at that before asking how moral was.

"They know what is at stake, O'Shovah." Said Aun'shi, his face full of determination and fearlessness. "They also know that it's likely that many of them will die in the battles to come, but that hasn't stopped any of them from going to their assigned cadres and positions." O'Shovah nodded at that, proud of his fellow fire warriors and their determination to fight these daemons, despite the threat of their deaths looming over them. Now, all that was left was for him to join them and lead them to battle.

He then got up from his chair and prepared to leave the command center when suddenly a miracle happened. All the security monitors that showed the Warp storm suddenly showed clear skies and streets, as if the Warp storm never existed at all.

As Tau, both commanders and analysts, blinked in shock at this turn of events, Farsight was processing all this, wondering what this meant. Eventually, Farsight ordered a meeting between all available military officers at once in order to assess what had just happened.


To this day, Farsight and his people couldn't decipher the puzzle that had caused the Warp storm to just disappear and left them in a galaxy that was more benevolent than the one they were born in.

Some had suggested that the Warp storm had been the cause of their transportation based on the events after the Warp storm. Though a few disagreed with that notion, citing that Warp storms had never done something so benevolent ever and they always end in disaster. Then again, the information regarding Warp storms from the Gue'vesa population was minimal at best.

Regardless of whenever or not the Warp storm was the cause of the Farsight Enclave's arrival to this galaxy, it ultimately didn't matter. They were here now and they had no idea how to return to their original home galaxy. Nor did they have any intentions to.

In their original galaxy, they had to constantly fight other races just to live through another day, the most prominent being the humans in their galaxy and a green-skinned menace called the Orks. Countless of their people died in order to preserve their way of life against those that either wished for their annihilation or just wished to fight them for the sake of fighting.

Here, though, they had no need to do such things. Instead of fighting other races, they had the ability to negotiate them without the threat of the negotiations failing because of a simple lack of reasonability, which was always a frustration to the Water Caste as it was the primary reason for the failure of negotiations with the humans of their old galaxy along with simple prejudice and a bit of bloodthirst for killing. They could even make lasting defense alliances with other races in addition to trade. Case in point, the Geth, who became their first true ally in this galaxy.

Some had suggested making the Geth a part of the Farsight Enclave, but Farsight disallowed any such offers after the initial offer four months ago. The Geth politely, if such a term can be used for the AI race, declined the offer.

The main faction of Geth wished to forge their own destiny with as minimal assistance from other races as possible, believing that the journey was far more important than the end result. They, as much as they see the Farsight Enclaves as useful allies, wanted to stand on their own two feet. They believed it would strengthen their race far more than simply allowing themselves to come under the wing of a stronger entity.

Farsight, seeing the similarities of the Geth's wishes to those of the Farsight enclave's own doctrine and beliefs, allowed it, respecting the Geth's wishes. He even admired their dedication to doing things the hard way. He also believed it served as a valuable lesson to his people. That not all races, regardless of their makeup, needed to fall into one doctrine or governing system as long as they remain respectful and cooperative with each other as well as aiding each other's needs when the time comes.

And so, with the Geth as an ally, and a strong one at that, the Farsight Enclaves quickly adjusted to their new place in the galaxy and began colonizing other worlds, something they rarely had the option to do so because of the constant threats to their people from varying sources. They, of course, avoided worlds that were former Quarian worlds, seeing it as disrespectful to inhabit a world of a race that they had a good chance of becoming allies with. Something the Geth found pleasing.

Within the second year of being in this galaxy, the Farsight Enclaves thrived and had colonized a dozen new worlds with the first ones becoming full septs, a grand achievement for their people.

Their military was also in the process of becoming more up to date with some of the technologies that developed since their exodus of the Tau Empire being added to the standard loadouts of their cadres in addition to some of the technology that was developed in this galaxy.

Much as Tau technology was superior to that found in Council space as well as that found in the Terminus systems, especially when it comes to weapons technology, there were still things that were worth the effort in integrating into their tactics and weaponry, such as mass effect and kinetic barrier technology, both of which can supplement their weapons and armor very nicely.

With the Geth's help, they achieved in creating a new type of body armor that had kinetic barrier emitters installed for their fire warriors, increasing their survivability drastically, as well as utilizing element zero for their battle suits, making them more maneuverable and thus more dangerous on the battlefield. They also just finished the process of using element zero for their warships' railguns. If all goes well, then element zero will eliminate the drawbacks of their larger railguns, which were high energy consumption due to the power needed for the slugs to be launched with any significant velocity to damage opponents, allowing them to fire much quicker than ever before. All in all, whatever caused them to be teleported here was the best thing that had ever happened to the Farsight enclaves.

That being said, Farsight wondered what had caused to be transported there in the first place. Was it the Warp storm that had caused it? Or had something else caused it? If it was the latter, then what was it, and what was the reason for it? This question dwelled in Farsight's mind as he wondered if there was a piece of the puzzle that they were missing and if they needed to prepare for something that will come for them in due time. Regardless of those questions, Farsight had other matters to attend to. And that was the Collectors and the Reapers.

Taking out the Collectors will be a significant blow to the Reapers, or Old machines as the Geth call them, and taking whatever technology and intel the Collectors have will help them in the fight against the Reapers when they eventually come to conduct their galactic genocide. And the best part of their operation against the Collectors, they won't be wasting much in terms of resources. Everything will be paid for by Cerberus, meaning more resources can be allocated to other projects that were just as important.

But first things first, giving Shepard the assistance he needs to both complete his mission and to uphold his promise for assistance.

Taking a deep breath, O'Shovah then ordered Arra'kon to contact those he selected so they can arrange a meeting between Shepard and his new crewmates.

One hour later



Shepard was patiently waiting along with Miranda and Garrus, his two trusted subordinates, in the hanger bay of the Normandy. They were currently waiting for the Tau dropship to arrive, which will drop off the soldiers they were promised by Farsight that will assist them in their fight against the Collectors and their masters. Dressed in his best attire, which was just the standard Cerberus uniform, Shepard did his best to look as presentable as he possibly can. Even though he somewhat detested stuff like this, he knew how beneficial it was to look as good as you possibly can to your allies. Besides, if his allies weren't going to look like a soldier, then he had to. Looking at his side, he saw Miranda in her usual catsuit and Garrus in the suit of armor that got damaged during the time Shepard tried to recruit him for his mission.

With that quick glance done, Shepard wondered who the Tau had selected and what were their specialties in combat. His team was already filled out in all areas that were relevant to their mission, but more men were always welcome, especially if they come from a race that, dare he say it, surpass the Reapers in technological advances. Plus, this was an excellent way to become closer to the Tau, thus making it easier for them all to cooperate with one another when the Reapers arrive. So, he was all for them helping them in this mission. Even the Illusive Man approved of this, though Shepard knew it was for different reasons.

The man was utterly concerned with humanity's survival and future. He had no doubt that he was concocting several schemes and plans to sabotage the Farsight Enclaves when the Reapers are destroyed and to acquire their technology to humanity alone, so they can be at the same level. That was something that Shepard knew that he had to deal with as soon as possible. The Illusive Man and Cerberus may be willing to do things that neither the Alliance nor Council were willing to do, such as providing funding and resources to his cause, but their humanity first policy at any cost was something that Shepard knew would eventually cause a war between them and the other races. It was just a matter of time. And Shepard wasn't an idiot, he knew that the Illusive Man was benefitting from this mission more than he let on. And in ways that the average soldier wouldn't have thought would make a huge difference but can if used correctly.

One of those things was popularity. Shepard knew that the Illusive Man would no doubt use this mission as a way to boost Cerberus's popularity to the rest of the galaxy, which would be a huge boon to them as they're seen as terrorists that are a danger to galactic peace. If they can make the general populace of the galaxy, especially the human portion of it, believe that they aren't what the Alliance makes them out to be and that they're a force of good, then Shepard can imagine they'll capitalize on it.

They'll use it in a myriad of ways, ranging from getting people to join the ranks of Cerberus to getting more people to invest in their cause. The Illusive Man was good, he'll give him that.

Hopefully, the same could be same with the Tau. There was no doubt in Shepard's mind that the Tau would also do this in order to make people realize that they are a force of good and that they'll do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of their people and the rest of the galaxy from the Reaper Threat. Plus, he had a good feeling that the Tau weren't going to do anything against the people of the Alliance of the Citadel Council, unlike the Illusive Man or Cerberus.

He didn't know why, but he had a good, strong feeling that the Tau just want to live their lives in peace and advance their society without the notion of war is a very real thing coming to them during their lives. Also, through the few interactions he had with them, he had a strong suspicion that they were sick of the notion of fighting needlessly and that they rather have peace instead of war. Something that made him quite curious about their history and what they weren't sharing with others that weren't in their own society. Shepard wouldn't have gotten far in life if he thought everything from the galactic codex was one hundred percent authentic and that it contained the entirety of a race's history in it. Every race has its secrets that, if revealed to the public, will be disastrous for them in terms of public relations and trust. He knew that well. After all, he had to save the Alliance several times from several incidents that would have caused a PR disaster for them. The Tau were not an exception to this rule.

Before he could even implore on his thoughts more, a Tau dropship arrived in the Normandy's hangar. This one is a more compact, but still quite large, rectangular-shaped dropship that took up a bit less space in the hanger than the last one that tried it. Shepard wondered why the Tau utilized such large dropships in their military instead of smaller ones. Smaller ones meant that one could get their troops to their destination faster and had a better chance of not getting hit by enemy fire due to their smaller profile. And if the dropship does get shot down or destroyed, then fewer soldiers will die as a result. Reminding himself to ask why they utilized such an impractical dropship for their military, Shepard watched as the dropship landed and opened up its bay doors to allow one to see its contents. What was inside surprised the Normandy crew.

Coming out of the dropship was a dark-skinned human, wearing a Tau combat armor that was made for human use. His reddish-brown hair and brown eyes go well with his suit of red combat armor surprisingly. Besides him was an insectoid-like alien with three pairs of eyes. Clad in a dark blue exoskeleton covered in sharp barbs, the alien's wings fluttered as its antennae twitched erratically as the alien looked around its new surroundings, its sharp claws flexing in anxiety. Or rather suspicious.

A second new alien, this one being avian-like, was lithe and fragile looking that Shepard was confident that it told of its agility and speed. Wearing, shockingly, leather armor, but even more shocking were the two hooked blades on its back. Looking at Shepard, the alien's beak opened and closed as it tilted its head at him. Before it could speak, two more came out of the hangar bay. These ones being a Tau in a slimmer and thinner version of the combat armor that Shepard was used to seeing Tau in and a Geth that was painted jet black with a longer antenna than the standard Geth trooper. Seeing just five make it out of the dropship, Shepard concluded that was all the Tau were giving him in terms of personal, which was fine with him. He didn't need a full platoon of soldiers. He just needed a handful of really talented people on his side and he had a feeling that the Tau provided those people.

The only Tau in the new group of people, when the Farsight Enclave personal made it out of the dropship entirely, walked up to them and introduced himself.

"Greeting, commander Shepard. I am Shas'vre Vior'los Monun." Said the Tau warrior as he slammed his fist into his chest. "Myself and these warriors have been assigned by the mighty Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr, leader of the Farsight Enclaves to assist you in your endeavors to defeat the Collectors." Reminded of just how long Tau names were according to their codex entries they've provided to the rest of the galaxy, Shepard just nodded at that before speaking.

"And it's a pleasure to see you." Said Shepard, keeping a professional tone, something that pleased the Tau greatly. "I hope that this first partnership will lead to a long and fruitful friendship between humanity and the Tau. Though it seems that you already have done that if your ally there is any indication." Shepard was clearly referring to the human with the Tau envoy, which caused the Tau to nod in agreement.

"Yes, but we wish to do so with the main human governments." Explained Monun. "Not a handful of humans that we liberated from Batarian slavers or others from the Terminus systems." Shepard pursed his lips at that before nodding.

"Understandable." Said Shepard before looking at the rest of the Farsight Enclave personal. "May you introduce us to your team?" Upon hearing that, the Tau officer nodded before introducing his men to Shepard and his officers.

"Since you have an interest in my human, let me introduce him first." Said Monun before doing so. "This is Shas'ui Leonov Yurievich. He is a proud soldier and warrior that I come to respect and trust. Hopefully, you'll do the same as well." Shepard hoped so as well before addressing the human soldier.

"As do I, Shas'vre." Said Shepard before directly addressing Leonov Yurievich. "Are you ready to save our people from the Collectors as well as put harm into the Reaper's grand plan?" Yurievich, upon hearing that question, saluted Shepard with a stoic gesture on his face.

"Yes sir." Said Yurievich. "I'm ready to face down the Collectors and the Reapers if need be. Anything you need, I'll do it so long as it doesn't affect the Farsight Enclaves in any negative way, commander." Loyal to his governmental system, that was good in Shepard's eye. A loyal soldier was something that Shepard as it allowed him the chance to show the Enclaves that he was someone that they can trust in future endeavors, thus making it easier for him to form an alliance between them and the Citadel Council. With that done, Shepard was then introduced to the other races of the Enclave party.

"This Geth unit is one of the new models created for the purpose of interactions between the Geth and synthetics without resorting to the larger Geth platforms." Explained Monun. "This platform goes under the destination Legion and has been assigned by the Geth to help you and the Enclave in future battles against the Collectors and the Reapers." Upon hearing all that, Shepard nodded at that before speaking to the Geth unit.

"You do realize that there is a Quarian on this ship, Legion?" Asked Shepard, wanting to be sure that the Geth knew what they were getting themselves into by having one of their one onboard the Normandy with Tali on board. With how strained relations were between the Quarians and the Tau, having the Geth onboard might tip things over a bit too much for their resident Quarian, something that may cause Shepard to go talk to her about all this. Panels flapping, the Geth unit then spoke.

"Creator presence in the SR2 Normandy has already been notified to Geth consensus. Projections show that, despite possible creator attack from creator Zorah, general consensus believes that it is far more beneficial to the Geth if we assist commander Shepard in their mission to defeat the Collectors. Collectors are allies with the Old Machines. Old Machines are a threat to the future of the Geth and the Farsight Enclaves. More cooperation will ensure better relations for all when the Old Machines arrive." Said the Geth in a heavily synthesized voice. Hearing the reasoning of the Geth unit caused Shepard to nod his head in understanding.

So, it seemed the Geth were more diplomatic than he once thought. If they were willing to cooperate with the Quarians, then that was a boon for them all because they needed both species. One for their expertise in technology and ships and the other for their advanced technology and numbers.

He then looked at the other two aliens, having never seen such aliens before, and was extremely curious to learn about them. Fortunately, with the information given to him by the codex entries that the Tau gave to the rest of the galaxy, he had a basic knowledge of what they were.

The avian alien was part of the race called the Kroot and the insectoid one was a Vespid. Both of which were mentioned in some of the codex entries that the Tau had given to the rest of the galaxy so they can better understand their culture and history. To everyone's astonishment, there were two other alien species that made up the Farsight Enclave called the Kroot and Vespid. These aliens and what has been said about them in their codex entries had many Salarians and xeno-biologists utterly baffled and stunned at their physiology and abilities. The Kroot for their ability to alter their own biology by eating the flesh of other beings. And the Vespid for their ability to fly without any sort of technological assistance and their three pairs of eyes that allow them to see in three different spectrums. To current medical and biological understanding, both species should not exist and yet they do according to the codex entries for them.

As a result, to either prove the codex entries wrong or to see if they're true, many wishes to have a specimen of both species as a test subject to verify this, but precisely because of that did neither species, according to the Tau ambassadors, wish to venture beyond the Perseus Veil. None of either species wished to be used as a test subject for any kind of test, something that Shepard could understand. He wouldn't want any human to be a test subject of an experiment that they didn't give their consent to, even if it's for the purpose of understanding one's physiology.

With the attention now directed to the Kroot and the Vespid, Monun started to introduce them.

"This is Shaper Garuk and Strain leader Xavur." Said Monun. "Both have volunteered to help you in your mission. I hope that they'll be quite sufficient for your mission, Shepard."

"They will be." Said Shepard before looking at the two aliens. "I look forward to working with you both." Xavur let loose a buzzing sound that tried to sound friendly but failed miserably while Garuk bowed his head in respect to Shepard. With all the introductions out of the way, Miranda then took over in order to figure out what quarters are appropriate for all the new aliens and human that are now crewmen of the Normandy.

As all this was happening, Shepard had a good feeling that things are looking up. Looking really good for all of them. He felt like nothing was going to stop them. Not the Collectors. Not even the Reapers. Yes sir. Things were feeling good.


Bahak system

Batarian Space

"This is doctor Amanda Kenson. Log entry twelve." Said a human woman with gray hair and brown eyes. "The Project is nearing its final stages. Within three weeks, we'll be able to launch the asteroid to the Alpha Relay, thus delaying the Reaper invasion by months, even years. When it's ready, I'll send a message to Alliance command of why this must be done and why I did this without their explicit authorization. I have no illusions that I'll be able to return back to human society with my reputation intact. Nor do my colleagues in this project. Destroying an entire inhabited system, even one occupied by our rivals, the Batarians, will be seen as genocidal and we'll be labeled as monsters as a result. Despite this, I know this must be done. The Reapers must be delayed so that we stand a much better chance at preparing for their arrival. After all, this is over, I'm prepared for my future life as a pariah, knowing I did my duty for the survival of humanity. And yet," The human woman then sighed before speaking again. "The longer I stay here, the more I'm convinced that the project has to be stopped. That what we're doing is wrong. That the Reapers aren't the monsters that we were led to believe. I feel like this is the earlier stages of indoctrination, but that can't be. We've taken every precaution that we can think of in order to prevent Object Rho from indoctrinating us. Laser fields that prevent any sort of electrical signals be sent to our brains. Short shifts between Project members to avoid long exposure to Rho. Even constant medical scans to detect the signs of indoctrination. So how can we be indoctrinated? *Sighs* Regardless, I feel we need to accelerate the project lest we do become indoctrinated, thus allowing the Reapers to use the Alpha Relay to conduct their invasion ahead of schedule. Kenson signing off." With that, the woman sighed as she ended her recording. Once she did, she looked through a glass window in the room she was in to see the mentioned Alpha Relay active as usual, sending ships in and out of the Bahak system, a Batarian owned system.

Why a human was here and not a slave was complicated. She heard rumors of Reaper technology and artifacts in this system. Thus, with permission from Alliance High Command, she embarked there with a team of professionals to the Bahak system, covertly entering the system through an old merchant ship. From there, they covertly searched for Reaper artifacts and technology that may either help humanity in stopping the Reapers or figure out a way to beat them. Eventually, they found a Reaper artifact that they called Object Rho. It was that thing that made her conduct the Project in the first place.

It had given her a vision that showed the Reapers using the Relay to both launch and spearhead their invasion in the galaxy. They'll then use it to invade every major system in Citadel Space, catching everyone off guard, thus giving them a decisive advantage right at the start. With that information, she and her team decided to destroy the Mass Relay to prevent that and delay the Reaper invasion.

Using aftermarket parts and engines, they plan to use the asteroid that Object Rho was on and ram it straight into the Alpha Relay, this depriving the Reapers of their crutch in arriving to the galaxy. However, this would come at a great cost to the galaxy. The resulting energy released from a Relay being destroyed would undoubtedly result in the entire Bahak system being destroyed, killing over three hundred thousand Batarians and whatever slaves were there as well. Though it pained Kenson to do it, more so for the slaves in the Batarian colony than the actual Batarians, it was a necessary sacrifice. At least that was what she was telling herself. And so, she and her team worked hard to stop the Reapers. But as time went on, more and more of her people, including herself were experiencing dreams. Hallucinations telling them that what they were doing was wrong. That the Reapers weren't the evil that they were led to believe. As time went on, these things were becoming more and more frequent that Amanda worried that they were starting to become indoctrinated and if they become indoctrinated then nothing will stop the Reapers from using the Alpha Relay to jumpstart their invasion.

As a result, Amanda was considering sending a message to Alliance command about all this on the off-chance they were becoming indoctrinated but something stayed her hand. Something that terrified her. Something that was telling her to not do so and to rely only on those around her. Telling her that, if she did so, the Alliance will stop her little project before she could innate because they didn't want so much blood on their hands that can be used against them by either the Batarians or their detractors in Citadel Space. Was it Object Rho that was causing it? Or was it her own intuition?

Sighing again, Amanda got up from the chair she was in so she can get a cup of coffee to relieve the stress that she was having regarding the entire project as well as the question of sending that message. As she walked, she felt that she was being watched and that she could swear that she was hearing faint whispering from the very fridges of her mind. All of them quite pleasant to hear.

As all of this was happening, some distance from the Project's base camp, a faint glimmer was made that would have been near impossible to see unless one looked directly at it. As soon as this occurred a few more occurred in sync and no more. Once that was done, red lights observed the Project base from where the glimmers used to be before they shimmered away to god knows where.

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