Chapter 21 – A New Addition

It's been a year since Chloe and Beca's wedding, it honestly has been the best year of Chloe's life. Chloe finally has exactly what she's been dreaming of for so long. She loves being married to Beca. The kids are doing great as well, Amelia and Christopher are practically joined at the hip, they've adjusted so well. Chloe loves their little family with all her heart, but lately she's really had the feeling she wants to expand their family. She's just hoping that maybe Beca feels the same way.

It's a week before Amelia's 7th birthday, Beca and Chloe are currently wandering the aisles of a party store, looking for unicorn decorations. Thank god the little girl picked a universally popular theme; it shouldn't be too hard to find all the supplies they need. The next aisle they turn down isn't what they're looking for. It's baby shower decorations, all pale pink, blue, yellow and green baby animals, storks and weird cartoonish looking babies. Chloe's eyes land on a small, pink and yellow stuffed elephant. Her hand reaches out to touch it, her heart soaring at the thought of buying it for a future baby.

Beca notices her staring, she rests a hand on Chloe's shoulder, "It's cute, isn't it?"

"I want to have a baby with you," Chloe's cheeks burn red as the words fly out of her mouth before she can even consider stopping them.

Beca looks momentarily stunned, but Chloe can tell she's trying not to let the shock show, "Really?"

Chloe thinks about taking the words back, but why should she? She's been thinking of this for a while now, she knows she wants it.

"Yea, I want another baby," Chloe says honestly.

Beca reaches past Chloe and grabs the pink and yellow elephant off the shelf, putting it into their cart, "Ok, let's have a baby."

Now it's Chloe's turn to be surprised, "Really?"

"Yea really, let's do it," Beca blushes now, "I've actually been thinking about asking you if you wanted more kids for a while now."

Chloe can't resist herself; she leans forward and presses a quick kiss to Beca's lips, "You don't know how happy that makes me."

The two finish up their shopping, finding all the unicorn themed things a seven-year-old could ever want. As they load all the bags into the back of Beca's car, Chloe can't help herself from grabbing the little stuffed elephant from the one of the bags. Beca smiles at her knowingly.

"So," Beca says nervously as they start driving away from the party store.

"So?" Chloe parrots back, wondering why she seems so anxious.

Beca's hands grip tighter around the steering wheel, "So about the baby thing…I don't think I can be the one to carry it."

Beca looks sheepish, Chloe is sorry she feels so bad, but it doesn't make a difference to her, "Becs, that's ok. I don't care, I'm more than happy to do it."

The brunette looks relieved, "Ok good. I just…I had a placental abruption my last pregnancy, my chances of having another are pretty high, and my chances of actually getting pregnant are slimmer."

Chloe had known that Beca had complications with Amelia, she had no clue how serious they had been.

"Oh, I'm sorry Beca," Chloe extends her hand over to Beca, who gladly moves a hand off the wheel to take it, "I have no problem being the one to be pregnant. My pregnancy and delivery went as smoothly as they can."

Chloe is a little disappointed they won't ever have any more children with dark brown hair, steely blue grey eyes and an attitude the size of Texas, but she doesn't let the disappointment show through.

Beca smiles at Chloe squeezing her hand, "It's ok, you make really cute babies anyways."

"Oh, I know I do," Chloe smirks, pecking Beca on the cheek, trying not to distract her from focusing on the road.

Chloe's head spins, completely overwhelmed by the vast amount of donor profiles on the laptop in front of her and her wife. She clicks on the first profile, quickly scanning the medical history and background. He's a musician, that's a plus considering how much music means to them both. She makes a mental note of that one as a maybe.

Chloe glances over at Beca who is also reading through some profiles on her phone, "I had no idea picking a sperm donor would be this…difficult."

"It makes me wish I could just get you pregnant," Beca grumbles, tapping on profile after profile, "then we wouldn't need all this."

"You're kind of missing some important hardware for that babe," Chloe giggles, but completely gets where Beca is coming from, she wishes this could be their baby 100%.

Beca looks over at Chloe, a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Well my "hardware" is upstairs in our dresser right now," she quips smoothly not missing a beat.

Chloe's not usually this easily flustered, but her cheeks burn and the image of Beca wearing their strap on sends shivers down her spine, "Bec."

"What?" Beca looks at her innocently.

Chloe just shakes her head and reads the next profile she selected. It's been almost two weeks since they decided to have another baby. Of course, they had had a serious conversation besides the impulse decision in the middle of the party store.

Both Beca and Chloe decided there was no time like the present. Beca is between albums, so there won't be too much that will require her to leave while Chloe is pregnant and after the baby is born. Chloe has garnered enough flexibility in her job in the past few years as she's gained more experience and seniority, so it won't be too hard for her either.

Most importantly though, they had a serious conversation with Amelia and Christopher. They went about it carefully, asking the two first graders how they felt about possibly having another brother or sister. Amelia had jumped up and down excitedly at the tiniest mention, saying how she would love a baby, promising she would take care of it, like they had offered her a puppy. Christopher had been a little more quiet about it, but after a little more talking, he had also been quite excited at the prospect of having a little sister or brother.

Chloe made a doctor's appointment almost immediately after, since she needed to have some preliminary tests run before she could consider proceeding with insemination. She had "passed" all the tests with flying colors, so they've moved onto the donor selection phase.

"You know we really should just like draw straws or something," Beca throws her phone down on the couch, "whoever we pick is it, I honestly don't care whose swimmers we use."

Chloe rolls her eyes, her wife being dramatic as ever, "It kind of does matter Becs, let's at least narrow it down to a few top candidates before we do the blind selection method."

"Ugh, ok," Beca replies, scooting closer to Chloe so they can both look at the laptop sitting on the red head's legs.

After looking through profiles until they are bleary eyed, the two narrow it down to one of two candidates. The final decision comes down to looks, kind of vain, but it was important for them to find someone that looked at least similar to Beca. It was something Chloe had wanted, not so much Beca. It's still a shot in the dark, you don't get to see pictures, they had to go by description. In the end though, Chloe thinks they picked the right one. Beca's not wrong either, it doesn't really matter whose sperm they use. Chloe and Beca will be over the moon with any baby they have.

The next few weeks are a flurry of anticipation. Both Chloe and Beca have been anxiously awaiting insemination. Chloe's been tracking her cycle with an app and today is supposed to be the day. They had set a tentative appointment with the doctor, she still has to take a couple at home tests to make sure all her levels are where they should be.

Chloe wakes up excitedly that morning, immediately rolling out of bed and into the en suite bathroom to get ready for the day. She grabs an ovulation test from the box on the counter. Chloe does what she needs to for the test, then goes about her business, brushing her teeth and doing her makeup, while she waits for the test to be ready.

When her hair and makeup is done, she looks down at the test and squeals in delight when she sees what it reads. She knew it was most likely going to be positive, but she's still so happy. Chloe flies back into the bedroom, jumping onto the bed with a thud.

Beca groans and rolls over, her voice tired and gravely, "Chlo, what the hell?"

"It's time to make a baby!" Chloe yelps, flinging herself next to Beca, who squirms when she's pulled into the older woman's grasp.

Beca's eyes light up with realization and she pulls Chloe back to look at her, "Oh shit! Really?"

Chloe bites her lip and smiles brightly, unable to contain her excitement.

"Ok, well let's get the kids to school" Beca throws the blankets back and sits up, "then we've got to go get you pregnant!"

About an hour later, Chloe is sitting with her feet in stirrups, the table angled up slightly, so her hips are pointed into the air. It's an uncomfortable situation, but she'll do whatever she has to do to get pregnant.

"How are you doing?" Beca asks for the hundredth time in the last twenty minutes since the doctor left the room.

Chloe shrugs, her arms rubbing against the paper on the table, making a loud crinkling noise, "Same since the last time you asked."

Beca bites her lip nervously, "Sorry. It just looks uncomfortable."

"It's ok, I know," Chloe smiles up at her worried wife, who has been hovering by her side since it happened, "and it is, but I want a baby."

"I'm so proud of you for doing all this, I'm grateful," Beca smiles back, "I love you."

"I love you too," Chloe earnestly replies.

"You know," Beca says slowly, a mischievous grin now plastered on her face, "I was doing some research on all this…apparently orgasms are really good at getting it to work."

Chloe quirks an eyebrow, a flash of heat already running through her at the idea, "Is that so?"

Beca nods, "Yea. Maybe you should have one?"

"You're right," Chloe plays along, her voice sultry, "I wonder how I could go about that."

"I might have a few ideas," Beca's tone sending another shockwave through her, "but I think we should leave the doctor's first."

"Hmm, I like that idea," Chloe purrs, suddenly very anxious for their time to be up.

"Fuck!" Chloe's voice rings past the closed bathroom door and into the bedroom where Beca is still semi-sleeping.

Beca pries her eyes open the whole way, startled by her wife. She thinks she might hear soft crying now. The sound makes her jolt out of bed and over to the bathroom door.

"Chlo? Everything ok?" Beca says softly through the closed door.

"No," Chloe replies firmly, Beca can tell she is in fact crying.

The sharp answer speaks volumes, so Beca pushes the door open. Chloe is sitting on the floor in front of the shower, head in her hands. Beca quickly goes to sit next to her, pulling the red head into her arms.

"Baby, what's wrong?" she asks her crying wife carefully.

Chloe sniffles loudly, wiping the tears from her cheeks, "I'm not pregnant."

"Did you take a test?" Beca didn't see any evidence of one when she walked in.

She shakes her head angrily, "No, I got my period."

Beca pulls her in tightly again as a new wave of tears start, "Hey, it's ok Chlo. We can try again."

"I know…I just wanted it so bad," Chloe sobs the words incoherently into Beca's shoulder, her shirt there is already soaked through with tears.

Round two. The situation seems eerily familiar, except this time both women are a little more anxious than the last. Beca can tell Chloe is tense, which isn't going to help anything.

"Chlo, you've got to try and relax," Beca rubs her shoulder as she lies reclined on the table, feet and hips in the air once again, "you know that helps."

"I know," Chloe grumbles, "I'm just so nervous what if it doesn't work again? What if I can't get pregnant either?"

"Hey, then that's ok," Beca strokes her hand through her wife's red locks in a soothing manner, "but the doctor said it shouldn't be a problem, all your levels and numbers are right where they should be. It doesn't always work the first time."

"But what if it never works," Chloe says softly, still not convinced that it was normal for it to not work the first time.

"Then we will talk about other options," Beca replies calmly, "you can go through fertility treatments, or we can look into adoption…or we can talk to the doctor about the possibility of me being pregnant."

Chloe grabs Beca's hand from where she is lying reclined, "Becs, you can't do that, I don't want you to risk it. I'll just have fertility treatments."

"Let's just see what happens first," Beca doesn't want them to jump to any conclusion before giving this all a fair shake.

Beca has a good feeling about it this time, even though Chloe is tense and stressed. It just feels right this time. Also, Beca doesn't think she can handle seeing her wife so broken again. It needs to work this time.

Both Beca and Chloe huddle around the line of pregnancy tests lying on the bathroom counter. Only one more minute and they will be ready.

"I can't look," Chloe steps back and turns away, "tell me what they say."

"Ok, you sure?" Beca asks, her own heart pounding wildly in anticipation.

Chloe nods, her head already turned away.

The timer on Beca's phone goes off and she looks to the first test, her heart sinking.

Not Pregnant

She looks at the next one.

Not Pregnant

Then the third one, maybe the first two were a fluke.

Not Pregnant.

Beca's frustration starts rising to the top. She wants to wipe them all onto the floor, she wants to cry, but she can't. She has to be the strong one.

"What do they say?" Chloe's voice waivers, her back still turned.

Beca tries to speak, but nothing comes out. She grabs a test and puts it into the red head's hands. She hears a small disappointed sigh, Chloe's shoulders slumping.

"We can try again?" Beca offers, "We can keep taking tests until we are sure."

Chloe drops the test and it clatters loudly on the tile floor, "Why even bother?"

Beca turns around to comfort her, but Chloe has already left the bathroom. When she leaves the bathroom, her wife is face down on their bed, small whimpers leaving her. Beca crawls onto the bed next to her and wraps her arms around her.

How is it so easy for people to get pregnant without even trying, but when you try to do it intentionally it doesn't work? It's a sad joke. Neither Amelia or Christopher were planned, they just happened. Now here they are, finally together, right where they should be and ready to have kids, and they can't make it work. There has to be something else they can do.

Chloe has seemingly given up. She took more tests and they all came up negative, and then she got her period again a few days later. The red head is defeated, she hasn't even mentioned it again. Beca doesn't want her to give up, she knows how much they both want it. She knows Chloe can get pregnant.

So, Beca has been doing research. The more and more she's read, it looks like lots of people have had success with at home inseminations. She was kind of surprised it is a thing, but the more she read, she's thinking it could work. Now she just has to convince Chloe of it.

"Chlo," Beca calls from her spot on the sofa, "can you come here?"

"Yea," Chloe calls back, making her way into the living room from the kitchen.

Chloe sits down next to her and Beca places her laptop into her wife's lap, "I think we should give this a go."

Beca had saved a few of the best articles and left them open for Chloe to read, as well as a couple very informative videos. She watches as the older woman scans each of them, a small smile forming on her lips.

"I didn't even know you could do this at home," Chloe mutters, still focusing intently on the computer screen.

"Me either," Beca shakes her head.

She waits a few minutes for Chloe to digest all the information, but watches her closely the whole time, anxious to hear her thoughts.

"Ok, let's do it," Chloe says abruptly, setting the laptop down on the coffee table in front of them.

"Really?" Beca is surprised she agreed so readily.

Chloe nods, "I like that it would be here, where we would both be comfortable. It would be on our time and I like how it would feel more like loving…than sterile? If you know what I mean?"

She must have read the multiple sources about how orgasms are supposed to effective and that you should have them before and after insemination. Beca liked that too. It would make it feel more personal, just the two of them making a baby. Making love to her wife and 'getting her pregnant' is the dream and this is the closest they could come to it.

"I know exactly what you mean," Beca smiles.

"Thank you for doing this Becs," Chloe plays with the wedding ring on her finger, not looking up at Beca, "I was being stubborn, thank you for still trying."

Beca grabs Chloe's hand to stop her nervous fidgeting, "You weren't being stubborn, you were upset, understandably so. I wanted to help."

"Well thank you," Chloe says again, kissing Beca soundly.

Beca lets herself be swept up by the feeling of Chloe's lips against hers, the feeling never getting old. It's over far too quick for her liking, Chloe pulls away, eyes sparkling again for the first time in a week.

The day of their attempt at home insemination, both Beca and Chloe are so excited, the good anxious feeling they both felt the first time is back. Chloe has been taking ovulation tests every day for the past few days, this morning it came back positive. Tonight would be the night.

Their special tank with donor sperm, arrived a couple days ago and has been waiting patiently in their bedroom. Beca has been so nervous about it, she doesn't want to do anything wrong. Sperm is evidently very finicky and there are so many things that she could do to screw it up. She's been diligent in her research though, and Beca is sure she can do it correctly.

"Aubrey is coming to pick up the kids after dinner," Chloe tells her, as she pours herself a travel mug of coffee before heading out the door, "I thought it would be easier to do it without them here, we can put all our attention on doing this right."

"Perfect," she should have thought of that, at least Chloe did.

Chloe pecks her on the lips before grabbing her bag before leaving for work, "I'll see you later…I can't wait to make a baby with you."

Beca smiles widely, "I can't wait either, have a good day Chlo."

The day drags along so slowly, Beca just wants to get to tonight. When Chloe finally gets home after work Beca practically jumps out of her skin with excitement.

Both women make their way through dinner as quick as possible, trying not to hurry Amelia or Christopher. Aubrey finally rings the doorbell around 6:30. Beca tries not to shove their children out of the door…but she gets them out quickly. It's not too hard, both kids are excited for a sleep over at Auntie Aubrey and Auntie Stacie's.

Beca works quickly to get everything ready after the kids are gone. She gets the sperm out of the tank and sets it aside to thaw. She gets the syringe ready and sets it out next to the little thawing vial on her nightstand.

Chloe waltzes into the bedroom when Beca finally has everything set out, "You ready to make a baby Mitchell?"

Beca strides over to her pulling her into a searing kiss, "Oh you know I am," she breaks the kiss breathlessly, "we have a half an hour until it's all thawed and ready."

"Whatever are we going to do with all that time," Chloe pulls Beca back into a deep kiss, her tongue slipping into Beca's mouth almost immediately.

Beca kisses Chloe back feverishly, the heated exchange spiking her arousal already. She feels Chloe's hands start to wander, sliding up her back and under her shirt, until they are skating around her front, landing on her ribs just below her breasts. Beca grabs Chloe's shoulders and starts moving them backwards, until Chloe's legs hit the bed and she tumbles backwards.

Chloe quickly sits back up, stripping her shirt off and her pants, leaving her in just a bra and panties.

"Someone is eager," Beca jokes, pulling her own shirt over her head, wanting to feel Chloe's skin against hers.

"Maybe I am, can you blame me," Chloe says roughly, eyes dark with desire already.

Beca pulls her own pants down quickly and moves to straddle Chloe who has scooted into the middle of the bed. Chloe's lips find hers quickly, kissing her deeply. Beca skims her hands up and down Chloe's sides, until they finally land on her still bra covered breasts. She rubs her thumb over the nipple already straining against silky fabric.

Chloe pulls away from Beca's lips breathless, "Take it off."

Beca doesn't wait to hear her ask again, her hands already finding their way to the clasp. She pulls it off quickly, tossing it to the side.

"You are beautiful," Beca takes the time to stare at soft mounds and stiff, pink peaks before moving her hand to one and her mouth onto the other.

Chloe moans loudly at the sensation. Her hand moves to Beca's head, her fingers curling into brunette locks to hold her wife's face where it is. Before Beca moves her head to Chloe's other breast, she looks at her phone she propped up on the nightstand, they have ten more minutes before they have to use the sperm. Twenty minutes has seemingly flown by, she better get the show moving. Beca tips her head down to Chloe's other breast, not wanted to neglect it. Chloe still moaning softly at her actions.

Beca's lifts her face away from Chloe's chest, "Ok this is going to sound weird, but I read that some people inseminate with their legs up on the wall and hips pointed up, so maybe we should…"

"Makes sense," Chloe is breathless, her cheeks rosy.

The red head shoves her panties down and Beca helps drag them all the way down her legs, tossing them to the side with her bra. Chloe slides around and places her feet up against the headboard. Beca grabs a pillow and helps slide it under her hips to get the angle right. Her mouth goes dry when she sees how wet and ready Chloe is already. The insides of her thighs already glistening. A shot of arousal courses through her, her own panties already soaked. Right now is about Chloe though, she needs to get off before and after insemination.

Beca moves a hand between her wife's legs, the position is weird with her facing the headboard and Beca kneeling next to her awkwardly, but they'll have to make it work. She wants to do anything she can to make this work.

She cups her gently at first, Chloe groans trying to grind up into Beca's touch. They don't have time to tease, so Beca finds her clit and rubs small tight circles. Chloe gasps, her mouth dropping open and eyes closing.

"Oh god, Beca," Chloe moans, her hips bucking.

Beca looks at her phone on the nightstand, only a few minutes left before it's ready. She doubles down on her efforts, adding a couple fingers into the mix. Chloe whimpers at the added stimulation.

"I'm cl…close," Chloe stutters.

"Good, come for me baby," Beca urges her, not letting up on the action between the red head's legs.

Beca curls her fingers every time she pulls them back out, knowing the exact spot she has to hit to make Chloe see stars. She keeps circling her clit with her thumb, the two actions combined has her shaking. Chloe comes with a relieved cry moments later, her whole body stiffening. Beca keeps rubbing at her softly, helping her through it.

Chloe's still making her way through the tail end of her climax but Beca has to move quick, so she leans over to the nightstand, grabbing the little vial and syringe. Her hands shake as the uncaps it and sticks the syringe in, slowing pulling the plunger up, making sure to get every drop. When its full, she sets the vial back down and moves over between Chloe's legs again.

"You ready Chlo?" Beca asks softly.

Chloe nods and Beca carefully inserts the syringe into her, pressing the plunger down. She pulls it back out moments later and sets it aside. Beca leans down to Chloe's face, giving her a passionate kiss. She hates the weird angle, so she lies down next to Chloe, propping her feet on the headboard next to hers.

Chloe eagerly reconnects their lips and Beca's hand slides down her stomach, until it's back in soft, wet heat. Chloe squeaks in surprise, but melts into the unexpected touch, she knows that she has to have another orgasm. Beca knows she's more sensitive and it won't take as long this time. She rubs softly at her clit, running down to her entrance and back up again. Chloe moans into Beca's mouth, loving the pattern. After a minute or two of that, her hips are bucking up into Beca's touch again. Beca focuses on her clit this time, not wanting to disturb anything by pushing a finger or two into her. She's not sure if it will, but she's not about to take any chances.

Chloe breaks their seemingly endless kiss finally, breathing hard, "I love you," her voice is shaky.

"I love you too," Beca says roughly, she's so turned on by this whole experience she might just come without Chloe even having really touched her.

It's not much longer before Chloe's second orgasm crashes down around her. She cries out Beca's name, shaking with aftershocks. Beca can't help herself, her other hand flies down between her own legs, pressing down against herself through soaked fabric. She's so ready already, it only takes a few strokes and Beca is coming as well.

Both women breath hard, staring up at the ceiling, their feet still against the headboard.

Chloe laces their fingers together, "That was perfect Becs."

"It really was," Beca replies dreamily, she has such a good feeling about this.

She knows they made a baby tonight; she just knows it.

Beca and Chloe are back in the bathroom, a fresh row of pregnancy tests lined up on the counter. They're both on edge, hoping that their attempt at getting Chloe pregnant has worked. Much like last time, Beca's alarm goes off but Chloe doesn't turn her back this time.

"Do you want me to look first?" Beca asks, careful not to look down at them yet.

Chloe simply nods, Beca knows she's really nervous.

Beca finally looks down and isn't able to hold the gasp back. Every single test says the same thing:


"Chloe just look down," Beca urges her.

The red head listens and her eyes glance down at the tests. Beca watches her carefully. Chloe's hand flies up to cover her mouth, a relieved, elated sob escapes her.

"We're going to have a baby," she manages to cry, pulling Beca into her tightly.

Beca hugs her back just as tight, her own happy tears rolling down her face. They did it, they're really going to have a baby.

Chloe really forgot how agonizing those first few months of pregnancy are. She's been so nauseous and sick, she's always tired and she's got two kids and a job to worry about still. It's made her kind of a bear to be around, but her wonderful wife has taken it in stride.

Beca always wakes up and holds her hair back when Chloe is inevitably sick every morning. When she gets back from work in the evening, Beca always has dinner ready and urges Chloe to relax all night. Beca rubs her feet and her back and makes sure the kids get their homework done. Chloe didn't get to experience any of this with Christopher. Yea, she had Aubrey and Stacie but it was different. No one was holding her hair back while she puked, no one was rubbing her feet and showering her with adoration.

The kids have been very anxious and worried about Chloe's state. They've both tried to reassure them that their mommy is fine, but Chloe knows they have to tell them soon. One Saturday morning, Chloe was throwing up and Christopher wandered in the bathroom. He rubbed her back and asked her why she was still sick. He's worried about his mom and so is Amelia.

Which is why all four of them are seated around the kitchen table right now. Beca and Chloe decide it was safe to tell them, especially since Chloe is almost to the point where she's "out of the woods" and can start telling people.

"So guys," Chloe looks at the two eager first graders across from them, "your momma and I have some news to share with you."

"What is it?" Amelia squeaks, unable to hold back her excitement.

"You guys are going to have a little brother or sister," Beca beams, watching both the kids faces light up as well.

"Yay!" Christopher and Amelia cheer, sliding around happily in their seats.

"You guys know how I haven't been feeling very good lately?" Chloe asks.

They both nod at her, concern written on their faces at the mention of it.

"That's because the baby is growing inside of my tummy," Chloe explains, "and it's going to make me feel funny for a while."

"And you need to be extra nice to your mommy right now, because she feels icky," Beca makes sure to add, always protective of her.

"How does the baby fit in their right now?" Christopher asks dumbfounded.

Chloe tries not to laugh at the question, "The baby is really small right now, but it's going to get bigger and when it does my tummy will too."

"That's weird," Amelia laughs, "will the baby always make you feel icky?"

Chloe shakes her head no, "No not always."

"Oh good," the little girl looks relieved at her answer.

"When will it be out of your tummy?" Christopher asks, he's always been very inquisitive.

"In seven months," Beca jumps in to answer, "which will be right around Thanksgiving but before Christmas."

"That's so long!" Amelia exclaims, making both women laugh.

"It is a really long time," Chloe agrees.

They all stay quiet for a moment, waiting to see if the kids have any more questions.

After a few moments of silence, Chloe makes sure to let them know they can always ask her more questions, "If you guys think of any other question, you can ask either of us, ok?"

They both nod, brilliant smiles on their faces. They are going to make excellent older siblings; Chloe can already tell.

Chloe sits anxiously on the paper coated exam table, her hands settled on her small but ever-growing bump. Today is the day they get to find out the sex of the baby. Chloe didn't find out with Christopher, she waited until the birth. Beca had done the opposite with Amelia. They came to a quick decision that they wanted to find out beforehand this time.

There's a light knock at the door before it opens, Dr. Stevenson, the doctor who saw Chloe through her first pregnancy, walks in, "Chloe, Beca, good to see you guys. How have things been going?"

"Good, I haven't been feeling as sick or tired lately," Chloe replies.

Dr. Stevenson looks down at the chart she's holding, "Probably because you are almost in your second trimester. If you remember from last time, that's when things will be a bit easier."

"We get to find out the sex today right?" Beca confirms, Chloe's sure she'll throw a fit if the doctor says no, she's been so excited.

"We sure do, are you guys ready to find out what you're having?" Dr. Stevenson asks as she heads over to the ultrasound machine already set up next to the exam table.

"Yes," Chloe replies quickly, already pulling up her shirt.

She feels Beca's eyes on her stomach, the brunette resists the urge to reach out and cradle her bump. Steely eyes bounce back up to hers and the wind is knocked out of her at Beca's loving gaze.

Their little moment is broken when Chloe yelps out of surprise as the doctor squirts cold, clear gel onto her lower abdomen.

"Sorry, it's a little cold," the doctor smiles as her and grabs the wand to hold it to Chloe's stomach.

"It's ok, I was just caught off guard," Chloe laughs, feeling stupid for being so distracted.

Dr. Stevenson moves the wand around her stomach, staring at the screen intently.

After a few moments she turns the screen so Beca and Chloe can see, "There's a foot, a hand and their head," she moves the wand over, the image on the screen changing, "and it looks like you are going to have a girl!"

Chloe's heart melts at the words, happy tears already springing into her eyes.

She feels Beca's hand grasp hers, "We're going to have a little girl Chlo."

Today is operation paint and decorate the nursery day. Beca has enlisted the help of all the available Bellas, they need all the help they can get. To be honest, everything kind of snuck up on them with how busy they are. Suddenly, Chloe was in her third trimester and they still didn't have a place for the baby. Chloe had initiated many trips to the store for baby stuff, so they have almost everything they need, they just need to set it up.

"Amy be careful!" Chloe palms her forehead exasperatedly as a big glob of light-yellow paint goes flying off the tip of her paintbrush and onto the dark hardwood flooring.

"Yea jeez Ames, keep it on the drop cloth!" Beca laughs, it's really not a big deal, she's positive there are worse stains on the floor in Amelia's room.

All the Bellas are working to either paint or help construct and move furniture, although Beca's not sure how much actual work is getting done.

"Oh my gosh, Chloe these are so cute!" Aubrey squeals holding up sheets and baby blankets with little flowers and bees on them.

"I know, aren't they?" Chloe coos back, "Don't you just love the whole bees and flowers theme for the nursery?"

"It's so cute," Aubrey smiles, picking up another bee themed item to fawn over, "it makes me want to have one."

"You should," Chloe replies earnestly.

Aubrey just shrugs, a wistful look on her face, "Yea I just have to get Stacie on board…"

Beca knows both of them would be wonderful mothers. She wonders what's holding them back.

Beca heads back over the pile of crib pieces scattered on the floor, where Emily is still sitting.

"Beca I'm pretty sure these directions aren't even English, where did you buy this thing?" Emily says holding up the instruction booklet with a confused look on her face.

Beca kneels down next to her and grabs the little book, ok maybe she was right. This is confusing.

"Um let's just wing it dude, it can't be that hard," Beca says a little too optimistically.

Almost the whole nursery is set up and painted before Beca and Emily even come close to getting the crib together. But after a few grueling hours, it's finally standing.

"It looks good," Chloe walks up next to her, eyeing her hard work, "it was really funny to watch you struggle through it too."

Beca gives her a light shove, "Shut up, it was really confusing!"

Chloe rolls her eyes, "Sure it was babe."

Beca tries to formulate a comeback, but her words get lost in her throat at the site of her very pregnant wife. It just hits her sometimes, how glowing and beautiful she is and just how lucky Beca is to have her.

She leans over to place a light kiss onto the red head's lips, "I love you and our baby."

"That's how you're going to respond to me making fun of you?" Chloe giggles.

Beca shrugs, "You get a pass, you're carrying our baby."

"You really have gone soft over the past couple years," Chloe smirks, leaning in and giving Beca a lingering kiss.

It's true. Chloe and their beautiful family have turned Beca to a pile of mush, but it's ok. She'd rather be a sappy, gushy mess than a cold, lonely hard ass.

Chloe knows that feeling. A sharp pain rips though her making her grit her teeth. Thankfully, she's at home, she went on maternity leave a week ago. The problem is, no one else is home. The kids are at school and Beca is doing an interview with one of the local radio stations, to promote her new single. She'll just have to wait and see if anything else happens, but this phantom pain seems eerily familiar to the first time she was in labor.

She hasn't left bed all morning, maybe some walking around would be good. Slowly, she rolls her way out of bed and slips into a pair of yoga pants and a loose t shirt.

Chloe is almost down the stairs when another pain courses through her, making her stop and grip the railing tightly. She doesn't want to believe it, maybe it's just Braxton Hicks. She makes it to the kitchen and opens the fridge to find a snack, and another one happens, much longer and sharper than the last two.

Ok, maybe she should try to call Beca.

Chloe grabs her phone and tries calling, it goes to voicemail. She must be in the interview. Her assistant probably has Beca's phone. Maybe if she calls enough, her assistant will answer.

She tries two more times before she answers, "Chloe, it's Jenny."

"Hey Jenny, I figured you had Beca's phone," Chloe feels another sharp pain, making her gasp into the phone.

"Chloe are you ok?" the young woman asks worriedly.

Chloe's voice is shaky as she responds, "Kind of, can you maybe let Beca know that I think I'm in labor though?"

Jenny gasps this time, "Oh my god, yea I'll let her know right away."

"Ok thanks, can you let her know that I'm going to have someone drive me to the hospital too," Chloe makes sure to add, she hopes one of their friends is available.

"Definitely!" Jenny chirps before hanging up.

Luckily, Stacie is available. It really is ironic though, considering this is the second time that she'll have taken Chloe to the hospital in labor. Stacie's car pulls up to their house in record time. She hops out and opens the door for Chloe.

"Am I like the only one you trust to drive you to the hospital?" Stacie jokes, as the grabs Chloe's bag from her, tossing it in the back, "Because I'm pretty sure that stress wise, I handle this the worst."

"You were the only person that isn't busy today," Chloe rolls her eyes, "and you did great last time."

"Sure I did," Stacie replies sarcastically, as they both get into the car.

The second they start down the road, Chloe's phone goes off. She looks down to see it's Beca.

"Hey Becs," she answers calmly.

"Oh my god Chlo, I'll be there as fast as I can! I shouldn't have left you. I cancelled everything else on my schedule today, are you ok?" Beca sputters out, barely taking a breath.

Chloe's about to say she's fine when another contraction rocks her, making her hiss loudly into the phone, "Yea I'm totally ok."

"Yea, sure you sound ok," Beca's tone indicates she clearly doesn't believe her.

"Ok, well we're almost to the hospital, just get here Beca," she says quickly, before another contraction hits.

It doesn't take much time to get into a room and changed into a gown, once they reach the hospital. The doctor confirms that she is indeed in labor shortly after she's settled. Now Chloe just needs Beca.

Her labor progresses strangely fast, the doctor assures her that's common for second time mothers. It doesn't make Chloe feel any better though, because Beca still isn't here and it's going quick. They came in to give her an epidural a little while ago, so she's not in as much pain. She can't go through birth without her wife though, she needs Beca.

"Chloe we need to start pushing soon," it's been a couple hours and Beca is still nowhere in sight, and the doctor is in her room ready to deliver.

"I need Beca here first," Chloe groans, sweat trickling down her forehead already.

"I can give you five more minutes, but then we need to start pushing, it's not good for the baby," the doctor replies kindly, but firmly to convey the severity of the situation.

"She still won't answer," Stacie says pulling her phone away from her ear.

"I'm going to kill that scraggly little alt girl," Aubrey bites angrily, reverting to herself from over ten years ago.

Aubrey had shown up an hour ago for moral support, since Beca still hadn't.

"Don't kill my wife…" Chloe grits her teeth in pain, "I want to do it."

Before anyone can respond Beca flies into Chloe's room, eyes and hair both wild.

"Where were you?" Aubrey is the first person to snap.

"I'm so sorry Chlo," Beca runs to her side, grabbing her hand, "there was a major accident on the highway that blocked traffic, I'm pretty sure my driver is still sitting in it."

She was going to yell at Beca but can't because of how confused she is, "What do you mean he's still sitting in it? How did you get here?"

Beca looks at them all sheepishly, "I got out of the car and ran down the highway to the off ramp, then called an uber when I got to the street."

"What the hell?" all three women say almost simultaneously.

"That was so dangerous Beca, are you insane?" Chloe screams in disbelief.

"I had to get to you Chloe, I couldn't miss this, I would never miss this," Beca says, tears rolling down her face.

As if on cue, the doctor walks back in the room and sees the newest addition, "Oh good she's here, let's get this show on the road."

Chloe nods, knowing they have to start now. Beca grabs her hand tightly and brings it up to her lips to kiss before setting it back down on the bed.

"Alright on the next contraction, push Chloe," the doctor says, settling on a stool between Chloe's legs.

Aubrey and Stacie back up a little to the other side of the room, to make room for the nurses and other staff in the room now.

"Ok," Chloe nods, gripping Beca's hand so tightly, she's sure it's losing circulation already.

Chloe pushes hard, screaming as she does so, pain ripping through her.

"Good job" the doctor says.

Chloe keeps pushing for the next ten minutes, Beca encouraging her through the entire time. When she started to falter, Aubrey stepped in and grabbed her other hand. The blonde knows Chloe is going to need some tough love in the minutes to come.

"Ok, Chloe one more big push and the head will be out," the doctor says calmly.

Chloe's positive she can't handle one more, she needs this baby out of her now, "Ughhh."

"Baby you can do it, you're so strong," Beca says encouragingly.

Aubrey looks at her fiercely, "Remember, we don't give up here Chloe, you've got this."

The strength of the two most important women in her life, give her all the motivation she needs. The pushes harder than she has the whole time and everyone cheers.

"The head is out, the rest will be easy," the hears from between her legs, the blood rushing in her ears making it hard to discern.

After a few more big pushes, she hears the piercing cry of an infant.

"You did it Chloe," Beca leans down and kisses the side of her head, not even caring about her sweaty, disheveled state, "our baby girl is here."

"I'm so proud of you," Aubrey says, finally letting go of her hand.

Chloe's overcome with so much emotion when she finally sees their baby. The nurse brings her over and places her into Chloe's arms when she's cleaned up.

For the second time in her life, Chloe meets a pair of blue eyes identical to her own.

"She's so beautiful," Beca whispers in awe next to her.

"She is, isn't she?" Chloe agrees, her gaze never leaving the precious bundle in her arms.

"I think I really like the name Avery for her, it seems right," they've been toying around with names for weeks, Avery was the name Chloe liked but Beca was on the fence about, so it's surprising Beca is suggesting it.

"It does suit her," Chloe says dreamily, letting their daughter's tiny hand gently attempt the grasp at her pointer finger, "do you want your momma to hold you Avery?"

Beca looks down excitedly at the two, "Can I?"

"She's your baby too Becs," Chloe says, weakly trying to lift the infant to her.

Beca immediately reaches down and scoops the baby into her arms. The look of complete adoration and love on Beca's face as she holds Avery, floors Chloe. Right here and right now, watching Beca hold their baby, Chloe knows this was always how it was supposed to be. Her and Beca together, with their beautiful family.

Life had a funny way of getting them here. For a while, she was convinced this was never meant to be.

She wouldn't change it for the world though. Chloe knows that this is exactly how it was all supposed to work out.

Beca looks back down at Chloe her eyes watery, "I love you Chloe."

Chloe feels her own eyes water as she returns the sentiment, "I love you with my whole heart Beca."

*THANK YOU to everyone who has read, reviewed and followed this story! I got a little carried away with it being the last chapter, but I hope you enjoyed the extra long ending! I loved writing this story so much, and there will be a sequel in the near future, so keep an eye out for it! I truly hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!*