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I'm also glad that you liked the evolution of seals within my fic. It is something that I found to be significantly lacking within the original anime/manga. They had set up Naruto with a lineage lined with so many fuinjutsu legends that it is almost painful to see him only stick to two jutsus and their variations.

In comparison, Sasuke's repertoire kept expanding to a secondary affinity, kenjutsu, and etcetera while Naruto seemingly stagnated. Thus, I wanted to rectify this and have him utilize both a variation of kenjutsu, bukijutsu, and fuinjutsu. As you may have noticed, I have him favoring a particular type of kenjutsu.

However, I thought that it was prudent to have Naruto improve upon the art. Essentially, he is now capable of forming three-dimensional/holographic seals without the need of a medium. Thus, it radically increases the viability and effectiveness of the art.

Story Begins Here:

A gasp arises from Ruby's lips while she draws a trembling hand up to cover them. Her eyes are incapable of tearing away from the corpse at the blondes feet.

Ruby takes a shaky step back while her sister promptly moves in front of her. Yang is quick to set herself between ruby and the unknown teen.

Tai narrows his eyes and observes as Roman takes a tentative step back from the blond. "Well, what brought his on?" Roman muses aloud as he takes a glance at the empty shop. A frown mars his face when he catches a splatter of red coating one of its shelves.

"They were a threat," Naruto remarks with a cock of his head to one side. His tone lacks any inflection to signify anything else but indifference. "Are you one too?" The teen presses.

An ebony kunai manifests into his palm. Roman twirls his cane up into his hand and narrows his eyes.

Noting the standstill, Tai chances a glance to his daughters. "Yang. Take Ruby and leave. Now." He commands in a firm tone.

Yang takes one more look at the scene before them and nods. Without uttering a word, she gently takes hold of his sister's hand and draws her away.

"Come on, Rube." The blonde cautiously whispers to her sibling. After a slight bought of hesitation, Ruby carefully retrieves her scythe. The two quietly shuffle off past a bend in the road.

At their departure, a minute amount of tension left Tai's shoulders. Looking back over to Roman, he watches as the man ushers his associates forward. "Tsk. Get rid of the brat." Roman orders flippantly with a wave of his hand.

The suited man closest to the teen opens fire with a grey carbine. Its red accents complement the automatic discharge of Burn dust bullets.

Naruto brings up his unoccupied hand to bear. The seal within his palm ignites as the burst of rounds phase out of existence on contact.

"What?" The suited man exclaims before he pulls once more on the trigger. His rifle propels a continuous stream of pellets at the whiskered youth.

Succinctly, his cohorts quickly follow suit with shots from their own pistols and carbines. After a second, the group's weapons click to a stop.

Ahead of them, the teen still stands unmarred. Both hands splayed in front of him. The myriad of holographic runes spreading from either palm gradually dissolve once the salvo peters off.

In the midst of the chaos, Naruto had yet to peel his eyes off of Roman. "You should have left." The Nin mutters under his breath.

He then accelerates forward in a blur and ducks beneath a frantic swipe from his lead adversary. In his empty hand, Naruto produces a wakizashi. With a twist, he slices through the man's suit and disembowels his abdomen.

Succeeding the strike, he bounds to the side of his next target. A dagger appears within Naruto's unoccupied hand in pulse from a seal. The woman quickly backpedals and attempts to procure a crimson machete from a sheath strapped to her back.

Yet, it does little to hamper his kunai from severing her carotid in a swift slice. In a final turn, he tosses the small dagger into a final thief's exposed chest. The blade punctures between the man's ribs and sinks past his heart.

For the briefest of moments, he pauses and immediately extends a hand to his left—a fiery flare explodes on contact and vanishes into a pulsing seal. The flares smoke leaves a trail back to Roman's smoking cane.

Before he could pump out a second shot, Naruto appears before him with a second wakizashi conjuring into his free hand. The blade promptly slashes diagonally across Roman's torso.

A bright orange mesh of energy ripples across his skin and forces the sword's edge to skate across it. However, the force of the blow still rockets the older male skipping across the pavement until he comes to a rolling stop.

"Hm." Naruto murmurs as he prepares for another dash. Yet, an unseen force propels and slams him into the side building. His wakizashi's flicker away into their corresponding seals.

A couple of yards away, Glynda wields a riding crop in his direction. "Glyn?" The blonde whips her eye over and spots Tai jogging over towards her.

"Ah, Taiyang. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising to find you here." He gives off a dry chuckle. The man quickly sets up a partial defensive stance at her side. "Nope, I suppose not."

She rolls her eyes and gestures to the teen confined within her semblances hold. "I see." She then sighs with a shake of her head. "Hm. It was only a matter of time until the boy's true colors showed themselves."

Glynda narrows her eyes as she analyzes his tranquil demeanor. Naruto's eyes take on a curious glint. "To think. Hm. Had I only found him sooner, all this bloodshed could've been avoided."

Tai merely shakes his head and turns ever so slightly to the east. The faintest sound of distant sirens greets him. "Don't worry yourself over the what-ifs, Glyn. Keep your head in the now. Alright? You've got him, and that's all that matters."

She dons a slight snarl dimpling her cheeks before she grunts as the nearly invisible waves of her semblance quivers. A snort follows the distortion.

They both focus back on the teen to find him gradually inching himself away from the wall. "Wh-What?" She exclaims before grunting in exertion.

Glynda places a second hand onto her riding crop and presses it forward. The rippling pressure wave forces the teen's arms and torso to sink back into the brick.

Of to the side, Roman stirs and pushes himself onto his rump. "Gruh." He leaves a hand behind him to help prop up his torso. A trembling hiss escapes past his lips as he tenderly prods at his chest. "The hell?"

He groans while he pulls his hand back. After a few blinks, his eyes widen to find his fingers stained a rich scarlet. Hesitantly, he peers down to find a few shallow furrows trail from his collar to just above his opposite hip.

At the sound of crumbling bricks, Roman shakily draws his gaze to the blonde entrapped against a nearby building. Gradually, Naruto strains past Glynda's oppressive semblance.

Once his feet met the earth, he proceeds to drive against an ever-increasing tide of telekinetic power. As sweat trickles past Glynda's brow, the teen's smirk expands into a broad grin.

Glynda's and Tai's eyes immediately swell when Naruto charges forth through the potent stream of aura. "Shit!" Taiyang curses as he shoves the woman aside. His other hand comes up to haphazardly deflect the blisteringly quick fist to his throat.

Naruto doesn't let up and proceeds to recock and position himself to elbow him in the chin. The man mirrors the path of blow and diminishes its impact.

Not one to falter, Tai rearranges his stance. Without hesitation, he ducks down and drives his hidden blade toward his adversary's thigh. Yet, it is effortlessly diverted by a forearm.

The targeted leg bursts forth to strike him in the chin. "Gyuh!" Taiyang grunts as he is lifted and launched a few feet away. The remnants of his aura flares and withers away.

Before Naruto could capitalize on the man's prone form, he leaps back and sidesteps darts of violet energy. He narrows his eyes as Glynda's semblance possesses chunks of debris from the destroyed storefront.

The bulk of rubble forms into a lance that catapults towards him. With a grunt, he dashes towards the spear of fired-clay and evades past it.

In a flicker of speed, he reappears with his fist squarely against her sternum. Her body consequently folds around his arm as her aura shield collapses.

While the shell of energy marginally protects her from the initial blow, it still yields to the impact. The force to elicits a collective set of snaps within her chest.

Through her explosive exhale, the woman's eyes begin to drift to the back of her skull. Naruto then drops his limb only for the woman to crumple at his feet.

"Be grateful for my lenience," Naruto mutters to the fallen witch. For a scant moment, he stills to take in his surroundings. However, a shot rings out and drives him to tilt away from a ten-millimeter dust round while it zips past his shoulder.

The teen's eyes narrow on Tai's prone position on the ground. His hand wields a trembling and smoking barrel of his pistol. Its rifled barrel remains trained directly at Naruto's shoulder.

When the teen begins to approach him, he unleashes another shot and then another and another. "Yah!" Taiyang screams as he quickly proceeds to empty his entire clip.

Despite his efforts, every round is succinctly caught within Naruto's palm as he advances. Before Tai could rise or put on a notable defense, Naruto dives down and pins the older male to the ground.

He sits atop of Tai's core and binds the man's gauntleted hand with his own and his other with a leg. With a near sense of ease, the whiskered boy restrains the man and places a swift and firm grip around his throat.

"Gak!" The father grunts out from around the obstruction. He proceeds to struggle against his captor, but ultimately only manages to gape his mouth.

His chest heaves with every attempt to catch just a sliver of air. In the passing seconds, his face gradually shifts into a deep maroon. As his convulsions begin to cease, Naruto releases the pressure.

A coughing wheeze is followed by a deep inhale of breath. This persists unhampered as Tai greedily fills his lungs with air. He stares back up into a pair of callous blue eyes.

Yet, the glint of curiosity resurfaces. "Tell me." Naruto begins to state. The sirens of a few law-enforcement vehicles could now clearly be heard in the background.

Their flashing blue and red lights illuminate up the otherwise darkened streets. "Kid, you are hereby ordered to stand down immediately. If you do not obey, you will be fired upon!" A man with a bullhorn calls out in the distance.

On either side of the officer, a few of his subordinates shelter behind their vehicles. Their rifles are at the ready and aimed directly at Naruto. An armored bullhead circles above with a few officers lining an opened flank door.

Despite the order, Naruto didn't visibly react. A grouping a green lasers dot and drift over his torso.

His eyes squarely connect with Tai's bloodshot pair. "Why did you pull your aim?" The man firmly grits his teeth and grunts out from around Naruto's partial hold.

"I-I don't. Heh. Kill. N-Not a. Heh. Mon-ster l-like you." Whether the accusation affected the teen or not, he didn't display it. He merely cocks his head to the side.

A slight snort escapes him while he taps his bracer and pistol. "These say differently." He remarks while devices promptly vanish into a seal lining his fingertips.

"Besides, not all are allowed the privilege to offer mercy," Naruto mutters in an audible whisper as the flashing street around him dissolves away to a dim cement room.

Off in the corner, a bandaged man observes an Iwa genin and Naruto pants. While one stands, the other kneels. Both are covered in copious amounts of blood, sweat, and dirt.

Naruto's juvenile physique can be discerned from the ambient torchlight. In the faint traces of amber light, he spots numerous anbu lining the walls.

Between a group of nin, a gagged child kneels with a kunai securely placed against his jugular. Numerous senbon litter the boy's body, another is slowly pressed into another nerve cluster.

"Gyah!" The child screams out and brings another bout of tears to track down Naruto's cut and bruised cheeks. Through grit teeth, he clenches his fist and charges the Iwa nin a few years his senior.

The teen attempts to evade but is swiftly hooked in the jaw. The maneuver sends him tumbling down. Without missing a beat, Naruto pounces onto the teen and proceeds to pummel his bloody face with jabs.

The genin's weakening resistance ebbs away to oblivious unconsciousness. Through haggard breaths, Naruto retracts a trembling fist and peers up to the elderly man.

The senior merely scowls around the bandages covering his right eye. "You have yet to finish, boy. See to it that you do." He calmly asserts.

At not seeing him move, he gestures toward the Anbu holding the other boy. "Gyah!" He wails out past a gag as another senbon slides into his flesh.

Naruto grits his teeth and wipes away at the blood and tears, making a mess of his vision. Slowly he places his hands around the teen's neck and begins to tighten his hold.

As if given new life, the Iwa Nin begins to struggle against his grip. His aimless and sluggish hands try in vain to remove the offending limbs away from his throat.

Naruto chokes on a sob and proceeds to press against and constrict the mesh of veins and arteries surrounding his windpipe. Even after the genin seizes and ceases beneath him, the boy keeps at it. "I-I'm sorry."

Only after the Nin's pulse falters and stills against his fingers did he finally relent. The seconds ticked him by in the nearly silent chamber. His wheezy breaths drown out any other racket around him.

At seeing feet come to surround him, Naruto looks up from the corpse's dilated and bloodshot eyes. Another nin lifts him off of the cooling body and positions himself on his knees before the elder.

In front of him, the other child is placed before him. "K-Kino?" Naruto stammers out with a crooked and bloody smile. "I d-did it. Yo-ur okay."

Naruto's shaky hand attempts to reach out to the groaning child. Yet, a kunai clatters down between them. The blonde blinks at the matt dagger and looks back up to the bandaged man. "Wh-What?"

"You haven't completed your mission." The senior briefly asserts. He motions for another nin to hold Kino firmly in place.

The Anbu's hand grabs onto the child's unkempt locks and pulls it back. The action exposes the boy's neck to Naruto. His eyes widen as he tries to step back from the boy.

"N-No. No! I-." The whiskered child stutters out. But, another Nin comes up from behind him and forcibly pushes him back before the child. An Anbu at his side inserts the dropped kunai within his hand.

"Ple-ase. I-I saved. I saved him! N-No. No!" Naruto pleads as he tries to pull his arm back or release the knife. Yet, the Anbu holds him firmly in place and aligns the dagger up to Kino's throat.

"You may have passed initiation, boy. But, he didn't." The scarred man remarks. With some effort, the older man kneels onto one knee and grabs onto the boy's face.

His firm grip brings the boy's gaze to meet his own. "And I do not tolerate failure. Now. Finish. Your. Mission." Utilizing his cane, the man readjusts his posture. "B-But. I saved-."

"Boy, all you've done is save him from his torment." At not seeing the boy make a move, he gestures for one of his Anbu to proceed.

Another senbon smoothly glides between Kino's elbow joint. "Gryah!" The child screams past the rope tied around his mouth. A fresh surge of tears falls past Naruto's shuddering cheeks.

He sobs and shakes his head. The whiskered child persists in resisting amongst his comrade's shrieks.

With every passing second, the cries only persist and grow in rampancy with each additional senbon. "No. St-Stop! Pl-ease. Stop!"

The bandaged man merely narrows his single exposed eye and leans into his ear. "Only you can stop this, boy." He notes in a faint yet audible whisper. "You can save him. He's suffering."

Naruto squeezes his eyes shut while he gradually begins to lessen the tension within his petite frame. "That's it. Just a little cut. That's all it'll take. It'll be over."

"N-No. I. I." Naruto whimpers with a shake of his head. Another set of cries, from Kino, brings Naruto to bring his watery gaze to the shaky knife nicking Kino's neck.

"Grya-uck!" The blonde blinks at the startled wet intake of breath meet his ears.

The world shifts back to the all-encompassing sirens and flashing blue and red lights. Below him, Tai could only stare up with narrowed and weary eyes.

"This is your final warning! Stand. Down. Now!" An officer bellows from a megaphone. The voice lures his vision to the surrounding vehicles littered with men and women aiming their rifles and pistols at him.

As he begins to rise to his feet, Naruto shifts his eyes away and directs his attention to a vacant patch of concrete on the other side of the street. A scant trail of blood leads off into an alley.

"Put your hands over your head!" The officer from before calls out. The Nin partially turns to the gathered force and unseals one of his wakizashi's. "Shit. Weapon sighted!"

The call is promptly followed by numerous amounts of gunfire streaking downrange. As the ordinance races across the pavement, Naruto brings his empty hand to bare.

The seals that line his palm pulses to life to create a circular holographic seal array just ahead of him. Patch's enforcement personnel gradually halt their fire as none of the rounds made it past the barrier.

"The hell?" An officer voices out while they all watch in a mild stupor. The final shot essentially vaporizes and ripples the air in front of the rotating seal.

Just as the array fades into a slew of sparks, the blonde disappears in a burst of speed.

"Guh. F-Fucking brat." Roman growls as he balls up his blood-stained jacket against the cut along his torso.

His other unoccupied and unsteady hand brings a scroll up to his ear. "Wh-Where, the fuck, are you?" He growls out into the device's microphone.

A sigh escapes past his lips as he adjusts his makeshift bandage. "I don't ca-re if th-they're everywhere! I need a pick up!" He all but screams into the scroll.

Stumbling past a set of dumpsters, he falters as a small gust nearly topples him over. Roman takes a weary look around at the dimly lit alleyway.

"Pl-Please. Lo-ok. I just n-need a ride. Hello? Cinder? Cinder!" Only a solid tone meets his ears. "Fuck!" The man roars while he slams the device against a brick wall.

After a few silent moments, he takes a deep breath and proceeds forward another step. A moist shlick brings Roman to a quick halt.

He blinks in a momentary daze and hazards a glance down to his torso. A dribble of blood escapes the corner of his mouth as he catches sight of a single-edged blade protruding out of his chest.

"Gyuh?!" With a swift tug, the sword extracts itself from his chest. The removal succinctly brings Roman to collapse haphazardly onto his chest. "Guh. Heh. Heh." He pants against the concrete pressed upon his cheek.

In the corner of his vision, a growing pool of blood seeps onto the pavement. "Wh-Who? Heh. Who-?" A hand roughly lifts his head from the expanding puddle by his stained and matted hair.

The left side of his cheek is tarnished with his own dripping blood. Just as a dagger makes contact with his throat, a familiar voice whispers behind him.

"Dead men need no answers," Naruto affirms as he slices through the man's carotid, jugular, and trachea in a single swipe.

At that, the teen rises to his full stature and momentarily observes Roman while he seizes, gasps, and smears the blood across the cement beneath him.

His gurgled gasps gradually lose their ferocity with each passing second. Only when the man ceases and falls limp does Naruto vanish in a flicker of speed.

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