The next two weeks were hell, and as much as Mal promised herself not to let work affect her state of mind, she couldn't handle the situation; the amount of work that was put on her these days was ridiculous. She was preparing everything herself while the group decided how they were going to do the job without her, Carly, who, after seeing how they treated Mal chose to put her two weeks' notice too, was the only one helping as much as she was able.

Ben noticed how sad and frustrated she sound whenever they got to talk and felt horrible not being able to help here even though Mal assured him that this was just temporary. At one point, the girl told him that it was better to stop their calls until she finished this "big project" she was in charge of doing. Reluctantly he agreed to it but planned to fly to see her after those weeks to be with her.

On Mal's last day at work, Brandon tried to organize a little party for her, more as a way to show what a good guy he was, but the girl declined the invitation telling him that she was too tired after the last two weeks. Carly and Mal went out with a group of their close friends from other areas that wanted to say goodbye to the girls before they left the city, the next couple of days Mal decided were going to be dedicated to sleep and nothing else.

With that in mind, she made her way back to her apartment, ready to have a relaxing bath when she saw a car stopped in front of her building and Ben getting out of it with his backpack. Mal didn't understand why, but suddenly she was tearing up; she managed to shout his name, and the boy turned and ran to her embracing her while asking her why she was crying. Mal kissed him in response, and the boy tightened her embrace on her happy to be able to be with her at that moment. Once the kiss ended, they exchange I love yous and walk the short distance to the building with Mal asking Ben when did he plan his trip and why he didn't tell her. The boy laughed and started telling her, but he fell silent the moment they walked into the apartment, and he saw the boxes that were piled around her apartment. The girl didn't stop talking until she realized that Ben was silent and asked the boy if anything was wrong, and Ben just pointed at the boxes as a response, and Mal realized that this was going to be the moment she shared with Ben her moving day. Taking his hand, she made her way avoiding the boxes with ease; however, Ben didn't, and the poor guy kept bumping into them and making and effort to put them back into place without letting go of her hand. Mal tried to mask her laughed just for him to tickle her, and they ended up falling on her couch, tangled in each other.

"Are you moving out? I know you don't need my help to pay the rent, but you love this place, and I honestly wouldn't mind helping you with it for a while." Ben took Mal's face in his hands as delicate as he could and lean in to kiss her, trying to convey how much he wanted to protect her from any pain.

Mal smiled into the kiss and deepened it, knowing how these moments would be typical in her life when she moved to Seattle. When they stop kissing, she leaned her head on his and told him that he was adorable and that she would like to asked him another favor instead of that. Ben nodded and sat up, ready to say yes to anything Mal wanted, but he was also prepared to ask her to please let him help with her rent. The next couple of minutes were spent with Mal telling him everything she had been doing lately. From the moment she decided that she wanted to move before her birthday so they could start the new year of her life together and how she quit her job, which was the reason behind the last two of hell. Before Mal couldn't finish her story, Ben was kissing her again, only stopping to asked her to repeat that she was moving with him making her laugh. On that trip, Ben helped her pack everything Mal decided she wanted to keep and what she needed to donate even though the boy told her not to get rid of anything on his behalf. Before he went back, they took her boxes to the donation center, and Mal's apartment was almost left with no things for her to use out of the boxes.

The boy was excited to help ease her move to Seattle, and he asked Mal if he should be buying something for their apartment now that she was moving in. Mal told him no, they could see anything they needed together, but for now, she didn't want anything, so he shouldn't worry about it. They bought four suitcases, and Mal flew back to Seattle with Ben with the bags full of clothes, and that's how Mal started moving with Ben; however, things weren't as easy as they hope because there wasn't really a space for her there. Ben tried to make space, so he put all the clothes from one of the suitcases in the closet and his where they were, which would have solved things if he thought about the clothes he was putting away more. That Monday, he went to work with wrinkle clothes, and Mal spent a couple of hours putting back his clothes, making sure that they were ready to wear, while she decided what clothes she really needed out to use for now and looked online for something to put them. In the end, she decided against ordering something because she wanted to go through her things again, making sure that she didn't need to get rid of more stuff. After all, it was evident that her things didn't have a place there, no matter how much Ben tried.

Mal felt stress about what she needed to do, but she decided to make a list so to make sure that she was only bringing things she truly needed. The girl went around the boy's apartment trying to see if any of her things were in better shape than Ben's so she could bring those, and even though they were a few she still wrote them down on the list because they had a specific esthetic that the girl wasn't sure, the boy would like to have in his place. After Mal finished with that, she read it back and felt a little sad about the number of things she was going to leave behind, but she didn't want to impose anything on Ben.

When Ben came back, he heard the shower running and smile he loved knowing that he was going to get to see Mal every day, but that didn't last long when he found Mal's list title "Things I must get rid of." He waited for her to finish her shower and change while making dinner, once the girl came out already in her pj's they started eating. After they finished, Ben showed Mal the list and asked her why she was getting rid of all of that. Mal explained why she did it, and Ben assured her that they could make room for her things and asked her to please not go around getting rid of all her stuff. "In the end, we can see if there is anything that we need to get rid off, now let's just focus on which company we are using to get ALL your things here."

Mal agreed, and together they managed to find a company, and they scheduled a day when both of them would be able to be together in New York, even Ryder said he would be there to help out and also see his friends. Mal went back to New York and went back to pack, with what she packed with Ben before Mal didn't have a lot left, so she finished before she needed too and used the last couple of days before Ben's arrival to walk around the city enjoying the view and rhythm of the place she called home for so many years. The number of pictures she took at that time even surprise her, and Mal decided that she needed to start an Instagram account just for them, and so she did.

Ben and Ryder arrived the day before the moving started, and Mal convinced the boys to go out so they could be her models. They had a lovely day together but made a point to go back to the apartment early to get ready for the next day. The next day was chaotic, and when the movers finally closed the truck and went on their way, the trio wanted nothing more than to sleep. Sadly there was nothing in the apartment now, so Ryder said goodbye for the day and made his way to one of his friends apartments while the couple did the same, but their destination was a hotel. The next day Evie was going to spend the day with them, and after that, they were making their way back to Seattle to start their new life together.

Mal's relationship with Evie changed since she ended her relationship with Harry. That's not to say that they were distant, their friendship was as strong as ever, but the time they spent together had diminished considerably. Still, they would make sure to see each other once a month and have a facetime call once a week to catch up, which they love to do because they would have a blast in their comfy clothes without having to worry about traffic. When Mal shared with Evie the news of her moving out of the city, the girl felt sad to lose her friend, sure they didn't see each other as much, but knowing she was close made her feel better.

In the last days of the girl in the city before Ben and Ryder arrived, Mal asked Evie out so she could be part of her shoots, but her friend kept having to cancel. Mal felt sad about it, but she understood that Evie had a lot of things going on in her life, and it also made her feel a little better about leaving. Their relationship, just as hers with Ben, would survive the distance without any problem, and that made her smile, their daily texts, and weekly calls would continue, but this time with more exciting news from her new home.

When Evie told her that she was going to help her the day of the move, Mal thanked her but assured her that Ben and Ryder were enough help. An hour after the movers arrive, Evie called her apologizing for not being there, and Mal told her again that it was ok, they would see each other the next day, and they could spend it together without having to worry about anything.

Mal and Ben were woken up by Evie, calling their cellphones repeatedly announcing her presence in the lobby. Groggily Ben stood up, telling Mal to wait there while he went and got their friend to the room, soon after, Evie was in the room and getting in bed with Mal. Ben laughed, standing in front of the bed, realizing that he was going to need to find something to do that day because the girls needed some time alone. He decided to take some clothes to the bathroom and taking a shower giving the girls a chance to choose how they wanted to spend their day together.

When he came back, the girls were laughing, and Mal turned, looking apologetic at him. At that point, Ben knew that they realized they wanted to spend their day together without him, so he told them not to worry and that he would go around the city seeing some places and went on his way. Walking around New York, he could understand why Mal loved the city; he enjoyed the energy and how even in the madness of it all, there were spots of tranquility that would make you fall in love with it. Again he wondered if the girl would manage to be happy in Seattle or if she would miss her current home too much and tried to go back; either way, he would agree to whatever she preferred.

Ben walked around for a while before realizing that he forgot his phone at the hotel, so he made a mental note to check the hour every time he could. At five, he made his way back there, hoping the girls decided to go out so he could take a nap because if he was honest, his walk even though it was lovely had also tired him a lot. When he got to the room, it was empty, and he smiled while making his way to the bed ready to sleep, however just as he was closing his eyes, the door open and Mal entered. The girl ran to the bed, basically jumping on him, telling him that she was going to tied his phone to him so he wouldn't forget it again. "I was worry about you."

Ben apologize and asked her where Evie was. "She is with Doug. We decided to have a late breakfast and then went on with our day. At four, Doug called, and Evie told him to came to eat with us. And then he brings Harry with him, cause he is dumb. Doug told Harry I was moving, and they decided that they wanted to have a celebratory lunch with me, but didn't tell Evie or me about their idea. I barely ate, and Evie kept giving Doug the evil eye, the only one who acted like everything was great was Harry, who spend the lunch talking about how boring Seattle was. Can we go to the airport now? We can eat there and walk around or something. Please?"

Ben agreed but told Mal that she should say goodbye to Evie first. However, Evie and Doug had already left because the girl wanted to shout at her boyfriend in private. Ben laughed and then told Mal that he wanted to take a quick nap, and then they could go on their way the girl agreed happy to lay down and enjoy Ben's cuddles.

Later that day, they made their way to the airport, ready to say goodbye to the city and hello to a new era together. When they met with Ryder, the boy asked Mal if she was ready, and the girl nodded, smiling, and took Ben's hand, pulling him towards their gate while telling Ryder to keep up.