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The figure continued to rush through the city of Bellwood, leaping off the buildings as she rushed through the town.

This was 30-year-old Gwendolyn Catherine Tennyson, also known simply as 'Gwen'. She continued running through the city before skidding to a halt.

The reason she was racing so fast as a Kineceleran? One her husband had taken to referring as Celerity… both a joke on her speed and one she angrily knew referred also to the species of said alien?

Her husband and 3 children were planning to go out and were waiting for her to arrive to leave.

Gwen wondered if they listened to her saying it was fine to go without her… but part of her was happy they loved her enough to wait even if it seemed stupid to do so.

"Why does nobody ever listen to me? sometimes the Omnitrix doesn't even listen. I wonder how the one I made for Danny does but this one Azmuth himself gave to me does." Gwen muttered to herself as she raced through an alleyway, ducked around a corner then slid to a stop as she hit the watch button to time herself out.

Gwen hadn't changed much over the years, she remembered when she held her hair into a ponytail. Something she regretted now.

Gwen wore a darkish blue vest which was over a light teal and purple long sleeve shirt which held her famous cat symbol… one that had since skyrocketed since people bought merchandize based off the woman. She had whitish purple sneakers, Mason had always said she liked blue and white a lot.

Then again, her wearing white jeans like she did a while ago? That didn't help her argue back. she brushed her boyishly short orange hair out of her face, it was always spiky in the front, no matter how much she combed it.

She blinked and looked down into her pocket as her phone began to rang. She fished it out of her pocket and tapped the button before holding it up to her ear.

"Mom, when are you getting here? Dad is ready to literally fly over to go and get you." She heard from her eldest daughter: Jen Tennyson.

"I told you to go on without me if I didn't get there on time, right? you don't listen, sweety." She flinched, maybe she had been hit in the head hard enough to age.

"Yeah, well. we don't listen, you didn't listen to rules you didn't like, remember? Dad is still waiting when you get here. You and Danny both have alien watches and you can't hurry up?" Jen asked as Gwen rolled her eyes.

"I can't rush halfway across town in the blink of an eye, Omnitrix or not." Gwen turned to the side and tapped on the brick wall.

"Mom? I really doubt that considering me and Danny know how the Omnitrix works. Dad is coming in like 5 minutes if you don't show up." Jen said before Gwen sighed and transformed back into Celerity.

"I'll be there in a minute. You better make sure your homework is done… superhero or not, you still have school." Gwen heard a groan as the faceplate of her alien form closed over her face. She snickered to herself before slipping her phone into her pocket and zooming off.

Gwen remembered she had graduated from just being the hero of Bellwood… to being the hero of the galaxy.

Gwen had often reminisced on how her life had grown, from fighting alongside other versions of her cousin against Eon and Vilgax?

It had helped her as it gave her the experience and understanding of the warlord to help face him when he arrived.

As she easily raced home and stopped in front of her home, she was reminded of her past.

Like the first time she had met Mason and fought the hybrid who would later be her husband.

She timed herself out and began the walk towards her home. Jen was looking out the window at her who rolled her eyes and smirked at her mother before going back to her cellphone.

Gwen rolled her eyes again, she hummed and walked inside. Jen turned to look at her mother again.

Author Notes

Phew, first chapter done! I want to point out that this story takes place in the Gwen 10 timeline from Omniverse and will include many flashbacks. Next chapter will show Gwen and her family going out for dinner and showing how Gwen met Mason. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

Ps: Lucy, Verdona, Eighteight or Eunice will be the next story.