He just didn't get it, Raditz was just a man, who just wanted cake. But, for whatever reason, his blue-haired beauty had been acting highly erratic all afternoon, and he just couldn't figure her out.

What's her game?

"Master Roshi? Can you come here?" Launch called from the other room, and the old man stiffened. Raditz gave him a sharp glare, and Master Roshi shrugged, shaking his head. He didn't know what to do, either!

"Er, can it wait, Launch...?" He said hesitantly, then flinched.

"There's a reward in it for you.~" She said sweetly, and Master Roshi stood, all the while with the large Saiyan's eyes drilling into the back of his skull.

"Coming, dearie.." He called, and shuffled out of the living room. Raditz cracked open another beer and melted down further into the couch, flipping channels on the TV. His wrestling program was over, and now he was feeling pretty tipsy, and looking for something to sate his primal need for blood and violence. He settled on a slasher movie, and crossed his arms as one ear honed in on what was going on in the kitchen.

"Would you test this for me?" He heard her say, then there was a sudden scream, of the old man being so startled, and so aroused all at once that Raditz shot out of his seat, and to the kitchen. He found Launch, standing there with one finger in her mouth, innocently. She removed it, and licked her lips, then began rolling Master Roshi up into a carpet, the floor coated in blood.

"W-What did you do to him?!" Raditz shouted, but the demure little maid only giggled, and rolled him right into the other room, and shut the door behind her, locking it, then brushing off her hands. He watched her in a drunken stupor, then looked at the bottle in his hand and blinked. Am I 3 sheets to the fucking wind, or did she just murder the old man!?

"Whoops, he's going to be out cold for awhile. I'm afraid my ambrosia frosting was just too heavy on the ambrosia, and not enough cream cheese." She said innocently, and began to mop the floor. Raditz's shoulders lost their tension, and he sighed heavily. Whatever she's done, was dirty enough to give the old man another one of his famous nose bleeds...a few gallons by the looks of it, he noted, narrowing his eyes on her.

This girl is seriously testing my patience! But, at least the old man is out of the picture...

"Call me back when the cake's done, other than that, don't bug me with your silly antics, girl." Raditz said, and turned around abruptly, his long hair swishing to the side and revealing his angrily twitching tail as he left the kitchen. Launch saw this, and smiled with her satisfaction, twirling around with the mop as if it were her dance partner.

You did it, toots! The cat's in the bag! Now, time to get ready!

The blonde in her said with excitement, and blue Launch nodded, eagerly.

In between nearly passing out, and yelling at the stupid blonde about to get murdered on TV, Raditz had noticed a increasingly annoying problem in his pants, that wasn't particularly small. He grumbled, rubbing the stiff erection annoying him as he tried to get comfortable.

Fuckin' piss boner, and I don't feel like getting up... He thought absently, and reclined back on the sofa. It had been some time now since Launch had bugged him, and he was starting to become curious about the heavenly scent coming from the kitchen. Not to mention, he had this... present now that he could surprise her with, seeing as the old man was shut up and locked away, and he had a hunch that was exactly the kind of thing Launch had been hinting at all afternoon.

He wasn't a fool, he'd seen her stealing glances of him here and there, and she had been painfully seductive to the point he felt almost embarrassed for the poor girl, but it was awful funny seeing her get frustrated when she didn't get the response she wanted from him, and cute.


Aaand there she is. Winner winner, chicken dinner...

Raditz thought drunkenly with a sideways smirk, then adjusted himself to look more obvious, before putting on an apathetic expression. Launch walked in, looking even more like a fancy christmas gift than anything, with all the lace and bows adorning the type of black and white french maid costume she always wore when cleaning, but this one was dangerously short, with a tight corset that pushed her breasts up, it was one of the ones Master Roshi had ordered for her, most likely out of Hustler Magazine.

"Um, Raditz...? I was just wondering, do you prefer this kind of piping, or this? Personally, I prefer rosettes, but I was thinking, perhaps you'd prefer stiff peaks?" She said, and the flimsy little top came down, and she took the large piping bag, and squeezed icing out, directly onto her primrose pink nipples. He watched, feeling his erection straining even harder, and licked his lips as she decorated her chest for him. He watched for a moment, enjoying the show, then came up with precisely the answer she was avoiding.

"...You know what, I think I prefer those charming little squiggles you see on the store bought sponge cakes, that's much faster, and besides, who really cares about the shape, if all we're going to do is eat it?" He said, and Launch squeezed the piping bag so hard, that an entire load of frosting exploded out between her milky white breasts. She turned on her little kitten heels, with white pom poms above the peep toe, and huffed, storming away.

Raditz smirked, watching her white cheeks as they peeked out of the taffeta skirt, and slipped his jeans off, instead relaxing in just his black boxer briefs, and a t-shirt. He felt much more comfortable, as he reached down and lazily stroked himself, thinking about how hot and bothered his blue little spitfire could possibly become.

It's not working! Oh, what am I going to do! Launch fretted, wiping frosting off herself with a white kitchen towel. Her breasts actually felt like they were aching, they felt so firm, and the buds were so erect that just the feeling of the soft cotton towel made her bite her bottom lip and squirm.

Raditz normally gets excited so easily, that I have to throw him off of me! But now that we've finally done it, he doesn't even notice! She pouted, putting back on the black lacy bra that went on underneath the flimsy silk-like material of the costume, which was uncomfortably tight, and more or less like a cheap Halloween costume than lingerie.

Now, don't say that! We can't give up yet, he just needs to get pissed off again, yeah! Do something so bad, he'll have to spank you! Blonde Launch suggested, and blue considered it, as she refilled the piping bag, and began piping the cake how he'd suggested.

"I suppose... but what would that be...?" She wondered, and worked the frosting out to the base of the cone, as it spread across the cake in squiggly patterns like he'd asked. It had taken her hours, but her cake was finally ready, even though the cake would be icy cold from putting it in the freezer to speed up the cooling process in order to frost it, without the frosting melting.

"There... almost done." She said, squeezing out the last of it.

Let's write something on it!

"Hm, like what?" Launch said, and opened the cupboard, looking for her decorative icing to write with.

Raditz growled to himself, he was in an interesting position, to say the least. Propped up sideways, holding the sink with one hand, balancing on the toilet with the other, with his feet planted on the wall, he finally managed to aim his erection down into the toilet bowl, only to have it spray everywhere erratically.

Shit! Launch is going to kill me, I got piss all over her fancy doilies, and the little floor mat. He came down, rather ungracefully, and managed to get back on his feet, swaying a little. He picked up the small crocheted caddy that covered the Toilet Paper roll, for modesty or whatever, and wiped the toilet seat and the floor, smirking as he dropped it.

"Lauuunch? I need your help, sweet cakes." He said, chuckling into his hand, then regretting it, as it smelled like piss. He shook his head and went to wash them, his boxers still hanging around his ankles, as his tail wagged side to side.

"Hmm? What on earth could Raditz need from in the bathroom?" Launch said, as she placed the cake on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, her skirt popping up, revealing her pink lace panties.

Raditz dried his hands, looking at his face in the mirror, he slapped his reddish cheeks and grinned at himself. He was drunk as a skunk, sure, but being a Saiyan, he was much more alert, and more aware of himself than a normal man. So, he put on a bit of the ol' Hollywood flair.

"What's wrong, Raditz?" She said from the other side of the door, and he made a pitiful sound.

"Please don't be mad at me, Launch, I didn't mean it.." He said pitifully, and put on the biggest puppy dog eyes he could muster, as she opened the door, and sniffed, noticing the heavy urine scent immediately, and the puddles on the floor.

"Oh! Ohhh, you...! Raditz! You peed all over!" She gasped, and looked at him incredulously as he flinched back, his shorts still around his ankles, as she noted, something had gone down from relieving the pressure, and frowned.

"I'm sorry, Launch.." He said, looking ashamed.

"Alright, let's get this mess cleaned up... Really! I just can't believe this! How did this even happen!?" She exclaimed, and began picking up the piss sodden doilies, the throw rug, and his soaked boxers.

"It was an accident, honestly..." He said softly, watching her with his melancholy eyes.

"You sit right here and wait, I'll be right back. You're getting in the tub, Mister!"

She said, shaking her head. Raditz sat on the edge of the tub and nodded morosely, as she stormed out of the room, and towards the washer. She popped open the lid, and started it, filling the basin with water, throwing clothes in as she grumbled to herself.

"I just can't believe it! A grown man, pissing all over the floor! All over my nice decorative rug!"

Oh, poo. Maybe he really is too drunk. I should just get him cleaned up, and put him to bed... That poor, sweet man...

Hey! Did I hear somethin'? Did you seriously just fall for that?!

What do you mean? Raditz would never-

Exactly. He knows how much you love having a clean, frilly little bathroom. This is his revenge, see?

Ohhh! That sneak! You mean he would do that on purpose!?

Yep, and what else can you do, but do exactly the opposite of what he wants you to do? See, he thinks he's getting a nice bath, then going to bed, so you can feel bad for him, but...

He sat in the bathtub, contemplating his current situation, as Launch vigorously scrubbed his hair with shampoo. Raditz squeezed one eye shut, attempting to avoid the soap dripping down his face, then, he jumped as she doused him with practically an entire bucket of cold water, and giggled.

"Cold water's best for a shiny mane, sweetie." She said, and he nodded, gritting his teeth. Bathtime with Launch was not as pleasant as he had hoped, as she spread goopy conditioner over his head, and patted it.

"Remember, you have to wait-"

"Three minutes, got it." He growled, and crossed his arms, watching as she took this opportunity to mop the floor. There's more goddamm cleaning, and cooking going on today than the other thing that ends in ING, precisely, f-u-c-k-i-

"Raditz?" Launch suddenly said, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Yes?" He asked, a little too soon, then blushed, as the very death of many men before him poked out of the bubbles to greet her.

"Next time you have to pee, and have a... issue, make sure you go outside, okay? That way, we don't have an incident like this again." She said sweetly, then squeezed the dirty mop water in the bucket.

"...Yes, honey. I will." He grumbled, and pushed his problem down, looking to the clock. Just one more minute, come on, come on... He thought, watching Launch bend down to get a stubborn stain off the floor, scrubbing the tiles vigorously. His devious grin curled up, and he laid back in the foamy bubbles, squinting his eyes to see if he could get a peek of her sweet, juicy, pink little... bzzzzz!

"Time's up, Raditz." Launch said, and tapped the egg timer to make it stop. She walked over and pulled the drain plug, then helped him to stand, assuming he was fully intoxicated, Raditz made a show of stumbling a little as he stood, and revealed his predicament to her. Launch glanced quickly at his erection, flushed red by the warm water, and switched on the shower head, making his entire body jolt as a blast of cold water hit him.

"Cold water's best for-"

"A shiny fucking mane, got it!" He growled back, and pulled the shower curtain shut, feeling his arousal deflating, and his tail frizzing up with his frustration.

The nerve of that girl! He steamed, even though the water was ice cold; smoke should have been have coming out of his ears for how pissed off he was now!

Launch hid her giggle behind her yellow rubber glove as she wheeled away the mop bucket, and closed the door behind him.

"Oh, gosh! I feel so bad! Teehee!" She said softly to herself, and heard the blonde inside laugh as well.

We got him good! Man, Raditz is pissed! He's gonna crack your fucking back with how hard he's gonna spank you, I bet our asses will hurt for weeks!

Launch paused and suddenly felt a shudder go through her body at the thought, then continued, going to go dump out the water in the other bathroom, and freshen herself up a bit, after all, a lady needs to smell fresh for her man...

Raditz wrapped a towel around his waist and shook his thick mane, spraying water droplets all over the clean bathroom. He began to leave, then slipped on the squeaky clean, lemon scented floor, and landed flat on his ass, with his tail sticking up. Raditz bellowed out in pain as he hit the extra-sensitive base of it, which contrary to popular opinion, did not feel pleasurable.

Launch froze, hearing a loud bellow of pain as she powdered her nose. She shivered, her legs quivering, and almost let free a splash of pee, or at least she thought that's what it was, but when she reached down and felt her panties, she felt hot and slippery down there. Her cheeks reddened even through her alabaster face powder, and she patted down her taffeta skirt, clearing her throat.

What is it about a hot-blooded Saiyan man that just makes a girl go crazy, gosh... Her blonde self said, feeling just as aroused from the inside as her blue haired exterior placed one manicured hand on her cheek and sighed, wriggling her creamy thighs back and forth and spreading her juices, her white nylon garter stockings squeaking together.

I don't know, but I need to have him soon, I feel like I'm going to burst if I don't get some relief soon...

She leaned over the sink and sighed, feeling her legs quivering, at that moment if Raditz were to come in and take her just like how she was now, she wouldn't stop him... Oh, gosh... I'm bad... She thought, as her hand snaked down and stroked herself through the rough fabric, biting her bottom lip to stifle her small moan as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to imagine it. His hard body, thrusting behind her vigorously, as he wrapped his tail around her waist and tickled her clit with the soft bristly fur, groping her breasts in both hands, pinching her tender nipples as he pumped away, watching himself fuck her in the mirror, as she watched, and came around the base of his cock. Launch rubbed herself faster, squeezing her eyes shut as she felt herself throbbing with anticipation, the thin underwear slipping and revealing her flushed, pink slit, as her fingers found her slick clit and swirled around it fiercely.

"Oh god, I'm going to come, oh Raditz, please fuck me!"

She whimpered softly to herself, then felt a burst of pleasure, and her knees buckled, as the other hand held her weakened body up.

"That's better... Not nearly as good as the real thing, though..." She sighed, feeling her wetness dripping through her fingers, and down onto her black patent leather heels.

Raditz smiled from the other side of the door, where he leaned his back against it, panting, his eyes closed. His towel had long dropped to the floor, and he held his swollen shaft in one hand as he stroked it, squeezing a bead of moisture from the tip as he listened to her muffled climax.

Don't worry, Launch, you'll get the real thing soon enough.

He crossed one leg over the other, his long hair hanging off the back of the couch as Raditz wasted time, playing earthling video games to pass the time. This one was particularly annoying, as he struggled to push the buttons fast enough to make a combo, instead mashing them all with his large thumbs and hoping for results.

Launch meanwhile, had regained her senses, and now, as she set down her small glass of liquid courage, she gulped, and squeezed her eyes shut.

That's right girly, get it in ya, you're gonna need it to do this! The blonde urged, practically making her arm move from the inside of her body to take a good swig of the hot cinnamon rum directly from the mouth of the bottle.

That's good, stop! No more! It burns! She yelled at herself, and slammed the bottle down on the counter with a hiss, before turning around, and looking at the beautiful cake on a small decorative table in the center of the kitchen, with red roses made of fondant, so delicately and painstakingly made that they looked incredibly real. Launch clutched her hands before her waist and interlocked her fingers, eying the cake, and licking her lips. She was hungry for the cake, sure, but something else made her salivate as she stared at it, then looked away, as if timid.

"R-Raditz?" She called, taking a shaky breath.

"What?" He growled back, now hunched before the TV, the controller clicking and creaking with his rapid button mashing so hard that it nearly snapped, as he was at his very limit with the stupid earthling technology.

"Can you come out to the kitchen...?" She asked, and he threw down the controller, his face colored as red as a tomato as his anger returned, and in a moment of rage, he rushed forward and punched the TV, making a dazzling lightshow of sparks as it was immediately destroyed.

"Just a minute!" He snarled, removing his hand and shaking the glass off of it. Dark green and blue veins bulged from his throat where his blood pressure was rising, as he tilted his head back and took a long swig of whiskey.

"The cake is ready," She said, popping her curious face through the entryway.

Oh right, that fucking cake! He'd totally forgotten he'd requested cake a few hours ago, as his intoxicated state make him crave sweets, and cake was one of his new favorites he'd discovered after landing on earth. Raditz's features paled as he calmed a small amount, and followed her into the kitchen.

"Here it is," She said nervously, and he walked in after her cautiously, taking slow steps as he noticed the odd table at the center of the kitchen which hadn't been there before, and the curious words on the cake.

"Eat Me." Written in red cursive. He raised one brow, and his eyes widened as he looked up to her, and stared as she wriggled her hips, and slid out of a barely there pair of underwear, the flimsy little pink pair of panties sliding down her shiny pearl stockings, and spilling around her heels, as she stepped out of them daintily. Her scent hit him like a brick wall, as he huffed it in, as if he were taking desperate gulps of oxygen. His primal urges threatened to surface, then he rubbed his brow with one hand, feeling the sweat there.

"Raditz," She sighed, smiling at him with a heated gaze in her warm, velvety violet irises.

"Launch... what are you doing?" He said, gulping. What the hell was she doing?!

"Don't you want to eat this delicious cake? It's so pretty... do you see why it took so long to make? I made it just how you like..." She said in a low, husky voice, and strolled forward towards the cake, and admired it, her hands on either side of the large, rectangular cake. He gulped, staring at it, then back to her, as he eyed the luscious cleavage spilling from her tight bodice, which was flushed slightly pink, then looked down, and admired the cake once again. It was white, pristine white, so perfectly clean and unblemished of any color. Perfect ripples decorated the edges, as well as strawberry syrup made decorative roses that shined like lacquer around the glossy red letters that tempted him, Eat Me.

"Mmm..." She murmured, as she took one long, red nail and scooped the white, cream cheese frosting up, and revealed the dark, chocolate devil's food cake inside. His favorite. Raditz stepped forward, his tail quivering just as much as his legs as he watched her lick the frosting from her nail seductively.

What was this? What was she doing?! "Can I... have some now?" He asked, and cleared his throat, his voice came out gruff and cracked with his anxiety, as his mouth felt dry, and he swathed his tongue over his lips, feeling suddenly thirsty.

Launch looked up at him from behind her blue bangs, and turned around, sitting the crest of her bottom on the edge of the table. His fists clenched, She's teasing me! He rumbled low in his throat, a vein pulsing in his temple as she lifted her skirt slightly, revealing the plump, lily white halves of her bottom, slightly pink at the swell of her tempting flesh.

"Launch, what...what about the cake?" He stuttered, his Adam's apple bobbing as she scooched back again, and giggled, the tiniest bit of white frosting sticking to her cheeks.

"What about it?" She said, in almost a sneer as she stood, and bent at the waist, making him twitch back with surprise as she parted her cheeks just slightly then let them clap back, the bits of frosting clinging together.

"Its... it's on the table, and you..." He breathed, he was so speechless, he was nearly rendered dumbfounded. Not understanding her intentions, nor wanting to stop her from showing him what she wanted to do, he simply fell silent, and became a vouyer to her erotic teasing.

"You like me, you like cake, are you saying you don't want to have both?" She said from over her shoulder, her black puffy sleeve. Raditz shook his head no, quickly, and returned his vision back to her. His eyes trailed down her back, admiring the shiny, indigo coils of curls spilling down the nape of her back as the black ties of the corset were becoming loosened, and revealing the delicate curve of her spine.

Raditz could only stare, his eyes travelling further to where the white and black layers of taffeta were gathered at her waist, showing him the pale curves of her bottom, and as she bent, just a tiny bit of her pink cleft, and the tiny pink morsel inside. Launch giggled coyly, happy that Raditz was thoroughly invested in her show, so much so, that he could see the bulge straining against his clean, white boxers, and the tension in his rippling abdomen, with black curling hairs down the middle from his belly button.

"No... I.. I like both." He said, and gulped, watching as she carefully moved back just an inch, and touched the cake again, this time getting more on herself, she jumped a little from the cold, giggling as she felt her bottom, and rubbed the frosting around in circles. Raditz stepped closer, his tail squirming anxiously behind his back.

"Do it again, girl. I dare you." He said, and at last his eyes glimmered with recognition, as he pieced together the game she was playing. She'd made him this extravagant cake, teased him all afternoon, and taunted him to the point he felt so angry with her, he could just...

Paff.. The sound was so soft and delicate, and yet so loud to his ears, that Raditz's blood boiled.

Launch sat down on the cake with all her weight as she looked over her shoulder coyly at him, and wiggled her bottom, smiling so smugly that he couldn't help but smile as he looked down, and gazed at the mounds of white frosting, and black chocolate being crushed around her silky cheeks.

"You naughty little girl... you must really want me to be mad with you, hmm?" He purred, and she quivered just the tiniest bit, and sat up, the sponge cake falling in clumps as she lifted, frosting stuck to her bottom, and something he hadn't anticipated, dark fudge syrup so rich it was like black ink against her porcelain skin. She looked over her shoulder, and held her cheeks apart, fretting over her dress, where white frosting had covered the black silk.

"You know just what I like, don't you...?" He intoned suggestively, and trailed one finger through the fudge filling her sweet crevasse, and licked it, as the fudge parted and revealed her glossy pink slit, untouched by the dessert, making her shiver.

"Yes, so are you happy with your cake, Raditz...?" She whispered, her cheeks flushing brightly as her legs shook, holding her rear up from the delightful mess below her.

"Hmm..." He mused, scooping up a handful of cake and eating it out of his palm. "Why don't you try it yourself, and see how it tastes?" He said huskily, licking his palm like a cat.

Launch's petite shoulders tensed, and she looked back down at the cake, nervously.

"But, it's had my butt on it, the whole cake is crushed... Aren't you angry with me?"

He chuckled then, and leaned up against the table, not caring as dark fudge, mixed with creamy white frosting, that now as it had been defiled, was pink from the strawberry syrup, got onto his white cotton briefs.

"Yes, I'm furious... But first, I want you to eat this cake with me, dear. It said, 'Eat Me' on it, didn't it...?" He whispered, and she nodded, watching as he pulled his breifs down, and freed himself. His member was so swollen from his persistent arousal, a bead of his milky semen oozed from the tip, as he took one hand, wrapping it around his flushed shaft, and thumped it into the cake, causing a small splatter as it sunk into the chocolate sponge.

"There, now I've made it dirty too." He whispered. Launch moaned, tossing her head back as she fell onto the cake, her legs had weakened until the point her head landed on his chest, and their bodies met in the delicious texture of rich buttercream frosting, and delicate sponge. Raditz reached down, and pulled out a fondant flower, half soiled, and rubbed the chocolate on her lips. Launch parted her lips, and he fed it in, feeling satisfied as she ate her ruined creation.

He lifted her by her waist, and she parted from the cake, her entire underside completely smeared with pink and black, as he pulled her up onto the table, and and forced her onto her knees, her filthy bottom aimed up in the air, so covered in frosting and bits of sponge cake he could no longer see her skin.

Raditz licked his lips, and gulped, feeling the moisture returning to his mouth, as he moved forward, and licked. "Ah!" She cried out, feeling his hot tongue delving through the thick layer of cold frosting. "Mm," He sighed, and licked again, this time taking a generous mouthful, revealing her creamy smooth skin. "Oh," She cooed, gripping the table's edge with a death grip. Raditz swirled the flavors around in his mouth, thoroughly enjoying them, before swallowing.

"So, you get to feel good, but not me?" He said, and bit into her cheek. She cried out, which was drawn out into a hoarse moan as his teeth grazed against her skin, drawing no blood, but leaving blood vessels broken as he sucked off the sweet frosting. Launch perked her head up, having not expected this, then looked down, to where the cake had now covered her entire front, and saw his waist pressed up against the table, and licked her lips.

He was moving back and forth slowly, feeling the suction of the thick frosting and sponge cake surrounding his shaft like a glove, as he moaned into her sugary skin. Launch used her free hand to scoop cake away from his shaft, piling it in her mouth until her cheeks were filled, muffling her moans as he ate the frosting from the creases of her, and squeezed her rear so tightly, the swirls of frosting became muddied and slick on her body.

Launch swallowed, and saw her prize, and wrapped her hands around him, his slick erection gliding through her hands as she pumped him with the textures of the delicious dessert squeezing through her fingers. "Yes," He moaned, his cheeks becoming dirtied as he buried his face between her sweetness, and tensed his back from the new sensations.

"You're gonna...mm, get it soon," He groaned, and sucked her sugary clit between his lips. Launch moaned, and moved forward to take him in her mouth as he pulled away from the table, and she braced her slippery hands on his thighs, as he kneeled on the table, holding her bottom up in the air as he cleaned her of his dessert.

"Eat me," She moaned, then licked the goodness off of him, and gasped once he darted his tongue out, savoring any tiny bits of cake that had made their way inside of her. He cleaned her thoroughly with his tongue, until most of it was on his face and hands, and her skin was left shining, but smelling sweet like the rose ambrosia in the frosting.

"Launch, you're so delicious," He purred against her, the vibrations making her whimper as she took him in her mouth, and swallowed the frosting surrounding him. He hugged around her, and didn't care how his face was surrounded by her warmth as she wriggled and squirmed, her pleas for more muffled by his member filling her mouth until it was swallowed up to the base of him, and pink saliva dripped down her cheek, as she pulled back to breathe. Raditz looked down, seeing he was clean, and smiled.

"That's my girl," He gravelled, and turned her around swiftly as he stood, his knees pulling off the cake which was now entirely flattened, reduced to a smear across the table, as he carried her over to a kitchen chair, and sat down, holding her over his knees.

"Raditz, wh...what are you doing?"

"Well, now that we've taken care of the mess, I think it's time you got your scolding." He said, and rubbed her pink cheek, still powdery with small amounts of dried pink frosting.

"What do you mean, Raditz, I-" She was stopped in mid-sentence, as he reared his arm back and hit her with the flat of his palm, making her howl out with her sudden surprise. Raditz rubbed her cheek then, smiling as she looked up at him with half-lidded eyes, and a round mouth of surprise.

"You've been asking me to punish you all day, bad girl. First, you teased Master Roshi to make me jealous,"

SLAP! he hit her hard, until her bottom jiggled with the force, then spoke again, stroking her cheek, smearing around his chocolatey handprints.

"Then, you paraded around, bending down to show me your ripe bottom, but I couldn't bend you over the table like I wanted, with the old man watching..."


"Ahh!" She moaned, and felt the tingle of his slap resonating throughout her. Then, he made tender circles on her cheeks, lovingly caressing.

"Just you wait, just a minute, mister!" She piped up, craning her head back to glare at him. "You peed on the floor on purpose!" She accused, narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously. Raditz chuckled, lifting her off his knee to view her eye to eye, as her dress fell down her shoulder and almost revealed her breast.

"Actually, that wasn't my intention, but I knew it would get you going," He chuckled playfully, and kissed her on the brow lovingly.

"But, then you had to play a nasty trick and pour cold water over my head, so I think that makes us about even," He whispered, and squeezed her bottom in his large hands, the white flesh oozing from between his cake covered fingers.

Launch moaned, leaning over, and kissing his throat. "It was so hard for me to do that, when you looked so guilty," She said with a soft, breathy chuckle, and scooched forward on his lap.

"I was faking it," He snickered, and she looked back at him, appalled.

"Raditz!" She scolded, then was stopped as he crushed his lips to hers, and spread his legs, leaning back in the chair until her groin grazed over his, her sweetness sliding across him.

"Hmm," He mused, pulling back.

"But then, you had some fun in the bathroom by yourself, didn't you?" He whispered, and reached around to stroke her, reminding her of her own indecent activities.

"Oh! But, how did you know...?" She gasped, as his deft fingers found her center and stroked her delicious warmth.

"Silly, a Saiyan has heightened senses, not to mention, I could hear you whispering, Raditz, please fuck me..." He chuckled, and she hid her face in his shoulder, embarrassed.

"I couldn't help it, I wanted you so bad, but first I had to get you angry, so... so you would spank me like you did blonde Launch..." She whispered in his ear, then licked it, pulling his earlobe, and the thin skin around the shell between her teeth and nibbling. He rumbled, spreading her cheeks with his dirty hands and wetting his stiff erection with her warmth, gliding it over and back, as he seethed with pleasure from her licking his ear.

He dropped her onto his lap, her cheeks jiggling as she landed on his muscular thighs, moaning into his ear. Launch cradled her face in his throat as he stroked her bottom, paying it the most attention, as this is where she'd been wanting him to touch her so bad, and he didn't even know it.

Raditz pinched the creamy flesh, and tweaked it, as she whimpered, and rocked her hips against his girth. "Oh, not yet, eager girl..." He rasped, and pinched the other cheek, then slapped it. She mewled with her pleasure, as she moved until the hot tip of him was teasing her folds, and moved her rear back further, sliding down his shaft as she presented him with what she wanted, offering for him to smack her harder. Raditz's tail twitched and coiled behind the chair legs with his intrigued arousal, as he pulled out the strings from her corset, and the dress fell nearly off her, before he tore the cheap fabric in half and quickly undressed her; until she wore nothing but a black lacy brassiere, the white garter stockings, now filthy from frosting, and one black shoe, the other having fallen on the floor long ago, revealing her pink sole from beneath the sheer white nylon.

Launch reached back and unsnapped her bra quickly, tossing it on the floor, before crushing her breasts around his face, letting him sink his face into her softness, as his large hands squeezed her bottom, and her cleft grazed over his erection.

"Please, I want you to.. Raditz," She sighed, wriggling her hips down to him. He chuckled from in her chest, and pulled back to grin up at her. "To do what...?" He said, tilting his head. Launch moaned with her impatience, trying to push her way down, but he held her still, and waited for the right answer.

"Please, please fuck me, Raditz..." She said in a tiny voice, then moaned aloud when he pulled her down onto him, hissing with the warm feeling of her surrounding him, as she sunk down to his base, and wrapped her legs around him, bucking her hips against him as he lifted himself off the chair to meet her. He pulled her down by her plush bottom until his girth was entirely buried inside, and then rocked his hips up against her, roughly, slapping her bottom multiple times as he thrust until she cried out, and the built up fluid she had been feeling swelling in her abdomen finally burst as each impact stuck deep within her, and made her scream with ecstacy.

Raditz groaned aloud as he felt it trickle down him as he lifted her up once again, then filled her, feeling so soaking wet their bodies glided together, and he quickened the pace, until she dug her nails into his shoulders, then scratched at his chest, wrapping her legs around him even tighter, and bucking her hips up against him, greedily taking in all his length until she felt a slightly painful sensation, that was so pleasant she didn't care, as he filled her entirely, and she ground herself down harder, until Raditz tilted his head back and felt like he would explode from her tight squeeze around him.

"Launch, you're going to make me, mmm.." He moaned, and the girl smiled as she shimmied down on him harder, feeling she had the upper hand over the man writhing in pleasure beneath her.

"I don't want to just yet, I'm not done with you yet..." He said slyly, and stood, carrying her with him to the kitchen table, where he placed her, carefully.

Launch's legs spread, her stockings becoming translucent at the tops from her arousal, as he stroked her thighs, and slid back inside her splayed open legs. Launch moaned, then whimpered as he took one leg, and put it over his shoulder, and deepened his angle inside of her.

"Raditz, oh..." She whimpered, as he thrust into her harder, her kitten heel falling off with the force. "F-faster," She whispered, and he smirked at this, and pulled her other leg up around his neck, and leaned down, and angled himself down, and thrust directly to the end of her core, and make her cry out with her surprise. Then, he listened to her cries and moved faster, until she was panting for her breath beneath him, feeling him stirring her up deep inside, with each pulse that made her throbbing quicken, until she tightened her legs around him and gripped the table beneath her, bracing herself as he bucked wildly with abandon.

His reddened face flushed darkly as he felt himself unravelling, and squeezed her hips harder in his hands, watching the way her breasts jerked up with each brisk movement, and gasped, as her quickening climax throbbed all around him, Launch moaned huskily, "Ra...Radiiitz, ohhh!" and he answered her, with his own groan, moving even more swiftly until they moved in synchronicity, and he felt his climax come at the same time as hers clenched all around him like a vice, and milked the hot semen pulsing into her womb out until he was shuddering, and rested against her, her legs coming down to encircle his waist, as he lifted her, and kissed her, their bodies interconnected.

"Launch, ah... I love you.." He said softly, as he cupped her buttocks and felt a surge of heat pulse down his shaft before sighing, sated. She smiled into his chest, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I love you, Raditz... Happy Birthday." She said, and kissed him on the cheek.

"But, it's not my birthday, silly girl." He responded, pulling out of her, and carrying her bridal style up the stairs. Launch smiled, her eyes upturned over her flushed, pink cheeks.

"It is whenever you want it to be, as long as you'll eat my cake again~" She said with a giggle, and he laughed back, "Of course, anything for you."