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The magicians of Fairy Tail, both from Earth Land and Edolas, were having a party in old guild tradition and to everyone's surprise the two guilds weren't that different.

Lucy sat at the bar and smiled slightly when Edolas Natsu sat next to her. She still wondered how someone could be so different when in a car or outside of one, but then again knowing her Natsu she should know by now that it could make all the difference.

The Natsu who sat next to her was more quiet and that should be a nice change from her loud and fighting Natsu, but with a smile in the direction of her Natsu she shook her head at her thoughts. She wouldn't trade him for the world, no matter how often he ate her food and destroyed the guild with the other guys.

"You're in love with him, aren't you?" The now familiar voice of Edolas Natsu pulled her out of her thoughts.

"You mean my Natsu? No, you got it all wrong. We're only best friends just like you and your Lucy."

"We're best friends but we're also a couple." He explained with a grin that reminded Lucy so much of her Natsu. "If I'm honest she was the first to make a move. When I'm not in my car I tend to be a bit of a wimp and you know how confident my Lucy is. She just had enough of my cowardliness and kissed me and I couldn't be happier about the outcome."

"Edolas and Earth Land sure are different, ne?" Lucy smiled sadly. "This would never happen for us."

"You and your Natsu aren't a couple?" When the blonde shook her head, Natsu was confused. "That's weird. I was so sure that you were. I mean he is so protective of you and he does everything you say."

"He hardly does anything I say." Lucy laughed.

"No, he does. Just like I do everything for my Lucy."

"You got it all wrong. We aren't like that. He is way too dense to realize it and unlike your Lucy I'm not brave enough to confess."

Edolas Natsu looked at his girlfriend and counterpart a few tables away. His Lucy was talking to Earth Land Natsu and he was sure that she was asking him about his Lucy. Maybe his girlfriend could get these two together, even if she would surely use violence to get there.

Unknown to Lucy and just like Edolas Natsu had thought their counterparts were discussing them.

"So how did you and Natsu meet?" Natsu asked excited. It was still strange that everyone had counterparts, but he was the most curious about Lucy's and his Edolas selves.

"We were close since I joined Fairy Tail a little over a year ago and he became my best friend."

"Luce is my best friend too." Natsu smiled, finally finding something the Lucys had in common.

"Your Lucy is still so different from me." At the mention of his Lucy Natsu felt his heart beat faster. Somehow it felt so right that she had called Lucy his. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he tried to focus back on what Edolas Lucy was saying. "I can't see her confess to you, she is way too shy for that."

"What do you mean?" Natsu asked confused. What would Lucy need to confess to him?

"It was obvious for such a long time that we both had the hots for each other, but he was such a wimp about it and didn't have the guts to do anything about it. After I threatened him to tell me his feelings and he was still not brave enough to do so I confessed my love for him."

For a moment Natsu was speechless, something that normally never happened to him. Edolas Lucy's words couldn't mean what he thought they meant, because that just couldn't be. He surely just heard her wrong, yeah that was it. Maybe even is perfect dragon hearing could be wrong once in a lifetime. Just to be sure, he had to ask.

"Edolas Natsu and you aren't a couple, right? Because that would be ridiculous, completely impossible and just so weird-"

"Shut up." Now he successfully angered this Lucy. His Lucy was scary enough when she was angry, but this Lucy would probably be worse. A second later his fears came true when she pulled him out of his seat by his scarf, not caring that she was practically strangling him. "So what if we are weird? I don't care and neither does he. I love him and he loves me. That's all that matters."

With that she shoved him back into the seat and let him finally breath again.

"I feel sorry for your Lucy. You're even more of a coward than my Natsu. At least he showed me that he cared about me."

That was the moment Natsu got angry as well. No one, not even a Lucy, told him that he didn't care for his Lucy.

"Don't talk about our relationship like you know us. Maybe we look the same but we're different people. I care about Lucy. She is my best friend, she is my partner and she is the most important person in my life." By this point he let his heart speak. To be honest he was never one to think about his words before he spoke them and this time was no difference. However this time even he was surprised by what he said next. "I love her, so don't tell me that I don't care about her."

His last words of their screaming match were followed by silence throughout the whole guilds. Natsu could feel every pair of eyes on him, but one pair he felt more than all the others and that was a pair of beautiful brown eyes which seemed to burn a hole into the back of his head with their intensity.

Natsu didn't regret what he had said, it was the truth and now that he thought more about it, it had been true for a while now. He loved Lucy with all his heart and if he hadn't been so dense he might have realized it sooner. The way he had confessed might not be the most romantic, but he still wanted to make the best of it. Finally he gave into the urge to turn around and face his Lucy, who looked a little more than shocked.

Slowly approaching her he pulled her out of her seat next to his Edolas counterpart so she stood in front of him.

"I mean it. I love you, Luce." With that he smashed his lips against hers. It was probably not the most graceful kiss, but he put all of his fired up emotions into it. For a moment he felt Lucy stiffen but then she shyly responded to his kiss, much more gentle than he had initiated it.

Now Edolas Lucy couldn't call him a coward anymore. He had confessed his feeling for his Lucy and was finally kissing her in front of two Fairy Tail guilds. That was his last coherent thought before he blocked out the loud cheering from his friends and only focused on the kiss with his Lucy.

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