I can't believe it's been two whole years since I posted anything… I have no excuses and no I did not fall off the face of the planet or (worse) lost interest in Newsies. I guess I just got so caught up in life. A lot can happen in two years. My latest adventures no longer take place in the boring droning of a lecture, these days it's more about finding unfortunate victims… erm I mean thoughtful gifts… in my slippers left by my cat (Morris) or trying to resist the cuteness that is Felix (my kitten) whom keeps trying to miraculously get milk from my fingers. I can honestly say that hand raising an animal is worth it. They make the most loving pets. Also you might wanna keep tea away from your laptop… it might spill and you might not be lucky enough to have it still working…

I feel terrible bout not posting anything sooner though. To be honest I haven't been doing much solo writing for the longest time (I have some collaborated and random script style stories I wrote with a friend. They can be found on Anjion's page.). This one wasn't meant for fanfiction initially but it's not bad so hopefully you will like it. I also apologize for the many errors that made their way into my stories. I shall fix them as soon as possible. Standard disclaimers apply.

For the love of Brooklyn.

Sometimes I just wanna scream and whack someone over the head. I got the cane to do it too! They'd be hurting for a week. Better yet I'm gonna fix a few Scabs so they can't walk! It's good for the nerves, mine at least.

People can just get on my nerves sometimes. So bad that I even throw stuff at them. My boys know not to bother me when I'm like this but there's one person that seems to love getting on my nerves: Jack Kelly. The leader of Manhattan.

He's arrogant, lazy and worst of all, he's a Scab! A dirty rotten Scab who's selling papes with a brand new suit and those Delancey bums following him to make sure no one gets to him and if they ain't with him it's a bull! Two of the worst things in the world. Why would he agree to go around with a bull following him when they locked almost all of his older boys up at least once!

The worst is that I was on stage a few nights ago telling him that Brooklyn was with the strike and we had his back and then he turned around and does this! He turns his back on everything that we stand for as Leaders! You don't go back on your on word and you most certainly don't show that you're a damn coward!

I was there when the Delanceys nearly killed him and his boys. I was there when that reporter got them on the front page the same day they decided to hold the damn rally. A rally that I attended with my boys and where I basically told him that he could tell me what to do in just a few simple words.

The same rally where I stood up for his boys as best I could right along with mine because he was too busy running away. Sure he was one of the leaders of the strike and we needed to get them out of there but that didn't mean anything to him in the end. He just tossed it back in their faces after they had gotten hurt trying to defend him and get him out of there.

I was there to tell his boys that it'll be okay and that I'd have their backs if we had to go to the refuge. I was there to stop the little ones from crying and get the big ones to calm down. I was even the one to stand up to the judge when he was being a bum to the Newsies.

Sure he didn't want anyone to know that he was the son of a murderer or that he had been locked in jail for being a lousy snitcher. Not everyone was good at stealing stuff and when you're hungry as he was you just don't think about anything other than getting food. I've been there too but I just haven't gotten caught for it.

As I stand here, now, looking over the side of the Brooklyn Bridge I just want to scream. Scream and throw something as far as I possibly can or even pull out my slingshot and destroy something. I'm just so furious about the bum turning his back on us that I can't even think straight and it's getting hard to not trash my room for a second time.

Jack had really turned his back on us. He even had the guts to tell Davey it was all about the money. He may have said it but even I knew it wasn't true. I ain't stupid. I knew it must be something else. Something to do with the fact that he was taken to Pulitzer's place the night before he scabbed. The Mouth had gotten him away from the men. He could have ran, came to Brooklyn. I'd have helped him.

I would have sent Robin and Ricky to get his stuff and deliver a message to Race to tell him Jack's leaving town and meet him and Tracks or City at the train yards to make sure he got out of New York like he wanted to. He knew it too. I'd told him a million times that if things got bad for him he could come to Brooklyn. I'd told him that I'd get him out of the city if that's what he needed.

No, Old Joe had said something that had gotten him. Something that backed him into a corner. The only thing that could do that to a leader was his Newsies. The ones we were directly responsible for like the pickpockets that looked to us to help keep them outta the refuge. The ones who were too stubborn to survive Snyder. The ones who wouldn't last a day without getting the snot beat outta them. The young. The innocent. Those who had families. We were responsible for them.

"Heya Spot." Race said pulling me out of my on head.

"Higgins." I snapped. He may be my friend but he knew I had to keep up appearances.

The gambler was one of my oldest friends. We'd known each other since I was a kid. I'd still been a weakling back then. I was always younger than the others and I never was the tallest. Not when I was still eight years old. I had always been smart and stubborn and Race had been the first one to see that. The first one who didn't pick on me. The first one I ever truly called friend.

"You think he really did it for the money?" He asked leaning over the side a little to look at the river below.

"Nah. He aint a scab at heart. " I replied looking towards Brooklyn.

I had to go back. I had to make sure that no one was causing trouble. More importantly, I gotta make sure my boys were still going to strike. After today I'll have my work cut out for me. Some of my boys were ready to give up after today. Others were just waiting to cause trouble.

"You're goin' back to Brooklyn now ain't ya?" The gambler asked.

"Yeah, but I got your back 'Hattan." I replied.

It might just be temporary but when Jack went scab Racetrack became the leader sure as he sky's blue. They'll follow him from now on. If Jack comes back he may be in charge again but they won't ever trust him the same again. Not when he told them that he had picked money over them.

They may never understand but I did. It's just one of the things we do for our boys. We have to be strong and be there to protect them when there's trouble. We gotta be tough and lay down the rules and keep 'em. We gotta show that we mean business. Most importantly we gotta care. Care for the boys who look up to us and for the ones who don't. Care about our image and our boroughs.

I do what I do for the love of Brooklyn.