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"Haa-huk." A raspy voice gags as he tries to gasp for air. Eyes snap open only to find darkness before them. The man arches his back and brings his arms up to his face.

Feeling his lips, the fingers brush against something protruding from within his throat.

He then hooks a finger around its base and pulls. Another gag escapes him as a long and slender object snakes its way out of his trachea.

He turns over and yanks it out of his mouth. A sliver of spittle trails after the instrument while it clatters down to the tiled floor.

"Heh, heh." He intones with every gasp of air. His breathing gradually decreases in frequency. A high pitch and drawn out tone soon sound around him.

The scent of dried blood and alcohol hung in the air. Bringing a hand toward his face, he feels a soft wrapping bound around his head.

The delicate fabric entraps a spongy pad to either of his eyes.

He picks and tugs away at the material. His finger gently peels away the cloth to reveal a bloodshot and cloudy sapphire eye.

The pupil constricts as he winces away from a bright light. A grunt utters past his chapped lips.

Before he could entirely remove the other eye covering, the swift clack of shoes run through a far off corridor does little to halt his actions.

Yet, with every footfall, the noise grew ever closer. Then without a second of hesitation, a door bursts open and collides against the wall.

"Shit, Hazel! Get the crash ca-." A woman trails off as her eyes land on the man staring back in her general direction. He jerkily props himself onto his elbow while she rushes over to his side.

"Whoa! Whoa. Whoa. Hold it there. I need you to lay back down, sir. Sir, please. Just lay. Back. Down." She asserts to the patient.

Her hand gently applies pressure to his chest and urges him back down onto his back.

"There we go, everything's fine. " She whispers out soothingly. He makes to look up, but only a blurry film greets him.

The vague blend of whites surrounds the distorted woman in blue. One of his red-stained and bandaged arms reach up to her.

Without delay, she tenderly takes his hand into her own. "Shh. I'm here. Just Relax. Alright." She whispers out.

The roll of casters turning across the floor draws the woman's attention to the open door.

"Mel?" Hazel questions as her arms pull a red cart over to the bed. The nurse waves off her concern. Her unoccupied hand fiddles with the heart monitor. Its incessant tone shuts off at the press of a button.

"Everything's, fine. The big guy just woke up is all." A drawn-out sigh of relief washes over Hazel.

"Oh, thank light." She murmurs beneath her breath. Swiveling her eyes over to the monitor and ventilator, she spots the intubation tube and a few electrodes on the ground.

Hazel walks over to the discarded equipment and picks them up. As Hazel cleans, reapplies an electro-gel, and places the electrodes to his chest, Mel refocuses on the patient before her.

From his single uncovered eye, she observes it squint and strain to focus on her. She nibbles on her bottom lip for a brief moment.

Then with an exhale she opens her mouth. "Don't strain yourself. You've sustained significant Corneal Burns. Just rest. I promise you that they'll heal with time."

Placing his hand on top of his chest, she reaches up and carefully re-affixes the bandages and pad over his exposed eye.

At hearing commotion by the cart, Mel looks over to her companion. "Hazel."

"Huh?" Said woman utters when she turns toward her.

"You think you can get Doctor Roux in here?"

"Sure." Hazel chirps out. Her arms push the cart back out of the room. The door closes shut behind her.

For a few minutes, the room devolved into silence. Only the steady beat of the heart monitor breaking the quiet. Then in a click, another set of steps enters the room.

"Hey, Mel. I heard somebody woke up with a bit of a start?"

"You can say that again." Mel mumbles, her hands busy securing a small synthetic tube around his face. Two small vents align with a nostril each.

"Hm. You're applying a cannula?" She nods while smearing some Vaseline to the inside of either nasal passage.

"Yea, he didn't seem to like intubation. Besides, he seems to be breathing well on his own now." The graying man rose a brow at the comment. He retrieves a file from the bed's foot-board.

"That's quite the development." Roux looks up from the clipboard to the heavily bandaged man before him. Less than five percent of his body lay exposed.

He walks over to the opposite side of the cot to Mel. The Doctor's eyes examine the portions of exposed skin. "Hm." He hums to himself as he cocks his head.

His hand slowly peels back a bit of the gauze wrapping around the electrodes. "This. This doesn't make sense." At his words, Mel turns to face him.

With a creased brow, he peers down to the exposed patch of red and mangled skin. "What is it?"

He double-checks with the papers fastened to his clipboard. After a few turned pages, he gives up on the documents. "I'll be right back. Alright?"

He doesn't wait for a response and briskly exits from the room.

"H-Hey, wait? Where're you - going?" She merely grumbles to herself and looks back down to her patient.

With a glance at the door, she draws her eyes back to the spot her superior had lifted aside.

Nearing closer to the particular electrode, she lifts up the bandage. Her eyes peek just underneath it. "Huh?"

The soft tap of a cane befalls alongside that of measured steps echo through Beacon's halls. Turning around a bend in the corridor, Ozpin comes face to face with the front desk of Beacon's Private Medical Ward.

His eyes land on to Doctor Roux waiting for him by the clerk. "Ah, Jett. I take it that our latest resident is improving then?"

"That's what I wanted to discuss with you." With a wave, the Physician draws him over to the waiting area.

"Is something the matter?" Ozpin presses while they each take a seat. Roux crosses a leg over another and props his chin atop of his hand.

"Let's just say that he's further along then he should be."

"Wouldn't that be considered a good thing?" Ozpin inquires. Only for the doctor to lean towards him.

"That's the thing. It's too good. You told me that his Semblance was energy projection. Not regeneration. For light's sake! He's fuckin reconstructed burns that should have taken weeks to regrow. In a matter of what? A few days? He hasn't even been given skin grafts! Is. Is this the work of magic?"

"Hm. I see," Ozpin states with a pensive stare and dismisses the question. "Earlier, you mentioned he's woken up. Do you mind if I have a word with him?"

Roux brings his finger up as if to question the man, but falters and mutters under his breath. "Of course." With a shake of his head, the physician rises to his feet.

"Right this way then." As they proceed past a pair of double doors, Ozpin places a hand onto Roux's back.

"Jett, you know I wouldn't keep something like this from you. But right now, I have more questions then I do answers." After a brief moment, Roux nods to himself.

"Right." When the pair come to a stop, the Doctor opens a door off to their left. "He's in here." Ozpin looks over to the bandaged man nestled atop of the bed.

Mel glimpses over to the Doctor. He silently gestures for the young woman to leave. Making her way out of the room she spares one final look to her charge.

"Thank you, Mel." She smiles back at her superior's comment and makes to leave.

"Of course." At the closing of the door, Ozpin wanders over to the victim's bedside. The man's head tilts over toward him.

"Ah, I see that you're awake. You think you can answer a few questions for me?" His inquiry is only met with silence.

Following a few seconds, Ozpin looks over to Roux. The man only shrugs in reply.

Just as he was going to probe further, a raspy sound escapes the man's throat. The bedridden patient makes to moisten his mouth.

Roux quickly comes over beside him and locates a fresh cup of water atop of a tabletop.

"Oh. Thank you, Mel." Jett whispers. His hands gently cup it and bring the straw to the man's lips. He takes a tentative taste. The sip quickly develops into long and slow gulps.

"Huh. Heh. Heh." The man lightly pants as he finishes with the drink. He swivels his head back over to Ozpin. For a few seconds, nothing is uttered.

He then gradually raises his hand and lightly taps himself on the chest. "N-Na. Heh. Naru-to." The man wheezes out with a cough.

"Ozpin." The headmaster remarks with an audible pat to his chest. Naruto gives the man a stiff nod in understanding. "Wh-Where am I-I?" He mutters out to the pair.

Roux tilts his head over to his Headmaster at the man's stammering. "Is that Mistralan?"

"Hm. I can't say for sure. Perhaps a dialect or of some kind." Ozpin muses aloud. Roux brings him aside for a moment.

"You don't suppose that you have a Mistralan student stay over the break?"

Ozpin cups his chin between his fingers in thought. "No. But, I do believe we know a Doctor who might be available." He deliberates aloud.

He pulls out his tablet and sighs. Placing the device back into his breast pocket, he pats the Physician atop his shoulder.

"Looks like I'll have to find the man." As he steps to the door, he gestures to Naruto.

"You keep an eye on him while I'm gone. Alright." He then glances over to the prone man. "Now you just sit tight, Naruto. I shouldn't be long."

At the sound of the door closing once again, Naruto releases a drawn-out exhale. The room barren from any other soul but himself.

He turns his arm over. The palm faces the ceiling above. Just visible from beneath the gauze, the outlines of seals can faintly be seen.

Then with a flex of his hand, a three-dimensional holographic seal formula emanates from the palm of his hand. Its various symbols and Kanji comprised entirely of chakra flicker and maneuvers between his cupped fingers.

Suddenly, he closes his hand into a fist just as the seals properly align and flash. In an instant, a sealing array that coats his body shifts and emits their own holographic arrangements.

Their cerulean grow shifts to a vibrant jade that radiates from his body.

"Gah!" He grunts out as millions of cells within him are coerced into attending to the patchwork of wounds coating his body. His squeezed eyes abruptly open from behind the foam pads.

The corneas radiate and emerald glow and actively mend themselves all the while their cloudiness gradually dissolves. The end result leaves behind clear pupils to perceive the world.

The pulsating chakra hinders and shorts the electrodes attached to his body. As a consequence, the heart monitor spikes. The flat tone quickly rises in pitch till the surge pops something from within the machine. Its screen promptly cuts to black as smoke rises from within it.

The door to his room bursts forth as a pair of medical workers rush in. "What the hell?" Roux stammers out as he and Mel step back from the pulsing glow emitting from Naruto.

Mel circles around and attempts to stir the man. However, Roux grabs a hold of her arm and pulls her back. "Doctor?"

"Don't get near him. W-We don't know what this is." Then the writhing chakra flickers before it evaporates into a myriad of vanishing wisps.

Its persistent thrum being replaced by heavy pants. "Huh, heh, huh. Th-The fuck?" Naruto states between heaves.

His shaky hand grabs at the soaked bandages coating his face. "Wai-!" Mel attempts to say.

Yet, he tears the gauze and pads from his face. Her breath hitches at the sight. A patchwork of honeyed and reddish skin greet them. A pair of clear and vibrant sapphire eyes sluggishly looks them over.

He precariously maneuvers himself off of the bed. One bandaged arm props himself against the wall as his other strips more bandages from his torso.

"Guh, huh," Naruto grunts out while he collapses down onto his knees. His head leaning against the wall for support. "Fu-Fuckin, heh, cha-kra." He whispers beneath his labored breaths.

Then without any warning, Naruto's eyes roll into the back of his skull. His body collapses to the tile floor.

"Shit," Mel mutters to herself. Her feet promptly drives her around his cot and over to the man's prone form.

With a careful hand, she flips him over. Her fingers promptly check for a pulse on his carotid.

"He's okay." She calls out behind her. Only for Roux to kneel on the other side of Naruto. The Doctor's eyes seemingly transfixed onto his torso.

"I'd say the boy's more than okay." He offhandedly remarks. One of his fingers gently prodding the varying patches of exposed skin. "My light. What a remarkable ability."

"And what ability would that be?" Another voice intrudes from the room's door.

The medical personnel both turn to find Ozpin and a newcomer entering beside him. The man's spectacle's glimmer doing little to hide the glint in his eyes.

"Hm." Naruto groans, his back releases a pop from a minor stretch.

"Ah, I see that you're awake?" A man states off to his side. Naruto's blue eye slowly opens to stare out to a green-haired man sat beside him.

Standing behind the spectacled man, Ozpin gives him a polite nod. "What?" The teen murmurs. His hand presses against the bed beneath him and props himself against the headboard behind him.

Nothing but a bed-sheet and gown keeping his dignity intact. His patchy skin tone marks his exposed face and arms.

"Ah quite intriguing. Why don't we try something." The newcomer states while he scoots a little closer. "I'm Doctor Oobleck, who are you?" Naruto tilts his head to the side.

"I. Uh. What'd you say?" Oobleck purses his lips and props his arms atop his knees.

With steepled fingers, he rests his chin against them. His forefingers tap against each other as he hums to himself. "Oobleck?" Ozpin prods.

"Hm. Yes." The new arrival murmurs. "I can see why you thought it was a Mistralan dialect. It's similar I'll give you that. Perhaps a part of the same family, and more than likely an antiquated offshoot. Its feasible that its tribal variant."

Ozpin catches Oobleck's eye. "You think you could translate it?"

"Doable, yes. Time efficient, no. But, I suppose that I could develop a suitable program." Ozpin nods at the mans suggestion.

"Hm. I see. I'll compensate you, if you do." Oobleck considers the offer for a few second and nods. "A simple consulting fee would suffice."

"Ah, yes. Why don't we iron things out at my office and get you started on it tomorrow. He then motions for Oobleck to follow him out , but pauses by Naruto's side.

But before he leaves, he places a comforting hand onto Naruto's shoulder. "Why don't you get some rest, Naruto. I'll have Mel send in your supper." Without another word, the two depart from the room.

For a few minutes, Naruto didn't move. Then he shifts his head onto its side. His eyes drift off to the dusky sky just outside his window.

That's when he spots the semi-molten and distant moon soaring through the darkening sky. A second cooler moon trails not that far behind in the night sky. Yet, even closer to the planet, a few vibrant rings of silicate and ice debris rotate along its equator. A few gaps filled in by small twinkling moonlets.

"What the?" Naruto eases himself up from his bed and walks over to the window. He places a hand onto the sill for support. With narrowed eyes, he inspects the view before him.

The vanishing sunset doing little to inhibit the rings ethereal glow. His grip tightens and splinters the windowsill. His body shakes from an unforeseen chill.

With narrowed eyes, he shuts them for the briefest of moments. They then snap open and waiver while he continues to gaze up at the foreign sky. "This. This isn't chakra."

A few tears spill out and fall past his cheeks. "This is-isn't ho-me." He shuts his eyes and grits his teeth.

"Rha!" Naruto roars out as he tears his fist from the sill. Only for it to quickly return and puncture through the wall. Bits of Beacon's outer stone surface shatters out from their posts and cascades to the terrain below.

Ozpin leans back and into his chair. His hand gently places a scroll atop of his office desk. "Hm. He's quite the intriguing fellow isn't he?"

Glynda blinks at the off-handed remark. "What? Ozpin, he just punched a hole through the school and that's all you have to say about it? For light's sake. We don't even know why he did it!" She crosses her arms beneath her bust. A frown marring her lips. "I don't like this. We should-."

"Should do what? Send him off?" Ozpin inquires her.

The woman only snarls. "Why shouldn't we. He's an unknown. Maybe even a threat. We. Hm. We should let James handle him." Ozpin shakes his head at the suggestion and stands up from his seat. He leisurely paces for a moment as he taps his forefinger against his chin.

"No. The fact that he is an unknown is precisely why he should be kept here. Where I can monitor him." Glynda merely looks on in astonishment.

"Oz, do you even hear yourself. Classes are going to start in two weeks! And. And you want to have someone like him around them? A loose cannon!"

"You're assuming quite a lot of our new friend." A loud thwack sounds out from her riding crop hitting his desk. Her white-knuckled fist trembles around the switch's handle.

"Fr-Friend? Ozpin. You said he wields magic. How many people do you know can do that? Six? Seven? For all we know, he could be one of her pawns!" Ozpin doesn't flinch at her tone, and simply leans back in his chair.

"And what better way to see if he is or isn't? But, keeping here? And if he is, I'll deal with him myself."

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However, such an event will liquefy much of the moon and will require millions of years to cool back down. A shattered moon would also create a cloud of debris with portions being reabsorbed by the moon and others developing into a sizable ring around the planets equator. Said event feasibly creating a few smaller moons and moonlets.

I believe that this is a more realistic interpretation of the cataclysmic event. Then what had originally taken place in RWBY. I also thinks it makes the setting more vibrant and unique. But, I am aware that such an alteration could be taken negatively. SO to those that do not like it, I'm sorry.


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