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(Earth, Bellwood, currently)

Gwen honestly wished one day of her life could be spent enjoying herself without dealing with villainy.

She quickly picked Marspark, hitting the button for the Methanosian as green light washed over the environment.

"TENNYSON! YOUR MISERABLE BLOODLINE ENDS TODAY!" Vilgax roared, his drones rampaged through the restaurant.

"Uh, anytime dear…" Mason managed to freeze one of the disks like drones, shattering it with his fist before watching Jen laugh.

"Scrap metal losers." Jen easily smashed two of the drones together, mana dancing from her fingers.

He'd be proud of his daughter if her cockiness didn't throw her off.

"I can't even get one dinner to myself…" Marspark was bombarded with a few lasers which blew off one of her arms.

Mason was worried, but she easily was capable of regenerating like he saw. Mason watched as new vines replaced her lost arm, allowing her to smash one of the drones into shards under her foot.

"Well, he is Vilgax…" Mason stated with amusement and glad that he didn't have to deal with hostages.

Collateral damage was common enough not to be an issue… well not there's.

"Hero time!" Danny tried to say while cycling through aliens on his watch… it came with a very unheroic voice crack that made the others wince.

"Just pick an alien, doofus!" Jen stated, levitating off her feet and forming a shield of mana for the group.

Vilgax advanced through towards them, savoring how much carnage he caused trying to destroy Gwen.

Mason watched as Danny chose the best-looking Alien… which sadly happened to be a Vaxasaurian... Titanissus's species.

The hulking dinosaur like alien smashed through the roof of the building by accident as Jen sighed.

"Way to think big, dweeb." Jen drew more mana to her as she glowed a very dark purple.

Her skin melted away, not that it couldn't be replaced… she had done this once or twice.

Vilgax faced the Tennyson family as the prepared for combat with the Chimera Sui Generi.

"You're a long way from home, Vilgax…" Gwen rushed out of the force field as Jen summoned it into a disk which she hurled at Vilgax.

It pushed him back, followed by Marspark slamming her flaming fist into Vilgax's face.

He easily tossed the hero aside only for Danny to slam his fist into Vilgax, sending him crashing through the wall of the dining area.

"Your meddling has left Vilgaxia vulnerable! You should have never accepted the peace treaty with the Incurseans." Vilgax roared in pure anger.

Mason slammed an icy mace into Vilgax, shattering it against his chin as he slid back from the blow before trying to punch him.

Mason phased through the fist, Vilgax easily recovered and looked at the group before starting his rampage anew.

Jen slammed into him, despite her small girth, she had far more strength as an Anodite… with the trade off of it burning through her energy fast. She could already feel herself draining.

Still, this set up her brother to grab and toss Vilgax into the road, throwing him into a car as Jen sighed and looked at her sibling.

"Dude, seriously?" Danny shrugged as Mason and Gwen rushed forward, their hands cloaked in ice and fire.

Vilgax slammed a fist into the road, uprooting chunks of its which Mason flew through as Marspark summoned vines which easily caused the rubble to be tossed aside and form steps for her to traverse.

Vilgax blocked the icy mace and huge blast of flames from Marspark… but it revealed metallic skin under it.

"Wha…?" This was all 'Vilgax' needed to throw him into a car, almost knocking him out as Marspark wrapped a group of vines around the man.

She flexed her hands and sent pieces of his skin to the floor, it easily showed more metallic pieces.

"It's a robot!" Mason yelled before the machine turned and buried its fist towards his direction.

It did nothing thankfully, but Gwen could easily see the machine for what it was considering she saw gears and pistons.

Who would be stupid enough to try and create a knockoff of Vilgax? That was the first question Mason had for whoever it was.

Still, this allowed Marspark to punch her fist through the metallic shell. She grunted, ripping out wires which caused the hunk of metal to collapse to the ground, convulsing.

"Well... that was something that happened." Mason muttered, wondering just what the being could have been if they sent a machine of Vilgax.

"They still ruined our evening… ugh." Jen heard from Danny as he transformed back to human form with a very slight grown of annoyance.

Part of the establishment rained down at this, causing the Tennyson family to look at each other.

"Fudge… Just fudge cakes with double super cream." Mason muttered, annoyed at this meaning they would be in trouble for the destruction.

Author Notes

Phew, another chapter done! I wanted to show the family as a unit… Danny and Jen aren't supposed to be overpowered, just strong… your see the limits Jen has next time…. next chapter will be in a week or so and will end up showing Gwen and her family going home and Gwen talking to Max about everything. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!