The ugly woman was alive and mostly cancer-free, baring some cancer in her brain. Her DNA was too scrambled for me to do anything about it, not unless I had some samples from before whatever happened to her happened.

So, with the woman healed, and her face less offensive then it originally was. I was ready to do something I had wanted to do for a while.

I was going to take a quick run around the village Byakugan active and steal any Ninjutsu of value. I was for the first time in a while going to use my esoteric Byakugan skills to seal from a ninja village...


Jōmae village was weak as a whole. The village was dedicated to information gathering and espionage. The village leader was so weak I had thought he was a decoy.

Why was he at Genin-level? He was the weakest village leader I've seen so far...

"Hmmm..." I hummed and delved through the books and scrolls in the village leader's office.

The wasn't much, most of it was blackmail and a few unique Kinjutsu used to strengthen the mind. I quickly sorted through the information and found nothing useful.

The Kinjutsu had the side effect of losing one's emotions, but granted one 'perfect recall' and 'detailed memory'.

I had my version of that, so it wasn't really necessary. I memorized it but put it out of my mind. I instead opted to focus on what the village leader was writing.

Eye Mind Reading.

By subtly weaving signs with their eye, the user can delve into the mind of their target through eye contact without them noticing.

This can also be used on a target that is currently reading the user's mind. The user is even able to perform this on themself to restore or remove information in their own mind.

I stopped walking and stared in shock at what I had just read.

What in the ever-loving fuck!

The leader continued writing, and my shock slowly disappeared.

What the fuck...

This was a powerful technique...

It had a very small range, was extremely slow to use, and the user was left vulnerable when reading minds, but it was still everything I could ever ask for in a mind-reading technique...

I could also hide my memories...

That was one of my main 'weaknesses', should a Yamanaka ever get in my head I would be fucked...

Using Fuinjutsu to protect memories was impossible, to my disappointment. You could use it to 'destroy' or 'seal' memories but those memories would be inaccessible to you.

If you didn't know you sealed your memories, how would you get those memories back?

Using one of the most complicated ninja-arts to mess with the body's most complicated organ usually wasn't good for one's health.

"Shiro, why are leering like that?" Rin startled me causing me to flinch.

I blinked and memorized the contents of the scroll before speaking.

"I was just eyeing their village and looking for threats." I blinked my eyes and dismissed my Byakugan. "The village as a whole is looking good so far." I dismissed the Genjutsu around my eyes.

Rin raised a disbelieving eyebrow at me and I raised an eyebrow back. She shook her head and turned her focus to our 'escorts' who were watching from a distance.

Knowing that this village had a technique like this made me raise my guard. Being here was a huge risk, both to Konoha and myself.

Now the question was, do I tell others about this technique or do I keep this to myself and be careful?

I was leaning towards the latter...

I quickly went over my memories. I don't think anyone had been reading my memories, but I wasn't wholly sure.

It was likely that these people had been through Minato's memories though...

He had been meeting with the village leader, as had Rin and Kakashi...

"Let's get back to the hotel."

Rin looked confused but nodded.


We turned and headed back towards the hotel.

Being out like this was extremely risky.


The Eye Mind Reading technique was used by the guide who brought our food. Rin had her mind read, and I got to watch the technique in action.

The guide's eyes flickered and a tendril of Yin Chakra slowly wormed its way out of her eyes and into Rin's. The whole process only lasted a few seconds, when the tendril retracted it came with a few chunks of Rin's spiritual energy.

"Hmmm..." I hummed.

The technique allowed one to 'look' into spiritual energy and view memories from it. What I was seeing now wasn't in the scroll, it looked like the guide was 'taking' her spiritual energy so he could look through it at a later time.

Our food was presented to us and the guide bowed before leaving.

"It's weird that the guides are so weak." Rin hummed and turned her eyes to me.

I just shrugged and leaned back, pulling a ration bar from my pack. I wasn't interested in eating the food, I doubted they'd poison us but there might be some sort of substance in the food that made our mind's easy to read.

Maybe I was being paranoid, but it was better to be paranoid than to have my mind read.


"Here's your food sir." I nodded with a smile but kept my eyes on the ground.

I took the food and quickly closed the door accidentally meeting the guide's eyes as the door closed.

"Fuck!" Apparently, that was enough for the guide to establish a connection to my mind. I could feel the chakra connecting us and grabbed it in panic.

We fought over the chakra for a moment, my will winning over his. His Yin Chakra was slowly pulled from him and into me.

Little by little his memories became mine, little by little his experiences became my own. The experiences were faint, the memories far away. It felt like I had watched them, but not like I lived them.

I blinked and woke up on the floor covered in vomit and confused. Rin kneeled over me, hands on my chest probably using the diagnostic jutsu.

I stared at her for a moment before blinking and falling unconscious.

Every time I woke, I would blink and wake up somewhere else. It was disorientating, it felt like I was teleporting every few seconds.

I kept waking in different places until I eventually ended up in Konoha, my mom's chakra lulled me into a more permeant sleep.


It turned out that taking all of one's spiritual energy could damage someone's brain. The guide had tried to be sneaky and have a peek into my mind, it was working until I panicked.

I had used the technique in a half-assed attempt at combating him. It had worked, but not in the way I had expected.

I had ripped his Yin Chakra from him, mentally crippling him and giving me some brain damage. On the plus side, I had gotten some practice 'looking' through his spiritual energy.

Though my clone had to eject that spiritual energy as it was mixing with my own and giving me the memories of the guide causing a very noticeable growth and change in chakra.

All in all, it was a boon. Getting some memories of the guide using the Mind Eye Reading technique was a huge gain.

I wouldn't be bumbling around and hurting myself in the process of learning it.

"Did I finish healing that ugly woman?" I honestly couldn't remember. "And did whatever negotiations we were doing happen?"

Rin bolted upright, and Kakashi who I had directed my question lazily shook his head.

"Attempting to kill Konoha's Butcher with Genjutsu was not good for negotiations..." Kakashi said dryly.

I put my palm out and stopped Rin from hugging me.

"Sorry, I just woke up and can't deal with human contact yet." Rin nodded, though she looked saddened.

I turned to Kakashi.

"Did I accidentally start a war?" My voice came out more excited then I intended.

Kakashi shook his head and remained quiet. The room sunk into silence so I reached over and wrapped an arm around Rin.

Rin returned my one-armed hug with two arms, breaking the unspoken rule of one-armed hugs and bringing me more human contact then I was ready for.

"So, how did things turn out?" Rin detached from me with tears in her eyes.

She blinked them away and rubbed at her eyes for a moment.

"There was a large fight, Kakashi set the Inn on fire and Minato knocked a good part of the villages ninja's unconscious." Rin blinked a few times. "Your nose, eyes, and ears bled. Everyone thought you were dying."

I blinked. It was unexpectedly tame. I expected Minato to cut his way through the village.

"Ah." I just nodded.

That still sounded pretty bad...

"Well, who wants to eat?" I stood up ignoring the breeze I was feeling. Hospital clothing was the worst. People were going to get a show.

I was too hungry to care about that though.

"Alright, it's time for ramen." Rin went to speak but I placed a finger over her lips shushing her. "And how long was I out?"

Rin pushed my finger away and spoke.

"Nearly a month." I blinked. "Your clone was the one to heal you."

Oh. That definitely wasn't good. I made a hand-seal and sent a clone off to feed my more permanent clone or visit Minato if the clone didn't need chakra.

If it took a month for my clone to heal me, I was definitely in bad shape.

"Well, it's time for food." Rin went to speak and I once again shushed her with a finger.

I blinked at her and Shunshined away.

The doctors probably wanted to see me, but I was too hungry to care.


One meal later and the clone and I were exchanging memories. Though not in the traditional way.

This time we were using the Mind Eye Reading technique. The clone had been giving me it's memories when I was in the hospital which was why I had known what happened to me when I first woke.

Apparently, the clone had used my memories to avoid conflict with Jōmae. Which I guess was a good thing.

Fighting mind-reading ninjas probably wasn't a good idea. Even if their village was extremely weak.

We finished the exchange and the clone disappeared in a Shunshin. I sat down and started on some Fuinjutsu.

"Why did you run straight to your lab and not visit me?" Mom stood at the bottom of the stairs, hands-on-hips, and a frown on her face.

I pushed the Fuinjutsu I had been making away, as I had messed it up.

"I need to make sure my brain is working alright, give me a few minutes."

Mom's frown faded, and she nodded.

I pulled out another scroll and unfurled it. My clone had already checked my body and I was fine, but I wanted to be sure. Being sure involved some Fuinjutsu and lots of tests.

"Sorry, but I need to make sure I won't die anytime soon, be patient with me."

Mom's frown completely faded and her face returned to her usual neutral look.

"Tell me what happened first."

I blinked slowly at her. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't die, was that too much to ask?

"Someone used a very powerful Genjutsu on me and put me into a coma." Or at least that was the story concocted by Jōmae's weak leader and corroborated by my clone. "They also put themselves in a coma in the process."

Mom nodded and remained silent from then on.

I turned back to my scroll. I had a body to scan, and DNA to look at.

One could never be too careful...


The Mind Eye Reading technique was completely useless in combat. But out of combat, it was amazing. I was essentially a Yamanaka now.

Currently, I wasn't exactly sneaky, but with time and practice, I would be. Soon I'd be reading minds and stealing techniques.

It was only a matter of time...

But until then I was reduced to reading the mind of my mom's girlfriend. Who she had been dating for two years.

The woman was tiny, standing at about five-three, her hair and eyes were black and she had a mane of Uchiha-like spikey hair. She was wearing the standard cannon fodder Jonin attire and was looking quite Uchiha-like.

She wasn't an Uchiha though, the name Kumiho Asano made that clear.

My mother and her had bonded over their mutually dead parents and shared Jonin status. They had been happily dating for the past two years and mom finally felt comfortable introducing me to her.

She was a lovely and kind woman, if not blunt enough for my taste. I didn't have any problems with her as her love for my mom was genuine, and she hadn't been doing anything suspicious.

"So?" Mom and Asano looked at me expectantly.

I stared back at them, not sure what to say. I hadn't known mom was into women and would have apricated a heads up. It was better than her being into young men like I thought she was.

Turns out the tiny footprints on the window sill weren't as sinister as I thought they were.

"A little heads-up would've been nice. I was expecting a step-father." Mom winced at that and Asano snickered.

I blinked in shock. Someone had laughed at something I said! Had I suddenly become funny? Or was she laughing to spare me an awkward silence?

"Sorry, I thought you figured it out." I blinked slowly at mom. "She did leave her clothes and stuff around the house."

I'm pretty sure she overestimated my observational skills or underestimated my ability to ignore anything that wasn't important to my general life.

"I didn't..." I trailed off and decided to redirect the conversation. "But I approve, quite the catch."

I winked at mom and gave her a cheesy thumbs up. I would have high-fived her, but my high-five would probably be ignored.

"Thanks." Mom blushed and Asano smirked looking amused.

I nodded and stared down at the food that I hadn't touched. The restaurant was Akimichi owned, so they might be offended if I didn't at least take a bite.

"Alright, let's eat. We'll chat later." Mom and Asano nodded, before digging into their own food.

I studied them for a moment before digging into my own.

So far, I have approved. I had awful step-parents in my last life and hadn't had much hope for this one, but Asano seemed fine both mentally and in person.

I blinked as I realized I had just mind-raped someone.

I was doing what I had hated, I scorned the Yamanaka for their Jutsu and now I was doing something similar myself.

My apparent hypocrisy hit me. I had just mentally violated someone, my mother's girlfriend no less...

I took a deep breath and returned to my meal. I wasn't exactly a shining beacon of morality, but I would at least like to have some morals.

I probably shouldn't be using my new technique all that often. Or at least not on people I know or will know well.


The clone had handled most of the drama before I had woken up. But what he hadn't handled was the 'Shiro fanatics' that wanted to go to war with Jōmae.

I apricated the support but was pretty weirded out by my supporters. They were an odd bunch, most of them under sixteen, and most of them male.

I was the ninja equivalent of a teen idol and it was odd. Especially so because most of my followers were male.

"What brings you here Sensei?" I smiled as I had sensed Orochimaru before he revealed himself.

I had tried to find him when I first woke, but he had been hiding somewhere. He was probably too busy experimenting on children in his hidden lab.

"I've come to see if you've made any progress on your 'super orphans'." He smirked when I stared blankly at him.

I had just woken up not long ago, and Orochimaru probably knew that. He was only asking to be weird.

"No, Minato is stalling." I scratched my nose with my thumb. "He doesn't feel it's right to condemn children to orphanhood before they've even been born."

It shouldn't have been a problem. The solution was to find people who wanted kids and give them super not-orphans.

"Shame." Orochimaru frowned and I joined him in frowning.

Why did Konoha make it hard to strengthen Konoha? It was either paperwork or bleeding hearts that slowed things down.

"Have you figured out what you want done?" I was itching to look at Orochimaru's DNA. I couldn't wait to see what he'd done to himself.

It had a lot to do with animal DNA as that was one of his main focuses in genetics. There was no way he wasn't half-snake, I wanted to know how his DNA 'stuck' together without unraveling.

"Yes, I have." Orochimaru smiled but didn't continue.

I stared at him with unconcealed annoyance. I wanted that DNA, but it seems I wouldn't be getting it until it was time to make 'baby Orochimaru'

Orochimaru continued smiling and I continued staring at him.

"Alright, do you need anything?"

Orochimaru shook his head, not losing his smile.

"Just checking on my favorite student." Orochimaru smile faded and he nodded seriously at me before Shunshining away.

I stared at the space he occupied wondering if he really came to check on me. It was possible but unlikely.

I shook my head and drifted off into thought.

I had my modified farm animals, Fuinjutsu, and super orphans to work on. I had the stuff to do for the foreseeable future.

That was all I wanted in life nowadays. As long as I was busy, I was happy...

Shit! I should have tried to read his mind...

He might have measures in place though...