It was a cloudy day in Brooklyn, New York. Inside the talll business building was Theodore Roosevelt, a middle age salesman, was busy typing on the computer.. He was making tons of sales. ,his boss, walked and looked over his shoulder at the computer.

" , I must say I'm impressed.",he said.

He was about walk off and move on to the next worker, but, Teddy stopped him before he moved on.

" said that if I get these sales done, you would give me a raise.",said Teddy. was silent for a bit after what Teddy said. His eyes darted at Teddy.

"I'm sorry what I meant was that if you work extra enough, then you will get a raise.", curtly walked off.

Teddy heavily sighed. Things had gotten hard for him ever since his mom died. Teddy moved back in with his Dad in order to keep him company. Things had gotten harder for him because his job is making him work extra hours. This prevented him from spending time with his father.

Teddy turned back to his seat. He was getting ready to continue typing. Teddy took one look at the picture frame on his desk. The picture frame was a photo of his mother in her nice dress looking happy. On her lap was he ,himself, as a child smiling during this happy moment. He gazed at it.

"Oh mother, I wish you were here.",whispered Teddy sadly.

Meanwhile.. Somewhere In Brooklyn~

Sacagawea Shoshone, a divorced parent, was out shopping at a store to buy food. Her son isn't with her right now because he was being watched by a friend. Sacagawea got divorced because her husband has been cheating on her with multiple women. Most of the women were actually way younger and may be called girls even. When Sac found out about it, they didn't tell their son it was not something as embarrassing as that.

The way they told him was,"We weren't right for each other."

It was very hard for Sac to watch her son cry. After the divorce process, Sac got custody of their son. He is living with her. There was a problem, Sac had never went to college. She had to work multiple jobs to support herself and her son.

Sacagawea walked across the aisle of the store to pick up a grapefruit to see if it wasn't too squishy. While checking it out a familiar figure stood beside her

"Can I help you?",asked Sacagawea.

She put the grapefruit down. She looked over to see who it was. It was her ex husband,

Toussaint Charbonneau.

"What are you doing here!?",yelled Sacagawea.

"I came to see you.",he answered.

"Why would you want to see me after you cheated on me. You decided be with those other girls!? This was your choice.," yelled Sacagawea.

"Speaking of which I'm with someone."blurted Toussaint with a smirk.

"Well, good for you. Go be with whoever it is!",yelled Sacagawea.

"I'll go be with her after I tell you what I'm about to say!",yelled Toussaint.

"Like what after you cheated on me those years ago what would you possibly say to me..." Before Sacagawea could say anything, Toussaint blurted out something that made her heart drop,

"I want custody of Jean!"

Speechless, her mouth fell open not knowing what to say.