I recently turned five, I spent most of the year having the gentle fist burnt into my body and mind, muscles torn, then healed and refined by my healing factor, this gave me extremely good strength and stamina for my age.

Just recently tokuma moved on to the eight trigrams declaring my gentle fist "passible", after months and months of work.

The Eight Trigrams are not just one technique there are more than 10 Eight Trigram moves, Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, Eight Trigrams Sixteen Palms, Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms, and so on so forth.

The 'Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven' being the one Neji was called a genius for using was sadly not available to me, tokuma explained that it was only for the clan head and heir to learn and not taught every main clan member.

I decided that as cool as creating a giant dome of chakra was it was probity draining and better in the first place to not be hit so I decided to put it out of my mind and focus on the rest of the eight trigrams and come back to it later

"The eight trigrams use the Hyuga's innate ability to expel chakra from every tenketsu in their body"

Bla Bla Bla, Tokuma never seemed to tire of his voice, sometimes explaining things like I was retarded or something, seriously Tokuma could blabber on all day.

I sometimes thought about asking for a new teacher but Tokma was the best taijutsu expert the Hyuga had not counting the clan head, so I put it out of my mind and mentally prepared myself for years of mind-numbing teaching done by the stoic yet talkative Tokuma.

My time spent being taught by Tokuma was cut short and replaced with standard, math, reading, and calligraphy, a royal pain but nowhere near as bad as the clans' propaganda filled history lessons.

Thankfully I'm not being tested on history so I've managed to make up for some lost time by practicing with my chakra as well as trying to find other ways to make up for lost time.

What I came up with was asking for weights or weighted seals if they existed, my Idea of weighted seals was approved… then immediately vetoed by my mother of all people who unbeknownst to us was quietly watching my training that day.

She said a soft but firm "No!.. you'll stunt his growth" and then left walking off slowly, a visibly nervous Tokuma let out a sigh of relief, and I blew an annoyed breath out of my nose wondering what her deal was, did she care ?, I decided that it was not worth the thought and dropped it.


Days passed and I continued to study and train, making great progress in my taijutsu, but mediocre progress in my reading, writing, and calligraphy.

It was slow going but I trudged forward and slowly made progress and soon it was decided that I could go to the academy and 'not embarrass the Hyuga clan' as my mother had put it, and so off I went to the academy…

The Academy is quite large and is comprised of several buildings, the building had that iconic tree in front of it with a swing on it and a giant sign with the kanji for "fire" (火) on the top center tower of the building. I left my mother with a quiet "Goodbye" and left towards the interior of the school.

Something I didn't know myself was that the academy and the Hokage's office were in the same building perhaps to protect future generations.

The Classrooms in the Academy are unnecessarily large and have high ceilings, 'perhaps so the chunin don't feel trapped and have a good old PTSD episode and murder rape a group of children' I choked back a chuckle at the thought as I meandered my way to the far corner of the room happy that I could claim the protagonist seat by the window.

I had hoped for a grand entrance ceremony with the Hokage giving his fabled speech about the will of fire, but my hopes were unmet.

There was only a grumpy looking genin taking your name and telling you what classroom you were in. I took my seat ignoring the room of squealing 5-year old's and looked out the window and drifted into idle thought, recently my mother handed me a book and told me to read it, being the good son I am I started reading the book that night.

The book was about a nin that was protecting a rich merchant family.

Anyway, the nin and the family were hiding in a hidden room in their manor trying to stay undiscovered but the family had a baby and the baby was crying and making noise, doing what babies do.

And so the story goes the nin made a hard decision and snapped the baby's neck, sadly that's not the worst part, the worst part is that they were still found regardless.

The book was a bummer but I get the idea, sometimes you have to make a decision that will break you, and even then it will perhaps be meaningless in the end. Not a lesson a five-year-old should get but I apricate It none the less.


In front of the blackboard is a podium, situated far from the students' desks, and put in a position where the teacher can view everyone.

Standing at the podium is one average and forgettable ninja staring quietly and waiting for the class to notice him, I mean-while took my time to look at my classmates, there were quite a few familiar faces Kakashi, Asuma, and a very ugly young Might Guy who was quite loudly shouting about youth.

'I figured Kakashi was way younger than Obito and Rin, maybe they meet when he gets moved up a grade?'

"Ok brats quiet down"

'for that matter why am I the same age as Kakashi, that's suspiciously well-timed' no doubt the work of whatever reincarnated me here.

Other then that nothing of note has happened.


The days trickled on by, my training continued as did the academy classes

So far I've got the gentle fist, and some variations of the eight trigrams under my belt, I've also learned the Mystical Palm Technique and the Diagnostic Technique, but other then that the jutsu I can call on during a battle is limited as I focused mainly on taijutsu, I decided that I should spend some time learning ranged attacks.

I felt unsure about how useful kunai and shuriken would be for anyone other then genin, so I put them off leaving it to the academy to teach me.

I instead decided to focus on the vacuum palm, it didn't seem to do any real damage it just sort of pushed enemies over from what I could tell.

It wasn't much but it was heavily connected to the eight trigrams being called 'eight trigrams: vacuum palm so I figured id give it a go and see what comes of it.

I had a vague idea of using the shadow clone jutsu as well, but until recently I didn't have a reason to know it, weirdly it seems that just about everyone knows it.

If my teacher can use a shadow clone to watch the class while he takes a dump perhaps it's not so hush-hush after all, so reason secured I proceeded to ask the closest adult about it when I got home which happened to be my mother.

"The shadow clone jutsu allows the user to create one or more copies of themselves. The user's chakra is evenly divided between themselves and their clones. Depending on how much chakra the user has and how many clones they make. Because of this, usually, only those of at least jōnin-level can safely use the standard Shadow Clone Technique"

'Wow that's probably the most she's said to me at one time'

"Can you teach me it or have Tokuma teach me it?"

She shifted forward a bit and narrowed her eyes at me.

"Hmm... you have enough chakra… I'll show you, watch closely, Tiger!, Serpent!, Ram!" In a poof of smoke, a Shadow Clone appeared behind mom.

"Ok thanks, Oka-sama"

I spun on my heel and left trying to escape as fast as possible, I sat on my bed feeling weird about that whole conversation.

She's never said more then a couple of words a month to me, that threw me off…


I'll think about it later, with that out of the way I proceed to write down the hand signs and ponder my next steps and how I would find time to practice the shadow clone jutsu in my already packed schedule.


Learning the shadow clone jutsu wasn't hard as I soon found out, I figured it'd take me 2+ months to learn but that wasn't the case, it only took me a week.

It would have been shorter but I had exhausted my chakra for the first time and ended up laying in bed for 3 days.

Though I had quickly learned the jutsu it wasn't quite what I hoped it would be, my clones couldn't slow their perception.

And when I and/or a clone are performing tasks that require concentration I'm unable to have more than a few shadow clones active at a time.

Although I had enough chakra to have 5 or so active it felt like my brainpower was being split 5 or so ways, and so 2 clones seemed to be my limit, still, I'd take what I could get I had hoped to swarm any future battlefields with hundreds of fast ass-kicking white-haired Hyugas, but it was not to be.

Although I could only use 2 clones that still left two bodies to pursue other stuff while I trained my physical body, I figured id to get started right away and sent one of the clones to harass Tokma into teaching me the vacuum palm and another to go get scrolls for the academy three and learn them.


I spent some time trying to get along with my classmates with little success, Kakashi took my attempt on a friendly spar too seriously and throat punched me, and I in a moment of vengeful wrath threw him into the air and kicked him into the ground, safe to say id given up on young Kakashi.

I and Guy, on the other hand, became fast friends, we spent a lot of time talking about taijutsu, training and sparing, my new favorite pastime was joining Guy and Duy(Guys Father) for some after school training, well the training was always silly and ridiculous though it was working and somewhat fun so I had no complaints.


More time passed it was about the first quarter of the year and we just started sparing, most of the year so far was spent on ordinary school subjects such as history and mathematics, we were taught the basics of ninjutsu(the academy three), taijutsu, and a little bit genjutsu.

We also spent a good amount of time learning "survival" outside, survival was probably the most interesting for me, it was pretty much basic bushcraft, fire starting and covering your tracks, all the stuff I had no clue about and probably wouldn't have learned had it not been mandatory.

Sparing was fun for the first few days, I fought…. Well I poked my way through the other students using the gentle fist, then the instructor started pairing me with Kakashi, and Kakashi was a little shit, he throat punched me again!

Kakashi being an ass aside, he was a challenging opponent, forcing me to constantly use my bullet time and slow my perception, because of how fast he could change his tactics.

I had to fight in constant slow motion and constantly watch and make sure he wasn't setting some kind of trap, he got me quite a few times, forcing me out of the arena when I was too focused on fighting him, kicking dirt into my eyes and taking my feet from out under me thus ending the fight.

Overall my academy life was going great I made good improvements, made a friend and rival, learned the shadow clone jutsu things were shaping up.

Sadly it wouldn't last, I knew the third shinobi war was most likely going to happen within the next year and I didn't feel ready.

I could probably beat a standard genin or run from a chunin but I don't think id last against a jonin.

And that worried me I had hoped to make more progress then this but it was unrealistic to have expected so.

I was doing fine, at five years old I was about low genin level, I took a deep breath trying to stop my self from spiraling into a panic.

Worrying wouldn't help I should try to awaken my Kaguya bloodline again, this time using Yang heavy chakra.