It's not often that Shakky wakes up to her husband, even at their age, the wanderlust in his veins has never left him, never dwindled away with the strength of his body or the recklessness of his soul. His presence in their bed has grown through the years, and Shakky has thoroughly enjoyed this process of getting old. He's peculiar and, at times, ridiculous, but Shakky loves Rayleigh and all the things he stands for. It doesn't stop her from being vaguely irritated when she wakes up alone. That man can never stay still too long, can he?

When she rolls over and sits up, though, she's a little surprised to see him sitting on the small sitting area across their bed. The room is in twilight, it must be morning already, but they're curtains are drawn, the slivers of lights that peek through are almost incandescent in nature. As far away from the windows as possible, Rayleigh is surrounded by soft grey shadows. There's a candlelit up on the table, and it looks like it's been burning for some time. Shakky stretches, feeling how her shoulders never quiet pop satisfactorily enough anymore. She blinks sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning." Rayleigh looks at her, and there's something in his eyes she almost doesn't recognize but knows who it's about. It's a shame she never met Gol D. Roger because she never knows quite what to say when Rayleigh's thinking about him. The bar owner notices that he's drinking, which isn't necessarily rare other than it being so early in the morning, and the bottle that he's opened sits at the table. It's old, and Shakky doesn't think she's ever seen it before, even stranger because she runs a bar.

Rayleigh takes a long swing of his mug and smiles at her, eyes glimmering.

"Shakky, he's done it." At first, her brain is still too sleepy, even articulating a valid question about what they're supposed to be talking about. But Rayleigh's eyes are shining as he walks towards her, bottle and glass left forgotten at the table, and he sits opposite her on the bed, and he's more cheery that Shakky has seen him in a while, glowing really. He barks out laughter, but tears are prickling his eyes. "Luffy's made it to Laugh Tale."

That wakes her up.