The year is 1633. Alfred is now about the size of a nine-year-old human child. Slowly but surely more and more people were settling in the colonies. But something was about to happen in Massachusetts colony that would spread.

Alfred was asleep right now, not knowing what was to come.

He was dreaming about three children, a boy, and two girls. They were very young, probably two or three. A girl and the boy had red hair and bright green eyes, the other girl had brown hair and the same green eyes. They were waving at him. But Alfred noticed that the boy was starting to look sick, he was pale and looked like he was getting rashes.

"We'll see you when you get back." The girl said.

"Come back soon." The boy says.

"Look for us." The second girl tells him.

Alfred woke up, body hurting. He crawled out of bed feeling like crying. He went out in search of Arthur.

"Dad. I don't feel good." Alfred said when he found him.

Arthur looked up from the paper he was writing on. "What's wrong lad?"

"My body hurts. And my skin itches." Alfred said scratching at his arm.

"Let me see." Arthur said standing up and walking over.

Arthur gently grabbed the child's arm and frowned at the heat he felt coming off the boy. He looked at the boy and noticed at how fatigued he looked. Closing his eyes for a moment he concentrated on a scanning spell. When he opened his eyes, they glowed slightly greener.

He saw rashes crossing across the child's body along with some forming blisters. There were slightly glowing red areas showing strained muscles. That's what would be causing Alfred's body pain.

Arthur let the spell fade away and he held the child as he looked weak.

"Do you know if something is happening to your people?" Arthur asked.

"They hurt." Alfred said. "It hurts Iggy. It hurts."

Arthur looked at the boy and saw that his eyes were getting distant.

"We need to go home." Arthur said, "Back to England."

"Allistor?" Alfred asked blinking at him.

"Yes. Back home." Arthur said. "But first you need to rest."

Alfred nodded and Arthur led him to his room and laid him on his bed. Alfred fell asleep almost immediately.

Arthur walked out and settled in a chair and closed his eyes. He hadn't tried this long of a connection in a few years.

"Allistor. You there?" Arthur tried.

"Ar..ur? I... at..ou?" He got back.

"Yes, it's me but you're fuzzy." Arthur said back.

There was silent for a moment. "Is this better?" He heard Allistor say.

"Perfect." Arthur said.

"Good. Now what's up? Did something happen?" Allistor asked his brother.

"Alfred's sick. I don't know what's happening, but he says his people hurt." Arthur explains. "We need to come home, but I don't think the boat ride would help him any."

"You want Dylan and I to bring you back?" Allistor offered.

"Yeah if you could." Arthur said.

"Go get Alfred and anything he might need." Allistor said.

"I'll be back in a moment." Arthur said.

He stood up and walked back to the bedroom and picked up the sick child that was sound asleep. He grabbed the stuffed bunny that Alfred slept with.

"Alright. We're ready." Arthur said to Allistor who was waiting.

"All right, get ready 3...2...1!"

There was a flash of light and Arthur felt him and Alfred hurtling through a vortex. It was pressing down on his chest till he could barely breath. He could only imagine what Alfred was feeling. He felt squirming and noticed that Alfred had woken up and was scared. He held tight. A few more seconds. And suddenly they popped back into existence in the UK brother's home. Alfred tumbled from Arthur's arms as they both crashed to the ground. Alfred was heaving and Dylan was rubbing the child's back. Allistor went to Arthur and rubbed his back as he tried to hold back his lunch.

"Alright?" Allistor asked, squatting down in front of him.

A minute later Arthur replied. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. How's Alfred?"

Allistor looked over. "Finally stopped heaving. Safe to say there's nothing left in his stomach now. He passed out though."

Arthur sat up and looked over to the child. "He's sick. But I don't know with what."

"We'll look him over, but you need to go rest. Long distance travel like that is gonna leave you exhausted if you don't go sleep now." Dylan said to him.

Arthur nodded and the two brothers helped him to his feet and Dylan helped walk him to his room.

"Poor lad." Dylan said, picking up Alfred. "He's burning up and he's got rashes everywhere."

Allistor was quiet for a second. "... That sounds like Smallpox."

Arthur looked up at him. "Are you sure?"

Allistor nodded. "Positive. This is gonna be hellish for the boy."

Dylan looked at Alfred. "Good thing you brought him home Artie. He's gonna need help."

"We need to figure out what's happening to his people." Arthur stated, as he looked at his sick son.