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The poor girl was definitely scared, yet I saw something akin to delight and, arousal in her eyes, and the slightest upward curve at both ends of her supple lips. My eyes wandered downwards and saw that she was blessed to have a amply sized bosom, and I had to gulp and force the inappropriate thoughts to the corner of my mind. The fact that she was blushing madly made me think that my plan seems to have the opposite effect. But if I were in her shoes, then I'd think I'd probably do the same.

I slowly took hold of her hands with mine and pinned them on the wall that she had her back to. She wasn't even resisting, which was strange. Her hands were small and soft, and I had to be extra careful to avoid hurting her. I leaned in to whisper directly into her ear to make her feel even more flustered.

She widened her eyes and I saw an unfamiliar glint in them, something I have never seen before.

And she did something I did not expect someone like her in this position to do. Something that even my brilliant mind did not take into consideration.

She grinned and pounced on me, I was too surprised by her act to notice that she had somehow managed to momentarily overpower my hands.

As I was falling on my back, a warm and wet sensation was felt from my lips and her arms coiled around my chest, locking themselves in place. Her lithe frame was clutching to me as time seemed to slow done as we fell.


Is this for real?

Did my first kiss get seriously taken away just like that?

By a girl that I called out to threaten, yet it seems to me that she thought that I was going to confess to her instead?

I managed to break my fall by bracing my elbows, yet the girl above me still hasn't broken our kiss. Her tongue was coiling around inside, but I managed to keep her out by not opening my mouth. Our noses were touching and much of her weight was on my hips, the damned girl is on top of me and her hair was covering my eyes. I felt her hands grip my shoulders, afraid that I might shove and push her away from me, which I would if I still wasn't too shocked to move. How did things get out of control like this, I have to salvage what I can.

I was about to tell her to get off, but that was probably the worst decision that I've made in my life.

Her tongue immediately sprung and attacked. It was a very strange sensation as I felt her tongue play around inside and find my own, as if enticing me to return the favour. She was warm and wet, and earlier thoughts of forcefully closing my mouth disappeared. I heard her groan out in a mixture of frustration and yearning when I refused to entertain her, and her hands tightened its grip on my shoulders. Against better judgement caused by in the heat of the moment, I welcomed her.

She moaned in delight when she felt me, and our tongues danced and and coiled and explored each other. It was mere seconds, but it felt like hours. She let go of my shoulders and hastily tried to take off my black blazer, and I helped her in doing so. My mind was blurry and I had no idea what I was doing, and I only knew what just happened when I saw her throw it away and leaned into me more, almost forcing my head to touch the ground. In her haste, she accidentally broke one or two buttons on the base of my neck. Her hands made it's way under my shirt and started feeling and touching my chest and abdomen. I felt ticklish, yet I liked how soft her touches were as we continued with our wet and sloppy kiss, our inexperience being very clear. I adjusted myself so I can explore more of her insides and she hummed in satisfaction. This entire time that our lips were connected, I realized that I haven't looked at her in the eye, and when I did, I swear I saw hearts in them.

My heart was racing, and my head was spinning, yet I still had some tiny pieces of rationality within me. This wasn't supposed to end this way, not like this. How could I let my emotions control my reasoning from the heat of the moment?

And yet…

A tiny part of me welcomed this.

The one that wanted experience freedom once again, closed off and sealed at the depths of my mind.

Screw my dignity, pride and persona!

Let me do something stupid as a Youth for once!

She was the first one to break away, yet I did not let her have a moment's rest as I grabbed her once more. I slowly pushed her down until she was the one on the ground, she seemed more than willing to let me take the lead. She yelped in surprise, but I felt her delight when she moaned as I gently bit on her lower lip. I felt her continue to touch me, from my chest to my abdominal muscles. Her breasts were pressing themselves on me and I would deliberately move every now and then to feel them. Her legs had locked themselves in place around my torso, connecting our groins together. Because of the positioning of her legs, I saw the faint trace of her undergarments through her pantyhose.


Why do pantyhose have to be so fucking sexy.

Even Boss Yuuka wears them at work, and I get flustered every time she wears those short formal pencil skirts. Damn her, it feels like she's teasing me!

I broke away from her for a moment, causing a disappointed and sad whimper, but quickly turned into a pleasurable moan as I trailed kisses from her mouth to her neck. She slightly moved her head, exposing more of her soft vulnerable skin and inviting me to do more. I left hickeys in my wake as she held my head in place. Her earlobe was cute, so I gave them a little nibble and she yelped in surprise. When her hands loosened, I went back to her lips and played with her tongue once more.

"Mmm~…ah more~…"

I became more and more bold as my hands wandered and explored her body, my left hand caressing her soft inner thighs as I started slowly touching her bare waist and stomach under her uniform. Her skin was soft to the touch, and I felt goosebumps form every time I caressed her with my fingertips. I thought that I may have gone too far, but she didn't make any protest, she continued making moans that made me crave and make her feel even more pleasure. I led my other hand and poked her bra under her shirt to see her reaction. Her eyes widened, but she didn't seem to mind. In hindsight, she actually seemed happy at how I was taking the initiative.

"Y-You can…haaaaahh…u-unbutto- eeek!" She squeaked in surprise when my hand sneaked under her bra and pinched her nipple. It was small and soft, and she moaned as I played with them. Hearing her make that sound made me even more daring as I started unbuttoning her uniform. She quickly removed her hands from me and assisted me in opening the annoying article of clothing that prevented me from fully seeing my prize.

She was definitely blessed by genetics, I'll give her that.

Her hair was sprawled on the floor while her hands held my sides. She had this sultry and erotic-look on her face, made even more so by her unfocused and half-lidded eyes. A light-blue coloured bra held her breasts as I watched them go up and down every time she breathed.

She gave me a wink and said with a low voice. "Like what you see~?"

"Very much." She smiled before I kissed her once more, humming and moaning in satisfaction as I started taking off her bra. She arched her back upwards to give me better access, and they came off. But before I could lay my eyes on them, she quickly grabbed her bra and covered her breasts with her arms.

"Mmm~, you want to see them~?"


"You have to sound like you mean it~…" She grinned playfully after whispering to my ear. This girl is such a tease…!

"I want to see them." She grinned wider before taking away her bra and revealing her bare chest for me to see.

They were amply sized and exactly fitted my hand when I held them, not to mention very soft. Her skin there was smooth to the touch as I slowly traced my finger form her neck to her breast and finally to her areola. She whimpered and held her breath as I drew circles around them before touching her pink bud that was begging to be played with. I watched with curiosity as she rubbed her legs together and her nipple harden. Which meant that she was feeling very much aroused.

"You look…wonderful." I whispered to her ear and kissed her after she giggled in response. This was a different kiss, it was slow, much more controlled and passionate than our previous ones that were wet, wild, and screamed with lust. She imitated me, our kisses more passionate and loving while we both closed our eyes, letting our tongues dance slowly with each other. She put her arms around my neck, not letting me separate from her anytime soon. She was starting to get the hang of it since she started breaking away less to catch her breath and she moaned when I started playing with her breasts and nipples, and I let go of her lips while slowly making my way downwards.

I gave her pink little buds a lick, just to tease and get back at her for her little stunt earlier. She shivered in pleasure when my tongue made contact.

"They look so cute…" I continued on her right breast while I played with her nipples on her other one. I didn't fully commit yet, I wanted her to stay on the edge before she begs me take them into my mouth.

"H-Hikigaya-kun…haahh…p-please s-stop teasing me…" She begged with heavy breaths.

"Hmmm, I can't hear you~…" I teased and looked up to see her reaction. She puffed out her cheeks and pouted cutely. She suddenly grabbed and forced her tongue into my mouth for several seconds before she separated. A thin line of our fluids were connected until it fell on her face.

"P-Please use your m-mouth to p-play with my l-lewd n-nipples and bite them while using your t-tongue to slowly circle around my a-areola, p-please s-suck on them while pinching my other nipple with your hand and knead and grope my breasts to your h-heart's content…"

My mind snapped at her words.

I violently took them into my mouth and did as she requested. She shivered, spasms wrecked through her body as she arched her back to me in an attempt to feel even more pleasure. She couldn't contain her voice anymore as she freely moaned and let out sounds of pleasure, I was afraid that someone might hear us but at this point I don't care anymore. All I care about is pleasuring the girl beneath my until I turn her into a stuttering mess. I switched to her other nipple, the previous one shined from my fluids as she started pinching and touching herself. Her breasts were literally covered with hickeys and I had to smirk proudly at my work. Her hands gripped my head in place as I felt the hold that her legs have on me get stronger. She was gripping by head so hard that I thought she was going to pull my hair from its roots. But my mind dulled the pain that I felt.

"H-H-Hikigay-AH~!Hnngg~~!" I didn't let her finish as I bit into her small pink buds, twirling my tongue around them before I let go with an audible pop.

"I…I love you…Hikigaya-kun…I LOVE YOU!" She said and kissed me, her tongue felt warm as we twirled around inside. She was more passionate, and I used my other hand to support her, wanting to keep our fiery kiss for as long as possible. Tears fell from her eyes as we kissed, and I tasted its saltiness. I felt the beating of her heart, it was a quick and light rhythm that matched my own.

She wordlessly grabbed my hand and slowly guided them downwards, under her short skirt and a tiny distance away from making contact with her nether regions.

"T-Touch me…haaah…here please…haaah…haaah…" She said with heavy and hot breaths as she leaned forward and kissed me passionately, humming in delight and pleasure as our tongues found each other again.

I gulped at what she wanted me to do.

Even though we're already at this point, I still had my reservations after all.

"F-Fine…but only touch…" I say to make it clear to her.

She smiled sultrily and let go of my hand, waiting for me to do what she said. "Fine~~…"

I put my hands on her skirts as she moved a bit to help me take it off, giggling all the while. When I took it off, the only thing that prevented me from fully seeing her bare legs were her pantyhose. I gave her a questioning-look and she nodded. I gulped when I watched her take it off with her black panties, there was a small area where it was darker than the rest. She did it at an painstakingly slow pace, and I wanted to rip them off myself. She was finally done, and she put it aside and closed her smooth legs.

She spread her legs, while covering her lady parts with her hands. The image was so erotic that I felt lightheaded from how aroused I was.


"Y-Yes?" I say while my eyes were stuck to her offending hand.

"Here you go, this lewd pussy all yours~…" She said with a sultry grin.

She then removed her hands and exposed her most intimate area.

They looked…I think the right word would be…cute.

It was pink and swelling, a shiny and sticky-looking liquid oozed from it. A small bush of hair was on her mons pubis, and it looked like she trimmed it. Her vaginal lips looked…I don't know. This is the first time that I've seen one, and I don't really watch AV films. If I tried coming up with the closest word I could think of, I guess they looked pretty…?

She urged me to touch her and so I did. I started on her thighs until I went on until my hands reached her inner thighs, and then I moved them upwards. When I first came into contact with her lady parts, I noticed that she was soft, wet and very warm, which was confirmed when I explored more around the area with my fingers. She was making small sounds and sometimes hitched when my fingers brushed against her nether lips. She had goosebumps and shivered every now and then.

"Sumiya-san, you're quite…umm…drenched." I say as I inched myself closer, forcibly imprinting the erotic image into my mind.

"Oh yes I am, I'm wet. Wet for you, that is~~…" She giggled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

Fuck, she really has a way with words.

I used my middle finger and traced her vulva, playing with it a bit before I slowly put my finger inside. It was a bit of a tight fit, but went in more smoothly when I put my entire finger inside. Her eye twitched in euphoric bliss and she made several cute sounds before I slowly kissed her. I kept the pace of my fingers slow, since suddenly going fast might hurt her. She moaned against me as we kissed, and I played with her breasts with my other hand. I lightly fiddled her clit with my thumb and pointer finger, while my middle one was going in and out inside her. She was loving every second of it, and out of curiosity, I gave her clit a light pinch just to see her reaction.

"AH!" She arched her back in surprise, and suddenly violently closed her thighs together, trapping my hand to her crotch and preventing any chance of escape.

Her face was an image of pure bliss. Her breath was hot and wet every time we separated after a kiss. She was a drooling mess, tears were falling from the corners of her eyes and her pupils were unfocused even when she locked eyes with me.

I continued playing with them, pinching, thrusting and twisting my fingers inside of her to know how she liked it. She started to excrete more fluids as I continued to pleasure her, which meant that she was feeling very much aroused. I didn't forget to give her breasts the love that they deserved, so as my other hand was playing with her downstairs, my other hand played with her nipples and breasts as I licked and bit her other one. I gave her nipple a weak bite while I traced her areola with my tongue, going circles around her pink bud and then sucking on it.

Spasms wrecked through her body, her inner thighs shaking violently. She gripped my arms so hard that I thought she was going to draw blood with her nails. I felt her even become more wet as I intensified my fingers with their current task. She must be reaching her climax.

"HHHNGGGG~~! Ah, I'm- I'm gonna~-" She wasn't able to finish what she was going to say since I pulled her in for a deep kiss. She moaned against me as our tongues were locked, her thighs violently cramping and twitching for several seconds, before suddenly going limp. Her inner thighs were wet and I let go of her breast with a thin strand of saliva momentarily connecting us. I put my arm under her head to support and wait for her to get her breath back.

She closed her eyes for several seconds, and I was afraid that she fell asleep or fainted, but she slowly opened them. She looked at me and I finally saw her eyes focus. "H-Hikigaya-kuuuun…haaahh…haaah…that was…haaah…incredible…"

"Did I overdo it…? Or did I hurt you in some way? I'm sorry if I did…" I ask.

A warm smile graced her face, and she pecked me on the lips after putting her hand on my cheek. "Still so considerate, that's so sweet of you~…"

Since she wasn't doing anything except for deeply looking into my eyes and breathing deeply, I started thinking that she might be too tired to continue. "Do you want to stop?" I ask.

"A little more…let me rest a bit first…" Since being on top of her was starting to put a strain on my arms, I lied down beside her with my arm still under her head.

"You know, it would be bad if someone caught us like this."

"True, but don't you think danger of being caught adds a bit of excitement?" She turned her body to me and looked up while flashing me a sultry grin.

I rolled my eyes at her, very much amused at her words.

She slowly started sitting up and sat on my lap, I let her do as she please. I went up to meet her and our lips met once again, she guided my left hand to her crotch once more. I played with her vagina a little while before I reached my arm around and tried pleasuring her from behind. My tongue played with both of her nipples, making circles in a painstakingly slow pace around her areola before I went to her lips once more. Her breasts jiggled and they had a nice shape to them too, I couldn't resist slowly pinching them. She smirked through our kiss, and I felt her tongue intensify its dance, to which I returned with equal fervor. She giggled and moaned in delight as I moved my hand more around her bum, feeling its shape and firmness, before giving it a light slap and spreading her cheeks.

I slowly let go of her, a long and thin strain of saliva still connecting our lips. It snapped and dripped from her lower lip, until she used her tongue to sultrily take it in, making a delighted sound and grinning in the process.

"Mmmmm~~, you taste exquisite, Hikigaya-kun~~…"

Fuck, that was so erotic.

We both looked into each others eyes, breathing heavily while our foreheads touched.

"Y-You…" I say while trying to take in as much oxygen as I can. During our heated kisses earlier, I managed to somehow quickly breathe through my nose in an attempt to extend the kiss for as long as possible. Even so, I find myself still quite lacking in oxygen. She was red-faced, so much that even her ears had turned pinkish. My arms were around her slim waist, and I unconsciously pulled her closer. If I'm correct, I might look the same as her or even more so, given the fact that I have naturally pale skin.

She yelped when I pinched her sides. "You've been looking forward to this, haven't you?" I say through my laboured breathing. Curse my mild anemia!

I felt her hands play with my hair as she guided my head to her chest. Her uniform on her chest area was open, her nipples still not dry after my handiwork. "Hehehehe, you can say that…"

I just rested there while I caught my breath, stopping the urge to once again take her nipple into my mouth and play with them. "I never knew that breasts were so soft…" I rubbed my face on them like an idiot and she giggled. Still, I'm surprised that she isn't embarrassed one bit, she must really like me huh...well, I guess it's to late to be embarrassed about anything anymore after what we've done. And her confession earlier…

"Since when?" I asked her, the underlying meaning hanging in the air.

She hummed while in thought, still continuing playing with my hair. "Hmm, perhaps it was during the committee duties last year? I wouldn't blame you if can't remember. For someone as smart as you, you're really terrible with remembering names and faces."

"Well, you're not wrong at least." I mumble against her chest.

We stayed like that for a while, her fingers playing with my hair as I adjusted my view and saw that the sky was turning red. A breeze went by, and with it took the salty smell from the sea. It feels nice, being held like this.

Why am I so calm about this, I wonder…?



"You took my first kiss."

"Sorry~! You were teasing me so bad that I lost control~!" She giggled and added. "Still, I'm quite surprised that that was your first kiss, being around so many pretty girls, I thought you stole a kiss from one or two of them…"

"Not really, they're just my friends."

"Hmm, but the way you were kissing and touching me made me think you had previous experiences to things like these~. Who knew you were such a lady killer~~~…"

I looked to the side, eager to avoid her eyes. "Ah, well…I watched some movies and read some reference material…I've never touched a girl like that before you…" I say admittedly, and I felt my cheeks slightly get warm. I hate those movies, they were so cringy that I wanted to die. Well, when I watched them with my Mother and Komachi, the both of them were giddy and squealing. My Mother has this annoying habit when she gets giddy like a school girl. She tends to hit, punch and shake things for some reason. She doesn't do that to Komachi, but me and my Father aren't an exemption, the both of us get beat up.

"Really?! Wow, l really am the luckiest girl alive right now! Good thing I made the first move then~!" She exclaimed and started laughing.

"You sly perverted girl…" I squeezed her bum which caused her a yelp of surprise. She looked down on me and pulled my cheek before pecking me on the lips.

"Hoh, I do wonder about that…whose hand is grabbing my butt right now~…?" She grinned cheekily.

"Who was the one who literally jumped and straddled me while I was on the floor? Not to mention ripping off my blazer and breaking my inner shirt's buttons in her desire to touch me?" I say with a smirk.

That got her since she sighed in defeat and shrugged. "You can't blame me for being hasty. It was only a matter of time until another girl out there got her claws on you." She said and gave me another quick kiss.

I won't pretend that I don't know what she's talking about. Miura and Yuigahama have been by my side more lately, while I felt Hina was restraining herself. It's become embarrassing to be on the hallways since sometimes they would grab both of my arms as we walked. Most of the female population throwing us amused and shocked-looks while the boys looked like they wanted to kill me.

"Damn Riajuu!"

"Die asshole!"

"Flirting at this hour? Tch!"

Forgive me, I hate it too, but I can't help but flex on them.

FUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come if you dare, mongrels! Try to entertain me with you feeble and insignificant existences! I will teach you lowly worms that I'm not a student of Boss Tatsumi Yuuka just for show! I'll leave all of you with broken bones!

God strike me down, I sound like a trashy MC…

Hayama was more than happy at the current situation, and he would sometimes throw me a grin every time I get dragged away by the three girls. Damn him, grinning like a cunt at my expense!

"Well, looks like being assertive paid off for you huh..." I say nonchalantly.

"Yup…" She sounded very satisfied with this outcome. Yet, I am still quite confused on what to do at this point.

She poked my cheek to get my attention. "Hikigaya-kun…"

"Hm?" I sat up properly this time, as properly as I can at least since her legs were still around my torso and one of my hands were on her bum. And I still didn't want to let them go lol.

"What do you say…?"

I scratched my head, showing how clueless and perplexed I am. Seriously, I have no idea what to say, but I'll just have to do my very best.

"W-Well, I think you're a nice girl, and you're cute. With what just happened, I think the both of us got a bit…well saying carried away is an understatement…since we got too…ummm…touchy."

The two of us blushed, but I continued.

"What I'm trying to say is that, something has to start from somewhere. And, well frankly I have no idea who you are as a person aside from the fact that we're classmates…and, um…"

The embarrassed blush she had on her face disappeared, and was replaced by a downcast and disheartened expression. She tried to smile it off but failed miserably. She lightly gripped my shirt, but let go after a moment and then proceeded to cover herself as best as she could, suddenly ashamed at her current obscene appearance. She attempted to stand up, but her legs were shaky and she fell back into my lap.

"I-I see! Well, I'm terribly sorry for what j-just happened. I got carried away and got too full of m-myself! I guess you were right, I am an i-idiot. I apologize for forcing myself on you, I-I-I really am-"

At that point, her voice broke and tears started falling from her eyes. She let got of me and looked down while covering her face from me. Her body shook as she cried silently, forcing herself to not make a sound.

Oh no, I should have said it clearer.

"Sumiya-san, p-please don't cry. You did not let me finish." I say hastily. She slowly looked up at me, her eyes were red and puffy as streaks of tears continued to fall.

I continued after wiping away her tears. "I have no idea who you are as a person, that much is true. What your favourite foods are. What kinds of shows and music you like. What you want to be in the future. What your favourite subject in class is. What kinds of snacks you eat when you drop by a convenience store. Even with all that said, I can see that you're sincere with your feelings, and that in itself says many things that need not be be said. You're strong, you were brave enough to show me how you truly feel and I find that really admirable and respectable. It would be rude and disrespectful for me to not acknowledge that at least…Everything starts from scratch, even relationships like these.

L-Like, with how sincere you are, I don't really mind getting to know you more and you're really cute and I feel that deep down, you're a really nice girl and I don't think any less of you for doing what you did since everyone handles their emotions differently, everyone gets carried away at a certain point. I don't think you're an easy girl, I think it was my fault honestly, I was teasing you too much and not being considerate and…uuuggghhhh, forgive me, I'm rambling. I'm so nervous, my hands are shaking and I'm afraid that I might screw up with what I'm trying to say. T-To put in simply…"

I cleared my throat and continued.

"We can try." I say with utter seriousness.

Those three simple words were enough to completely erase her sad expression, now replaced with a hopeful one.

"You mean…?!"

"Yes." I nodded and cleared my throat. "W-Well, this is a first, so please bear with me if I get too quiet and boring. I'm not the most fun guy to be with, I think. And I'm not good with things like these. I don't really know how to do this kind of stuff, but I'll do my bes-"

For the second time today, she lunged and captured my lips. I tasted her salty tears as she wrapped her hands around me in a bone crushing hug and I was propelled backwards because of the force and fell on my back. Good Lord, this girl is stronger than she looks…

She separated before things got heated.


"THANK YOUUUUU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HIKIGAYA-KUUUUUNNNN!" She squealed so loud that I was afraid that all of Chiba heard her confession. Well, if my Mother heard it, I bet she's glad that her son finally got a girl that likes him. As for Komachi, I think she may get a bit possessive because some girl that she doesn't know is taking her older brother for herself.

Screw it, I don't care anymore if word gets out or something!

"A-Ah, Sumiya-san, you're going to break my ribs…" I croak out with a tiny voice as I tried to sit up. A small part of me didn't really mind, since I got to feel her breasts against my chest.

She giggled through her tears and I wiped them away, she gave me a bright smile as I did so. I couldn't help but pinch her cheek and give her a smile in turn.

"So…you're my boyfriend now?" She waited until I nodded continued.

"And I'm your…?" She asked.

"You, Sumiya Yuuko, are my girlfriend." I say and her smile widened even more before hiding her face on my chest presumably from the embarrassment at my official declaration. I bet I got beet red too, but I didn't care. She got all giddy and started giggling, and I felt tears of joy fall on my bare chest. She raised her head, and laughed heartily at how the situation took a pleasant turn for her.

My girlfriend…huh.

The Great Hikigaya Hachiman, King of Loners, Undisputed Academic Leader of the 2nd Years, The High Divinity of The Bow and Arrow and War, The Lowkey-Still-Chunni-On-The-Inside, finally has a girlfriend.

What's next, The Third Impact starts tomorrow?

"Call me Yuuko." She mumbled on my bare chest.

"Yuuko." I felt the area where her face was get warm when I said that. "You can call me Hachiman then."


Things may be going too fast, but I had already made the leap of faith last year when I decided to change for the better. I'll accept this as part of my personal growth. Perhaps this was meant to happen. I should try out something unfamiliar and get out of my comfort zone every now and then, and this is a really big step for me. How we started isn't uncommon, well some parts at least. The part were we got all wild on the floor and at each others mouths with our hands touching each other...

Now THAT, was definitely uncommon.

I think…just this once, I should stop thinking too deeply into things, and being such a hard-headed idiot. Maybe this is what Hiratsuka-sensei, Boss Yuuka and even Maya-sensei meant, that I was acting too mature for my age, and that's why I find it quite difficult to connect and understand other people. Maybe what they were saying is that it's ok to be young and stupid, and that instead of being too uptight, I should go out and do what young people at my age do…? Make friends, go on dates, sleepovers, movies, buying gunpla sets together, finding a suitable girlfriend…Or something like that…Perhaps it's time for me to…at least lessen my cold and serious persona. I'm amazed that even with that said, a girl somehow found me attractive and decided to come out with her feelings.

Something like this was bound to happen anyway, with my reputation and all, so why not start sooner? And it's not like I'm cheating on anyone, I'm not spoken for. Well not anymore at least.

Are things going too fast? Perhaps…

Are we getting carried away? Maybe…

But do I think that doing this will affect me in a negative way? Not really. In fact, my intuition tells me that I can learn a thing or two from her. Unless I do something, then it's impossible to say otherwise.

And who knows? I might grow to love her as much as she loves me. And maybe she can help me understand how to be normal and enjoy my high-school life.

I played with her hair while leaving her like that. From the corner of my eye, I saw my black blazer clinging to the railing against the wind. Literally a breath away from being carried away. "Sumi- I mean, Yuuko, I think it's time for us to go…" She nodded as she untangled herself from me and I then proceeded to get up and went to where my blazer was before it flies away.

When I went back to her, she was busily fixing her hair and her disheveled uniform. She was done putting on her bra, underwear and pantyhose. She looked like she was having trouble closing the top buttons of her uniform. "Hiki- I mean, Hachiman, can you help me out with this?" I shrugged and took a step closer to her. Because of the difference in our height, I had to lean down to get a closer look.

"Why are you so tall, you make me feel so smol…" She said quietly, waiting for me to finish.

I shrugged. "My Mother is quite tall for a woman of her age, my Father too." I reply.

The buttons didn't seem to cooperate as every time I almost got them inside, they would slip and I have to to things again from the start.

"Tch, pesky little-" I didn't finish what I was going to say since one of the buttons snapped and fell to the ground.

"Uwaah, you shouldn't have forced yourself in~." She chided.

"I thought I was careful." I replied as I took the small thing and gave it back to her.

"If you do it that way, you'll never get inside~~."

"I'm sorry."

"You were rushing, you should have started slow and then went at your own pace~~~."

I frowned at her words, they sounded very…suggestive. When I looked up at her, she gave cheeky grin. I pinched her cheek in response. "Lewd girl. It's not really noticeable, get this repaired at when you get home."

"Hai hai~~…" She gave me a cute little salute, though made very lascivious because her cleavage was exposed due to a few broken buttons and I can see a bit of her bra because of how close we were, not to mention the countless hickeys on her neck and breasts that I gave her earlier. I remember particularly dark red one on her right nipple. I really did a work on her huh…

I didn't take two steps towards the door when I heard my new girlfriend's giggle behind me.

God it sounds so weird…

The word "My" and "Girlfriend" together.

"Ara~, are you seriously going back inside looking like that?" She pointed at my chest and I realized that I still haven't closed my buttons and wore my black blazer. Well, she broke several of the top ones anyway. After I fixed up myself and wore my blazer with several buttons broken. We both went downstairs with her clutching to my arm, making humming sounds. I was expecting her friends when we reached downstairs, but we found them empty and desolate.

She answered for me when I gave her a questioning-look. "They went home already. I told them that if I took longer to come back, then everything went well~!" She said gleefully. I couldn't resist giving her a small smile, her expressions were contagious.

"Do you mind if we drop by the StuCo Office? I need to get my bag."


The hallways were silent, and our footsteps echoed in unison in its emptiness. It was locked when we arrived, so I got out my spare key and went inside. I went out after several moments while locking the door behind me, putting a black scarf around her neck. "Hmm? What's this?" She asked in mild confusion at my act.

"Well, your ummm…ah…I may have overdid it earlier since your bare neck has alot of…hickeys…sorry." I say while trying my hardest not to look embarrassed.

She looked surprised, and then started giggling after confirming it herself. "Kyaaaah, Hachiman, you really messed me up huh~. I didn't know that you wanted me that much, hehehehe...I think this won't go away for a few days. I can't wait to go home and take photos of myself~~…" She teased and poked at my face since I got red from her replies.

"I'm sorry, I may have overdone it…"

"But you don't have to worry about anything like my parents finding out or something, I live alone see~!" She said and adjusted the scarf to be more comfortable. It was honestly kind of cute, watching her make slight adjustments here and there, then pouting when she's unsatisfied.

"I keep that in my locker just in case for the winter months. You can have it. Think of it as a…symbol of some sorts."

"Thank you!" She flashed me a bright smile that was enough to rival the Sun itself.

I have more where that came from. Literally every single winter clothing that my family owned was manufactured by my Father's daughter company in Hokkaido. Buuuuut that's a tale for another day.

"You're welcome. Are you going home now?"

"Yup! I think you should too."

I tilted my head, disappointment must have been seen on my face. I was honestly expecting her to drag me to a cafe or eat dinner or even go to her place or something. Well, maybe I'm just looking too deeply into things like usual.

She sported an embarrassed-look while moving the scarf a bit to let me see her neck that had lots of small red marks. Just several minutes ago, I was there trailing kisses as I went and felt her with my tongue. With her other hand, she playfully lifted her skirt, revealing her pantyhose-clad thighs to me. "Well, I feel kinda…sticky after…you know…"

I lightly blushed. "Oh yes, of course." I have to remind myself that I may be in the same situation as her, and that I may have several visible hickeys on me too. My lower lip was slightly swelling because of the intensity of her kisses, I guess she did a number on me as well. Her fingers were digging themselves on my back earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if I had red marks there. As for my pants, I'm pretty sure that there's a damp and dark part because of her...ah. I have to get home as soon as possible before someone I know sees me like this. At this rate, I'll have to pedal home and give a new meaning to the word "haste", take a quick shower and lock myself in my room until I return to normal.

She signaled with her fingers that she wanted to whisper something, so I leaned to her.

"My underwear is a bit wet see, but I'm guessing that you already know since you were the one who touched it, hehehehehe…" She whispered and playfully pecked my cheek. I must have instantly become beet-red since she started giggling at my reaction.

After we got our bags and changed our shoes, we started walking out of the school building together. But before that, she had let go of may arm and instead just walked close beside me. There were only very few people around, I think that we're the last students to get out of school.

"Hachiman." She pulled on my sleeve to get my attention.


She looked very shy and struggled a bit with her words. "Can you hold my hand…?" Without another word, I took her hand in mine, they were soft and delicate. She smiled and we continued walking in silence.

"Hachiman." We reached the place where the bikes were at, mine was there all alone by itself. She turned to me, now holding my hand with both of hers.

"Yes?" I turn to her.

She breathed deeply a few times, hyping herself up and spoke. "I know this must be a big step for you, and I don't mind it if you don't immediately open up to me. We just started after all. I'll be the best girlfriend in the world for you. I'll be with you to support and see you become better at everything that you do. When you feel tired after a long day, I'll let you rest on my lap. If you need someone to hear about your problems and feelings, I'll listen to you until you feel better. If you need a hug, I'll hug you until you get warm and fuzzy inside. If you ever need someone's help, I'll always be the first one to show up. Whenever you feel like giving up, I'll be there to cheer you on. I'll never make you feel lonely again. " She put my hand over her chest, and I felt the steady beating of her heart.

"You can take as much time as you need, I'll wait for you. That's how much I adore and love you." She smiled earnestly, stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the lips.

Her words were very touching, and I was speechless for several seconds. No one has said something so intimate and spoken with as much sincerity like this. But I do know what the best thing to say right now.

"Thank you."

We bid each other farewells after a short hug and another kiss that I initiated. She was reluctant to let go of me but things got a bit embarrassing when an old woman walked by and frowned at us. I offered to walk her home, but she declined and I watched her back until she turned at the crossing and disappeared from my view. I started unlocking my bike and readied myself to pedal home.

"Good grief, what a day…" I say to myself with a small smile and started pedaling.

Well, that's it!

Yeah, I know you're surprised from the ending, I just wrote this OneShot since I got bored. This was my first fanfic with M-rated scenes, so any criticisms and suggestions would be very much appreciated!

For the new readers, check out "Hikigaya Hachiman's Path to Reformation" to know the full story!

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