Author Note and Disclaimer:

I had this idea pop into my head one night and just had to write it. It is a stand-alone story that I hope you all enjoy. I don't own Legends of the Seeker or the Sword of Truth series. I am just a big fan of both.

It picks up at the Richard waking up in Zedd's house after getting bite by the poison vine. Kahlan and Zedd have just healed Richard. Kahlan asks Zedd to take her to the Seeker.

"What is going on? Where am I and what is a Seeker?" Richard said waking up to hear Zedd and Kahlan talking about Richard being a True Seeker.

Kahlan looks at Zedd, "You have not told him anything?"

"I was letting him enjoy his life and learn what makes his heartbeats. Besides I took him to a place that he would be safe from Darken Rahl." Zedd said trying to defend his chooses. "If you had not come, he would have been able to live a normal life without the threat of Darken Rahl and the responsibility of saving the world on his shoulders."

"Then why did you stay so close? If you thought that he would be safe." Kahlan confronted Zedd.

"Hey, guys will someone please answer me. What is a Seeker and what does that have to do with me?" Richard said walking across the room.

"Sorry Richard, my name is Kahlan Amell, and I am Confessor. Confessors are a long line of women whose job it is to find the truth no matter how much someone tries to hide it and to protect the true Seeker at all cost."

"Ok, but what is a Seeker and why do you guys keep calling me that?" Richard said as he and Kahlan turned their focus on Zedd.

"Well Richard I am not sure how to say this, but you are a Wizard Richard," Zedd said.

"Wait am I a wizard or am I this Seeker person?" Richard said looking confused.

"You are both. You were born to a powerful family of wizards, but you are also the last true Seeker of Truth." Zedd started to explain but stopped when he noticed that Richard was even more confused.

Kahlan put up a hand to stop Richard and Zedd "Explanations can wait. We need to name him so that he can start his training." Kahlan said. "Zedd give him the sword, I know it has to be here somewhere. I can feel the power in the air."

"Wait, I still don't understand. You tell me that I am a wizard, that I come from a powerful family of wizards and that I am this Seeker of Truth, but none of this makes sense. My parents don't have magic, no one in the Westlands has magic. I mean there has been talk about Zedd having powers, but I know that my parents do not have any powers." Richard started to the door; he was ready to get as far away from these crazy people as he could. "Plus, I think I am too old to go to that wizard school from those books you let me read. So, I am going to go home and check on my father he looked worried when I showed up with that bite mark." Richard stopped at the door. "Please don't follow me." With that said, Richard got on his horse and ride off into the night.

Kahlan turned to Zedd. "What is he talking about?"

Zedd turned away, walking to his bookshelves picking up a book, and handing to Kahlan. Kahlan looked at the book in her hands and then back at Zedd.

"This is the book you gave him?" She was getting angrier with each passing minute. "Zedd you had one job, to train the Seeker so he could take on Darken Rahl. But, no you decided to fill his head with made up stories from children's books about a wizarding school and three friends' journey to take out the bad guy. Darken Rahl is out there killing husbands of thousands of people and the one person that can stop him thinking that magic is made up and has no idea of his calling." Kahlan walked to the bookshelves and found the Book of Shadows and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Zedd asked following Kahlan.

"To do my job, one of us needs to." Kahlan pulled at Shara the Wisp. "Lead me to Richard." Under her breath saying, 'whoever thought to leave a wizard on his own to train the next Seeker was completely crazy.'