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This is a fanfiction, a work of fiction. It is an unofficial, non-canon alternate story based on Akira Amano's story "Katekyo Hitman Reborn" or JK Rowling's "Harry Potter". Most of the media - such as the images and video's used in this fanfiction - are from the web. Thus, most of them aren't mine (because I really, really can't draw) unless mentioned. To fit the story, images are also edited by a photo editor. So they aren't mine, just edited. P.s. I also ask that you do not copy my work and publish it onto any other website (I jump around on a lot of fanfiction websites...)

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I don't have your email, so here are your answers:

(Q) Will James Potter get over Lily Evans due to Lily having a boyfriend?Will he get another love interest because as you write him he seems a little mature.

(A) Right now I plan to write him as immature. And yes, I do plan to let him grow up. And let me tell you, oh, boy, do I have a definite pairing in mind for him.

(Q) My pairing idea is to have James paired with Luce even though Luce might be older. I was looking at the picture of Aria when I was watching reborn again and I noticed that Aria doesn't look like Luce as much, but Aria seems to look like a mixture of Luce and James with the potter's signature messy hair.

I think James should learn Lily has a boyfriend through anonymous sources(hagrid) and be a little humiliated and not hit, but he learns from his actions to become a responsible adult by the help of his significant other though a type of therapy.

(A) I personally can't see the two together, sorry. Can I make it so he finds out through an anonymous source. Yes, yes I can. But I'm not so sure about him not getting hit. Because if I'm being honest the reason I even started to write this was for James getting his ass kicked by Fon. Sorry.¯\_()_/¯

And as for Aria, well she's already born in this time, and the arcobaleno are just waiting for her to grow up.

(Q) Idea James related to vindince through peverell blood

(A) I actually really like this idea. Because I've been looking for ways to connect the mafia and magical society, and the vindince seem like a great idea. I'd actually love for him to be a part of vindince.

(Q) If you pair James with somebody (my choice is Luce), I think it should be his significant other that starts to help James change along with James finally realizing as a pureblood, he must think of his family first then his choices.

(A) YES! I wholeheartedly agree. Infact, that is my plan. Like I mentioned above, I already have someone in mind for him. Someone who had been there for almost his entire life. Anyone wanna try to guess? Hint - you all know them.

(Q) Who are James' parents, is it Fleamount and Euphemia or Charles and Dorea? Since James must have learned proper pureblood training and knowledge in his younger years that might affect his upbringing?

(A) I personally believe this isn't as important. Because the one who really helps him mature is gonna be his significant other.

(Q) Another question is what will happen to Snape because Evans has a boyfriend which is not potter? Will he join the Death eaters or not? If James gets over Lily due to help or finally acts as a proper pureblood due to his heritage and upbringing, Will Snape make it his mission to have Lily at any consequences such as exposing her relationship?

(A) Sorry won't answer

(Q) Since it's a modern area, does that mean the caste system is still active such as Pureblood at the highest, half blooded, then muggleborn, and lastly magical creatures because the war has not started yet. If it's a pureblooded area and muggleborn are a low caste system: Will there be consequences if Lily and her boyfriend are exposed with a student and teacher relationship along with the teachers? Since the board of governors might take the relationship as a scandal or bad image for the school which might end in Lily expelled or receive a black mark?How will this consequence affect the teachers since they know about the relationship?

(A) In this, the war has just started. As for the modern part, It really isn't THAT modern right now, but it will be around 2000 or 1999, I'm not exactly sure yet. But it will definitely be an advanced time by the time fem Kyoya/Harry is born.

As for the student teacher part… Can't tell you yet, sorry. But oh, boy do I have something planned for them - Says me while rubbing her hands evilly.

(Q) I wonder in your story, If somebody needs a mastery do they need a recommendation from a pureblood and money. How will this affect muggleborns, half blooded, and pureblood?

(A) No. They don't.

(Q) Will The arcobaleno join the wizarding war or leave it alone?

(A) No. I do plan to have them defy noseless three times for the prophecy. But ultimately Kyoya gets to bite him to death. And then spit him out of course (Because honestly I think eating a snake raw will give you salmonella. And I can't have our main heroine getting sick, because right after HP is done, we move onto KHR. ¯\_()_/¯ What can I say? We have a tight schedule)

(Q) How will this involvement affect the underworld and magical world?How much influence does the underworld have on the magical world and vice versa?

(A) Not really that much. I intend to keep them separate except for occasional strong wizards working for the mafia. (Because honestly most wizards won't last a day in the mafia world.)

(Q) How will Voldermort be affected by the Arcabaleno and will he change his ways to fight to destroy them even as much as creating alliances in the underworld because I notice in Harry potter wiki that voldemort disappears for a while until he returns. So does it mean he has various connections to the underworld, magical world, and muggle world.

(A) Nope. He's too weak. The most he might manage is to snag a small scale, weak family.

(Q) I'm just giving this an idea, it seems the flame of night created by Bermuda looks like the aspect of death especially from the perverell family. Another bold idea is Bermuda knows James because he is related to Potter because he is either a potter squib or perverell family member.

(A) You know what. I can see that. I might have to think about this.

(Q) Also how about the flames of Earth will they show up earlier in the story because it seems magic might be related to the earth flames.

(A) I don't know about that yet. But what I do know, is that I intend to have the mare rings connected to the Veil (Thing Sirius falls into.)

(Q) What will Lily Evas do during the 10 year time skip because the arcobaleno died against byakuran? Will she fight, run, or be killed?

(A) Oh they fight. Lily, Mary, and Alice fight.

(Q) Will three be a person-who-lived or not?

(A) Yes there will be. Fem Kyoya, will be Harry. (IS THAT EVEN HARRY STILL?!)

Anyway! I had fun doing this. It also got me thinking about certain things and how I wanna write them. So thank you Guest-zmxt.


Fon x Lily (duh)

Fem Viper x Verde

Colonnello x Lal

Skull x Mary

Start: Frank x Alice - Eventual: Xanxus x Alice)

Fem Kyoya x Dino

Bel x Fem Fran

Gokudera x Haru

Yamamoto x Bluebell

Byakuran x Uni

Aria x Gamma

Bianchi x Shamal