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Chapter Two: The Last Knight

In Dubai.

Near the Kurf Khalifa High building.

[To all units. The Squad Deltas is already near the restaurant!] It was the radio but with weak connections.

"Don't let those two get to the tower!" Shouts a man with black hair and a black beard with toasted armor. "I want all the soldiers to be on the last line!"

His alias is Steel-Man. Lieutenant of the Damned of the 33rd who is the: Konrad's last command. "Shit!"

"Lieutenant what do we do!" The last 30 soldiers of the 33rd yell.

"Listen!" Steel-Man yells. "It doesn't matter what we spend. But all the deaths caused by these three assassins who killed our comrades, the refugees. They took everything from us. The waters. The radio connections. The only thing we have is us. We cannot let Martin Walker get to that tower. We will die trying! "he yells before grabbing the AA-12. "Who's with me!"

"We!" Shouts the 33rd soldiers.

"Let's kill those two assassins!" Steel-Man yells.

In the last line.

"Everyone prepare the white phosphor mortar ..." Steel-Man shouts, ordering the others to prepare the mortar on the other line. Steel-Man is in the building that is near the bridge where it goes straight to the tower. "15 Zulu on the last line!" He yells giving more orders.

"They're here!" A soldier yells looking at where Adams and Walker appeared armed to the teeth.

"Throw the white phosphor!" Shouts Steel-Man to roast the two assassins.


"Hahahaha!" Laughed Steel-Man "Swallow this!" He yells believing that they are both dead but they were unharmed and kept shooting at the other allies. "Damn idiots!" He yells angrily at the mortars. "Reload more!"

The other soldiers were shooting at the two assassins. "I WANT THEM TO KILL THESE FUCKING ASSASINS!" He shouts angrily, ordering the last soldiers.

"Shit Walker has the RPG7!" Shouts the soldier who saw Walker using the rocket launcher and was pointing at the one with the White Phosphor mortar.

"He's going to destroy the mortar!" Shouts Steel-Man "Get out of here!" Walker launches the rocket into the tower.


"We lost Scoot and Ken!" Steel-Man growls angrily.

He is most furious that those Deltas came to Dubai. Thinking that it would be the reconnaissance team but they were the accomplices of the C.I.A. Killing his comrades. The worst thing of all that the Deltas did is to throw the white phosphor burning the refugees who are poured the glass. After removing the waters and now the Speaker's tower. Its sole purpose is to kill the Deltas.

"Shit!" Steel-Man yells down the stairs. "Everyone prepare the weapons!"

"Sir we cannot defeat them!" A frightened soldier shouts.

"Fuck off!" Steel-Man yells, shoving the frightened soldier, "All prepare the Humve and the Little Birds. I want all you to prepare everything!" He shouts angrily "I'll take care of those two assassins!"

Steel-Man comes down the ladder and puts on his offered helmet. "Well we'll play a game ..." He said recharging his AA-12. He stands behind the double door. When he heard the voices of Walker and Adams.

"It's clear" was the voice of Adams

"Well let's get on!" Was Walker's voice. Steel-Man lunges to break down the door.


Steel Man smashes the door with his body toasted "DIE DELTAS!" He yells hostile at Walker.

"Another Heavy !" Adams yells.

"Lugo ?!" Walker shouts. Steel-Man raises his Automatic Shotgun at Walker.


Walker covers himself by dragging across the barricade "i try to save yo!" Walker shouts.

"Save me !?" Steel-Man yells furiously "Don't make me laugh!" He yelled as he kept shooting "DIE DIE DIE"

"Walker what the hell is wrong with you!" Shouts Adams who shoots Steel-Man.


"Those bullets tickle me!" He yells laughing and now shoots Adams.

"Shoot Walker!" Shouts Adams. Walker was hesitant to shoot Steel-Man.

"Lugo don't shoot!"

"YOU ALL DESERVE TO DIE!" Shouts Steel-Man who kept firing at the two Deltas. "I'LL KILL YOU WALKER!" He yells, pointing at Walker.


"Aghhh!" Walker shouts as he falls to the ground.

"Walker!" Shouts Adams. The Steel-Man is targeting Adams.

"Now you!" He yells shooting at Adams. When Adams was firing he was close to the barrel of gasoline. "You will burn to hell!" He yells before firing into the barrel.


"Uff ... I made it ..." said Steel-Man who was surprised. "Finally, i kill the last two deltas ..." He Look at the sky "Konrad ... Wraith ... everyone ...i finally made it ..." He said laughing as Walker got up and raised the sticky grenade. He runs to Steel-Man and shoves it into his armor "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Steel-Man yells, shoving Walker.


"No no no!" Steel-Man yells desperately looking for the grenade that was inside his armor. "No no no no!" He yells and looks at Walker getting up.

"Sorry ..." Walker laments.

"It's not fair ..." Steel-Man said opening his eyes.


'What happened ...' said the voice that echoed inside the mind 'I am still alive ... that means that my armor saved me ...' he said looking at his body that is totally destroyed in half except that his arms and her legs. 'No ... no ...' He says mentally and spits out a lot of blood.

"The Heavy has fallen!" Adams yells and looks at Walker. "What's wrong?"

"It's just that ..." Walker looks at Steel-Man. "He is still alive ..."

"Let him suffer ..." Adams said seriously. "He asked for it ..."

'No ... no ... I will not ... let them pass ...' Steel-Man crawls over to Walker's feet. He responds by kicking and steals his Weapon, the AA-12. "No ... no ..." He said weakly raising his hands towards the two deltas. "No ... sorry ... everyone ..."


"Arrg!" Shouts the voices of the 33rd soldiers.

"They killed the Lieutenant!" Shouts the voices of his soldiers.

"Kill them!"


Steel-Man continued to hear the voices in pain of his soldider. "Sorry Konrad ..." He said weakly and looked at the sky. "i Fail ...i fail the promise ... I couldn't protect anything ... forgive me ..." Steel-Man closes his eyes to greet the dark world.

Steel-Man falls to the ground that was all dark and lands falling. "Wow ... it's limbo ..." He said looking around.

"Look brother ..." The voice said "We have another guest ..."

Steel-Man looks where two figures are standing in front of him.

"Hmm a soldier ready to protect everyone" The second figure said. "His fort is his heavy armor ..."

"Who the hell are you guys?" Steel-Man asks with a frown.

"We. You can call us anything ... you are the Steel-Man and the last command of the 33rd ..." The first figure said.

"I see that you have failed to protect the kingdom ..." Said the second figure. "Full of anger that blinded your eyes and you lost control .."

"Don't screw me with this!" Steel-Man yells angrily raising his finger pointing at the one commenting. "I'm going to give you a tremendous kick on your mou-"

The second figure raises his hand, closing his mouth. "Hmnm!" He yells in a thud but his mouth was covered.

"I see that you have a vulgar language in insulting too much and also a horrible temperament at the moment that your three enemies killed your allies and ended up killing you the moment you sang victory .."

"Brother, you do not think we will let the mortal speak ..." The first Figure said.

"If that mortal starts insulting us, I will turn him into a rooster ... do you want this?"

The Second Figure said looking at Steel-Man that he shakes his head from side to side denying.

"Do you want to respect us?"

Steel-Man nods.

"Well ... can you talk ..."

Move his hand allowing him to gasp for air.

"You are gods or what?" Steel-Man said looking at the two of them.

"Heheh..I see you've calmed down a bit ..." The second figure said laughing.

"Your son of ..."

"were you saying?"

The second figure said in a threatening tone and awaited Steel-Man's insult.

"Nothing ..." Steel-Man withdraws what he said " ... What are you going to do to me? ..." He said as he looked at the two figures.

"Your aggressive attacks and also the orthodox orders and even the strategies of maintaining the order of your soldiers are worth while for a person to know how to protect the citizens and also the most important people ..."

The two figures were talking at the same time, leaving Steel-Man confused.

"Your name no longer exists ... your memories will remain intact but you will forget your real name except that you will continue to call your Alias. There is a question we want to ask you"

("What is your greatest wish?")

"What's that some kind of joke?" Steel-Man said laughing. "Of course I remember my name ... my name is ..." Steel-Man remembered his name but couldn't find anything. "My name ... what is my name?"

"Your name has already been forgotten ... but there is only one who hasn't forgotten his name yet ..." The first figure said. "But he still hasn't arrived ..."

"To whom?" Steel-Man said.

"The Hero ... The Hero who will be your leader ... where he will seek his peace ..."

Where the two figures showed the four figures with different shapes.

"Why are you showing me that ..." Steel-Man said looking at the new figures in the background with the star sky.

"It is your future ..."

The second figure said where. the two figures approach Steel-Man touching him in the center of his chest.

"What?" Steel-Man falls to his knees where his body felt very heavy out of nowhere. "What did you do to me!" He yells angrily and makes an effort to get up.

"It is the semblance of the royal knights ..." Said the first figure that illuminates the light throughout his body.

"Where to protect the neediest and fighting against those who praise violence ..." Said the second figure that emits darkness around his body.

Steel-Man stood up forcibly remains bowed. "Your damn ... sons ... of ... bitchs..." Insults the two beings.

"On top of that you have the guts to insult us ..." The Darkness said.

"The ... I'm going ... hnnnh. crunch ... their ... knnbhhg ... skulls" Steel-Man struggles to stay upright

"Your dream is to have a peaceful life with people who are alive ... but you won't have it when all this is over ..." The two beings said at the same time. "You have a deep hatred for that person ..."

"Walker ..." He growls, naming the name of his killer.

"You won't remember the name of your killer ..." They said seriously at the same time.

"Of course I remember the fucking name!" Steel-Man yells angrily. "His name is ...!" Steel-Man tried to remember where Walker had a blurry face. "The name ... shit!" Damn that the name is not remembered. "What did you do to me!"

"We are Light and darkness, the two gods of the remnant world. We erased your memory where you knew your original name where you lived ... you will only remember all of your life and you will know nothing of the name of the murderer .." They said seriously. "Our request is that you and your leader

stop to Salem and those who praise violence and destruction ... the door is before you is where new life will take you ... you can stay in this place of oblivion ... "

The two beings disappear, leaving Steel-Man bearing the invisible weight that could not move a single thumb.

"Shit ... leaving me in a place where I have to carry the invisible weight!" Steel-Man yells, bearing the weight he was crushing forcing him to kneel down.

"It is the weight of irresponsibility."

Steel-Man looks to the other side where he sees a person who is wearing an olive suit. Which is Colonel Konrad sitting.

"I left you the responsibility of supporting your men ..." Konrad said seriously. "But you have failed your mission ..."

"No ... it's not my fault ..." Steel-Man said that the invisible weight increases the force forcing him to get down on all fours and he tries hard to avoid getting close to the ground against his face.

"You are a useless burden..you just failed and couldn't keep the order from Dubai ..." Said the other voice where Steel-Man looks on the other side of Konrad who is the Announcer.

"Robert, i didn't want to end you like this ..."

"You let us all die ..." said another voice that is a Zulu soldier and has a skull mask.

"Wraith ..."

"You are the worst lieutenant ... you were supposed to protect them, keeping the refugees safe ... but they were all burned alive ... that's the weight of your conscience ..." Wraith said with a venomous tone.

"Shut up!" Shouts Steel-Man who stands up forcefully lifting the weight of loads of words with many poisons and guilt. "I will show everyone that I am not a useless burden!" He shouts angrily taking the first step walking with the heavy weight slowing down his foot steps. "I will accept this damn mission and I will confront face to face!" He shouts taking the heavy steps to approach the door. "I'm a damn soldier!" He shouts, taking steps closer to the door. "I got a lot of bullets to get to my last stop, but I was killed by Walker!" He yells where he finally arrives in front of the door. "My wish is ...!" He said before opening the door. "Break Walker and Salem's face. And protect them all!" He shouts coming in.

"A proud and determined ... that if he got interesting ..."

Open his eyes and see the face of a woman with brown skin who had light blue hair and she gives her a bottle, feeding it in her mouth.

'Huh ?!' mentally screams in shock where he swallows the breast milk that was in the bottle. 'What the fuck ?!' Steel-Man realized that for a while when he saw that his body could move a little but it is little difficult to move his new body. 'Is it my new life; Reborn?! 'Mental scream.

Seven years later.

We see a large room and there was a bed where a child slept suddenly a person enters going to the curtain and opens it by letting in the sunlight that illuminates the bed. The maid approaches the bed and grabs the sheet.

"Very good sleeping beauty!" Shouts the servant cheerfully lifting the sheet.

"Gah!" The boy shouts, blinding his eyes from the sunlight. "Damn the light!" He shouts complaining.

The boy with dark blue hair and dark skin, was dressed in pajamas.

"Mister Raymonk. It is the day you will enter elementary school in Atlas today!" Cries the maid.

"Shut up old woman!" The boy shouts, snatching the sheet and covers himself, hiding from the sun. The maid spreads a vein in the shape of a cross on her forehead.

"Yes, I'm 24 years old and still not married!" Shouts the angry maid. "If you don't get up you'll have a bad time ..." said the maid.

"Force me fat .." The boy said challenging the maid.

"* Submission of Maid Angry!" The maid grabs the boy and makes him the wrench.

"Ayayay!" Cries the boy screaming in pain.

"Say Eri is the prettiest!"

"Ah okay okay. I take back what I said you are pre-" The boy said. "Ugly with wrinkles!"

"Stay stubborn!" The angry maid shouts.

"You are the prettiest I give up!" The boy yells in surrender, the servant Eri releases him and puts on a satisfied smile.

"Much better!" Eri shouts happily and goes to the door. "Brush your teeth, breakfast will be ready in 30 minutes"

The boy sighs annoyed. "Well ... I pass time in a slow way since I was born ..." He said mentally and gets out of bed and walks to his bathroom

"My name is Raymonk Dustert ... that name was given to me by my biological father who is the family head some part of the kingdom of Atlas, the floating kingdom of the Remnant earth. But my name is absolutely ridiculous. As my alias would be called Ray ... or else Steel-Man .. "He brushed his teeth looking at himself in the mirror and rinsed himself.

"My new life is that I am the 4th son of a former captain of the paladins and guardians of Atlas. His name is Jerico Dustert the captain of the Paladins. My third brother is Kaven who is a heavy navy infantry. My second sister is Liana the vanguard, My older brother is Jans is the captain who took the place of my father taking charge of his brigade "He leaves the bathroom and dresses his clothes from the house and leaves his room.

"Our tradition is to protect the neediest and most important in the Atlas. We are called The Family of Dusterts Paladins. There is a saying for my family. We must never forget the creed."

Our shields is to protect the lives that live in the kingdoms of the Remnant, our swords are to eliminate the evil Grimms who torment peace and take lives

Ray grimaces, showing the teeth that have a sharp edge on his lower fang. "This gets interesting ... the son of a better-known paladin from Atlas. He is similar to my previous job. What if a Juggernaut like me becomes a heavy paladin. My future enemies will tremble before me, that will be a lifetime easy in my fighting tactics ... "

An hour later.

"What, I'm going to study for three years in elementary school?" Ray said with his mouth open dropping a piece of bacon. "Why don't you train me like that?" Ray said as he ate his breakfast.

"Your father and me, we talked about the education, you should study ... at your age, your older brothers went to primary school to study the history and also the cultures of the remnants of other kingdoms. But there is something that calls me the your attention ... "said the mother who has brown skin and light blue hair. "It is your attitude and your way of being ..."

"Ah?" Ray said confused.

"Your way of eating, your way of sitting, your way of dressing. You are totally outside the limits of your attitude!" Shouts the mother scolding each part of what Ray did.

"Nho thing qo sor un cloud atocrata (I don't have to be a noble aristocrat ...)" Ray said with his mouth full.

"First swallow your food ..." said the mother, sighing annoyed. Ray swallows the food.

"I don't have to be a noble aristocrat. Since I want to be a paladin who can kick the Grimms butts and rescue the needy ..."

"You must learn first ... that's the rules ..." The father said seriously while drinking coffee. "So respect your mother's order ..."

"Oh ... okay ..." Ray said with a sigh of surrender. "I guess it's not a bad thing to learn in the remnant culture ..." He said smiling.

An hour later.

Ray was sitting in the car seat that was being accompanied by the maid Eri that she was combing Ray's hair and also adjusting his tie.

'My parents were Huntsmans and soldiers and they also participated many times with the Atlas army. My father; Jerico Dusterts the ex-captain of the Paladins and ex-huntsman he led in a heavy brigade of swordsmen along with the weapons of demolitions. Heavy weapons, explosive weapons. My mother: Kenna Hamalia was a sergeant in the army specializing in assault missions. They met 30 years ago, on the border where they were the only ones to defend the line that came from the Grimms horde in the nearby village of the Vacuous Kingdom. They are said to have been the bravest couple. They were married at the age they were 24. My brothers still work as part of the militiamen in defending the villages along with the 200 recruits and veterans ready to protect civilians, "he said mentally.

"Hmmm I wonder what your brother Jans is doing ..." Eri said with an expression of doubt.

"I know you guys love each other ..." Ray said with a mocking expression. Eri grabs the cheek by stretching.

"You shouldn't disturb your maid, one day you will meet a woman and respect them." Eri said smiling evilly.

'She is Eri Urnala, she is the friend of my brother Jans who met her at Beacon Academy. Those two worked as a team. When they graduated, Eri followed Jans and became the servant of my house only to be near him. A year ago, I found out that when I went to the living room to look for my book, I found half of the action in which Jans was making love with Eri on the couch . I keep the secret of the relationship. Since Eri is very fond of me but she makes life impossible for me to learn to be educated without insulting and without being rude. Since she plans me to be the perfect brother-in-law and getting my parents' approval. That will be a long time. But I'm mentally 40 years old "Ray had the annoying expression.

An hour later.Elementary school in Atlas


Ray was stunned to see a very elegant looking entrance that is a rich school for gifted children. "Shit..it feels like being in elementary school ..." He said looking around.


"It hurts!" Ray yells, rubbing his head from behind.

"The Language, young man!" Shouts The maid Eri. "Don't use the insult and don't curse!"

"Don't come bothering me you wit-

Ray looks at the maid who had soap in her hand. Ray got the message: no mean talk. "Don't come bother me, Eri .." He said censuring the insult.

"Well. Within five in the afternoon I look for you. So make good friends!" Eri shouts happily.

Ray sighs and walks to the door where there was a group of seven-year-olds gathered in the yard.

"Welcome to Atlas Elementary School," said the principal, welcoming new students. "Keep in line those with cards A, B, C, D and E. Those are the divisions." The children look at their respective cards. Ray played for Group B.

"Hmm I guess I touch B ..." Ray said looking at his card.

"Hmm ... I wanted the A ..." said an annoyed voice.

Ray looks over to where there is a girl in a white dress and has white hair with light blue eyes. "Hey teacher. Why didn't put me in division A ..." she complains reluctantly.

"There were no places in group A. .."

"Hey you know I'm the important daughter ... I'm Weiss Schnee" she said naming her name. "It must be a system error. I want to be in group A" Ray frowns.

"What, you're going to complain about this. It's the ministry norm. It's just a group of classrooms. Why do you want to be in group A ..." Ray asks looking at Weiss.

"I want to be in a classroom A where the prodigal children are ... and I will be in the class with A superior ..." Weiss said proudly.

"Don't tell me you're a perfectionist .?." Ray frowns.

"How did you tell me?" Weiss frowns.

"Look we are in an elementary school, you play the proud and bossy .." Ray said seriously. The teachers pale.

"Ah Mister Dusterts, don't say that!" Shouts a teacher. "I'm sorry Miss Schnee ..."

" Dusterts eh ... what is your name?"

"Raymonk ... but call me Ray ..."

"Raymonk Dusterts ..." Weiss said in a serious voice.

"Miss Schnne we can change groups ..." The Director said scared.

"No ... it's alright director" she said calmly and gives Ray a serious look "I will be your classmate Mr. Dusterst ..."

"Only Ray ..." Ray said with a frown. They both looked at each other keeping a frown where imaginary electric currents appeared placing themselves between the sights of their eyes.

'That's how I got an enemy ... but she's a girl ... her name was Weiss Schnee. The second daughter of a company owner where they extracted the good crystals from the remnant. Since her family is the richest and best known in Atlas. '

Ray wrote in the notebook while the teacher explained the Remnant story. Since he felt an angry look when he looked askance at Weiss who is sitting in front of everything in front of the blackboard. When Weiss caught Ray's eye and looked at the Blackboard again.

"You brat ..." Ray whispered and went back to writing in his notebook.

Two months later.

'During my days of my studies. Weiss was the number one target of other kids from other companies who want to be friends with her. I stepped away avoiding being the hassle and realized that this school is full of stakeholders. Since my father told me that that Schnee company is of the infamous ones. I don't care about anything, I just continued my studies ... 'He said mentally as he walked until he heard something from the children.

"This Schnee is easy to manipulate ..." Said a child's voice.

Ray stopped when he heard the name of his enemy archi. Look in the window where there were four children playing the new ball.

"Yes ... since she brings many expensive things. But why should we pretend to be friends with that snow girl ..."

Ray bends down near the window and frowns. "Hypocrite..."

"She doesn't understand. If we are still friends with Schnee we can have anything we ask for. She is a moron, she doesn't realize it, hahaha we are going to use her ..."

Ray growls annoyed and he hear a whimper, he looking for the sound source was Weiss that she had some candy in her arms. Tears came out of her eyes.

"Yes ... that will be easy and simple ..."

"She's a Schnee after all ..." Weiss begins to cry quietly.

Ray gets up and jumps out the window landing on the ground. "You brats ..." Ray said venomously.

"He's the boy from the field ..." Said the first boy with black hair who had the ball.

"That ball belongs to Schnee isn't it?" Ray said seriously.

"Yes ..." said the boy with a smirk. "That Schnee gave it to me. That girl does know how to buy expensive balls ..."

"Can you pass me, I want to teach them ..." Ray said seriously.

"Ha ... well ..." The boy said passing the ball to Ray. He grabs the ball and places it on the toes on the ground.

"I call it Head-Shot ..." Ray said smiling.

"What?" Said the four children. Ray kicks the ball causing it to fly straight into the face to which he gave hypocritical comment.


The boy falls on his back when he was hit in the face with a blow, where his nose bled. "It hurts!" he cries crying.

"Hey what's wrong with you!" The other boy yells.

"You guys should stop using that girl. Learn to mature ... and by the way return the ball to Weiss ..."

"Well, you're trying to take us away!" The four children put themselves on defense.

"You guys asked for them ..." Ray said frowning and clenching his fist.

10 minutes later.

"How can you hit your classmates!" Shouts the teacher yelling at Ray who had several blows to the face but on his side were four children who were beaten by the ex-33rd lieutenant.

"They started to speak ill of Schnee ..." Ray said seriously. "They wanted to use it for their own benefits ..."

"Lie!" The boy shouts. "You just wanted to take the ball from us!"

"You hit us!" The other boy yells.

"Are you telling the truth?" Asks the teacher. Ray was going to answer.

"He are telling the truth ..."

At present they look at Weiss who had a serious look and reddened eyes. "They told me that I'm a moron and they wanted to use me..." Weiss said crying.

The teacher frowns and looks at the four children. "You should go with me ..."

"Wait wait ... it's a lie!" The children shout.

"Dusterst and Schnee go outside ... we must notify the parents of those children .."

Ray and Weiss are outside the office. "Raymonk why did you do that ..." Weiss asks seriously as she wiped her eyes.

"It is because they asked for it ... you should learn to judge them ... since in this school there are some who want to be friends because your family is rich. So we will see each other ..." Ray was walking leaving Weiss alone where she clenches her teeth.

"I never asked you for help!" Weiss yells at Ray's back. "I could do it on my own to put these brats in place!"

"Look Weiss ... I don't allow any girl to cry or be emotionally hurt. I'm just telling you to be careful with the friends you choose they may not want you. They just want to be by your side because of your status ..." He said Ray turning his eyes. "So Weiss ... don't mess around or buy love ... see you ..."

Ray walks towards the exit of the school. classes end that day and they see how a truck arrives to look for Ray, but someone big and full armor gets off.

"Hello brother ..." He said seriously

"Ray ... They called from home because you hit some children" the somewhat metallic voice sounds (from the armor) of the brother "tell me ... Why?"

"They asked for it ..." He said dryly and climbs into the truck.

"Come on little brother ... What happened? Did they bother you?" Ask and get in the truck

The other children are surprised to see how a Knight took Ray away.

"They molested a girl and I intervened ... they were no match for me ..." Ray said showing the small smile. The older brother starts the truck and they go out

"So you defended someone ... And tell me ... Was it a damsel in distress?" Joked

"It was a Schnee ... Weiss ..." Ray said remembering the last name

"A Schnee? Hahaha you defended a princess! That was good ... But you had a little bit of leaving them like that ..." The older brother said with some disapproval

"I didn't like the one they tried to use her on. Since the first day I met her she despises me. So possibly there will be rumors about me ..."

"oh come on you can't be that bad ... look here!" Said the older brother taking off his helmet revealing a somewhat young face with short dark brown hair and light blue eyes "put it on ... He has new improvements"

"This still can't reach me ... how was your trip ..."

"Well this time we met a Goliath! We were fighting for about 1 hour! I have the recording on the helmet, as I know you are interested ..." He said with a smile

After that. Ray was scolded by parents for using unnecessary violence against children. Since he promises not to use violence again

The next morning.

Ray is eating alone in the school cafeteria. He looks askance at the children talking to each other, muttering.

"This boy hit all four of them by himself ..."

"That scares me ..."

"Don't say it ... he could hit you ..."

'Great ... now I'm an official criminal ... it reminds me of Cape Henry who played an anime game where there is trophy unlock ...'


. (Before the Deltas came)

"No hitomi don't go!" Cape Henry shouts playing a dating video game.

"Sorry Henry-kun ... I can't give up my goal but I'll always love you ... goodbye ..."

* Unlocked Trophy: Bad End B: Goodbye Hitomi *

"Wow you lost ... you are an idiot, Corporal ..." said Steel-Man who is sitting while drinking beer. "Why do you cry so much to a character that doesn't exist ..."

"You do not understand it is to know the feelings of women ... since I can learn how women think ... it is like the advice of the appointment ..." Henry explains with teary eyes.

"Huff ... well I guess it's our turn to go to the door of the sun ..."

"Hey we can visit Dr. Killimia ..." Cabo said happily.

"Don't tell me that you are in love with the doctor ..."

"Shhhh Lieutenant *!" Corporal Henry makes a gesture of silence. "I know that in Dubai it is a difficult situation. But I plan to confess today ..."

"Well I support you ..." Steel-Man said smiling when a radio made a call.

[Attention. The Deltas stormed the nest]

"All the nearby units stop the suspects ..." Steel-Man said seriously. "We must get going ..."

Three hours later.

The Humvee parks away from the sun door. "That damn Deltas ... killed 50 men ... we must tighten security ..." Henry said angrily.

"Take it easy. At the sun gate it is very protected from 150 men ... we must warn it to take the civilians to the other refuge area ..." Steel-Man said.

When henry wanted to speak but the radio yells a voice.

[The Deltas are here!]

[They're on the roof near the sun gate!]

[Reinforcements, we need reinforcements!]

"Killimia ..." said Henry suffering.

"What are you doing!" Steel-Man yells, Henry raising the Humbee. "Don't go!" Shouts where the Humvee starts. "No no no..."

30 minutes later.

Steel-Man was sitting together with the Zulus Squad. He hear a familiar voice. "Henry?" I heard the crying voice.

[Damn ... they ... took ... all ...] Henry was crying incessantly. [Killimia ... she was with the refugees ...]

"Henry calm down ... go back to base ..." Steel-Man said trying to calm his corporal.

[THERE THEY ARE!] Shouts the voice of another soldier.

"No don't mess up. It's a suicide!"

[MURDERERS, OPEN FIRE!] Henry yells furiously.

[Kill 'em!]

"No!" Steel-Man yells.

Steel-Man listened to the shots where Henry cried out in pain and breathed heavily. "No ... Henry listen to me ... please ..."

[Kilimia ... I ... love you ...]

Steel-Man's eyes snapped open "Henry responds no no no no!" He yells in a panic.

"Lieutenant what we do ..." Another soldier said.

"Prepare more units. We don't want those deltas to be alive in the other hour ..." Steel-Man said furiously.


"Henry didn't deserve to die ..." Ray said with a somber look. "Damn assassins ..." He said silently.

"Kyaaa watch o. that look is scary!" The girls scream running at the look. He realization that he had an angry look.

"Hell ... so I unlocked myself as the damn juvenile delinquent ..." He sighs annoyed. "Now I will have no friends in the future ..." He closes his eyes.

"Is the place occupied?" Said a familiar voice. Ray opens his eyes and looks ahead to meet the Weiss girl who was carrying a tray of food.

"What do you think ... if nobody sits at the same table ... because of those rumors I am now a criminal officer ..." Ray said annoyed. Weiss sits in front of him.

"Whatever ..." Weiss said and proceeded to eat as if nothing had happened.

"Hey, am I not scared of you?"

"Why would I be afraid of a little Goliath?" Weiss said eating his food without looking at Ray.

"Who's Little Goliath calling!" Ray yells slightly annoyed. "Tch ... whatever ... why don't you go sit with your friends ..."

"They are no longer my friends ..." Weiss said eating her food. "Since I said this morning that I will no longer be her friends, they took in shock ..."

"Well don't tell me you're going to be the outcast ..." Ray said with little surprise.

"We are the same boat ..." Weiss said seriously. "We will be the outcasts. So we will be good friends, Ray ..." Weiss said smiling with a small smile.

"What?" Ray said slightly stunned.

'At that time I became friends with Weiss Schnee. she followed me to spend time with me at school. Studying, Talking about other things, also distributing ridicule. Since she was superior with her grades, I am very good in physical education. Since the children look at me with fear where we play HandBall they called me the Goliath Boy. Sometimes we go out after school, my older brother teases me that Weiss is my girlfriend. That makes me uncomfortable. '

"Now I'm going back I'll buy you an ice cream and for your girlfriend ..." Jans jokes and goes to the store.

"Hey Ray ... How many brothers do you have ... Or is it just you brother ..." Weiss asks curiously and had a small blush on heface.

"Two brothers and a sister ..." Ray said slightly annoyed "And a sister-in-law who is my maid ..."

"Do you have a maid? Coming from you, I'm surprised" said Weiss "and tell me what do you do in your free time?"

"Well ... secretly I do exercises ... and I also practice with my brother in sword fencing ..."

"Fencing? Do you use a sword or rapier as I do?" Weiss asks with interest in Ray.

"Only double-handed or one-handed sword ..." Ray said seriously

"Your brother ... is a paladin isn't he?" Weiss said playing his older brother's trade

"The others are too. Since my brother Jans took the position of captain that was my father's, that he retired. Since he has the obligation to command the 200 militiamen defending the villages of Atlas ..."

"Ah wow ..." Weiss said looking at Ray. Brother Jans brought two ice creams for them.

'About a year and a half went by during those times. The rumors about me were forgotten. Until..."

"I like you Raymonk ..." Said a girl with brown hair.

"Sorry ... I don't like you ..." Ray said seriously.

"Waaaaah!" The girl cries. Weiss hits Ray in the head.

"Hey you shouldn't cry your partner ..." Weiss said angrily.

"Sorry ... if you want we can be friends ..." Ray said with little concern.

"No problem ..." Said the girl who stopped crying. Ray looks at Weiss who is puffing out her cheek.

'In those times. The girls send me love letters. I reject every month but I reject it so as not to hurt hers heart. Since Weiss was scolding me for i making girls cry, mentally I'm forty years old, ex-soldier. I don't want a girlfriend. I know I'm trapped in the body of an 8 and a half year old boy. I guess I have to wait until I turn 18 or 16 ... 'Ray said looking at his classroom window.

"Hey ..." Weiss said approaching Ray.

"What happens?"

"I want to invite you to my birthday party ..." Weiss said coughing.

"Ah..you want me to go to your birthday parties the other week ...?"

"Feel lucky what as me: the Schnee invited you to a party ..." Weiss said being proud.

"Okay..i going ..." Ray said smiling. Weiss closes her eyes and smiles.

"Do not miss..."

A week later

"Hmmm hey Eri are you sure my suit is fine ..." Ray said looking at his small suit with dark green.

"Oh my sweet little brother. Surely the birthday girl is going to be happy ... you really are very tender!" Shouts the servant Eri hugging her brother-in-law. "Don't worry, I'll be here and give you advice to melt the heart of the Maiden! "Eri shouts, firm her chest.

"Weiss is a friend ... so I'm not in the mood to have girlfriends my age ..." Ray said seriously.

"But she wants to be by your side ..." Eri said whispering. Ray frowns.

"Whatever ..." Ray walks towards the entrance, it looked elegant and there was some white furniture. They were accompanied by two butlers where he guides them towards the large room where there are many guests.

"Young Raymonk if you want to give gifts to Miss Weiss. Form the line where she is ..." The butler locates where there is a long line.

"You have to be fucking kinding me ..." Ray was left with an expression of disbelief when he saw the row and looked ahead of the row where the blond boy gave him a gift.

"Oh my Weiss here is my gift ..." said the blond boy giving a gift to Weiss.

"Hmm thanks ..." Weiss said seriously.

Ray sighs annoyed. "Hey, is the party going to be boring heh?" Said a voice. Ray looks back where there is a man in a white shirt and has a black cape and with almost badly arranged black hair.

"Who are you?" Ray said looking at the man.

"I'm Qrow ..." He said taking out the aluminum flask and taking a drink.

"I suppose you brought some gift for Weiss ..." Ray said looking at the long line.

"Nope ..." Qrow said denying. "If you need company ... I will definitely accompany you to finish the line, if you want?"

"Well ... what are you doing at this party ..." Ray asks

"I come to see a friend ..." Qrow said looking at the guests. "Are you the friend of that ice princess?"

"Ice princess?" Ray said with a confused expression. "You mean Weiss Schnee?"

"Yes ... since she doesn't normally invite her own friends ..." Qrow said seriously.

"And if I say I'm her true friend ..." Ray said seriously looking into Qrow's eyes.

"Haha ... surely you are not lying ... and I see that you are some kind of person what are your names?" Qrow said smiling.

"My name is Raymonk Dusterst ..." Ray said introducing himself. "You can only call me Ray ..."

"Dusterst, you are the younger brother of Jans ... the Atlas heavy swordsman ..." Qrow said with a smile.

"Ah I see you know my brother ..." Ray said smiling. "You had moments with him ..."

"Yes. A few moments. Since he and I went to some bars and got into fights with the other drunks ..." Qrow said laughing. Ray starts to laugh.

30 minutes later.

"... Jans always punches him with his bare hands. After that we go singing the songs in the forest and kill Grimms .." Qrow said laughing telling of his adventures with Jans.

" and my Bro did some crazy things ..." Ray said laughing. 'It's fun talking to an adult than talking to the other kids ...' he said mentally. Qrow approaches Ray.

"Hey how old are you?" Qrow said looking into Ray's eyes.

"I'm only 8 years old ..." Ray said with a slightly nervous expression.

"Did you kill someone?"

Ray opens his eyes in surprise and looks at Qrow who was serious but for ten seconds he breaks his serious expression.

"Hahahahahah did you really take that question seriously!" Qrow slaps Ray on the back.

"Yeah..that question was pretty serious ..." Ray said laughing nervously. 'Why did you ask that question so uncomfortably? I've already killed hundreds of enemies in my previous life, 'he said mentally uncomfortable.

"Ray!" Weiss yells. Ray looks ahead to where Weiss is in the blue dress. "You finally arrived. Sorry for the trouble in forming the long line ..."

"Don't worry, I had a company talking to a friend ..." Ray said looking to meet Qrow from behind but he wasn't there, he disappeared. "Where is he, hmm it doesn't matter ... here.." Ray gives him a gift with a light blue wrapping.

When Weiss opens the gift and takes it out revealing a teddy bear with a frown and had a sword and shield.

"Poof ... typical of a commoner ... buying a cheap gift for our birthday girl .." Said the blond boy laughing, Ray frowns and looks at the boy.

"Are you looking for fights?" Ray said threatening causing the boy to freak out.

"I like the gift ..." Weiss said looking at the stuffed toy where the other children are surprised before the ice princess comment. "These furrowed brows are just like yours ..." said comparing the bear's furrowed brows similar to Ray's.

"Is that positive or sarcastic comments?" Ray said raising his eyebrow.

"That's what you decide ..." Weiss said

"Tch ... whatever ..." Ray snapped his teeth.

"Well let's enjoy the party .." Weiss said smiling.

Weiss and Ray ran around playing garden with the other children. Playing hide and seek and also that of * Brings it * (Tag it). Weiss was enjoying together with Ray in the background where the blond boy was sitting at the table, he begins to purse his lips in envy.

Weiss went to the bathroom leaving the teddy bear on the table. The blond boy grabs the teddy bear.

"Hey?" Ray said seriously. "What are you going to do with this teddy bear?"

"Ah ... nothing country boy. I'm just going to throw it away ..."

"Hey better leave him back where he was ..." Ray said calmly.

"Well ... okay I leave it where it was ..." said the blond boy dropping to the ground. "That's where it should be on the dirt-filled floor ..."

"Pick him up ..." Ray said seriously but inside him he was angry.

"Okay ... I'm going to lift him ..." The boy said raising his foot on the teddy bear. "That's where this should be being trampled ..."


Ray furiously punches the boy on the cheek with his clenched fist. "You cocky brat ..." He said angrily.

"Mama, Papa!" Cries the crying boy. The boy's father is fast approaching.

"Who hit you?" Said the father.

"It was him!" Shouts the blond boy. "He hit me out of the blue!"

"You dare to hit my son. Barbarian!" Shouts the annoyed father "You deserve a punishment!" He shouts raising his hand to slap him but someone stops him by grabbing his hand. "Hey who- he said before looking at the most important person." Mrs. Schnee! "He yells in shock.

"What are you doing with this hand to hit an innocent child?" Said Mrs. Schnee who had a severe expression.

"Innocent child ?!" cries the shocked man. "If this brat hit my son!"

"This teddy bear over there that is on the ground ... your son did it by crushing my daughter's gift ... the young man kindly asked your son to leave the bear where it was but he tried to ruin it ..." explain Mrs. Schnee seriously. "I saw from afar ... so you can leave the party or have your son tell the truth and excuse this young man ..."

The blond boy's father sweats and looks at his son "Do you hear what the lady is saying? Tell me the truth ..."

"It is not the truth ..." The boy said lying.

"Then I tell them to leave my daughter's party ..." said Mrs. Schnee. The father put on a devastating expression and drags his son out of the party.

Mrs. Schnee picks up the teddy bear and cleans it by pulling dust from the dirt with her hand and hands it to Ray. "Leave that where it was ... Raymonk ..."

"How do you know?" Ray said with little surprise. "But why did you defend me?"

"It is that Weiss would feel bad where his friend's gift was breaking for a spoiled child ..." Mrs. Schnee said with a sigh. "She told me a lot about you. You are always serious and you get mad out of nowhere ..."

"It's the same Weiss ..." Ray said rolling his yes.

"Thanks for defending her ..." said Mrs. Schnee. "The children never defended her in kindergarten ... but you were the first ..."

"They never defended her?" Ray said with little surprise.

"Well it's hard to explain but ..." Mrs. Schnne was going to say but Weiss appears hugging her mother.

"Mother you finally arrived!" Weiss yells cheerfully.

"Ah Daughter ... Happy birthday ... I met your friend Raymonk ..." Mrs. Schnee said with a smile. "He protected your gift ..." She points to Ray who was holding the teddy bear.

"Ah..what happened to him .why he's dirty ..." Weiss said worried.

"It's because that cocky blonde wanted to ruin your gift ..." Ray said scratching her head. "I tried to be nice but he stepped out of line ..."

"You didn't need to get violent ... but I'll turn a blind eye ..." Mrs. Schnee said. "Daughter enjoy the party with your friend ..." She said smiling and left, returning with her guests.

Weiss and Ray look at each other. "Let's keep playing?" Ray said smiling.

"Okay ..." Weiss said, reciprocating the smile and they play again.

"Maybe I'm going to enjoy the new life .." Ray looking at Weiss smiling. "There may be a better future ..." He said to himself mentally, taking the step to follow the future.

3 years later.

'These days I made some friends since at school they praised me about physical education. They tell me that I am adapted to carry heavy weapons such as double-handed swords. Heavy shields. Heavy armor. Since my family is dedicated to training recruits they are willing to become heavy vanguard. And also spend time with Weiss since she is the smartest helping me study so I can take pending subjects that I should. My father's business started lowering the number of paladins because Atlas is calling for a recruitment from my brother Jans' veterans who demand that the four kingdoms of the Remnant be distributed to at least 40 knights by kingdoms. My brother had no objection to giving them to his men so that he can support the four kingdoms. 40 for 4 kingdoms would be 160 paladins willing to defend and support the securities of their respective kingdoms. In the rest they decided to join Atlas but my 4 brothers and the last 10 paladins who maintained loyalty to my father did not abandon their work. Until my family's economy was crumbling into bankruptcy, they had no other options; their only option in raising again is working with the Schnee company where Jacque, Weiss's father hired my four brothers and the ten paladins to be escorts and defenders of the crystal mines. That includes me where Jacque hires me to be Weiss's bodyguard accompanying her from the 10-year-old preteen school but it is a prestigious school. Since he finds out that I have a friendship with his daughter. He started giving me piano music classes so that I could be the pianist and that I could accompany Weiss in the opera theater where she sang her song, 'he explained mentally while Ray was playing the piano with the calm melody.

Ray was 12 years old and had the black suit, his gaze is relaxing.

"Well ... that was good ..." The black-haired teacher said. "Keep practicing. Because surely this play will turn out well ..." said the teacher smiling.

"Thanks ..." Ray said giving the teacher a smile. "Well, I'm going to train ..." Ray gets up from his seat and goes to the training room where there are swords. "practicing more fencing ..." Ray said swinging the sword horizontally.

"Hey Ray!" Yells a familiar voice. Ray looks back and finds Weiss holding her rapier. "I challenge you to a sword duel .." Weiss raises her rapier aiming at Ray.

"You really don't give up, I guess we'll take it as a revenge ..." Ray said showing the smug smile and raising his hand sword.

"Go ahead!" Weiss yells before swooping down to strike him with her rapier at Ray who lifts him up and covers his shield.


"Raaar!" he yells raising her shield to shove Weiss. "On guard!" he shouts starting the attack raising his sword towards Weiss.

Weiss lifts his rapier covering and pulls back and creates a two seal by launching two ice shells at Ray, he dodges running and runs lashing at Weiss.

Weiss lunges at Ray and they collide between their edges and he pushes himself with effort.

'girl, have you trained ..." Ray said mockingly. Weiss lets go of her rapier and starts to turn around grabbing rapier again and hitting him in the chest causing him to pull back from the impulse. "Ouch ..." He said quietly.

"Hehe ..." Weiss laughed and again lunges and changes its edge to fire.

"Whoa whoa!" Ray raises his shield and covers the flare. "My turn!" Ray screams, kicking his foot up to the floor, creating a tremor so Weiss staggers. Ray moves his sword in vertical speed towards Weiss.

She spins backwards, flipping. "Good bump and good shaking you caused Ray ..." Weiss fixes her hair.

"Are your underwear white?" Ray said smiling causing Weiss to blush and clutches her skirt embarrassingly.

"Did you see it !?" Weiss yells embarrassed. Ray lunges forward and raises his shield to hit her with a push.

"Well this time g-

"* Snif ... *" Weiss cries silently. "You are a cheater..."

"Weiss I'm sorry ..." Ray was going to apologize but Weiss moved him leg causing Ray to trip and fall onto his back. Ray was going to get up but Weiss lowers her rapier aiming at the neck.

"I win!" Cries Weiss victoriously.

"Hey that's cheating ..." Ray said looking at Weiss.

"Don't tell me, you used the same tactic to make me let my guard down. It was a good fight .." Weiss said reaching down to help raise Ray.

"I think the same ..." When Ray was going to grab hold of Weiss's hand.

"Hey a question how did you get the strength?" Weiss asked curious about Ray's strength.

"It's my semblance ..." Ray said moving his leg slightly. "I only put my strength in my legs to keep from falling since you hit my shield. It's like to get firm. When you pretended to cry. I turned off my profile and you took me off guard ..."

"Hmm why didn't you try to use force in your attacks ..."

"I still couldn't develop that ... since I at least put the semblance in my hand to hit someone ..." Ray said clenching his fist and hitting the punching bag that bounces repeatedly.

"Wow ... but can you bear damage?"

"That never happens that part ... when I wear an armor it is difficult for me to move it ..." Ray said remembering the last time he used the torso armor in training. "I have to improve more ..."

"You are training so you can help your four brothers in my father's work ..." Weiss said looking at Ray.

"Yes. Since my brothers are dedicated to defending the hands of works what extract the crystals .." Ray said seriously.

"Why don't you join Atlas?" Asks Weiss.

"No ... since my purpose is to become a paladin or huntsman ..." Ray said thinking about his future.

"There are differences between being a hunter and paladins ..." Weiss commented.

"Hmm I remember huntmans traveling in other parts of the remnant continents for reconnaissance, protection, purgatory missions from the Grimms and also other peace missions ..." Ray said recalling the teacher's other lessons on characteristics of the hunters "With those of the paladins they are like protective types of the kingdoms and also protecting the villages. Supporting with the military and security ..."

"Hmm well I might as well be a huntsman.." Weiss said smiling. "Since ever since you defended me from those brats who were using me ..."

"Ah I remember ... what a beautiful memory, i kicking butt of brats..." Ray said smiling nostalgically.

"But you went over the limits ..." Weiss said with a frown.

"They asked for it ..." Ray said shrugging his shoulders no matter what. "Although Weiss you want to be a Huntstress like your sister Winter ..." Ray said looking at Weiss.

"Exactly. I want to continue to increase the reputation of the Schnee by demonstrating that we can be hunters ..." Weiss said, firm her chest with expression is determined.

"Weiss, did you ever want to forge your own path?" Ray said seriously.

"I do know that my path is to get everyone to recognize my last name and also my Schnee gifts .." Weiss said proudly.

"Yes ... but I can tell you something. Don't stick to your father's fortune ..." Ray said seriously.

"Why?" Weiss said raising his eyebrow.

"My family is almost bankrupt at the moment my four brothers are working: protecting the mining industry from the crystals. So don't depend too much on your father ... depend on yourself ..." Ray said looking at Weiss.

"Well ... I'll take that into account ..." Weiss said and look at his scroll "Look at the time I think it's time for me to go ... see you on Friday when we play our first work ..." Weiss said smiling.

"Let me escort you to the limo ..." Ray said following Weiss towards the door where they open revealing the sunlight.

2 years later.

Grand Theater of Atlas.

Ray played the piano calmly while Weiss sang his song to the audience.

Ray looks at Weiss who was singing angelicly. Ray put on a small smile and follows the rhythm of the voice playing the piano.

Among the spectators who were sitting in their seats.

"That Schnee has an angelic voice ..." The man said looking at Weiss singing.

"Yes ... since the pianist plays very well ..." The woman said looking at Ray playing the piano.

"I wonder if the two of them are dating?" Said a teenager looking at the duals.

"That pianist have a girlfriend?" Said a teenager.

When Ray and Weiss finish the play. Viewers enthusiastically applaud in praise of Weiss's song.

Ray and Weiss lower their heads bowing before the viewers.

10 minutes later.

"Well done!" Eri shouts hugging Ray and Weiss "You looked better!"

"If we continue in this work for two years ..." Ray said with an annoyed tone.

"At least I want to see your smile ... Ray" Eri said smiling.

Ray forces the smile "Is this better?" He said smiling with a lot of effort. Weiss and Eri laugh out loud about Ray's smile.

'During those two years, the first year, my brother Jans finally married the maid Eri, she was crying with joy over my parents' approval. Eri hugged me tightly with joy until I ran out of oxygen. Weiss and I formed a dual band singing in the play. In atlas they tell me the rebel pianist, since my hairstyle was changed to the back hairstyle. I have my square dark blue glasses. The second year. I was able to develop sword fencing and also ways to fight against the Grimms. As for the other brothers, they were able to collect the necessary money to recover the investment and earn money for the security work. my father and mother started from scratch as Atlas farmers. Well, I decided to go to Beacon, I have two years left. I just had to graduate from the current academy that I am attending with Weiss. In the academy, good is still the same but until ... "

A week later.

"I like you,.." said a 14-year-old girl.

"Sorry ..." Ray said dryly.

"I understand ..." said the young woman in a sad expression. "I see that you like someone ..." The girl commented.

"I ... I don't have any girl in my mind ..." Ray said looking at the young woman.

"It's Weiss Schnee ..."

"What ?!" Ray yells in amazement. "Weiss like me ..?." He said little surprised. 'Above is less. I am 40 years old, Weiss is 14 years old. I don't feel like going out with the girls ... 'He said mentally.

"So you don't have someone you like. Does that mean I have a chance?" Said the young woman with eyes of hope.

"Uh ... no need ..." Ray said trying to calm her down.

"Don't worry, I will make your heart beat when you see me. I will make a great effort to be your ideal girlfriend ..." she said determinedly and she starts to run "See you Raymonk!" She shouts saying goodbye.

"Hahahah ..." A voice laughed out loud. Ray looks back where Weiss is laughing. "Really, this time a girl doesn't give up ..."

"Shut up .. and aside you can stop spying on me when I get the love confession letter ..." Ray frowns at Weiss.

"Well, it's those years. I console the girls that you reject many who confess their feelings to you, really you never had a heartbeat ..?" Weiss said with little concern.

"Well..generally to confess first had to meet each other between the two young men and decide if they are compatible in starting a dating relationship ... I receive a letter from some strangers and they only ask me to leave because of my almost rebellious appearance ..." Ray said slightly annoyed and looks at the sky.

"Know each other better ...?" Weiss said quietly and blushed a little and had something in her pocket that was a letter. "Ray there is something I must tell you ..." She said shyly.

"What's going on?" Ray said looking at Weiss.



The Scroll rang an incoming call that is from Ray. The brunette pulls out his Scroll "Excuse me ... Hi Mom ..." Ray said with a confused face and when he suddenly changed into shock "What?" He said in horror. "No ... no ... since when was it ..."

"Ray what's going on?" Weiss said worried. Ray looks at Weiss.

"Mom, I'll call you in two hours ... I'll find out myself ..." Ray said angrily. "Shit!" He screams running.

"Ray wait!" Weiss yells. Ray runs to the school exit and picks up the bike he recently parked for a student.

"Lend me your bike!" Ray yells stealing the bike and he starts pedaling quickly towards the street where there were cars driving.

"Ray!" Weiss yells worried and takes out her Scroll and dials Ray's maid number. "Eri ... Ray ran away what's going on ..."

"* Sob * ... don't talk to me ... it was all ..." Eri's voice was crying incessantly and she said something that her eyes widened with horror.


As for Ray, he dodged the cars driving the bicycle and takes out his Scroll and dials the personal number that is Jacque Schnee's. "Let's answer me!" He yells angrily.

[Hello, sorry the number you dialed is not available ... call later]

"Shit!" Ray yells angrily and continues to ride the stolen bicycle.

45 minutes later.

In the Schnee company.

An employer received a package listing the Dustersts' belongings. "I see ... but how shall we tell him ..." He said concerned talking on the phone.

[Don't say anything about this ...]

"Okay, sir ..." The employer hangs up the phone and he hear the steps.

"Where's that son of a bitch!" Shouts a familiar voice that is Raymonk Dusterst's last son.

"Oh my ..." The Employer looks back where the door is broken by a strong kick. "Ray ... what's wrong ?!"

"You, what the hell happened in the mine!" Ray shouts, grabbing him by the shirt collar. "TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" He yells in anger.

"Everything went wrong the defense ..." The employer said fearfully.

"WHY, HOW MY BROTHERS DIED IN THE MINE!" Ray yells angrily. The Employer did not want to say anything.

"Ray calm down ... I don't know what happened ... we can talk calmly ..." The employer said trying to calm Ray down. Ray twists his employer's finger sounding the sound of bones.

"Ahhhhhh!" Shouts the employer in pain.

"How did they die ?!" Ray shouts asking.

"An accident ..." He said painfully.

"It's a lie!" Ray yells angrily. "Tell me the truth!" He yells before breaking another finger.

"Ahhhhhh!" He screams in pain. "They were attacked ... by Grimms' horde ..." He said in pain.

"How did that happen ?!" Ray shouts insisting on the answer.

"The hands of works ... were evacuated ... gathering crystals and powders ..." He said with pain. "The 14 paladins ... defend them on Schnee's order ..."

"Why did they defend them!" Ray yells angrily. "They didn't send reinforcements!"

"The reinforcements were protecting the goods on Schnee's property .." He said fearfully.

"They let them die!" Ray releases the employer moaning in pain from his two broken fingers. "Shit!" He yells cursing. "Where the fuck is Jacque at ?!"

"I'm not going to tell you ..." The employer said painfully. Ray kicks his abdomen hard with his knee. "Gaaah!" He screams in pain and falls to his knee.

"Where's Jacque!" Ray yells angrily.

"In the office ..." The employer said painfully. Ray leaves the mining employer's office, picks up the phone "Call security we have a hostile civilian intent on doing something to Jacque Schnee ..."

Ray goes up the elevator and selects to the top floor. Ray was furious that Schnee's order was to protect the goods by using the last 14 knights as bait for the Grimms' horde. When he reaches the top floor. He exits the elevator, meeting two male security officers.

"Young man, you better stop ..." The first man said with an authoritative tone.

"Let me through ..." Ray said with venom and hatred.

"You better come with us to the exit ..." Said the second man where he grabs the shoulder.

Ray furiously grabs the second man's hand and presses down hard making the second moan in pain as he kneels down. The first man punches him in the front face.



The First Man groans a little pain that his fist was a little sore and looks again at Ray who had a furious face and had glasses broken from the blow. Ray raises his free hand towards the first man striking the abdomen.


"Gaaah!" He screams in pain and backs away. Ray looks at the second who is kneeling and knees him in the face as he falls to the ground. His nose is bleeding.

"Freeze!" Shouts a male voice where Ray looks back where there is a group of five men but wearing a bulletproof vest and put on in helmets. There are two person with stun batons that emitted electric rays, and three people with shields provided and have batons.

"Don't move ... please don't do any more hostile actions ..." said a man who had his cane ready. The other two securities surround Ray.

"Raise your hands and come with us to the exit ..."

"Get my hands up?" Ray said raising his left eyebrow.

"Yes ..." said the security officer with authority.

"Before that ..." Ray said looking back where the other security wanted to lift his stick but Ray grabs his arm and stretches it with a head butt and throws it towards the wall. "I need that ..." He said raising his hand open where the cane lands in the hand.

"Get him!" Shouts security, ordering the others to lunge at him.

"Let's dance ..." Ray said showing a smug smile.

The first safety hits Ray but he defends himself with his electric baton and responds by counterattacking towards the neck, stunning him, and he lunges, raising his elbow to the face that falls to his knee screaming in pain.

Shield security lunges using his shield to hit him but Ray backs away to avoid the hit. Ray begins to grab the body and grabs the one on his knee moaning in pain from his face and pushes him towards the squire to distract him. Ray lunges, taking advantage of the squire lowering his guard, running over the shield and pushing him with his leg impulse so that he falls and releases his shield.

When the man dropped his shield when he fell. Ray snatches the shield and strikes it with the edge towards the abdomen leaving without air.

The last three men regroup. There were only two squires and a single baton guardian.

"Well who's next?" Ray said smiling.


The bullet ricocheted off the baton. Ray looks back where there is a three Atlas soldiers equipped with real weapons.

"Raymonk Dusterst ... put your hands behind your neck ..."

"Better eliminate him ..." said a familiar voice. Ray and the securities look at an important man in the company. Ray frowns at the person who is responsible for the deaths of his brothers, Jacque Schnee.

"You ... son of a bitch ..."

"It's not personal Raymonk ... pull the trigger ..." Jacque said seriously. The three soldiers were ready to fire. Until...

"Stop!" Weiss yells. The three soldiers look at Weiss who stood in front of them and was turning her back on Ray as if she was blocking the firing line.

"Daughter move away ..." Jacque said ordering her daughter.

"No ... I don't want Ray hurt. I know what really happened ... I'll take care ..." Weiss said seriously and looks at Ray. "Ray control yourself ..."

"No ... not until you tell me, why?" Ray said with a frown and a tear fell slowly. "Why did you let my brothers become bait for Grimns ... why security didn't support or help my brothers ..." Ray said angrily.

"You think that a group of people of little value are going to pay more than dust that are worth thousands in Liens ... I don't think so ... So now we have a large amount of income thanks to their sacrifices ..." said the father Weiss calmly

Ray frowns and clenches his fist. "You ... are ... a great scum I've ever met ..." He said with poison. The three soldiers raise their weapons at Ray.

Weiss was shocked at her father's statement and looks at Ray who kept his eyes furious. Ray clenches his teeth and releases the staff and shield. Ray was going to walk to the door where he came from.

"Ray ..." Weiss was going to stop Ray.


Ray slaps Weiss's hand. "Don't touch me, don't speak your words to me again. You guys are real infamous. I hope all your progress goes bankrupt and that you rot in the pigsty, you fucking Scheen!" He yells walking towards the elevator.

"Well ... downstairs the paperwork awaits you to give you the objects of the workers ..." Jacque said as she returned to her office.

Weiss was shocked. When she was going to chase him, Jacque stops him by grabbing his arm.

"Leave it ... no need .." Jacque said seriously. Weiss gets a little pissed off and stretches out her arm and runs to the elevator to chase after Ray who entered the first elevator. Weiss enters through the second elevator.

As for Ray who is inside the elevator he started screaming releasing his negative emotional charge. After 5 minutes

When he reaches the ground floor, he goes to the administration room where a woman who is at a table with a somewhat large box "young Raymonk ... Here is the last of those men" said the manager

Ray grabs the big box and goes to the exit. Ray was crying incessantly as he cursed the Scheens while he was out taking public transportation.

"Come on brother you have to be strong because one day I will not be able to protect you!" The older brother's voice echoed

Ray falls to his knee. "You ..." he said crying silently. Weiss was at the entrance looking at Ray.

"You know ... someday you should prepare like us! Be a good paladin Dustert! You shouldn't cry ..." it echoed again

Ray wipes the tears away and stands up. "I failed once in Dubai ... but this life I will not lower my head ... I will continue on my way ... I swear I will not disappoint them .." Ray gets up and carries the big box but looks at Weiss and frowns. . "Bye..."

"Stop!" Weiss said trying to stop him. Ray keeps walking and goes up the public transport. Weiss was running but stumbles falling to the ground. "Ray ... please ... don't leave me ..." Weiss's eyes welled up. "Sorry..."

A week later.In Atlas cemetery

There were many people in black suits who are the relatives of the ten deceased paladins and even there is Eri, Jerico, Kenna and Ray who stand on either side of the fourteen holes.

"Mom ... why they burried my daddy?" Said a girl looking at the hole "He should be working ..."

"Daughter ..." The mother said crying and hugging her daughter.

"They shouldn't bury him. Papa has a lot of work to do!" The girl screams. "Daddy!"

Ray looks at the floor and purses his lips in remorse as he listens to the girl's screams.

Three hours later.

"Jans ... you told me that it would be your right hand along with our three brothers and together to create us the brigade again ..." Ray said seriously looking at his brother's grave.

"Ray ..." said a voice. Ray looks back to meet his sister-in-law Eri. "Look ... I cleaned your brother Jans' helmet ..." Eri said smiling.

Ray looks at Eri's smile that she pretends to be smiling. "Eri ... no need ... smile ..." Ray said looking down at the ground.

"Yes, you're right ... we lost all of our loved ones ... and I lost my husband Jans ..." Eri said crying silently. Ray grabs his late brother's helmet.

Ray begins to wear. "It's enough for me ..." He said quietly. "Is it raining?" He asks his sister-in-law.

"No ..." Eri said sadly and look where Ray looks at the sky along with the helmet on. Where a tear fell sliding down the bare neck. Eri hugs Ray to share that sad moment.

Four days later.

Ray packs his things. And see Eri who was also carrying the suitcase. "Eri you don't need to come with me ..." Ray said smiling sadly.

"No ... I will leave the house, I will go to Mistral ... I will live in my mother's house and that of my brothers. They could help me take care of my loved one ..." Eri said with a sad expression .

"Your loved one ... don't tell me you're ..." Ray knew what she had.

"It was the gift from Jans that we made a lot of efforts to expand the family. So that left me in charge ... Ray, the family grows slowly .." Eri said stroking her abdomen. "You will soon be Uncle ... her only Uncle ..." Eri said smiling sadly.

"Eri ... congratulations ..." Ray starts to smile too but he was bad inside. They both hug each other.

Ray accompanies Eri to take a taxi to go to the station. As for Ray, he had a chat with his father.

"Father, I'm going to Nirhthen ..." Ray said seriously in front of his serious father.

"Why would you go to Nirhthen?"

"There is something I must complete ..."

"Is it Jans's will?" Said the father looking at Ray.

"Yes ... it is my duty to go ..." Ray said seriously. The father gets up from the chair and goes to the shelf where there was a strange shield and takes it out. Its shield shape has blue trim. It has a large pointed tip as a spear type.

"I'm going to give you that ..." Jerico said seriously.

"A shield?" Ray said looking at the large shield.

"It is a shield at the moment but it has another way ..." Jerico said where he activates his shield transforming into a long sword.

"I call it Rebellion Dustert.. where you can use it to attack in heavy damage and in minimal defense ... when you switch to shield, you can have high defense and also drill mode ... I also want to inherit this from you ..." He said before From his sword he becomes a shield and goes to the same shelf and takes out a small briefcase. "That is the Revolver Halcon ... it has five slots ... you can use it when you are in shield mode ..." Jerico said seriously and Ray gives it to him. "This will be your companions during your adventures and the remains of your life ..."

"Okay father ... thanks for everything ... I'll be back when the will is over ..." Ray said bowing.

"You are free to forge your way ..." Jerico said smiling. "I have faith that you will find something interesting in the future ..."

"I will ..." Ray said smiling. After Ray said goodbye to his father and also his mother. When he reaches the outer entrance he meets a person at an unexpected moment.

"Weiss?" Ray said when he saw Weiss who had a sad look.

"I listen to Eri that you are leaving Atlas ... somewhere else ..." Weiss said in a broken voice.


"Where?" Weiss said approaching Ray.

"That does not concern you ..." Ray said seriously passing by.

"Stop!" Weiss yells "I want to go with you!"

"No ... I don't want you to go ..." Ray said seriously and kept walking.

"Please!" Yells Weiss hugging Ray back. "Please I don't want my best friend to leave ... and get away from me ..." Weiss starts crying. Ray looks back where he saw Weiss cry.

"Weiss ... I appreciate you being my friend ..." Ray said hugging Weiss.

Weiss was shocked and suddenly returned a hug hugging Ray. "Ray ... I ..." Weiss was going to say something but Ray interrupts her.

"Sorry ..." Ray said with a serious face. He raises his hand to Weiss's nape.


Weiss's eyes went blank losing consciousness and she fell into Ray's arms. "Don't follow me ..." Ray said seriously and he carried her in a bridal style and left her at his front door. Ray walks out of the house and when he last looks at Weiss unconscious. "Goodbye..."

Four days later.

Argus City.

Ray lowers the boat stepping on the port of Argus, when he reaches the area where there are many tourists gathering acquaintances. Ray finds a man who has the sign saying.

[PALAD├ŹNS DUSTERTS: Nirhthen Village]

"Hello good afternoon ..." Ray said smiling approaching the man.

"Ah you guys are from the Dusterst family!" The man shouts happily and looks around. "Where's the others?" Finding the other paladins.

"Ah ... that ... sir I'm afraid I'm the only one left .." Ray said with a sad expression. "The only ones died in the mine of that damn Schnee company ..."

"Oh god how I'm sorry ... but why are you here ..." said the worried man.

"I come to complete the will is to stay in Nirhthen. It is to train the youth of the village to learn to defend themselves and I will protect them all ..."

"Oh god you will have to convince my inhabitants ..." Said the lord concerned.

"Take it easy, have faith in me ..." Ray said smiling.

4 hours later.

The chariot arrives at Nirhthen village where there are 100 people waiting for the Dusterst paladins to welcome but a young Dusterst paladin came. All the inhabitants were shocked about it.

"What the hell does that mean ?!" yells a man yelling at the mayor.

"How can we defend ourselves against the Grimms!" Someone else yells.

"Only one Paladin came!" Shouts a woman.

"Where's the other paladins!" Someone else yells.

All the people are complaining about the mayor, the mayor was going to say but Ray interrupts him with the gesture in his hand. Ray approaches, stopping in front of the people who were still complaining, he pulls out his Magnum Halcon and lifts himself up.


The shooting silences the voices. "I'm the reinforcement!" Ray shouts with authority. "My name is Raymomk Dusterst, I come to fulfill my late brother's will; I know I have given you a disappointment that you thought the Dusterst paladins came in a group of 20 ... they all left. I am the only one Paladin Dusterst left. My purpose is to protect that village and start training the young volunteers who are willing to become strong advocates. I will be the leader of security! "Ray shouts authoritatively and looks at Mayor. "Mayor, what is my place to sleep as a barracks type?"

"Good. is that..."

15 minutes later.

Ray and the Mayor look at a three-story building that is a New York-style pigsty as if they were living gangster gangs.

"What the hell is it?" Ray said, frowning and looking at the graffiti he was saying.

* The Nirh-Stars! *

"It is that a group of young people of 18 years and 14 are delinquent youth group ... but they are the ones who defend ... but at the same time they are egomaniacs ..."

"Ah ... how many are there?" Ray said with a frown.

"They are like 10 ..."

"Well time to start discipline ..." Ray walks to the door and kicks. "Hello!" Ray shouts out loud and a group of 14 and 18 year olds is found.

"Wow wow look who we have here ..." Said a female voice. Ray looks up where there is a ladder that there is a 16-year-old woman with red hair and has a ponytail. "How dare you kick the door?" The woman was wearing a small leather vest and was wearing shorts and has a star tattoo on her left cheek.

"Should you be the leader of that gang?" Ray said seriously and looks back where the mayor started to worry and sweat.

"Daughter, are you still rebellious ?!" shouts the Mayor. Ray looks at the mayor's daughter.

"With a daughter revealing her own father," Ray said, rolling his eyes, "Mr. Mayor, am I allowed to discipline those criminals and even your daughter?" He asks the mayor.

"Yes. You have the permission now ..." said the Mayor.

The red-haired girl jumps off the ladder and pulls out a steel cane and smirks. "My father brought in a young Sheriff..that boy looks cute ..." she said smiling.

Ray undoes his shield and takes off his blue glasses. They put themselves in a fighting position "Come hit me ..." Ray said seriously.

"Gladly!" The red-haired woman lunges for Ray and raises her cane. Ray raises his arm covering himself. "This time you are going to break your arm bones!" She yells before her steel staff hit her arm.


"Hehehe ..." The woman laughed softly but until Ray was intact and had a serious expression.

"My turn ..." Ray grabbing the cane with his bare hand and snatching it tight so that she lets go of the cane. He breaks the staff by splitting half.


"Ah my cane!" The woman screams.

"Enough of children's games ..."


The woman punches him in the face that he did not flinch from the damage.

"It hurts!" The woman screams, shaking her hurt hand. "What are you a robot ?!"

Ray rubs his forehead where the blow that did not affect him. "You have weak hands ... so young lady you can stop that childish game ..."

"Tch ... Marvin and Kooler attack!" The woman shouts, pulling back, ordering the two twins.

"Boi!" The two twins yell. The two had the same hairs and have different clothes but their weapons are those of sharp climbers.

"Okay ... let's play heads or tails ..." Ray said stretching his neck. The twins pounces on Ray.

"Here!" They yell raising their weapons at Ray where he grabs his shield again and throws it at them. The two dodge the shield. "You failed!" They yell at the same time looking at Ray where he lunges using his arms and hits them by knocking them to the ground.


"What ?!" the shocked woman yells.

"Basic rule; don't sing victories before glory ..." Ray said seriously and looks at the other criminals who were about to flee. "Wait a minute ... now I know your faces. So you will be my volunteers and my students ..." Ray said smiling showing the sharp fangs.


Two hours later.

The Mayor was surprised that 10 criminals are kneeling before the Young Paladin

"From now. all you can call me Steel-Man!" Ray shouts authoritatively. "And I want you all to clean the barracks. Marvin, Kooler and the red girl will be the ones to follow me in my training. And the remains clean the barracks!" Ray shouts in a voice. "Did you understand?'

Some hooligans didn't want to listen but Ray lifts his chest. "I TOLD ALL YOU. DID YOU UNDERSTAND!" He shouts out loud, scaring offenders.

"Yes Mister Steel-Man!" Yells the frightened young criminals. Ray looks at the three that would be the gangsters' heads.

"Well now you guys are going to have a very special task hehehe ..." Ray laughed evilly.

The next day.

The three young men dig the trenches around the village. "Hey why are we digging trenches!" Marvin yells complaining and is a little tired.

"My nails!" Shouts the redhead girl. "I'm going to complain to my father!"

"Go ahead and then I'll have your father listen to that recording ..." Ray said he's sitting down taking lemon and he raises the recorder playing.

[Hi, I'm Yuko ...] Yuko's voice changes to Ray's voice [i steal my dad's expensive liquor]

I didn't steal my dad's expensive liquor! "Yuko yells angrily.

Ray picks up another tape recorder he had in his other hand and turns on the first tape recorder [Hi, I'm Yuko] and turns on the second [i steal my dad's expensive liquor!] It was the same voice as Yuko.

"Heck!" Yuko yells angrily and goes back to work.

8 hours later.

Yuko and the twins were very tired due to digging a large trenches around the Nirhthen village.

"Well done garbage bags. Go rest in this three tents ..." Ray said pointing to where the three tents are.

"Ah why!" Shouts the three young men.

"Tomorrow you will collect the trees so we can create walls around the village ..." Ray said grumpily.

"And if not!" Shouts the three young criminals against Ray.

"I am going to punish them slowly and painfully so that they respect me!" Ray shouts, pulling out his shield and transforming into a long sword. "I'm going to cut your hair until you're bald, capici!"

Yuko, Marvin, Kooler pale. "Capici!" They run to the tents. Ray sighs and sits on the chair in front of the forest. "Where are Grimms ..." He said quietly and drinks coffee.

The next day.

Yuko, Marvin, and Kooler were cutting down the trees and gathering logs to build the barricade. Ray was standing guarding the forest.

"Hey why is that brat looking at the forest?" Said Marvin looking at Ray.

"I think he is waiting for someone?" Kooler replied.

"Hmmp ... If there are to be more Paladins ... this will become hell for us ..." Yuko growls annoyed.

"I'm the only Paladin left ..." Ray replied seriously as he looked at the forest. .

"Why do you want us to build the log wall out of wood?" Yuko said annoyed.

"You will see it ... when the time comes ..." Ray said seriously.

One month after.

Yuko, Marvin, Kooler spent their time building the log walls around the village. Ray was outside guarding the forest where he is at the entrance of the village.

"What the fuck is wrong with him?" Yuko said annoyed. "Since I met him he is very irritable ..." Yuko said looking at Ray where she looks down at his butt. "The worst thing of all his butt is very sensual and face is rich ...". "

"He is younger ..." Said the woman who is sitting with Yuko. "You are 16 and he is 14 ..."

"Crazy Shota ..." The twins said mockingly.

"Hey, don't make fun of me!" Yuko yells angrily and gets up from her seat and heads towards the forest, when Ray notices Yuko going to the forest.

"Hey, where are you going?" Ray asks.

"What do you care!" Yuko yells.

"Come back in 10 minutes ..." Ray said seriously. Yuko growls annoyed.

In the woods.

Yuko did the feminine needs in the forest. She ends her needs and walks through the woods. "That damn brat stole my empire ... I was the strong one ..." Yuko said annoyed thinking of Ray's face that he is smiling smugly. "When I train I will make him regret ..." she was walking angrily when she heard the noise. "Hmm?" Look back.

She hears the grunts. She worries and takes out her personal weapon. "Well ... come on ... who's there ... if it's the Grimm Wolves. That I can handle ... I'm the one who defended ..." she said looking around for the source of the sound.

The sounds of the grunts grew louder causing Yuko to get nervous and but she remained on guard until someone approached her side where Yuko looks to the side where a Grimm Wolves appears jumping on top of her.

She raises her cane, stabbing him in the lower abdomen. "Hahaha see if I can fight that easy!"

"Roar!" A roar breaks loose causing Yuko to look behind where there are four Grimms but they are not the Wolves, they are the minor Ursas. They closely resemble Beowolf, with black fur and bone spines on their back and arms, as well as white bone-shaped masks with red accents, but they are much larger and more robust.

Yuko gets into a fighting position and begins to fight the Ursa.

Where Ray.

Ray raises his watch, seeing that ten minutes have passed since she left for the woods. "Shit. where is Yuko ..." He said cursing. A woman approaches Ray.

"Mister Steel-Man, there is something you should know about Yuko and also about the forest ..."

"What is it?" Ray said seriously. The woman answers something that Ray made a shocked face upon hearing what he said.

"She doesn't know how to fight the Ursas. The forest there are some Ursa hanging around ..."

Returning to Yuko.

Yuko was wounded in her arm and is running away from the four Ursa.

"For the Oum ... I shouldn't have fought alone ... I'm a fool ..." Yuko said, moaning in pain covering the wound and kept running until she turned around thinking it would be the village but found the huge rock. "Dead end!" she yells before stopping and looking back at where the four Ursa walk growling, showing their fangs letting out the saliva of hunger. "Help me ..." she said fearfully. The first Ursa was going to raise its claw but something came out of nowhere


Something cut off the upper head of the Ursa's head. Yuko was surprised but on the ground there was a familiar object that is nailed to the ground. It is Ray's shield.

"Do you need help?" Said a familiar voice. Yuko looks back where Ray is standing on top of the huge rock. "I see that ten minutes passed. And you met new friends ..." Ray said before getting off the big rock and landing on Yuko's side. "Stay behind my back. Look at the reason why I'm here ..." Ray said approaching his stagnant shield on the ground and pulling it out. "Let's dance ..." Ray said smiling before putting himself in a fighting position.

The second Ursa lets out the roar before pouncing towards Ray where he lunges using his shield as a blunt weapon striking the abdomen causing the Ursa to pull back and then Ray raises his right hand that had the steel gauntlet where it hits his muzzle breaking sharp teeth. Ray raises his shield and pierces it with the steel point piercing the eye.

The third Ursa lunges where Ray leaves his shield where he begins to walk towards the Ursa. The Ursa raises its claw moving upright where Ray dodges and begins to kick hard on the leg causing the thick leg to break causing the Ursa to drop to his knee. Ray raises both hands and destroys the skull with his forces from both fists.

The last Ursa begins to extend its claws. Ray brings his shield closer and switches it to mode: longsword.

The Ursa lunges towards Ray where he runs with the sword. Both raise their respective weapons where they descend.


Ray transfers from Ursa. The Ursa stood still where her half body fell and disappeared into ashes.

Yuko was shocked where Ray killed the four Ursas. "how did you do that?"

"It was my skill of fights ..."

"No paladin would use his bare hands ..." Yuko said in surprise.

"It's my way of fighting ... breaking ... hitting ... and also finishing ..." Djio Ray seriously where his sword transforms into his shield and takes out his Magnum and points at Yuko.

"What are you doing?" Yuko said scared seeing that Ray had the Magnum.


"Kyaaa!" Yuko closes her eyes but for three seconds opens her eyes again. "Why did you want to shoot me!"

"I wasn't aiming at you ... I was aiming at this ..." Ray said pointing behind Yuko where she turns to find a Grim Beowulf who is dead. "Oh and I can also shoot with this ..." He said showing his Magnum.

"That's the reason. Defend the village ..."

"And also train your ex-subjects. Because someday something may happen to me. Someone will have to protect the village ..." Ray looking at Yuko. "You are going to help me establish the order ..."

Yuko is shocked looking at Ray. She starts to drop to her knee and she looks at Ray. "Yes Mister Steel-Man ..."

Two years later.

'I was living in that village for two years. Yuko became my right hand and my apprentice. The remnants of the gangs became my subjects where they respect me about my discipline. The villagers are amazed that in about five months the 20 youths become soldiers ready to listen to my orders. There were some interested in joining my squad. I myself trained the 20 entrants while the trainees looked after the village. Everyone called me my old codename called Steel-Man. The mayor gave me an acknowledgment where the villagers are glad that I established the security order. Until one day ...

Ray was sitting at his desk looking at the papers of the 10 entrants who turned fourteen. Yuko enters her office.

"Steel-Man. Someone wants to see you ..." Yuko said in a serious tone.

"Is it important ...?" Ray asks looking at the papers.

"He's Beacon's director ..." Yuko said causing Ray to stop seeing the papers.

"Let him in ..." Ray said ordering Yuko to gesture to someone by letting in a white-haired man with green glasses.

"Thank you for letting me in, Mr. Dusterts ..." The man shows a kind expression.

"Ozpin ... the director of Beacon ... What can I do for you? ..." Ray said seriously looking at Ozpin.

"I have heard many that you have created a large squad of youth to defend against the Grimms who approach the Nirhthen village. I am amazed that a 16 year old is a teacher or leader of the militiamen ..."

"That flatters me a lot ..." Ray said smiling. "What do you want?"

"Have you ever had an interest in entering my school ..."

"Yes ... I was had an interest ... but two years ago I lost my loved ones. Currently I am taking care of that village ..." Ray said seriously.

"Yes ... but you can't waste your talent ... there are other villages that need more hunters like you ..." Ozpin said calmly. "You will be able to expand your knowledge in finding out what it means to be a huntsman. Where is ..."

"Protecting those most in need ..." Ray said, finishing Opzin's sentence. "I already heard that ..."

"Raymonk you must not feel guilty about the deaths of your brothers ... they did not have a choice in protecting the hands of works ..." Ozpin said.

"How do you know?"

Ozpin pulls out a letter and shows it to Ray. "That is the message from your sister-in-law Eri. Eri explained what happened two years ago. I do not have the slightest certainty that Jans and the others died protecting the lives of people. An acquaintance of mine explained that they were the heroes for the Schnee mining hands ... they sacrificed themselves. They died for nothing ... "

Ray begins to cry slowly and dries up. "You just came to give me that?" He said showing the letter.

"No ... I came to fulfill your brother's will ..." Ozpin said pulling out his Scroll where he plays the audio.

[Hello. Ray ...]

"Jans?" Ray said opening his eyes.

[I guess that Ozpin came to see you huh ... that means that I died, since he tries to convince you to go to Beacon when I die. I know you are going to refuse in this where you must fulfill my will that is that you train those brats. I think this is the best time for me to grow up, Ray. Accept Ozpin's invitation. I don't want you to miss out. Do it for your good so that you can strengthen your mettle and fighting spirit so that you can protect the neediest and save lives ... live and good luck..]

The audio finishes playing. Ozpin looks at Ray who is looking at the ground that he was crying silently. "Since when was that?"

"It was three years ago ..." Ozpin said seriously and gets up from the seat. "Well. Do you agree?"

"Yes ... I will go to Beacon ..."

"Okay..in a week the school will start ..." Ozpin said marching towards the door. Yuko enters his office.

"Yuko ... gather the entire squad in the assembly ..." Ray said seriously.

Two hours later.

"Firm squad!" Yuko yells at the 39 youngs who stand firm looking at Ray who stands around his soldiers.

"I have news for you ... tomorrow I will leave the village ..." Ray said out loud. The 39 suddenly gasp at the answers. "I know it is very shocking for you but it is my duty to leave. Because I have to fulfill my goal which is to be a Hunstman... My position as leader will be left to Yuko, who will be in charge of the squadron that will take my place. All thanks for serving me ... "Ray said smiling.

The 39 sudden ones began to cry in silence but greet Ray. Yuko had a sad expression.

4 hours later.

Ray was packing his clothes and armor. He had the Scroll on where his travel ticket is scheduled.



Ray looks back where the door is knocking. When he opens the door, he reveals that Yuko is dressed in a red dress.

"Good evening Steel-Man ... or should I tell you Ray ..." Yuko said smiling.

"What's up Yuko?" Ray said seriously.

"I have come to drink with you ..." Yuko said showing the bottle of wine. "I come to toast ..."

"Okay come on ..." Ray said letting her pass as she entered his apartment.

"The two cups ...?" Yuko said smiling.

30 minutes later.

"Hahaha do you remember Marvin challenging you to duel many times ..." Yuko laughed out loud while Ray was drinking the wine.

"Yes ... I had no choice in accepting the exaggerated request of the boy ..."

"Hey, you're younger and I'm over 18!" Yuko yells, pointing a finger at Ray. "Have respect for your elders!" He bows looking at Ray.

Ray noticed that Yuko is drunk. "I think you drank too much ..." Ray said grabbing Yuko's glass as she pulls her hand away.

"It is sad that you are leaving ..." Yuko said sadly that she is drinking the glass of wine. "I will take care of our suddens..."

"I just have to go ... I know it's very hard ..." Ray said seriously and drinks the wine.

Yuko looks at Ray. "Hey before you go tomorrow ... did you ever get interested in a woman's body?"

Ray spits out the wine in his mouth upon hearing the comment. "What ?!" Ray yells in shock.

"Ah ... you're a virgin ... what a pretty face you make ..." Yuko taunts Ray.

"Shut up why that strange question!" Ray yells angrily.

"It's just that I have an interest ... mostly boys are like animals that want this ..." Yuko points to her curve. "this..." She points to her breasts. "And this ..." She said pointing to her lips.

Ray was little surprised. "Yuko you are fine ..?"

"Of course I'm fine!" Yuko yells throwing tantrums. "I am 100% sober!"

"Calm down!" Ray yells.

"Tch ... whatever ..." Yuko said sitting on the edge of the bed. Ray looks at his scroll seeing the time.

"I only have 7 hours left. Well you can go to sleep in my bed. I'll sleep on the couch..."

"Do you want to have sex with me?" Yuko said seriously.

"..." Ray was speechless and looked at Yuko. "Well you better go to sleep ..." Ray said seriously ignoring what he heard and went to the couch where Yuko grabs his hand.

"Just for tonight ..." Yuko stretches him making Ray lie on his back on the bed. "Let's make a memory so we don't forget ..." She is on top of Ray.

"Yuko ... you are drunk you need to calm down ..." Ray said seriously in an authoritative voice.

"You are the culprit ... you made me do that ... Raymonk I like you ..." Yuko said looking at Ray.

Ray was shocked that his apprentice has feelings for him. "Yuko ... I appreciate your feeling ... but I don't want to ruin it ... for me you are like a friend ..." Ray said seriously. Yuko begins to cry silently.

"I see ... I'm not your ideal woman ..." Yuko said smiling as her eyes cried.

"Yuko ... you are a beautiful woman. But you are strong. No wonder I trained you to take my place as leader ..." Ray wipes Yuko's tears.

"Yes ..." Yuko nods and looks at Ray. "Raymonk I'm sorry ..."

"Okay .. well you can put me down I think it's time to sleep ..."


"Huh?" Ray said opening his eyes looking where Yuko takes off her red dress revealing that she is wearing her dark red lingerie.

"I will take your virginity so that no woman takes it ... just enjoy this moment ..." Yuko said with lustful eyes. "Take it as a graduation ..."

"Yuko calm down ..." Ray was slightly nervous. Yuko lowers her face and kisses him on the neck.

"Let yourself go ...she said with lust.

"Ah ..." Ray covers his mouth to keep his voice from escaping. Yuko lowers her hand stroking his thigh. Ray already had enough. "Enough!" He yells before raising his hand to hit Yuko's nape.

"Oh why did you hit me!" Yuko yells as she raises her head.

"1 ... 2 ..." Ray counted the three seconds.

"You are a son of ..." Yuko falls onto Ray's chest. "Zzzzzzz ..." Yuko was knocked out. Ray had to make the effort to lift Yuko's body.

"Sorry ... that's not how it works ..." Ray said stroking Yuko's head. "Why do I feel like I'm betraying someone?" He said looking at the window seeing the destroyed moon.

The next morning.

"Thank you for taking care of us ..." The Mayor said smiling and shaking hands with Ray. "And thanks for training those youngs to take care of the village for us ..."

"We'll be in touch ... Yuko will take care of that group ... and thanks for being kind to me ..." Ray said smiling as well and looks at the villagers who are crying over Ray's departure. Ray looks at Yuko who is standing firm but she was crying. "Yuko ... take good care of our squad ... thanks for being my apprentice ..." Ray said approaching Yuko. She hugs Ray.

"Thank you for being the man who stole my heart ... I will make an effort to be the best leader ..." She said in a whisper.

"Okay ..." Ray replied smiling. The villagers and their abducts wave good-bye to Ray..

A week later.

In the Transportation of new entrants to Beacon.

Ray walked along with two long suitcases. He is dressed in a dark green suit and had dark blue glasses on. "Vale uh ..." Ray said admiring the scenery. "Watch out Beacon. Steel-Man will take the first step of a paladin ..." Ray said smiling and looking ahead where out of nowhere a piece of cake comes out approaching in slow motion. "A cake?"


"What the fuck?" Ray said in an annoyed tone where the cake hit the face and opens one eye looking at the only two people who are talking. A young man with black hair and a blond one who is kneeling.

"Oh god ..." said the surprised blonde next to a young woman in black clothes with a dark red tone.

"Who threw that cake at me?" Ray said in an annoyed tone.

The blonde and the young woman step back, leaving the black-haired young man to just look at the dizzy blonde. "Hey what did you think!" He yells slightly annoyed at the blonde.


"Hey ..." Ray said. "that cake is you?" He said pointing at her face that is full of cake.

"Ahh ..."

"He did it ..." The young woman said accusing him.

"It was an accident..."

"Accident?" Rsy said and wipes herself clean with the remains of the piece of cake "You are going to have a terrible accident ..." He said with a frown and clenched his fist.

"Wait ..." said a voice. Ray looks back at a gray-haired boy with a pointy hairstyle with a ponytail and a leather jacket and a black scarf displaying the skull sign. "It was an accident I saw everything ..."

"How?" Ray said looking at him.

"That boy went to vomit and pushed those three boys so he can vomit out of the ship .." explained the gray-haired teenager. Ray looks at the blond man who is kneeling and had a dizzy expression.

"Ah ... I see ... that child was responsible ..." Ray said raising his eyebrow at the boy with the black hair.

"Yes ... but he is bad about that he has travel problems ..." said the young man with the black hair and looks at the blonde. "First trip on the ship?"

"Hmm ..." The blonde nods his head.

"You see..."

"Well ... sorry for getting mad out of nowhere ... I know we've started off on the wrong foot ..." Ray said with a sigh to calm down.

"There is no problem..." Said the boy with the black hair in a calm tone. "By the way, I'm Martin ..."

"Raymonk Dusterst ... but you can call me Ray ..." Said seriously and leaves. "Excuse me..."

"Oh god ..." Martin sighs with relief. Ruby approaches Martin. "Thanks for defending me ..." He said looking at the pointy-haired boy.

"You're welcome ... that's what the comrades are for ..."

"Hey you're the boy from the bar of Junior!" Yells Yang recognizing the boy. "You are Frederic!"

"Ah Yang, good to see you ..." Frederic said smiling.

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