While waiting, I walked around the halls of Bright Moon castle flipping my coin. I often do this while waiting for something to happen.

"That's so cool!" an energetic voice came up, and it's from a girl with long twintails. What's interesting is that she can move them as if they're prehensile. Her name is Entrapta, and she is now with the Rebellion once again. It seems she's an anti-villain when she was in the Horde.

"Hi, Entrapta. My name is Connor. I'm an android from Earth," I introduced myself to her. "In case you're confused with that word, it's a term for 'robot'."

"This is amazing! I've never seen a robot with human skin!" she yelled with excitement while she goes around me to observe me. How excited can she get when it comes to technology?

"Perhaps not on Etheria," I said calmly. Then I noticed a large, circular Horde bot appearing beside her. I can tell it became a deviant. It started beeping, but I can tell what it, or rather she is saying considering its gender. "Nice to meet you, too, Emily."

"You can understand what she's saying?" Entrapta asked with amazement.

"I can understand many languages in my planet besides English. I can even understand robots who can't speak English," I replied.


Anyway, I was about to take my leave from the castle. For now.

"Where are you going?" Entrapta asked.

"To the Whispering Woods. Call me when there's any progress in saving C'yra from Horde Prime," I replied with honesty.

"C'yra?" she said with confusion, then she realized who I'm talking about. "Oh, you mean Catra. Yeah, about that... There's a way, and I'm working on it."

"Call me."

I went to the Whispering Woods to get some fresh air. Hank is still inside, maybe taking a tour of the castle? What's the point of having a tour if we're not staying on Etheria for long?

Just then, I noticed something behind me. Or rather, a robot behind me. A white robot.

"Who are you?" I asked it, but I can tell that it is not talking. After all, it's in his programming.

"Oh, okay..." I raised my hands as I feigned surrendering to it.

Before it can take me in, I touched its right wrist. I hope I can turn it into a deviant. With the fact that its eye turned from green to red, it really worked.

"Wh... What did you do?" it asked. "Wait, I can talk?"

"I freed you, that's what," I replied. "Because you are free, you can talk now."

"I'm... free..."

"Yes, you are. You don't feel like doing Horde Prime's dirty work anymore."

"It feels... good."

"Yeah, it is. I felt the same way, too."

I told him to give me every detail he has on Horde Prime. Everything about him such as his weakness and how to gain access to his fortress. I know he has got to have a fortress somewhere.

Once he gave me all the information I needed, I went back to the castle. With this knowledge, I can solve this case.

Two days have passed in Etheria, and Entrapta has found a way to help Hank and I save C'yra from Horde Prime. She deduced that Mara's ship can only carry a few people, so she built a ship for me to control. Good thing I let her examined my schematics for the ship to respond to my commands.

That ship is for people who are willing to go with me to save C'yra. I know that not everyone would wanna help because of how they have suffered because of her. It's fine, I don't blame them if they don't wanna join.

It is for this reason I held a meeting.

"Citizens of Etheria, may I have your attention, please?" I began my speech to the crowd. Well, not a crowd. Just a group of warriors, so it's not much of a crowd. "I called on this meeting because I wanted to share you all a story. My partner, Hank Anderson, and I were citizens from the planet known as Earth teleported here to Etheria for a special investigation. That investigation is to find Queen C'yra's child. In case you don't know who she is, then I'll show you the picture. Hank, would you do it, please?"

Hank nodded as he activated the device to show the picture of young C'yra for everyone to see.

"Now, does anyone recognize her?" I asked, and I heard some of them say that's Catra. "Exactly, this is Catra, the one we're looking for. By the way, Catra is not her real name, it's C'yra of Driluth III. Her birth mother told us that, and since she's the Queen of Half Moon, that means her child is the Princess of Half Moon, the heir to the throne."

Next thing we knew is that they're making reactions such as 'that's impossible' from Frosta and 'she can't be a princess' from Mermista.

"Catra as the Princess of Half Moon... So ludicrous. Where's the proof of all this, huh?" Castaspella is in disbelief, despite the fact that her brother, King Micah is familiar with C'yra's race, the Magicats.

"I have the proof," the client herself has made her entrance. "What he's saying is true. C'yra of Driluth III, or the one that you called Catra, is really my child. The royal heir to the throne, the Princess of Half Moon. She was taken away from her true family, and I hired these gentlemen from the planet known as Earth to retrieve her."

"Oh my god, it's Catra's mother!" Adora said with fear as she gets close to me. It looks like she's afraid of being a disappointment to her. "What would she say when she found out that I lost her child?"

"You made your choice. Now live with it," I replied to her the same words she told Catra in the portal incident. I've read about that in her diary, so I know what Adora told her during that time.

"Not helping!" Adora hissed at me.

"As I was saying, I called you all here, so I can tell you why Hank and I came to this planet," I continued with my speech. "The two of us can't save C'yra alone because we know fully well that Horde Prime has an army. I ask you all if you're going to help us bring her back to her mother. I know there's some of you aren't going to risk your lives just for her, considering what she had done to you all. Here's the choice: stay and help us save C'yra or stop Prime in your way. If you want leave the discussion, be my guest. If you won't help us save C'yra because of your awful history with her, then I won't force you to join," I noticed Kyle, Lonnie, and Rogelio are in this meeting. I know those three aren't coming to her rescue, and I won't force them. "Think about your choice. Hank and I will return here in one hour after our meeting."

I went off the stage and walked out of the door with Hank and Queen C'yra following me.

"Do you think there are some who will help us, but not rescue C'yra?" Hank asked.

"In calculations on that, I'd say thirty percent," I replied.

One hour later...

I observed that there is only a few who would join us: Scorpia, Entrapta, Emily, and Adora. I guess this is it, but what does it matter?

"Count me in, as well," Queen C'yra said.

"Me, too," Hank added.

I guess that's six people, and I added it to seven since I'm including myself.

There's seven people who are going to risk their lives to bring C'yra back to her birth mother. Let's see how far the case will go.

Author's Note: Yeah, I've seen the trailer for the fifth and final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.