January 28 2023

An Unexpected Tryst at the Rooftop

Weekend Shenanigans

Peeking behind the doorway from the kitchen, Hikigaya Hitomi narrows her eyes at her son calmly reading a book on a table in the corner. The cafe and restaurant aren't busy at this hour at the weekend so he can just relax and sit down. Hitomi would normally be behind the cashier and browsing on her phone, but she noticed something different with her son today.

He was actively monitoring the three new part-timers that he introduced to his mother some time ago while they were going about their duties. They were his classmates at school, namely Sumiya Yuuko, Naomi Ehime and Sagami Minami. The three girls got the job on the same day they inquired thanks to Hachiman personally vouching for them. Hitomi was initially worried but they were surprisingly competent and did their job quite well. They only come on the weekends but are trying to squeeze in some time for the weekdays if they're not too busy at school.

She had recently noticed that he constantly has his eyes on one of the girls, and as his mother, it's her job to see if there's anything off in the air.

On the other hand, Hachiman came to like watching them work and sometimes teaches them himself. He waves at Minami who rolls her eyes and leers at him before resuming wiping the windows. She is still quite mad at him since he startled her at the lockers by gripping her waist from behind as a joke and then accusing him of sexual harassment. Minami wasn't mad at him for touching her; he was already subconsciously acting more like his girlfriend the more he spends time with her. What irked her was when he commented that her sides felt soft, which she immediately translated as "You are fat." But Hachiman meant it as a compliment which Minami vehemently refuses to recognize.

Ehime walks by carrying a dustbin and broom in her hands and pauses when she sees Hachiman make a defeated sigh.

"Don't hold it against her. It would've been fine if it was me or Yuuko, but you just had to prank Minami. Plus, it's your fault for being such a deviant~." She says while leaning down to his ear. He grimaces and shakes his head.

"Oh shut up. You're making me sound like some kind of pervert…"

"You are tho lol. Didn't you touch my boob at school?"

"First of all, I tripped and you were the closest thing next to me. Second, it was an accident!" Hachiman whispers back through gritted teeth and shoos her away to go back to work. "Scram! Go mop the floor or something!"

"Haiiii… Yuuko already did that tho…"

Hitomi watched their exchange with a scrutinizing gaze.

Here at the spare storage room where we take our lunch, two pairs of eyes eagerly watch as I slowly open a bento that Yuuko prepared for me. Minami is still pissed but she does have one eye out. The contents are a colourful array of different cuts of meat, vegetables, and slices of fruit on top of rice arranged to give an image of a crudely drawn…thing.

"This is a cute cat," I say after a moment of thought.

"What? It's a dog. See here?" Ehime insists and points at the thing's "ears".

"Looks like a fox to me…" Minami comments after a glance at the bento and then takes a small bite from her onigiri. She usually eats three but today she only brought one. Looks like she misunderstood me yesterday.

"It's a red panda!" Yuuko exclaims amusedly when we were arguing amongst ourselves as to what the creature inside my bento was. The three of us take another look: we literally cannot see a red panda or a sliver of its likeness. I thank her for the bento and she looks very smug and full of herself already.

"Fufufu! Give me a smooch as a reward!" She declares and puts her hands on her hips and leans her cheeks towards me. I didn't think much of it and decided to return the favour. However, she turned her head at the last moment which caused our lips to touch. Minami rolls her eyes and shakes her head as usual but Ehime pouts and puffs air out her nose in frustration.

"Tch! Stop flexing slut!"

In response, Yuuko clings to my arm and cheekily sticks out her tongue which makes the other girl even more irritated.

"J-Just you wait! I'll get a boyfriend one of these days!" Ehime clenches her fist and menacingly shows it to Yuuko. She might look and sound mad but this is just friendly banter and inside jokes which I had already grown accustomed to after joining their friend group.

"Maybe we can arrange a schedule and you can borrow him every other day or so, hehehe. What do you say Hachi-kun? Do you mind entertaining Ehime until she gets a decent boyfriend of her own…?" Yuuko giggles mischievously behind her hand followed by Ehime.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea lol." She grins devilishly at the thought and I wonder if she's being serious or not.

I shrug, "Eh. Whatever, as long as I get paid and she gets me food either at the cafeteria or outside. And a Gunpla - don't forget the Gunpla." I reply while not giving their conversation too much thought.

"Aren't you, like, afraid that I'll replace Yuuko at your side?" Ehime asks with a teasing tone.

"Nah. I'll just take the two of you for myself." The two girls laugh at how nonchalant I replied and jokingly start making arrangements all while Minami sporting an appalled expression on her face. This bento is pretty good but I think Yuuko added too much soy sauce and salt to the meat. I'll have to tell her after this but before that, I have to drink more water than usual.

"Ehime, I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that some upperclassman confessed to you. Is that true?" I ask curiously after swallowing my food. I overheard this from members of the football club when I was playing with Hayama and Tobe the other day.

"Yup, and I rejected him." She replies not a heartbeat too soon with a tone of indifference in her voice which sounded rather heartless. It felt out of character for her and I was momentarily taken aback. "I don't know him. I'm not going to get together with some guy I don't know very well. No offence to you two of course." She adds the last part with a respectful bow.

"None taken~! Hachi-kun and I are a special case!" Yuuko says gleefully.

"Still, I didn't expect you to accept her confession, Hikigaya. I heard from Hina that you might be gay or something." Minami joins the conversation with a dull tone of disinterest.

"I'm not gay damn it!" The four of them laugh at how fast I got riled up at a single sentence. I've gotten tired of hearing that rumour again and again! If I spend too much time with my male friends, someone says I'm gay! If I spend too much time with my female friends, someone says I'm gay! What the hell am I supposed to do?! That damn bratty four-eyed Fujoshi! Making shit up-!

I'm gonna correct her one of these days! *anger emojis"

Their laughter becomes cries of anguish as I forcefully pinch and pull on each of their cheeks as payback.

"Ow! What the hell! Woman beater!"

"Even me Hachi-kun?!"

"Don't touch me perv!"

The three of them rub their red swollen cheeks while mumbling under their breaths. Minami glares at me and I counter her with one of equal intensity. I arch my eyebrow at her like that bald western actor with the vine boom sound effect playing in my head.

"You've gotten cheeky Hikigaya. Looks like a lot of Yuuko's qualities rubbed off on you." She says sounding very pissed off.

"Hmph. You call me a perv yet you didn't even try and stop me."

Wait a minute…what I just said is one of the most overused dialogues in porno and doujins…

Minami turns to Yuuko, "Oi, keep him under control. I liked him better when he was dignified and serious. At this rate, he's going to turn into a guy version of you."

"Not gonna lie it's funny when he's with us. It's like he put on a whole other personality lol." Ehime chuckles and agrees with her with a nod.

My girlfriend grins from ear to ear, puts her arms around my neck and rubs her cheek against mine. "Nope! I like him better this way~!"

After saying goodbye to my very worried-looking mother, I get whisked away by the three girls to a karaoke place not far from my mother's establishment. I find myself sitting down on the sofa in the private and soundproof room while Yuuko and Ehime placed their orders and Minami flips through the songbook. I feel disoriented and with no recollection of whatever transpired in the past few minutes and my sense of time is jumbled up.

I feel like a certain amount of time was skipped and all that remained was the inevitable result…

Hol tf up…! Am I in the range of [KING CRIMSON] ?!

While I was spacing out and deep in thought on the possible whereabouts of [KING CRIMSON] , Minami sits beside me and unceremoniously uses my thigh as a pillow. I have a feeling that she has a sibling given how Komachi does the same thing.

"... " She continues flipping through the pages of the songbook without a care in the world.

"Hey, are you still mad…?" I ask carefully.

"Hm, not as much as before. I still think I need to lose weight…" Minami replies while putting a finger under her chin and in a tone that's like she's saying things out loud to herself. "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable."

I couldn't help but gaze down at her with surprise, "It's fine. Though if to be honest, I didn't expect you to apologize this quickly."

She arches her brow with a hint of challenge in her voice. "Ha? I know when I'm in the wrong too, y'know. Also, you're my friend and good to me and you also helped us easily find a part-time job so…" It's rare to see an abashed Minami who proceeded to look to the side and cover the lower half of her face with the book. Because of that, I couldn't help but tease her a bit more.

I reach to her waist and squish the softness, the same place where I pranked her yesterday. She stiffens and squirms from my touch and flashes me an annoyed expression.

"I think you're fine just the way you are, to be honest."

Minami narrows her eyes at me and lightly hits my cheek with the book. "Are you using this as an excuse to touch me? You perv…"

"Perhaps," I reply with a small grin. "But seriously, you'll do more harm than good if you start starving yourself just because of a misunderstanding."

We come to a short staredown until something flashes across her eyes and she looks away. "Hmph…if you say so…" I was about to ask her if she picked a song for herself when a scream from my left nearly causes me to shit myself.


Faster than the speed of light, I snatch the songbook from Minami's hand and throw it towards Ehime which misses and bounces off her left boob. Yuuko and Minami holler with laughter at the comical sight while clutching their abdomen. Ehime on the other hand starts making fun of my shitty aiming and attributes it to my inability to beat her in fighting games.

"Shut up bitch! The last five don't even apply to me!"

The girls sang Karaoke while I cheered them along. I drank too many cold drinks and my voice got too sore and rough to sing, much to my stupidity. Now we're just lounging around and stuffing ourselves with greasy fried chicken and fries.

"Let's play the Ou-sama Game!" Ehime declares and fishes up chopsticks with numbers from her purse. The other two jump to play and I just shrug and lazily try my luck at the game. It seems that Ehime is lucky and now we're at her mercy. Hopefully, she doesn't make us do any crazy stuff.

"Fufufufu! Okay, PEASANTS! I want to see PEASANT number two and three sit on four's lap!" Our King exclaims with a haughty voice and leans her back so far that she's facing the ceiling.

Unfortunately, I'm number four. Yuuko eagerly proceeds with a cheeky smile while Minami follows with less reluctance than I previously thought. Ehime makes further commands and tells me to put my arms around their waists and the girls to cover their eyes with the back of their hands.

"This pose is a bit…"

"If you move your hand any lower I'm going to hit you." Yuuko and Minami say with the difference in their expressions being night and day.

I turn my eyes to Ehime as she's snapping away with her phone while slightly drooling from the corner of her mouth. She is sweating and breathing profusely as a madwoman escaped from a mental asylum. "I've got to say - your fetishes are really surfacing and revealing themselves Ehime."

"Silence PEASANT! Do as I say!" It seems like our autocrat has gotten some things inside her big head. Yuuko and I share glance and I see a devilish grin form on her lips. I reflect for a brief moment before deciding to go along with my little prank.

"Yuuko, stick out your tongue." She giggles and leans towards me. Our kiss isn't the usually modest and reserved when we're around them: this one is more sensual and erotic. She moans as our tongues embrace and dance with each other and I take my hand under her blouse and caress her tummy and breasts. I keep my eyes trained on Ehime and Minami while they're frozen from shock.

As expected, Ehime squeals with delight and continues taking photos. Minami sits absolutely still with wide eyes almost like I'll go after her should she make the slightest movement. Yuuko tilts her head to the side to extend the kiss for as long as possible and grins at Minami while sucking and gently biting my tongue and lower lip. She turns away with an intense blush on her cheeks.

"H-Hey, t-that's enough…"

*kissing noises intensifies*

"O-Oi! I'm serious!"

*kissing noises continue*

"D-Don't ignore me!"

I see Yuuko finally relent and pull away - our breaths hot and heavy while a trail of saliva connected our tongues. She grins and winks at Minami.

"How was that Hachi-kun~? Think they enjoyed the show~?"

"Ehime definitely did but Minami here looks lonely…" I slowly moved my hand up until it stopped just below her breasts. She didn't even try and stop me, it's like her brain is still processing everything that's happened before her eyes. I decide to push my luck, even more, to try and see her reaction.

She flinches when I lean towards her neck and tense up as if a shock went up her spine the moment my breath made contact with her smooth and delicate skin. She's visibly nervous and I can see her hands lightly shaking. Minami's breath hitches when I slowly kiss her neck and I see goosebumps start forming.

"Hehehe, look at the cute expressions she's making Hachi-kun~." Yuuko coos and boldly gropes Minami's breast. She still doesn't make any move to stop us and turns to the side while covering her mouth to try to prevent herself from making lewd sounds.

"I agree. She's so adorable that I want to mess her up badly~." I go even further and kiss her cheeks and then her earlobe. Since she was wearing shorts which ended on her upper-mid thighs, I can see how she squirmed and fidgeted each other. I caress her legs and her inner thighs while grinning - seeing her like this is so satisfying. She always looks so mad and unfriendly at me, which she isn't really, so seeing her break and writhe awakens my inner sadist.

"You know Minami, every time you give me that annoyed expression of yours, the urge to tease you as this grows."

"Uwah, Hacki-kun is such a perv lol."

"S-Shut up…" Minami stutters out shortly before gasping when Yuuko sucked on her neck.

"You have such nice legs too." She blushes at my compliment and Ehime in the background who's been quiet so far calls my attention.

"Hey Hikigaya! Who has the nicest legs in class?" She asks and then starts snapping away with her phone once again.

"Yumiko, definitely Yumiko. It's a given since she's a fellow Tennis player. Next up would be you Ehime."

She giggles shyly and squirms with delight. "Thank you~~~! Are you making advances on me too~? Hehehehehe~!" Yuuko pouts cutely but says nothing. I guess that when it comes to this department, she knows that it's not her strong suit. And objectively speaking, Yumiko does excellent legs tho. In addition, I do love and like her as a friend but I'm not interested in her that way.

In the face of our pincer attack, Minami's defences crumble. Her body goes limp and she almost slides down my leg had I not held her waist properly. I gently put her on the sofa and we see her face steaming and her eyes turned into scribbles.

"Hachi-kun, I think we went too far. Look you even gave her some light hickeys." Yuuko points out and pulls and twists my cheeks as punishment.

"Hm, Oih guesshh sho."

Ehime joins us in hovering over Minami's unconscious pink face. And I feel like we're a bunch of surgeons figuring out what to do to our patient. From the corner of my eye, blood was dripping from both her nostrils.

"I got some nice shots! Thanks PEASANTS!"

"Oi, you're bleeding," I say and hand her a handful of paper tissues from the table and she thanks me again. "So are we still gonna continue the game?"

"Nah. You two went too far with your jokes and knocked her out cold. And if you go at it again I might die from blood loss." Our king shrugs and shakes her head while wiping her nose with the tissues I gave her. Yuuko and I look at each other and agree.


"True. And don't forget that with Minami out of the picture, Hachi-kun might go after you too." I lightly bonk her on the head with my fist for her comment.

"Stop making me sound like I'm some sort of perv."

The two girls grin and laugh at the same time with Ehime mimicking an Ojou-sama's haughty and insufferable laughter.

"You are tho lol xd."