As the night begins to darken in Brooklyn,New York, Teddy was driving all the way back to his Dad's house. He had to put on the car lights so he could see on his way. The night seemed to darken the way to where he is going. Luckily,he was able to reach his Dad's house, .and get out of the car so he could walk up to the front door and open it .

"Hey, I'm home!",he shouted.

He walked through the opened door, turning his head side to side to see if his father was anywhere to be in sight.

"Dad?", he called out nobody answered.

Teddy stepped into the house to see where his father could be. He looked across the living room and spotted his father on his chair looking at a picture. Teddy walked into the living room to see closely what picture his father is looking at.

"What are you looking at Dad?",asked Teddy.

Teddy's father looked at him then looked at the picture, then, looked at Teddy again.

"You look like your mother.",he answered.

"I know, I miss her Dad.", he said as he joined looking at the picture with him.

In another part in Brooklyn~

After that faithful day at the store, Sacagawea drove all the way to her friend, Amelia's house, where her son was staying. So after reaching to Amelia's house, she stopped the car. which is the driver's seat so she could get out and see her son so as soon as she reached to the front door knocking it and letting herself in she shouted,"I'm home!"

While trying to smile and not think about what happened in the store.

"Mom!",shouted her son ,Jean.

He ran to give his mom a big hug while Amelia walked up to see her friend

"Was he being good?",asked Sacagawea.

"Very good.",answered Amelia.

Sacagawea tried to continue to smile as she looked down at Jean. Immediately she frowned thinking about what happened in the store. She looked up at Amelia.

"What's wrong Sac?",asked Amelia.

Jean started to look up at his mother curiously, "Mommy is everything okay?"

"Yes Jean, can you get your stuff while I talk to Aunt Amelia for a second?",asked Sacagawea, hoping her son would say yes.

"Okay.",he said as he ran off to get his stuff.

That was a sigh of relief for Sacagawea as she walked up to Amelia closely.

"Whats wrong, Sac?",said Amelia.

"First, lets talk in the living room.",said Sacagawea.

The both of them walked into the living room to chat

"So what is it you want to talk about?",asked Amelia.

"Apparently, I ran into Toussaint today...",started 's eyes widened up in shock

"Toussaint!? What does he want!?",addressed Amelia

"Turns out he wants custody of Jean.",shared Sacagawea.