Hi. This is meant to be just a fun and random idea that I wanted to try out writing. I don't know how long it will be, as I am still writing it.

I came up with this story as a result of randomly thinking about Tales of Berseria one day. One of Velvet's traits is that she is a great cooking, but she lost her ability to taste as a result of turning into a Therion. And when I was thinking about cooking in a fantasy setting, I thought of the popular cooking-fantasy game called Battle Chef Brigade. So, putting these two together ended up creating this interesting fanfiction.

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Chapter 1: A Mysterious Portal

Currently, Velvet and her companions had come back to Meirchio in order to get rested and prepared for their eventual confrontation with Arthorius and Innominat. However, just a day after they arrived at Meirchio…

"You found a… what?" Velvet asked with an unimpressed look.

"A portal!" shouted Magilou, as she swung her arms around furiously, "A portal to some unknown location just… sitting there in a nearby cave!"

"Did the exorcists create it?" Eleanor asked with concern.

"Nope," replied Magilou flatly, "I have my fair share of portal making, and that is definitely not one the exorcists would make."

"Perhaps it was made by a Malak," thought Rokuro aloud, "Wouldn't be even surprised if it was made by Innominat."

"I considered that too, so I had Grimoirh check it out," Magilou said thoughtfully, "However, she can confirmed that Innominat had nothing to do with it, much less a Malak."

"I guess that's something to be thankful about," said Eizen, "Do you have any ideas where it leads it?"

"Nope, nada, zip," Magilou exclaimed.

"Umm…" Laphicet started, "You didn't force Bienfu to check it out… did you?"

"Hahaha! Of course not!" laughed Magilou, "Naturally I threw a rock into the portal first, to make sure it wouldn't suddenly close once something passes through it. 'Then' I forced Bienfu to check it out for me!"

Everyone else just stared at Magilou with the same annoyed reaction. But Magilou didn't care a bit about her companions' reactions as she continued talking.

"Bienfu should be done exploring at our 'mystery destination' by now. He will probably be here at any moment now…"

And as if on cue, Bienfu arrived. He ran towards everyone with tears in his eyes.

"BIIIIIEEEEEN!" cried Bienfu as he runs his body towards Laphicet.

"Are you alright!?" Laphicet asked in a panic.

"I almost got killed by a group of one-eyed birds trying to eat me alive!" cried Bienfu, as his voice is almost drowned by his own crying.

"One-eyed birds?" asked Velvet as she raised an eyebrow at the claim.

"Not the weirdest thing we saw so far," Eizen pointed out.

Magilou then proceeded to pick Bienfu and looked at him with a cold smile on her face.

"So, what did you see at the other side of the portal?" Magilou asked, ignoring her partner's traumatized state, "We don't have all day."

Bienfo tried to calm down while giving his report, "W-Well… The portal leads to a whole 'nother world."

Everyone was silent for a moment as they tried to process what he just said.

"Wait, 'another world'?" asked Rokuro skeptically, "Not some other place or even another country? Like, literally 'another world'?"

"I'm sure of it!" exclaimed Bienfu, "There were monsters that could talk and act like any normal human or Malak!"

"Couldn't those monsters be Daemons?" asked Velvet.

"I thought that was the case at first," Bienfu said before shaking his head, "But those monsters, and even the humans there, didn't produce any trace of malevolence!"

Everyone immediately did a double-take to the astonishing detail that Bienfu dropped on them.

"No way, people and monsters that didn't produce any malevolence!?" Eleanor exclaimed in shock.

"Are you sure of this?" Magilou asked seriously.

"No doubt about it!" Bienfu said confidently, "I checked an entire city that was closest to the portal. But not a single person or monster there has any malevolence coming out of them!"

"But… what could this mean?" wondered Laphicet.

"Well… If it 'is' another world, it wouldn't be surprising that their world would work differently from ours," said Velvet.

"And remember what happened with Jude and Milla?" Eizen reminded, "They also came from another world, with different circumstances like how their magic works."

"So, you are suggesting that this is a similar case with Jude and Milla?" questioned Velvet.

"It's not impossible," Eizen pointed out, "We may be seeing a similar phenomenon to before."

"But… now what?" asked Rokuro, "Do we just… ignore it?"

"Obviously not," answered Magilou, "Even if we ignore the portal, that doesn't prevent the people from the other side from entering our world."

Magilou then developed a grin on her face, "Besides, aren't you curious about the monsters Bienfu saw and the people without any malevolence."

The others began to think for a moment. The silent is eventually broken by Velvet.

"It may be possible to learn how people from another world be able to not produce any malevolence… And if we can figure that out, it will prove useful in stopping Innominat, since he is dependent in feeding off of malevolence."

"Plus, if we can prevent people from producing malevolence, then we can stop people from turning into Daemons," said Eleanor.

"We may even find a way to turn Daemons back into people and Malakhim, without needing my Silver Flame" Laphicet pointed out.

"And if people can't produce malevolence, then the Malakhim would no longer be in danger of being corrupted by it and turning into dragons," Eizen added.

"Hmm… Personally, I'm hoping there might be a good challenge for me in that other world," Rokuro admitted.

"So, it's decided then?" asked Magilou, despite already knowing the answer.

"Yeah," Velvet said while nodding, "Let's go check it out."

Author's Notes

And that's the first chapter. I'm not a hundred percent sure where I will be taking this story and how long it will end up, but I hope you will enjoy it and that I will be able to finish it.

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