"Raditz...Ohhh..." Launch moaned, squirming in bed, her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she tossed and turned, her blonde locks spilling across the pillow.

Her dream man was doing things she wouldn't dare ever admit, and her dream self was enjoying it very much...

She heard a soft sound, like a rumble.

Raditz cleared his throat, from where he stood at the edge of the bed.

"Wh- Whuh? Oh!" She sat up quickly, her curly hair a frizzy mess, her entire body feeling sticky.

"Good morning, beautiful." He said with a grin, and set a tray across her lap. She looked down at the plate of food, and the cup of black coffee, just how she liked, and licked her lips.

"Mornin', what's all this for?" She said, picking up a slice of bacon and gnawing on it. Raditz sat on the edge of the bed beside her, stroking her leg. She moved her thigh away quickly, crossing her still sticky legs. Wait, why am I all sticky?

"Oh, just a reward for that delicious cake we ate last night, remember?" He purred, looking at her with dark, glinting eyes.

Launch gulped, stuffing a mouthful of eggs in her cheek, she wasn't sure why, but she just couldn't remember a thing, she remembered helping Blue decorate the cake, trying to find ways to irritate Raditz just enough to make him-

"Oh!" She gasped, almost choking, then regained her composure, taking a sip of coffee. Raditz chuckled, turning around fully, he moved her half-empty plate beside and crawled over her, a devilish look on his handsome face, as Launch shrunk back farther into the pillow, sipping her coffee.

"Why so shy?" He purred, twirling a golden ringlet of hair around his finger. Launch slammed the rest of her coffee down, and set it on the bedside table, before her eyes lit with emerald intensity, and she pushed him off of her, rolling over to straddle him, before jabbing one finger into his chest.

"I ain't shy, got it, punk!?" She yelled, poking him harder as Raditz seemed only amused, and more turned on by her feistiness.

"Oh, I know. Neither one of you are shy." He said with a knowing smile, and yet again she was baffled.

Blue?! Blue ain't shy? That's new.

"Whaddya mean by that, caveman!? What the hell's got me so sticky, my whole body an-" She paused, gulping. Then, the events of the night before came to her all at once in a sordid blur.

Spanking...Frilly Lingerie...Cake. Lots of cake, and frosting... Raditz had to have gotten a show, more than just a little taste of cake last night! He'd eaten every crumb, every tiny little morsel with no complaints... Right from between Blue Launch's naughty little cheeks! Which were technically...her butt cheeks too!

Her eyes widened even more, as Raditz went to put his hands around her waist, she decked him right in his sexy face, and took off, slamming the bathroom door behind her to go shower. Raditz laughed, feeling a small tingle where she punched him, and closed his eyes as he laid back, reminiscing fondly about the special night he would never forget, one hand resting on his abdomen, as he recalled those events in their full, graphic detail...

Launch hid in the bathroom, locking the door, her heart racing a mile a minute. She felt ridiculous, hiding from that goofball! Raditz was nothing but a dirty pervert, and her other half too! Launch huffed, pulling off her pink nightie, then went about taking her shower, trying to get the thoughts out of her head of the events of last night, then the crazy sex dream she'd had about Raditz. It was hot, sure, to her dream self, but in real life? There was no way that was happening, no way! She'd never done that before, she didn't plan to now!

Raditz listened to the sounds in the bathroom, his eyelids growing heavy, and the pupils expanding, as he indulged in his own favourite fantasy, that neither Launch could ever know about... Just the thought of it caused his blood pressure to rise, as well as a prominent bulge forming beneath the fabric of his jeans, as he looked back to the door quickly, after having heard it lock, he felt confident Launch wasn't coming out for awhile, so he unzipped his pants, and freed his groin from its constricting confines, and wrapped one hand around his shaft.

In his mind, both halves of Launch were there, bent down, licking the head of his cock, both hands caressing the hot skin of him, as their saliva slowly coated him, and their small hands began to glide. The blonde took him in her mouth, and the bluenette sucked on his testes and massaged them gently, both females moaning into his skin as they worshipped his body.

He pumped down to the base of his shaft and back with one hand, his thighs flexing as the muscles of his abdomen tightened and strained, and he made a low, heated chuff, as his scrotum tightened, his tail winding up into a coil as he squeezed his eyes shut, and imagined the second half of the fantasy which was always the part that got him off, having both women beneath him, both beautiful, both pleasurable, as he buried himself to the base in the blue haired darling's pink pussy, as he held the boisterous blonde up by the hips, and swathed his tongue up the centermost crease of her, making her mewl each time his devilish tongue tickled her perineum, then dipped into her secret vault of desire.

That was when he nearly climaxed, pulling himself out of the blunette as she panted from her orgasm, and the blonde's breasts crushed against hers, he rammed himself into the blonde's hot slit, and watched as the two fraternal twins kissed with open mouths, moaning for him to see as he looked down, and watched himself disappear into the blonde.

Something in him always wanted to push the limit, somehow, he wasn't sure why, perhaps it was some primal need he only had because it hasn't yet been filled, but he became more heated once he thought of it; the whites of his eyes showing under his dense black lashes, as liquid began to bubble from the slit at the tip, and his hips left the bed as she moaned out hoarsely in his mind, delighted by the feeling of his intruding erection slowly sliding inside her tight vault, making both Launch's moan as their plush pink labias shifted together and shared the lubrication of his semen, the bluenette staring up into his eyes as she wriggled her heated core against her sister's, who is looking over her shoulder with approval as he's gradually filling her void, until her muscular cavern is constricting around him with her orgasmic convulsions, and both twins climax together, holding one another, he hits a sweet spot deep inside her, and releases into her body, the heat of his climax reaching deep up into her belly, until it bubbles down onto both pulsing canals, his fingers pushing in the semen, and drawing out their cries.

His hand dropped onto the sheets beside him, as the evidence of his masturbation made a milky sheen over his thighs and still dripped from his wet tip. Raditz sighed and pulled a blanket over himself to conceal the mess, then closed his eyes and quickly fell into a light slumber.

Launch sighed, soaping up her lithe body well with Raditz's body wash. She smirked, Raditz didn't know, but she always used his soap, simply because she enjoyed a more masculine scent, instead of that heavy floral scent, that reeked when blue would use it. Launch put one leg up on the side of the tub, shaving it carefully, then the other, after rinsing off her men's gillette razor- also Raditz's. She smirked, pumping out a mound of Brut shaving cream, slapping it on her thigh. It just had a nice scent, and didn't leave any bumps. The man never shaved anyways, as far as she knew, he didn't grow facial hair for whatever reason, besides his sideburns, his cheeks were very soft. She'd always liked smooth skinned men, if Tien was any clue.

That guy was completely hairless, and I mean, completely.

Launch dragged the razor up her thigh, revealing her tanned skin, contrasting sharply with the white shaving cream.

Nothing like a nice, smooth man... Not like Raditz. Yuck. That... hairball.

She scowled, rinsing the razor off, then examining herself closely as she shaved more delicate areas, only around the areas that a man would actually come into contact with, the rest she left, then straightened, rinsing her front. She then looked over her shoulder, and felt her backside, closing her eyes as her long, tawny gold curls fell down her tanned back, and squeezed her pale flesh, before reaching one hand back, covered in foamy soap, and feeling there curiously. There was no indication anything had changed there, as far as she knew. The chastity of the forbidden entrance still seemed secure by her examination, nothing too amiss had to have happened last night when the other Launch had indulged herself with Raditz and the dessert.

Launch took a small pat of shaving cream, and rubbed it around her backside, closing her eyes, and carefully shaving, then touching to make sure her bottom was smooth. Launch set down the razor, and pumped soap into one hand, washing her backside in small circles, as water pulsed and cascaded down her front. Her fingers grew more daring, and felt around the muscular ring between her firm cheeks. The feeling was so much different than what she was accustomed to, she held her breath, and slowed her caresses, instead stroking her plush pink slit, her moisture making her slippery, as she pleased herself from both sides. Her fingers grew more brave, and she pushed experimentally against the little spot, biting her bottom lip.

As she was fondling herself, she closed her eyes and thought about the scandalous dream. It had felt so real, every caress, every cry, how had it gotten that far? There hadn't been any indication of pain, or discomfort in her dream, only pleasure, mind blowing. Launch whimpered softly to herself, stroking the creased skin of her most private part, the other hand moving quickly against her labia, as her forehead hit the shower tiles, and the shower curtain concealed what she was doing in secret.

She looked to the door, narrowing her eyes as she tried to listen for Raditz. He could be incredibly quiet when he wanted to, but right now, he was snoring, so Launch imagined she was there next to him, displaying herself to him as she fondled her secret ring of nerves, and played with her clit at the same time until she was gasping, pushing both hands further until her middle fingers sunk in, and she sunk to her knees as the water pounded down on her back, concealing her gasps and moans as she tried to simulate the sensations Raditz had given her in the dream, using two fingers to stimulate her vagina, as he thrust his erection into her behind, stretching and filling her pleasurably. She groaned, remembering the feel of his tickling tongue eagerly cleaning the moist chocolate cake out of every tiny nook and cranny, and wondering if now too, he would look at her and find her appearance delightful enough to eat. The throbbing feeling intensified as her small fingers pumped, but before she could climax, she let her hands slow their frantic motions, and felt shameful for what she was doing.

Launch withdrew her fingers, rinsing her hands under the water, then scrubbing them furiously with soap as she panted, her cheeks flushed, wondering how she could have gotten so carried away and did such a nasty thing to herself, let alone, got excited from imagining that Raditz was watching her?

Raditz meanwhile, slept blissfully in the afterglow, sleeping through most of the afternoon, even through Launch rifling through the dresser, then slamming the door. It wasn't until he felt the sun warming his eyelids that he woke, and got out of bed. He took care of the evidence, tossing the soiled sheets in the washer, before showering off, quickly washing himself up, so that he could head down and look for something to eat.

It was the perfect day for sunbathing, hot, with a cool breeze coming off the ocean, as Launch laid out on a large beach towel, oiling up her legs. The old man had been taken care of already, once she'd even exited the room in her tiny red bathing suit, his nose had spurted blood, and Launch repaid him with a smattering of bullets that had knocked the old man out cold, before tossing him in a broom closet and locking the door. She was sure she'd let him out later once her blue haired self took over, the broom closet would probably be the first place the ditz would go, and sure enough, find the old man. Launch sighed, and finished putting on her tanning oil, then laid on her stomach and closed her eyes, allowing the sun's rays to beat down on her back, and let her at last relax.

"Hmm. This is no good." Raditz pondered, digging through the contents of the refrigerator. He was searching, and having little luck finding any of the pre-made lunches Launch usually kept prepared for him. He found lots of the ingredients, but wasn't sure how they went together. He knew how to make most simple things- meat, eggs, slap lunch meat into two slices of bread- but it just wasn't the same when he made it, it lacked the sweetness, and special taste from being 'made with love' as the extra ingredient, as Launch always used to like to say. He couldn't even find the old man anywhere, and perhaps suggest he put some meat on the grill, which seemed to be his specialty...

Raditz pouted, allowing the refrigerator door to close on it's own as he scratched at the back of his thick mane. He made a mournful sigh, then turned and looked out the kitchen window, seeing a pile of blonde locks over golden shoulders on the sand. Perhaps he could get her to cook for him? The blonde haired Launch didn't cook often, but when she did, he found the salty and sweet snacks she made delightful! Memories of her savory instant noodle surprise, with gooey eggs on top of melted cheese, a cold coca-cola with fried hot dogs and dill pickles, ketchup and mustard, crispy potato fries and sweet brown sugar and bacon decorated beans made his stomach suddenly roar. He nodded to himself, yes, he was craving her delicious treats today.

Raditz hurried outside, not bothering to put on shoes as he half ran, half flew out the door to see if he could rouse her from her tanning time. It was risky, but it could be worth the risk if she did in fact decide to feed him. The creaky old screen door swung open, then slammed shut, interrupting Launch's favorite classic rock station playing through the grainy radio static of the little boom box sitting on the towel with her. She lifted her head and sipped from her bottle of coke, then went to go back to snoozing, when a cool shadow suddenly blocked out all the sunlight. Launch grumbled, closing her eyes. She knew Raditz was standing there, by the whipping sound of his tail behind him, as he nervously twiddled his fingers, thinking on how to approach her in the right way and get the best outcome.

"Spit it out, or get outta the way! You're blockin' my rays!" Launch huffed, and Raditz stiffened a little. There was a very audible growl, as his stomach spoke up for him. Launch sat up on the towel, and whipped out her cell phone, quickly jabbing in numbers.

"Yello. Prince Of All Sandwiches? This is Launch- Yup. I'll take one of everything. Send it to 123 Kame Turtle House- You got it. See ya." She said quickly, smirking smugly, as she stood, and grinned up at Raditz, trailing a fingernail down his exposed chest.

"The food is on it's way, big guy. Hope you're hungry." She sneered, as Raditz tilted his head at her slightly in befuddlement.

"The old man gives me all access to his bank account- did you know how much dinero that old coot was sitting on? He invested in some very successful things in the early 70's... Ray Ban sunglasses, Astroglide Lube, and Work-Out Leotards! They blew up in the 80's! We've got so much of the damn stuff, I've been using lube as tanning oil, and man, does that slippery stuff work!" Launch giggled, as Raditz simply gave her a blank stare. She scoffed, shaking her head.

"Why am I telling you this, caveman! You don't have a clue!" She growled, and turned around quickly, stomping through the sand as he watched with raised brows at the way the red leotard thong she wore rode extremely high up on her hips, so high that her entire tanned bottom was exposed to his view.

Raditz gulped, suddenly feeling that urge from earlier coming back, as he watched her walk into the blue surf, letting the cold ocean water cool off her frustration. Raditz quickly followed with an eager smile, taking off his jeans so that he wore only his black spandex shorts, as he ran over to join her, making a large splash in the water as Launch squealed, her perfect golden curls becoming drenched.

"Raditz! You jerk!" She cried out, and splashed him back, trying to get his hair wet, but with little success. Raditz chuckled and dove into the water, then popped out, grinning at the blonde, as she got over her initial reaction to the icy cold water, and joined him in swimming around playfully, until they tired, and Raditz floated on his back, with Launch under his arm. There was a honking sound, and they both perked up as the delivery boy on a hover plane landed on the sand, and Launch ran over, whipping out Master Roshi's gold card to pay for everything. The delivery boy scanned it with a handheld device, then grinned as he set the bags down, and Launch thanked him, giving him a great view as she bent down to rifle through the bag. A very wet, and very angry Raditz came up behind him, growling, and the delivery boy hurried back to his plane, starting it up frantically as Raditz flew up slightly to be on the same level as him.

"Raditz! Don't scare him off, I've got good connections with that joint!" Launch grumbled, plopping down onto the towel with a burger in her hands.

"But he was staring at your bare behind, it's a challenge of my saiyan masculinity-"

"Oh, that macho bullshit, blah blah! Come on, let's eat! I'm starvin'!" She said, and Raditz growled lowly, watching the plane flying off in the distance.

"Earth to Raditz! Come in! F-O-O-D!" She said, and threw a french fry at him. It bounced off his chest, but seemed to catch his attention as he caught it, then popped it in his mouth, his eyes widening in approval.

"Hm, it's very salty." He murmured, and Launch nodded, "Yeah, this is the bad stuff! Hehe, I know blue never lets you have this! Come on, dig in big guy!" Launch said, taking a bite into her burger, and gesturing towards all the brown paper bags of goodies. Raditz peered into one, and took in the delightful smell a moment, before devouring everything he could find that was edible in the immediate radius, as Launch laid back and giggled at him, sipping on a soda.

"You sure have a good appetite..." She purred, crossing her long, smooth legs. Raditz's eyebrow quirked up just slightly as he drained down a large cup of soda, then stopped to take a breath.

"I was craving your cooking, but I enjoy this type of food as well." He said with a sigh, looking around at the crumpled wrappers, and not seeing anything left for him to eat. He gathered them together in his hands, then incinerated them as Launch watched, chuckling, entertained.

"Is that so..? So, you like the bad stuff just as much as the sweet?" She said in a cloyingly sweet voice, laying back on her elbows, and tilting back her head. Raditz licked the savory flavor from his lips, his pupils constricting as he watched how she displayed her open throat to him in submission, without her knowledge.

"Yes... but both together at once would be twice as good." He rumbled, and Launch's eyes widened. She blushed slightly, knowing he was only talking about food, but for a second it felt like he was implying that he would enjoy both of her at once. The blue beauty inside giggled, easily flattered.

"Oh, yeah... I suppose if you wanted to smash a cake and a burger together, be my guest, ya weirdo..." She muttered, attempting to seem aloof. Raditz grinned, and crawled closer to her on the towel.

"A burger? You think I would compare you to a slice of meat between two buns?" He said, and Launch burst out in laughter.

"That's certainly what that delivery boy was seeing earlier! Bless his virgin heart," She cackled, and Raditz lowered his brow and his hackles rose as she laughed, her throat exposed once again. Launch heard the sound he was making and froze, gazing up at him with her large emerald eyes. "No. You're my mate. I can't allow any other males to see you, to touch you... It's not funny. I would have killed him, if it wasn't for the fact he delivered our food." Raditz rumbled, and placed one hand on her lower back, the other stroking his fingers through her hair to separate the curls as they dried.

She blinked up at him, placing one hand on his chest. He held her tightly, as if trying to keep her from escaping like she usually liked to do, but Launch found herself feeling warm and comfortable in his arms, instead, leaning closer to him, as he pressed his forehead to hers, gazing into her eyes.

"Raditz...?" She whispered, and he exhaled sharply, then moved over her quickly, catching her head in his hand, and moving it down to clasp around the back of her neck. Launch shivered, and moved her face to the side, relaxing her body, as the heat of his drew closer, and he kissed her throat gently, stroking her lower back, then slowly moving his hand down to grip her hip.

"Yes, Launch...?" He whispered back into her skin, then glanced his teeth off her neck just barely, making heat bloom in her belly. "I'm yours," She sighed, and wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him down by his broad shoulders to kiss him, the flavors of their sweet and salty lips clashing delightfully, as he felt him bear his groin down onto her. Launch moaned into his lips with her wanton desire, gripping handfuls of his bristling spikes and pulling, arching her hips up to grind against his hardening member through her damp bathing suit; riling up the man she desired and encouraging him to take her like an animal. Raditz happily obliged, lashing his tongue inside her mouth, coiling his with hers before withdrawing, panting, as Launch looked up at him with a heady gaze, her lips parted, as she widened her legs, waiting for him to just take her at last.

But Raditz, though eager, liked to savor such a sweet moment, and opened his mouth against her throat, gripping both halves of her buttocks and squeezing as his desire for her became even more evident. His teeth sunk in her throat, and he sucked hard, grinding his groin to hers to distract her from the small pain, as he marked her as his, before pulling away, licking his lips.

Launch's bathing suit was torn away without care, the shreds of it falling away to reveal the lighter areas of skin, contrasting with her golden tan, and the pink areolas that greeted him with budding tips. Raditz wrapped his lips around the soft, pale flesh of her breast without hesitation, sucking, then nibbling on the small bud, each tiny teasing bite sending electrifying jolts down to her belly, and spreading to her groin, as she moaned aloud, huskily proclaiming her enjoyment.

Launch whimpered as he moved to the next nipple, palming the other breast eagerly, as she wriggled and moaned beneath him, dragging her lacquered red nails down his rippling abdomen, then cupping his girth in one hand, and dragging it up and down the slippery fabric of his shorts.

"Make me yours then, if I'm your mate, why don't you fulfill your promise...?" She cooed into his ear, licking his earlobe. Heat bloomed in his groin, and tingled outward with his approval, as he lifted his hips and allowed her to pull down his shorts, his engorged bulk hitting her soft folds as he was exposed, allowing his shorts to be forgotten on the towel, as he gripped himself with one hand, and pulled back to observe her. Launch spread her legs, showing him the open pinkness of her wet pussy, and grabbing her breasts, arching her hips up as she waited for him to push his cock inside.

"Aren't you going to fuck me now, Raditz? Fill my pussy with your cum?" She moaned, and he groaned in his throat at her dirty mouth, moving his pre-cum splattered head down to aim at her entrance, moving his hips to slowly push his length inside. Launch cried out immediately, wrapping her legs around him.

"Oh god, oh Raditz, you're so big," She moaned, as he chuckled softly, and kissed her lips to silence her, rocking his hips to wet his shaft with her moisture, her eager folds sliding up his shaft as he withdrew, then plunged back down, holding her thighs open as he began to thrust into her heat with concise movements, back and forth, until he too was groaning from the sensations. His long tail was curling and hitting the towel beneath them as he moved, then laid over her and thrust deeply, her legs folding around his back as he mated her as promised, black and blonde mixing as they kissed. Raditz opened his mouth against hers, tangling his tongue with hers, keeping the loud vixen quiet as he stabilized himself on the sand with one hand, the other cupping her hip, as the fluid motions he made made coxed Launch's body into submission, her climax nearing as she dragged her nails down his back, crying out for more.

Raditz grunted, and slammed his weight down onto her as her plushness only gave in her eagerness, and she screamed her ecstasy aloud. Sweat ran down his back as he stared down at her, his jaw slackening with each pant, as their growing arousal came to a climax, his flesh slapping against hers as she moaned hoarsely, and squeezed her heat around his girth, jerking up her hips as she desperately urged him to come inside her, and Raditz felt he would have no other choice with how tightly her cunt was contracting around his entire length, trying to milk him for all he was worth.

"Anh.. you want it that bad, do you?" He growled, pumping into her harder, making her squirt out her orgasm around his base, panting weakly beneath him, she nodded her head, and spread her legs, opening her throbbing pussy up for him to delve deeper in, as he grasped one bouncing breast and groped it. He watched his flushed flesh withdrawing in and out of her with milky fluids, and reached down to play with her swollen clit. Launch's cries drew out longer as he made circles with his hand on the slippery morsel, then clapped his hips firmly up to hers, his hand moving to grip her buttocks, as he shifted up hard to embed himself deeply, panting.

"You are all mine, Launch, mine," He growled, then felt the levy of heat inside his body swelling, his muscle quivering as he thrust forth, and watched as the whites of her eyes showed in her ecstacy, loving how he screwed her so roughly that she couldn't even moan anymore between the rapid pulses shooting up into her body, as Raditz pulsed his body up, and the tip of his cock clashed hard with her cervix, beating on her walls until they were blissfully broken with her ecstatic cries of her orgasm, "Raditz! I'm coming, baby!~ Come in me too!" She screamed, and he held her still as his climax rushed out of him in pulses into her womb, ropes of vicious virile essence flooding out and bubbling between them as he slowed his thrusts, lazily sliding in and out, strings of semen stretching and sliding down his firm thighs as his hips quivered with straining, his tail coiling into a tight ball as he chuffed, feeling the last drops pushing out into her as he held her hips up to take his essence inside her fully. He slowly released her, leaning down onto his hands as Launch sighed, and rolled onto her side, still panting. Raditz followed, relaxing behind her, propped on one elbow as he watched his cum pouring out of her, and down onto the towel with every exhausted pant she made. He kissed her shoulder, and stroked her hip lovingly as Launch laid her curls on the towel, and sighed contentedly.

"So... that's what you consider mating...?" She said huskily, leaning back onto him as Raditz opened his eyes, the lids still drooping down with lust.

"Yes... well... part of it." He panted, licking his lips. Launch slowly moved her hand, and moved the straw of her soda to her lips, gulping down with thirst, before looking back at him, her face still flushed with her exertion, but her eyes, still livid with seduction.

"What's the next part, bad boy? Or are you not living up to your word?" She sneered, smirking at him, moving her legs together to shift her bottom teasingly against his groin, which had softened some, but was highly sensitive to her touches, as he placed his hand on her hip and moved up against her, smiling.

"Are you sure you want to know..?" He rumbled, allowing his hardening member to slip between her backside, making her body jolt from her pleased surprise.

"Tell me, I want to know..." Launch said then softly, her eyes flicking back coyly. Raditz eyed her carefully, becoming speculative a second as he could have sworn the way she'd spoken was deceivingly like the blue-haired girl.

"Well," He chuckled softly, and kissed her throat, pulling back her curls to whisper in her ear. "When one Saiyan loves another very much... his primal needs urge him to claim his beloved female in all the ways possible... but only if this pleases her, will he do this..." He said carefully, feeling a twinge in his heart as he whispered, and she looked back with wide eyes, totally enchanted by his words, waiting for the next.

"Launch, if you must know... to cement our bond... and marry our spirits fully, I would desire to enter you from behind, beneath the tail." He said softly, and she gasped. Raditz cupped her bottom, and looked at her with warm, pleading eyes, as he nuzzled her throat.

"You mean to say...where you haven't... before?" She sighed, and he nodded, then moved his hand carefully to gently caress her bottom, lightly pressing his fingers against her anus, and kissing her back as his erection grew from talking about what he desired, and Launch hadn't yet denied him, instead she moaned softly, and moved her arm back to hold his hand as he fondled her, encouraging him. Raditz's fingers slipped in the moisture of his climax, and slid back, wetting her in preparation for his fingers.

"Is this what you wish too, Launch? Both of you?" He said softly, and she looked over her shoulder at him with parted lips, her lashes low over her eyes that had grown violet around the pupils, her falling hair, had become an enchanting shade of seafoam green.

"Yes, Raditz. I'm ready," She whispered, and he stared at her, taking in her beautiful new appearance as it seemed both sides of Launch were now merging, and his heart swelled with love for both mates, as he bit down into her shoulder to brace her, and pushed his fingers in. Launch gasped, tilting back her head, and shuddered from the feeling of his large fingers filling her cavity.

"Does it hurt...? I don't want to hurt you." He whispered, and she shook her head no, instead reaching back to find his erect penis, and stroke it with her palm.

"I'm ok... don't be afraid... I... want this too." She said, in a silky voice both husky and sweet, and wrapped her fingers around him. Raditz's brows furrowed worriedly in the middle, feeling the tightness around his fingers and worrying that his girth would feel much worse. Something about the oils on her skin made it slightly easier though, and he was pleasantly surprised to hear her beginning moan softly, his fingers gliding in and out easily as she relaxed. Launch worked his shaft faster, and moved her hips in time with his fingers, closing her eyes and moving her hand down to touch herself in time with his motions.

Raditz felt her nails graze his knuckles and growled, quickly moving his other hand to capture her wrist. He growled, "Are you not pleased? Does this not arouse you?," He seethes, and Launch giggles softly, then pulls his hand down to feel her, moving his warm finger down past her green curls like cotton lace, and to the wet pink bud that was standing out, straining to be touched. He felt her clitoris and murmured softly in confusion at how it was firm like an erection, and Launch moaned loudly once he touched it, stroking the little blood filled bundle of nerves and relieving the ache there.

"I didn't know females could do that," He chuckled, and Launch giggled with him.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, silly man... But I'll tell you a secret," She said coyly, looking over her shoulder with sparkling eyes beneath deep green lashes.

"I want you to claim every part of me, Raditz... I don't want to take turns anymore... This is the real me. Bad, Good... I'm just a girl in love. I want you to make love to me.. fill me everywhere." She said breathily, and Raditz made a rattling purr sound erupt from his chest, as he moved quickly over her, his heartrate racing with excitement, as he pulled her down onto her knees, and she gasped.

"I love you... every inch of you. Every lovely sound you make, every sweet breath you take. Launch... you're beautiful. You're my girl... You're my entire world.." He panted, holding his hips back from thrusting into her, as he strained, his erection wedged between her backside as he groaned. Launch whimpered and looked over to the discarded bottle of oil, and Raditz understood her hint, picking it up, he squirted it into his hand, and stroked it over his girth, then dripped the remains down her backside, covering the pink ring with the shiny lubricant until he was sure she was covered.

"Ok," She panted, rubbing her clit as she spread her legs. Raditz smirked, and held his erection still, aiming it for her backside, then moving forth slowly, feeling the head of him hit a wall, he moved it in circles, coaxing her to open for him. Launch exhaled deeply, and closed her eyes, then bit her lip as she felt the bulb of him slipping in, and gripped the sand beneath her. It felt more intense than she had expected, and she cried out, closing herself again. Raditz strained, reminding himself not to go wild, he slowly moved forward, and sighed as Launch's tension went slack again, as she made circles on her clit with her hand, easing the tension with the familiar distraction.

"What did I tell you, bad girl?" He growled, making her back stiffen. She looked back quickly, and dropped her hand, gasping, as she felt a warm sensation there. Raditz twitched slightly as well, as he used his tail to manipulate her, curling it around her thigh to tickle her clitoris.

"Keep those naughty little fingers away," He teased, flicking his tail faster, and making her cry out, arching her back as the quickly tickling bristles made her throb in response. Raditz moved himself forward, and groaned, surprised by the tightness of her, but pleased by it so much that he groaned out aloud, and withdrew back slightly, panting. He'd already climaxed once, but here he was feeling like he would burst again just from being inside of her like this.

"Give it to me, baby..." She whispered, and gripped his tail, sending a jolt through his spine as she pulled ever so gently, stroking the erogenous fur, and making him slide back deeper inside. Launch aimed her rear up higher, and whimpered hastily, stroking his tail in her hand as if it were the same as his shaft, as the tip continued to tickle against her clit.

Raditz chuffed, and gripped her hips firmly, then surged his hips forward in one fluid motion, sinking down to the base of his girth, where he made impact with her flesh, and shuddered, his eyelashes lowering as he reveled in the feel of her tightly constricting insides quivering all around him. Raditz felt the eagerness Launch was displaying, as she masturbated with his tail, pleasuring herself contentedly as she enjoyed the full feeling of his cock buried inside of her. He pulled her up to rest on his lap, her legs spread, as he thrust up into her, no longer concerned he was hurting her, blinded by his desire.

"Yes! Oh, Raditz! You love my ass, don't you?" She urged, the tip of his tail now soaked and twitching like an angry cat's at her entrance, as his pupils nearly disappeared into his russet irises, flushed crimson by his desire.

"Yes," He rasped. Launch found purchase against his legs, and ground her bottom onto him, finding that there was no pain at the end, only pleasure, as he was pulsing in and out of her eagerly, his voice lost to only his heavy pants; as Raditz found his pleasure could be so much more intense from the tight movements of her rear bouncing on him, making his flushed red testes slap on her bottom, as liquid oozed from her vagina and down onto their joining.

"Launch," He finally managed to pant, dipping his head into the nook of her shoulder as it moved, manipulating her clitoris and entrance with his tail fervently, lost in her own ardor, as his thick tail became sopping wet enough that it popped into her vagina, making her cry out in ecstasy, arching her back against him as she bounced her ass on his length.

"You're a dirty little woman," He managed to growl; attempting to take control, but he was utterly weakened, about to spend himself fully inside her again, his eyes flashing crimson beneath his heavy brows.

"I'm a dirty slut, say it Raditz, tell me I'm a dirty slut," She whispered, as she allowed herself to sink down to his base, plunging his long tail to the extent of her pussy, her tongue hanging out as her lips quivered, and she squirted out cum with every thrust of his tail. Raditz closed his eyes, then opened them, and bit down onto the mating mark on her shoulder, making her scream, her shared entrances flexing around him with the outcry. He chuckled darkly, pulling her up with his hands, his tail sliding out of her reddened pussy, and his dark red cock flushed with his throbbing blood, coming out of her with a pop, as she squirmed, liquid dripping out from her orifices. Raditz growled into her shoulder, then licked it, and turned her around to face him, leaning back slightly, as he lowered her down onto his erection, sliding back into her widened rectum easily, his tail pushing back into her vagina as she moaned.

"You truly have the filthiest mouth I have ever heard on a woman, you dirty little slut. Now shut it, or I'll fill it for you." He growled, blinking hard as he found the words difficult to spit out to the woman he loved, but this only made Launch sigh with satisfaction, falling limp in his arms.

She rested her dark green locks on his chest, as he stroked her pale bottom, then slapped it, leaving a red mark there. Launch yelped, tossing back her head, and he saw her eyes change violet, her hair, now fully indigo blue once again. Raditz moved slowly at first, as she kissed his lips tenderly; helpless in his arms unlike her naughty sister, he helped the demure one by thrusting up, and moving her hips for her with his hands until she did it on her own, her mouth hanging open as she worked his girth into her tight bottom, and he slapped it as a reward, feeling a surge against his tail as her vagina clenched around his pleasuring tail each time she felt that resonation that tingled through her bottom, and shook her body, making her wail.

Raditz moved with more energy, hearing her cries, the shifting of his tail inside her, and the pulsing of his cock deep inside her, pushing into the depths of her body, until he was fully encased, squeezing her flushed cheeks in his hands as he moved himself in and out, and tossed his head back, thoroughly enjoying the squeezing sensations, as the bluenette whimpered and moaned atop him, grinding her clit onto his rigid abdomen, smearing her milky cum all down his stomach, and between his legs as he arched his hips, and she cried out aloud, squirting hot warmth out onto his drenched fur, as her sweet little chest bounced.

Raditz caught one wet nipple and sucked it, as he used her body to please himself, jerking her up and down over his length, repeatedly, until his balls slapped her ass and tightened up, his tail coiling up into her womb as he felt his limit break, and exploded like a dam into her, his muscular back arched, wild black hair sticking to his pale backside as it clenched, and Launch screamed her cry of pleasure as she was flooded with warmth, and collapsed on his chest, breathless. Raditz moved, his thighs quivering as he worked the last of his climax out, then his girth receded and he too collapsed; the milky evidence of the deed pouring out her pink opening, as she curled up and rested, and Raditz moved to wrap his arms around her. Both Launch and Raditz felt complete, their marriage through mating, fully conceived, as the semen leaking down her quivering folds would ensure her conception in the true way, as she was fully claimed by him, and he fully claimed by her with the connection of his tail to her womb.


"...Uh, guys? Anyone out there?" A voice shouted out helplessly from the broom closet, as poor Master Roshi called out desperately. Launch and Raditz laughed, then she pulled him in for a kiss, and that was it. She was his, and he was all Launch's.

The End!

A/N: That does it for this story! I hope you all enjoyed this wild ride! ;) lol, I loved writing this fun smutty story! I hope you'll all give this a favorite, and look forward to another entry in The Laws Of Physical Attraction, coming soon! That's my Vegeta and Bulma version, I hope you all will stay tuned! Much Love, RoyalBlueRoses.