Two months later the Mayflower reached the shores of Cape Cod.

"We're too far north." Arthur muttered to himself.

It had been a hellish sail. There had been many storms that they encountered. They couldn't even use the sails, so they got off track many times, just sailing in any direction. And it's obvious that a ship of over one hundred that someone would sick. Four people ended up dying.

"It's cold." Alfred said, rubbing his hands over his arms.

"We weren't prepared for the winter." Arthur said. "We need to find a place to set up."

"But where?" Alfred asked looking around, "It's just a bunch of trees."

"We search." Arthur said.

Arthur walked away from Alfred and addressed the people from the boat. He explained what had happened and what they need to do. All the people agreed.

For the next month Arthur led the men in a search for a place to set up camp. Alfred stayed at the boat with the women and children. As the months passed Alfred started having strange dreams. They were always about a small girl, probably around the age of three. She had red hair and green eyes. Every time he saw her she was motioning for him to come to her. But before he could get to her he would wake up. He had a feeling she was real, and he knew he had to find her.

Finally, in late December they found an area where houses started being built immediately.

Winter was setting in. And it was freezing. This just pushed the people to build faster, before it got too cold. It took a few weeks for all the houses to be built and finally everyone could be moved off the Mayflower and to the village. But it being so cold did no one any good. Almost half of the people got sick and died. Alfred, who was so small and didn't have many people, fell ill too. Arthur was there, trying to fix it but he couldn't because it was his people.

Finally, the winter ended, and Alfred was slowly getting better. The people had tried to start farming for themselves but weren't very successful. One day a native approached them and greeted them in English, having picked it up from traders. He offered to give them food in exchange for trade.

"We're finally picking ourselves up." Alfred said that spring in the small field he and Arthur had behind their house.

"Yeah we are." Arthur smiled planting some seeds.

"Do you think it will last?" Alfred asked helping his father.

"Probably. I have faith in my people." Arthur said.

Alfred smiled and continued planting some seeds.

"Alfred." Arthur said a few minutes later.

"Yes?" Alfred asked looking up.

"I was thinking." Arthur started, "Of moving us to Virginia. We can go and live in Jamestown."

Alfred looked at him. "Are you sure? That's a long ways away."

"I'm sure. I think it'll be better for us." Arthur said stopping his planting.

"I guess if we leave now, we can make it before winter sets in again." Alfred said thinking.

Even thought he was the size of a six-year-old, he had been around for a very long time and knew more than what others thought he did.

Arthur nods. For the next few days, they packed up the few things that they owned.

"Alfred, I have a special way of traveling but it might make you sick for a few days." Arthur said.

"What do you mean?" Alfred asked.

"Grab my arm and I can instantly take us to Jamestown." Arthur said.

"How?" Alfred asked, taking the man's arm anyway.

"Like this." Arthur said.

There was a loud crack and Alfred tightened his grip on his father's arm. The next thing he knew he fell onto the grass of another place. He pulled himself up to his hands and knees and vomited all the was in his stomach. He felt a hand on his back and soft muttering. After a minute it was over, and Alfred's arms gave out on him.

"Oh, there we go." Arthur said, picking him up.

Alfred groaned and laid his head on Arthur's shoulder.

"Let's go, I have a house already for us." Arthur said, grabbing the bag and started walking towards the establishment.

He greeted the people of Jamestown happily as he made his way to the large house on the outskirts. It used to be a merchant's house before he came back to England to retire. Arthur had bought the house off him, planning to come here in the first place. Arthur looked down as a soft snore hit his ears. He smiled softly as he noticed that Alfred had fallen asleep. He made his way to the front door and pushed it open. He walked to the bedroom and laid the sleeping child on the bed to sleep. Arthur went down to the kitchen and lit a candle. He pulled out a paper and started writing a letter to his brother to let them know where they were. The mail ship would be leaving in a few days.

When he was done, he sealed it with his crest and left it on the table and went back to the bedroom and laid on the bed. Making sure Alfred was still asleep, Arthur drifted off.