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This was written a long time ago, and as such, I don't need to be told how shitty my writing is.

I know it's shit, it is the first thing I wrote. I've heard the same thing tens of times by now, you are adding nothing by commenting on a very old chapter.

So, kindly fuck off.

Sincerely the author.


I like most humans didn't think about how I would die, I knew I would die someday, but I certainly didn't think it'd be truck-kun cutting my life short at the age of twenty.

Before truck-kun had struck me down, I had just finished my stint in college, studying to be an electrical engineer.


My life was going well, I was on my way to getting a job, making some cash, maybe finding that special someone and settling down.

But before my life even started it ended. It was tragic or at least I'd like to think so.

As I was laying on the street, conscious fading, I looked around and saw no help in sight, truck-kun slowly, mockingly, driving away, my world starting to get dark.

I was upset but accepted that there would be no tomorrow for me, I wouldn't see my brothers, my dog, my mother.

All the things I loved gone, out of my reach.

'I haven't seen my father in like a month… I wish I had spent more time with him' was my last thought as my world faded to black.


But then I was reborn, my world didn't end as I expected it to.

One moment I took my last breath and the next I took my first.


Everything blurred and with a cold intake of air and blurry vision I could hear what sounded like footsteps and the chatter of a crowd.


I spent time fading in and out of conscious, trying and failing to discover where I had been reborn, I was an above-average student, nothing of note there's plenty of those.

I lived in the city so I took the bus to and from college I had 3 brothers, parents that separated, nothing special in 2020.

So why was I reincarnated? It wasn't something I wished for or deserved but it seems that was how it was going to be.


Time passed and my vision improved and sounds became more audible, and with my improved senses, I discovered where I'd been re-born, looking at my mothers blank white eyes, the constant mumbled "Hyuga-sama" from what must have been branch members as my mother passed them, I'm most likely a Hyuga.

'Hopefully, not a branch member' were my last thoughts as I drifted off to sleep.


My first birthday came with lots of revelations.

First, I wasn't a branch member, I'm the grandson of a recently deceased elder, my mother being his only daughter kept her from being sealed and will hopefully keep me from being sealed as well.

Second, I likely wasn't a full Hyuga, I was half Kaguya, from what I could hear from the gossiping branch members my mother was captured by some hidden mist ninja when she was on a mission with her Genin team.

She returned wounded as the only survivor after two weeks of "torture and integration".

From what I could hear my white hair was quite the hot topic among the Hyuga many speculating that more than interrogation happened when she was captured.

But from what I can tell mom has kept quiet so far and claimed that my father was a Konoha-nin, so it remains speculation so far.

Three I found out my name Shiro Hyuga, as sad as that sounds, my interaction with my mother was minimal.

She rarely came to see me and when she did she just stared at me, neither picking me up nor changing me when my diapers were soiled leavening that job to the branch members who also didn't talk around me leavening me starved for attention and lacking in vocabulary.

My birthday was a quiet affair as most Hyuga birthdays are, my mother holding me for the first time in months and carrying me around showing me to the elders and the clan head, none of who I recognized as Hyuga members from Naruto's time likely putting me somewhere between the first and third shinobi war. While being carried around my thoughts wandered, I thought about the future what I could achieve what I could and what I should do.


Time passed as time does, I turned 2, I started blabbering as much as possible to every available source probably annoying the branch members taking care of me.

I developed motor skills and started to run around, I also started playing with my chakra and trying to unlock either of my bloodlines hoping to get an advantage early on.

I experimented with pushing chakra to my eyes, bones, and generally just circulating it around my body trying to train my control with very little success.


Time passed and I became 3 and I was almost certain I didn't have the Shikotsumyaku I spent a considerable amount of time sending chakra to my bones and was met with no success.

But I did have a healing factor, I fell and broke my arm while wall climbing in my room and within minutes my arm was fully healed when the branch members came and examined my arm they didn't find a problem even though I heard a snap.

I was dismissed as a child overreacting and the incident was over with.

I'd had minor success with the Byakugan I was able to activate it but was unable to see more than 1 meter around myself.

As it was, it limited my vision more then it helped, but it did allow me to see my chakra network from the neck down and had been a great help in making me conscious of my chakra and subsequently controlling it


Yet more time passed I became 4 and started officially training, doing light exercise, katas, and chakra control with the other Hyuga children.

I stood out like a sore thumb, a mop of straight white hair among a crowd of black, most of the children avoided talking to me, which was fine but disheartening none the less.

This might be a prelude to my future in the Hyuga clan, so far nothing has endeared me to them and I don't think anything will.


I spent about 3 weeks training and I was soon called a prodigy, my taijutsu was nothing special yet, but my physical strength, stamina, and ability to control my chakra was noticed very quickly and put me well above the other Hyuga kids training with me.

I outclassed them all in all areas during the lesson so it was decided I was to be separated from the rest of the children and given a personal instructor from the branch family to take over my training from then on.

Nothing much seemed to change in my life after that, I got faint praise from my mother a "Good work you're doing the clan proud" and a pat on my head after she watched my training and that was it, she remained distant and uninterested in my life, but that was fine I already had a mother and I didn't blame her for disliking her rape baby.


Yet more time passed, I trained all day until with my new teacher Tokuma until I was unable to move.

I was then was promptly patched up by my healing factor during a break, in which Tokuma would go over tenketsu positions, organ placement, and where to strike to inflict the most damage with our Taijutsu afterward I was told to train more.

So, I did exactly that not wasting any time.

I repeatedly asked to be taught medical Jutsu and was shot down, again and again, finally, I was told I needed better control but when I proved my self by passing Tokuma's control test (water walking), I was told upfront that it was unbecoming for main branch members to learn useless skills like medical ninjutsu…



I continued my pursuit of medical ninjutsu.

I constantly badgered my teacher about how I wanted to use medical ninjutsu to heal my self and train more and the Hyuga clan proud but was met with zero success.

So, I gave up for the time being promising to come back to medical Jutsu, trusting my healing factor to get me through until I start the academy.


Days passed I continued my training using the evening to experiment on my own with my Byakugan following the path my chakra took through my brain and through my eyes increasing the flow in tiny increments in different parts of my brain and eyes being extremely careful and desperately praying to any deities above hoping to avoid injury.

I was met with success when I realized I could change the scope of my vision changing the almost 360-degree vision to the normal 170-degrees.

Using the narrow field of vision I could see much farther and could still see chakra and through walls.

Overjoyed with my success I continued to experiment with my Byakugan and brain, and soon discovered that I could slow my perception which was a huge win in my books it's almost like I got a discount Sharingan.

I couldn't stop smiling for days afterward.


I continued experimenting hoping to find some way to improve my memory by further my brain enhancements with chakra, but my luck had run out.

I got cocky and tried going off the already automatic chakra paths that the Byakugan used and started to try enhancing different areas of my brain, that stunt landed me a week in the hospital and a stroke, as a result.

I had to weave a story about trying and succeeding in awakening my Byakugan but getting distracted and pushing too much chakra into my eyes, the story was tentatively bought by the doctors not earning much more than a 'hmmm' from my mother.

Sadly, or perhaps not sadly my healing factor was noted during my stay...


My release from the hospital was uneventful, strict orders not to train without supervision and I was on my way only taking a second to note the number of faces on the Hokage monument.

My training resumed this time with much stricter with more physical workouts, spars, and with medical ninjutsu and Byakugan lessons in between.

Sadly, this was cutting into my free time but it was welcome as I had no one to spend time with and decided that I probably should stop messing with my brain for the time being.

Or at least until I was sure my healing factor or medical ninjutsu could reverse any damage I'd done to myself self which would likely be far into the future.


Thus, I continued my harsh new daily training, I was experimenting with my perception and Byakgan when I had free time but not daring to venture into the unknown in my brain.

The training wasn't fun but it put me ahead of the rest of my age-mates and further cemented my prodigy status which I needed as I had plans and aspirations.

For those to come to fruition I needed strength, I was practically given the best possible start for a second life.

With both the Hyuga and Kaguya blood I had a chance of awakening the Tenseigan and the Shikotsumyaku in the future, there was no need for body snatching, no Hashirama's cells.

I had a lot of protentional at my fingertips and I intended to use every second I had and every resource provided to climb my way to the top and possibly to eternal life.

I had plenty of ambition and plenty of potential, I hoped to use it to make the most of my new life in the Naruto-verse.