Frost could not believe what has happened.

Sub-Zero chose to make peace with Scorpion. Scorpion, of all people. These two have been mortal enemies for so long, and now they made peace with each other. After all, Hanzo made a better Shirai Ryu clan. With his family avenged, there's a reason for him to make peace with the assassin that used to be his enemy.

She hated it, she hated the peace they shared. The Lin Kuei have no problem with it, as they are happy that their rivalry against the Shirai Ryu has finally come to an end. Look at them celebrating. They look happy and laughing. They even do sparring matches, especially between Hanzo Hasashi and Kuai-Liang. Oh, the joy for them to be friendly.

But Frost hated this peace. It's as if she felt the clan has been corrupted when Kuai-Liang made peace with Hanzo. She couldn't take it anymore so she attack Scorpion, but she was foiled by Sub-Zero, who had froze her. This goes to show that while she may be strong, she lacked judgment to see the wisdom of peace. After breaking free from being frozen, she ran away and found solace in the forest. Observing the Lin Kuei from a distance, she felt angry at the peace they share with the Shirai Ryu. What a better way to vent her frustration on a nearby tree.

"You are Frost, right?"

The moment she heard some ominous voice, she turned around to see a woman with godly powers.

"Who are you?" she asked with caution.

"I am Kronika, the Keeper of Time," was her reply. "Do not worry. I am your friend."

"What do you want?" Frost asked while letting go of her guard.

"I'm here to help you. Sub-Zero has corrupted the Lin Kuei the moment he made peace with his adversary, Scorpion. It's because of him that your clan has weakened. What would it be like if I restored your clan to its former glory?"

"I'm listening."

"You will lead the Cyber Lin Kuei in a war against those who disagree with the New Era. The era I will create that is meant to be perfect. It will help restore the Lin Kuei's honor. What do you say?"

Frost contemplated on her decision. She wanted Sub-Zero to acknowledge her, but even he turned against her by welcoming Scorpion to his clan. He even held her back which is why she can never be his successor.

"I accept your offer, Kronika," she made her decision with determination.

"Good..." the Titaness smiled. "You shall team up with Sektor. He will guide you on mission."

With this alliance, the two entered the portal that Kronika made which led to her hideout. For Frost, this is just the beginning.