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Raditz opened his eyes, as the light from the window warmed his face. He rubbed his face and sat up, sighing heavily as he looked out the window at the pleasant beachside view.

I'll never get used to seeing that blue water. I still remember it as crimson, no matter how many planets I go to, it still seems unnatural. And yet... I have come to like the color blue. He smiled, and turned to see Launch's side of the bed was empty. He swung his legs over and stretched, his arms out to his side, straightening out his tail and feeling it quiver with energy, revitalized by his peaceful slumber alongside the strange girl. Raditz found a small pile of clothes on the bedside table, and picked them up, plucking at the odd fabric with his fingers. There was a small folded square of paper, which he picked up and opened.

Raditz, don't forget to shower and use conditioner! I had to go to the store for some groceries with Master Roshi. Your breakfast is downstairs in the refrigerator. Please don't punch the microwave this time. - XOXO, Launch.

He growled to himself and crumpled up the note, tossing it in the wastebasket. He hadn't yet gotten used to the blue-haired one's constant nagging, although in dulcet tones, with those large, violet eyes burrowing into his own, he grew annoyed with her constant reminders of how to perform the simplest tasks. He may have been alien to this planet, but he wasn't an idiot.

He walked over to the bathroom, ducking his head below the archway, and slammed the door behind him. He switched on the showerhead, faintly recalling with a bitter grimace the advanced technology he'd become accustomed to on Frieza's ship. The devices on this planet were pitifully antiquated, and yet so simple he found himself forgetting that this shower was a manual, meaning he had to apply the soap with his bare hands, like a heathen.

He sniffed the lather on his hand and snorted, it was 'Old Spice' or whatever, but he thought it smelled terribly synthetic, with a heavy chemical scent and a hint of 'spice' which paled in comparison to his natural cinnamon spice scent.

Oh right, and he had to use the slimy concoction on his hair that made it soft instead of coarse and wild, like he preferred. Raditz took the large tub of conditioner intended for horses and scooped out a massive handful, slapping it onto his head and rubbing it in quickly.

This better all be worth it, well... Who am I kidding. I would do anything for that girl.

He smirked to himself and crossed his arms, allowing the conditioner soak in for exactly 3 minutes, according to the clicking of the egg timer Launch left in the shower for him so he could time his hair conditioning. The only issue is, what does one do for three minutes after everything is washed, besides... Raditz lifted one eyebrow and noticed Launch's shampoo bottle on the shelf, and began reading the cursive words on it with a furrowed brow.

He knew galactic, no problem. It was the most common language used throughout the entire solar system, but this one was slightly different, it was, curly. Like the curls in her hair.

"Le...Pet.. It..." He mumbled, as he held the bottle and tried to pronounce the strange french words.

"Mars!" He smiled, he knew that word.

"Sei..llais...Extra Douche." He said, and felt satisfied he'd pronounced it right, even though it felt like he had a mouthful of marbles. He looked to the egg timer and saw it hadn't even been one minute yet, so he looked back to the bottle and pried open the little cap. He squeezed it, seeing bubbles came out his eyes widened, then he waited for them to pop before sniffing it.

Oh... That's what that smell is!

Raditz smiled and his tail thumped against the shower curtain as he enjoyed the flowery scent he loved, his eyes closing. There was a jarring buzzing sound that made him jump, and he dropped the shampoo bottle on the floor. Raditz stiffened, then reached down with his conditioner covered hands and attempted to pick up the bottle, squeezing it, and it popped out of his hand, then escaped the other hand, until he finally grabbed ahold of it and laughed with triumph, the shampoo squeezing out down his arm as he realized with sudden panic, then shook the bottle.

"Shit!" He exclaimed. It was empty.

Now what? Launch would be mad if she was taking a shower and found out her shampoo bottle was empty. Especially the blonde one. Raditz gulped, switching on the hot water to rinse his hair, all the while thinking of possible ways to fix his dilemma.

"Hmm..." She mused, picking up two cantaloupes and examining them. Launch turned the spheres in her hands, looking for possible deformities in the fruit. She sniffed it, then pulled back and frowned, turning to look to Master Roshi behind her, who was pushing the shopping cart. Launch held the melons out before her chest, weighing them in her palms.

"What do you think, Master Roshi? Do these melons look tasty? Or are they too big?" She asked, tilting her head. The old man cackled at her naivety, his wide grin moist with drool.

"Heh, heh! You can never have too big of melons!" He snickered, and Launch smiled, her eyes upturned.

"You're right, I'm sure Raditz will love these! The big ones are really sweet and juicy!" She said happily, placing them in the cart.

"Eheheh! I'm sure he will!" The old pervert snickered, watching as Launch bent down to examine the other varieties of fruit, her short green shorts rising up and squeezing the peachy pale flesh of her shapely thighs.

"Hmm, I bet Raditz will love these bananas! I know I do! I'll get these ones, they're nice and long, and really thick too. He has such a big appetite!" She giggled, standing up, and plopped the bananas in the cart.

"R-Right...er, that's true... let's see what they have for meat and veggies, dear. We can't have an unbalanced diet." He said gently, and pushed the cart away before she got carried away with the fruit, he loved to entertain the girl but a man needs some meat in his diet, and there's lots of interestingly shaped vegetables Launch can also examine...

"Ooh! I want zucchini!" Launch said happily, and ran over to the vegetable aisle.

I have a feeling we're going to be here awhile... The old man thought, scratching his head. Welp, at least that big galoot ain't here to catch me getting a peek at those sweet little melons of hers!

Raditz belched, setting down the empty jug of orange juice. Sure hope Launch gets more orange juice, that's my favorite... He thought, then rummaged through the refrigerator until he found the plastic wrapped plate with his name on it.

"Yes! She made french toast!" He said with a smile, and popped it in the microwave. He put his hands on his hips and hummed, looking at his options. There was a button with his name taped onto it, so he hit that one, automatically setting it for a minute and 30 seconds. Raditz sighed and leaned up against the counter, waiting for his food to cook.

I have to find a way to make it up to Launch. I'm not sure where to buy shampoo, but I have an idea that may just work... He thought, smirking as the microwave dinged, signalling his food was ready. And, perhaps I can win back the affections of not only her, but the blonde haired one as well...

"Whew! Thank goodness I had that coupon, now let's go home Master Roshi!" Launch said with a giggle, stepping onto turtle. The old turtle groaned, as his master stepped on as well, and he began swimming, weighed down by the many groceries they were carrying. Master Roshi tapped his cane twice, then the Turtle suddenly sped up and rocketed across the water, with Launch squealing as the wind whipped around them.

It didn't take long before the pink house came into view, and they approached the shore. Launch was surprised to see Raditz sitting outside on the front steps, and gasped with delight when he flew over and picked up her and the bags in one arm. She giggled, and let him carry her inside to put away the groceries. Master Roshi grumbled, stepping off of the turtle and nearly falling from the added weight. Well, that didn't last long! Dammit, now it's gonna be lovebird central around here, he never even considered maybe I could use a hand! Master Roshi set his bags onto turtle, and hefted up the others.

"Hey, can't you give my old back a break?" The turtle huffed, and lugged the groceries inside.

"Oh! Raditz! Don't touch that!" Launch squealed, making Master Roshi's eyes widen as she snatched a grocery bag away from him. The Saiyan looked baffled as the girl ran up the stairs with it, then he took a banana and peeled it, popping it into his mouth, shrugging. Launch closed the bathroom door shut behind her, blushing as she locked it with her bag in hand. That was a close one! She breathed a sigh of relief, then squatted down and opened the cupboard beneath the sink, where her stash of shampoo and conditioner bottles were. The cupboard was completely lined with bottles, she blushed.

I don't want Raditz to know how much shampoo I go through to make my hair smell nice like flowers for him! He would think I was crazy, using even more than he does! She emptied the bag, stacking the bottles in line under the shelf.

"...Launch? Are you busy?" Raditz said through the door, and she slammed the cupboard shut, locking it.

"I'll be out in a minute!" She yelled, then stood and looked in the mirror, fluffing her curls. "I need to go, uh... get some exercise and want to take you with me, if you want." He said nervously to the door, leaning his forehead against it.

"Sure, that sounds...fun!" Launch said, then opened the door and he nearly fell, before catching her in his arms and planting a kiss on her.

Launch squirmed around nervously, as he stood and her feet left the floor. Ever since she'd first kissed him, that's all the man wanted to do. Especially once she'd explained french kissing, which he performed with skill as she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss. Raditz pulled back after a moment, smiling down on her with his warm obsidian eyes.

"S-So... where are we going?" She said, as he placed one arm under her bottom and carried her down the stairs.

"Well, It's sort of... a surprise..." He said, and Launch looked up at him, watching his cheeks slightly redden. She felt her cheeks growing hot as he pressed her to his chest and walked by Master Roshi, then slipped on his boots.

"Eh... Raditz." The old man said with a sniff, crossing his arms.

"Turtle Hermit." The Saiyan responded, and narrowed his eyes at the old man. Launch looked back and forth between the men with slight confusion, as they stared one another down.

"Ya know... Launch isn't just some type'a luggage you can lug around... be careful with my housekeeper, she is a lady, ya know." He said, his cheeks reddening as he admitted his affection for the girl, which although he tended to show it by being a pervert, he wasn't too keen on having her just snatched away by the violent brute that had come to his island demanding blood.

"Oh. I won't hurt her. I'll be careful..." Raditz replied, and Launch kissed his cheek with approval, then addressed Master Roshi.

"Don't worry about me, Master Roshi! We'll be back for dinnertime and tv, don't worry." She said sweetly, and he had to give in to the adorable girl, nodding as the behemoth of a man turned around and carried her out the door, before taking flight.

Darn it... He's snatched her up again! He thought with a pout, then walked over to the fridge and pulled out a six pack of beer.

"Oh well! At least now I can unwind on the couch with some nudie shows! Hehe!" He said with a randy grin, and locked the door behind him.

The earth below flew by quickly, as he watched it with searching eyes. Launch's hair blew all about in the wind, tickling his nose pleasantly with the faded scent of her floral shampoo.

It's faded, just as I thought. He mused with a grin, burying his face in her indigo hair as they flew a moment, in the warm summer breeze. Launch placed one hand on his chest and stroked there, resting her head against him. She didn't want Raditz to see her face, as she sniffed his chest and sighed. She loved that spicy smell that he always had from the old spice, it reminded her of Hot Tamales, or as her other self preferred, like Cinnamon Twist Rum.

Launch gulped, feeling her mouth felt dry. She was a little excited knowing he was taking her with him for his exercises, something that her other self had always enjoyed watching Tien do... maybe a little too much. Launch crossed her legs over his arm, then looked up at him, and noticed the way he seemed extremely concentrated on where they were flying. When he took her with him the other times, he went to the desert, but this time as she looked down, they were going over a mountain range, surrounded by forest.

"Raditz... uh, how far is it?" She asked timidly, and observed how his throat bobbed as he gulped, and responded in a soft rasping voice that almost cracked.

"Er, not too far, Little Launch. Just over this ridge." He said, and felt himself perspiring from how nervous he was feeling. He'd never done something like this before, for a girl... He gulped, Launch was different from any woman he'd been interested in before. She was kind, sweet, thoughtful... adorable... then the other side was fierce, played hard to catch and yet she tempted him all the same... He was enamored with both of them, both had qualities he loved in a woman, he found. Launch made him very happy.

But something... was missing. He was determined, he would fix the gap between them, somehow. He wanted Launch to overcome her shyness and finally consummate the mating process, but so far, they'd only kissed and felt one another through their clothes before Launch became flustered and said it was time for bed, or ran and hid in the bathroom. But Raditz knew by the delightful scent the female gave off, that she was more than ready for him. And he was prepared to give her what she needed, and he would do whatever necessary to make sure she felt comfortable. Launch's fingers tightened on his white shirt and she buried her face there, as he slowly made his landing.

She could feel the warmth of his body against her, as he crushed her to his chest, not knowing how this stirred up strange feelings inside her as he embraced her so tightly. Launch hid her face in her hair as they landed, then was surprised by the separation as he set her down before him. They parted, and Launch looked up at him in wonder, as Raditz had a bashful expression reddening his chiseled features.

"We're here... I hope you like it." He said, then reached behind his back and pouted, taking something out of his back pocket. Launch looked on, puzzled as he showed her an empty shampoo bottle.

"I accidentally squeezed it out. I'm sorry... I thought, maybe you could gather the ingredients here for it..." He muttered, and she furrowed her brows in confusion, before looking all around them in wonder. They were in a vast meadow, completely filled with flowers. They were as far as the eye could see, as Launch looked all around her in awe.

"Oh, Raditz... It's beautiful..." She said, and put her hands to her blushing cheeks, then looked back to his hopeful expression, as he still clutched the bottle.

"So... will it be enough?" He asked, his brows twisting around worriedly as he got to his knees, picking flowers and stuffing them through the bottle's opening.

"I uh, I'll start gathering them up. You can be mad at me if you want, Launch..." He said dejectedly, not knowing what else he could do besides this. Launch suddenly giggled and ran into his arms, plowing him over with his surprise.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" He exclaimed, looking at the bottle worriedly as he dropped it to the ground. Launch threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, fervently squeezing him tighter to her and pressing her lips firmly to his as Raditz laid there, motionless in his surprise as she pulled back and placed both hands on his face, looking down at him with admiration.

"Thank you, Raditz, I love it... but that's not how I make shampoo. I have more of it at home, silly! I buy it at the store." She explained, and he felt dumb for thinking she somehow made the shampoo from scratch, and he groaned, plopping his head in the grass as the flowers surrounded them, petals flying from his weight. "Oh, so this was pointless... you probably think I'm a fool..." He muttered, looking away from her.

Launch was silent for a moment, as she hesitantly stroked her hands down his chest and felt the muscle rippling beneath the fabric, squirming her hips anxiously as she struggled to think of an answer.

"No... I think it's very romantic and sweet taking me here to a flower field... It smells so nice... and it's very pretty." She said softly, and he turned back to look at her.

"So... you're happy?" He questioned, and Launch smiled at the way his features brightened, his tail thumping in the grass. She nodded, and leaned back down to kiss him once more, this time tenderly, slowly, feeling his lips on hers, as Raditz gently took her waist in his hands and pulled her down to him. They parted and she breathed a moment, staring down into his heated gaze as he looked at her with intensity, then pulled her back down and kissed her with passion.

Launch's heart raced as he slipped his tongue in her mouth, stroking one hand through her hair, the other, squeezing the softness of her waist and kneading it as she hovered above him, feeling her thighs quiver as exhilaration rushed through her body and electrified her with excitement. Launch placed one hand over his in the grass and laced her small fingers with his, squeezing tightly. She didn't know how to say it, but now that they were alone, completely alone, without worrying that Master Roshi could hear them, she felt more free than ever before, and now, she wasn't frightened anymore.

She squeezed her eyes shut and broke from the kiss, hiding her face in his hair as she panted, turning to her side slightly as he followed, their legs entangled with one of hers slung over his hip, his large hand stroking her silky, pale thigh. Raditz's hand wandered to her backside and stroked gentle circles there, before pulling her tightly to him so that their hips met. Launch lifted her eyes and he wrapped his arms around her, she felt warm and safe in his arms, her body tingled with her anxiety, but it wasn't a bad feeling, as she met his eyes with her own and looked at him hesitantly.

"We're alone." She whispered, tucking her chin to her chest shyly. Raditz looked around and nodded, confirming it. They were the farthest from civilization yet, besides perhaps a farm far off in the distance, but nobody could hear them for miles, he thought with a gulp.

Is that why...? She's afraid...someone will hear her? He realized, and his eyes softened on her, and he smiled softly.

"Yes... it's just, you and I...all alone" He said, and then was taken off guard when she crushed her lips to his once more, and dug her nails into his back, making squeals of her desperation into his mouth as her hips moved clumsily against his, her warmth inviting him even more now than before as she allowed him to hover over her, wiggling her hips with frustration as the uncomfortable fabric chafed at them both.

Raditz pulled back, his hand cradling her head as he panted, then looked down, and groped one breast in his hand, the other going down and attempting to adjust himself more comfortably as his erection pressed up against the fabric of his jeans near to tearing. Launch looked on curiously, then placed one hand on his.

"Take them off if you're uncomfortable..." She whispered, just barely. He looked at her and she blushed brightly, then nodded. Raditz unzipped his pants, then slid them off and tossed them in the grass, wearing only his black undershorts as he hesitated to get back on top of her, fearing her rejection. Launch watched as he removed his pants, feeling excited as he sprung from them, and squirmed, her hands going to her shorts. His eyes widened, as Launch unbuttoned her shorts and tossed them to the side, closing her legs demurely as his curious gaze took in her light pink panties, which he'd now been able to see at last.

"Ok. Stop looking!" She squeaked, and he chuckled softly as he approached her carefully, sliding his waist between her thighs as her legs slowly opened, and he pressed his groin to hers, feeling her warmth against his as he laid over her slowly, placing his hands under her shoulders.

Launch squeezed her eyes shut and gasped as she felt him move against her now, with no restrictions, and her eyes widened as she realized now that the firmness she felt, was in fact... him.

"Raditz, you're..." She gasped, then slammed her mouth shut. He was grinding so hard against her as he moved to kiss her, that she moaned and felt wetness spill out and dampen her panties. She blushed, hoping he hadn't noticed and pulled him down by his hair to kiss him, her hands moving around to his chest and stroking, then pulling against the fabric. She wanted to feel his skin against hers, and he understood, and pulled his shirt off quickly, unintentionally tearing it as he revealed his sculpted upper body to her.

Launch's eyes wandered hungrily over him, over his chiseled body, his masculine form, as he turned his face back and smiled, his eyes darting down to her chest. Launch felt heat blossom in her stomach and looked down, unlatching one suspender strap. Raditz watched her, licking his lips as she unsnapped the other, and pulled her top off. She felt embarrassed as her breasts became slightly firmer from the breeze, her nipples hardening. Raditz approached her carefully and dipped his head down to kiss her, her legs wrapping around his hard waist as she felt the firm muscle beneath her hands, which was textured with coarse black hairs.

Raditz leaned back and allowed her to feel him, his hands running up her hips, her soft stomach, then carefully cupping her breasts and gliding his hands around them. Launch moaned softly and dug her fingers into his biceps, which didn't give as she gripped them for support. He gently squeezed her breasts and leaned down to kiss her, covering her mouth and throat with brisk, passionate pecks as he came down further. One hand remained massaging her full breast, as the other trailed down and stroked the heat between them, as he kissed her breast and looked up to her with loving eyes. Launch nodded, then gasped as he surrounded her areola with his lips and sucked, his fingers rubbing the wet fabric of her panties as she writhed beneath him; feeling as if she were bursting with fluctuating sensations that tingled from head to toe.

"I... I want... more.." She whispered timidly, then met his hungry eyes with hers, then she gripped the fabric of her panties between her fingers and slowly pulled them down her hips, her soft indigo blue curls revealed to the sunlight as she felt the breeze hit her where heat had been building up. Raditz licked his lips, and stiffened as she tossed the panties aside, before he reached for his own undergarments hesitantly, watching for her reaction as he began to slowly slide them down, her eyes were intently focused on what he was doing as he grew impatient and pulled them off, feeling slightly embarrassed by her roving eyes as he revealed his throbbing hard erection for her.

Raditz trailed one hand down her belly, leaning down to kiss her plush pink lips, as she placed her hand on his and caressed him with need, encouraging him to touch her. Raditz dipped his hand between her legs and felt her warmth as he pressed his hand there, then she cautiously reached out and stroked his erection with her fingertips. He used one hand to guide her to wrap around him, then felt her small hand surrounding him and sighed into the kiss, then delved his fingers between the moist lips, feeling her slickness growing as he instructed her hand to slowly pump him, and growled into her lips softly with his need.

Launch moved her hips to meet with his hand, making small, impassioned moans with each time they found her most sensitive spot and he rolled his fingers over it teasingly, before slowly inserting one fingertip and dipping it in and out, as his mouth moved down to her throat and she grew more lustful, pressing his hand down so that his digit was buried in her heat. Raditz grunted as she gripped him harder and pumped him with fervor, before retracting his hips, panting. He hovered over her and removed his hand, instead pressing his erection to her, as her hand slowed and moved him against her labia with a passionate sigh, before he pulled her hand away to place it behind her head, and bore his weight upon her.

"I need you, Launch. I can't wait any longer..." He whispered, and nibbled her neck, hissing with desire, then kissing the pale flesh.

"Raditz, I... I want you, please.. I'm ready.." She whispered huskily, then gasped as he pressed down gradually into her, groaning at the resistance as she tightened around him, whimpering as his girth began to stretch her walls around him. "Launch...shhh..." He said softly, and rocked his hips back, allowing her to feel a quarter of his length as the tip of him resurfaced, then plunged back down. He sighed and pressed his weight down until she cried out loud, wrapping her legs around him.

Raditz muffled her cries with his lips, moving his hands down to surround her backside and cup her to him, as their hips met and he filled her entirely, her built up arousal flooding around the base of him as she whimpered, and gasped as he pulled back and thrust again, her moist heat wrapping around the base of his shaft and throbbing with desire. He looked up and gazed into her violet eyes filled with lust, and stared back all the same, not allowing her to look away as his thrusts grew more passionate, her cries growing more lustful as she felt him filling her, stirring around her insides and warming her belly with fluttering contractions as his pace quickened.

Launch gripped his spiky mane and arched her hips up off the ground, desiring to move with him as she became accustomed to his size, she gasped when he picked her up off the ground and wrapped her legs around his waist. Their eyes met, and she was balanced on his lap, as he filled her so deeply she felt tension deep in her abdomen and moaned, gripping his shoulders and moving against him, as they kissed and and she heard him shudder against her lips, the soft clap of their bodies growing more fervent as she pulled back from his kiss and moaned, tossing her head back as her ankles crossed over his back, his thick black hair surrounding them.

"Raditz...I feel so... oh.." She whispered, her brows tensing as she closed her eyes and he answered her back by pushing her down to the base of him, making shallow thrusts up into the pit of her belly, grinding against her cervix until she dug her nails into him and cried out with her climax, which only quickened as he moved her back down onto the ground and bore down on her, his body perspiring as she watched his abdomen flexing against her, and her face reddened as she heard her wetness squelching against him with every deep thrust.

"Launch, you're so beautiful... you're amazing.." He moaned, grunting as he felt his back tightening, his tail curling and coiling into a ball as his orgasm swelled up inside of him before bursting, and flooding deep into her, as he shivered and buried himself to the hilt, then curled his head into the hollow of her throat and bit, marking her as his semen filled her womb and he made her his mate. Launch softened beneath him as he felt his mouth fill with her flavor, then he pulled back and licked there tenderly, and kissed her throat, his hips bucking against her softly as he rode out his climax until he was sated.

Raditz sighed and rolled onto the grass, taking her with him.

"I love you, Launch..." He whispered into her hair, which now was tangled and wild, her blue curls dappled with flower petals as she curled up against him and made a long, contented sigh.

"I love you too, Raditz." She said sweetly, and giggled, stroking her fingers through his chest hair. "That was magical..." She said softly, and kissed his pectoral. He chuckled softly and lifted her onto him, smiling.

"It doesn't have to end.." He said softly, pulling her up to kiss him, and she complied, their noses bumping as they both laughed softly. He moved to insert himself back in her, though softened slightly, and moved gently as they kissed, working himself back up to his previous state. "Oh," She moaned softly and sighed, her hair falling in her face. "Raditz, I..." She whimpered, then squeezed her eyes shut and he thrust into her hard, pulling her down as he took her expression as pleasurable.

"Ah...choo!" She sneezed, and she suddenly became blonde, before his very eyes.

Shit! Raditz thought, she's going to kill me!

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