"We've got to figure out a way to get back to Askr." Alfonse questioned while adjusting his sword, looking around the Isle O' Hags as he and his fellow friends were stuck. "I think that bear and bird we saw might have known the way."

"You sure about that?" Anna responded while looking at all the merchandise she had stuffed within her armor. "I think we can handle being here just fine."

"Do you have to always think of profits whenever we come to different locations?" Sharena responded in disappointment upon scouting the land. "There's more to life than money!"

Watching this nearby were that fabulous furry and feathered duo as they were coming back from another jiggy collecting adventure, unaware of the Fire Emblem heroes present in their world.

"Why do I feel we're going to have our paths intertwine...?" Banjo questioned while rubbing his chin.

"Because it seems like it happens a lot in these crossovers." Kazooie squawked while flapping some excess feathers out of her. "I'm surprised there haven't been mods of us going through their world."