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Chapter 10:

Anger. All Beast Boy felt was anger. He woke up with a loud gasp. He glanced at the clock and saw it read 1:00am. His foggy mind tried to put together what had woken him up when he felt it again, a sharp scent of anger. It was muffled, but strong. Unmistakable. His sleep addled mind slowly put together where it could be coming from.

With a flash of realization, the adrenaline kicked in and he grabbed a shirt before rushing out his bedroom door.

Beast Boy made his way to Raven's room before stopping and realizing the smell wasn't coming from there. He recognized it as her anger, but it wasn't coming from her room for some reason. Ignoring his other senses and focusing in on the anger, he followed it. Slowly but surely he found it growing stronger and he followed it to its source. It took him down a long, barely used corridor in the tower. It then took him down a few flights of stairs and through another long corridor before he opened his eyes right before slamming into the large set of doors of the safe room. He recognized the room instantly. It was not a room he hoped to ever be near after the events with Trigon.

He wondered why she was in there, had she locked herself in or was she put there? Everyone was most likely sleeping so who would put her in there? Eventually, he decided to simply open the first set of doors and find out. He knew the second set would still keep her inside and he could just seal the first set as soon as he was in. Deciding that his plan had no flaws after carefully thinking it through, Beast Boy punched in the password and opened the first set of doors after setting them to close directly afterwards.

Immediately as the doors started to open, the smell of anger intensified. So much so that it nearly knocked Beast Boy over. Pushing through it, Beast Boy forced his legs to carry him as he rushed passed the first set of doors and into the corridor leading to the second set of smaller doors. He then slowly acclimated to the stronger scent surrounding him. This was definitely not Raven's usual anger. Something about this anger made Beast Boy's hair stand on end and chilled him to the bone.

Once the first set of doors finally, fully, closed and Beast Boy had acclimated to the stench of anger, he prepared to brave the second set. He knew that they took considerably less time to close and could be opened and closed in three seconds. Whatever was inside there trying to be kept in wouldn't likely make it last Beast Boy, at least not in that short period of time. He reasoned that even if it did make it past him, it wouldn't be able to escape the stronger first set of doors at the other end of the corridor. Thinking through his plan one last time, Beast Boy gathered his courage and repeated the process with the second set of doors.

Immediately, the powerful scent of anger brought him to his knees, threatening to cause him to pass out. It was overwhelming and overbearing. His eyes watered and his nose throbbed as the scent permeated the air and almost felt tangible. Then he heard a voice.

"Stupid, animal. What are you doing here!?" It spoke. It was Raven's voice but it sounded deeper and demonic. It was also coming towards him. Beast Boy shuddered as he heard it and he looked up from his position on the floor. He knew he had 1.5 seconds left before the door closed. What he saw, however, made him forget about that for a second. Raven looked very different. Her two purple eyes had turned into four glowing red ones but it wasn't that that surprised him, it was the red tendrils of energy surrounding her and the red cloak that did. He realized what had happened. Rage had taken Raven over. She's described what it would look like if she did, once, but he never thought he'd see it. He quickly glanced back at the door to see it had closed. Rage hadn't even attempted to escape. Beast Boy assumed it was because she knew there were a second set of doors, anyway. "I asked you a question!" It boomed, towering over Beast Boy, still on his knees trying to adjust to the scent. Slowly, but surely, Beast Boy rose to his feet as the he got acclimated to the scent. His mind was slowed down by the effort, but he still replied.

"I'm here to make sure Raven's okay." He spoke. Surprised at how normal he sounded despite the assault on his senses. Rage snorted, the closest he assumed it came to laughter and retorted.

"She's long gone. I'm in control now. Idiot." It's voice was vehement and, unsurprisingly, full of malice. It made Beast Boy shudder, nonetheless. A direct contrast to Raven's normal voice which tended to put a smile on his face.

"I don't believe that." Beast Boy replied, looking directly into Rage's eyes. All he saw was hatred and anger but he knew what was behind that. He knew that Raven was still in there despite the fact that Rage was in control just like he knew that Rage was always in there despite the fact that Raven was usually in control. Rage then grew visibly more angry, somehow and swiped at Beast Boy. He felt his back impact the doors behind him, hard. He fell to his knees in shock but got up, quickly.

"Ha. Pathetic. You are nothing!" Rage yelled, angered that he didn't immediately submit. Beast Boy simply stared at Rage, expression unreadable, not giving in and insulting her back. He knew the game she was playing. Rage grew angrier still at Beast Boy's lack of a response. She quickly flew at Beast Boy, pining him against the door behind him. "Speak!" It commanded. Beast Boy didn't. Rage slapped him across the face, hard. He didn't move or speak. She did it again. He stayed silent. Letting out and angry roar, Rage roughly threw Beast Boy against the adjacent glass wall, breaking his arm. He still said nothing, wincing in pain.

"Why won't you reply!?" Rage asked, even more enraged. Beast Boy smiled, through the pain, and replied.

"Because that's what you want, not what Raven wants." Rage roared again and flew over to him, punching him hard in the stomach. He doubled over as he felt the wind knocked out of him and Rage smiled, deviously. Meanwhile, in Nevermore, Raven yelled angrily as she witnessed this. She was working on her spell, but could still see everything going on. Beast Boy wasn't supposed to be here, no one was. She cursed his caring nature and began to work faster. He clearly wouldn't last long.

"Nope. Not doing it." Beast Boy simply said when he regained his breath. He noted that he had to make Rage stop soon or he wouldn't last long. He refused to hit Raven, even if Rage was controlling her. This meant that this was a fight he was definitely going to lose. Although the room they were in stopped her powers, Rage was still physically stronger than Raven usually was. It was also obvious that Rage wasn't holding back. His thoughts were interrupted as Rage punched him in the stomach, again, causing him to fall to his knees. He spat out blood but looked up and smiled nonetheless.

"Why won't you do something!? Are you really that useless!?" Rage yelled. Beast Boy simply stayed silent and smiled at her. Rage roared and kicked him in the face. Beast Boy felt his head slam against the glass wall and heard a crack. That definitely wasn't good. He was also positive that he now had a concussion. He just had to go and help, he thought, wistfully. Slowly, but surely, he opened his eyes to see a very pissed off Rage in front of him. It eyed him as it tried to understand his odd behvior. Although Rage was all about senseless violence, most of the fun of it was the delicious suffering it inflicted upon people. Here, however, It didn't seem like her violence was causing much, if any, suffering to Beast Boy and it unnerved her. Rage slowly sized him up as he shakily got up, using the wall to support himself. Slowly, he smiled and spoke.

"Do you want to know why I'm not responding to you the way you want?" Beast Boy spoke, it was clear that his jaw was either broken or damaged with how difficult it was for him to speak. Rage angrily nodded and replied.

"Yes, you useless idiot. Tell me why you behave like one." Rage spat, anger riding every second. All she wanted was to go back to pummeling this fool like she should have been. But the pleasure of doing so wasn't there and it irritated her to no end. Why couldn't he simply scream or beg her to stop?

"I don't fight back or get mad because you're a part of Raven." Beast Boy replied, still smiling although his eyes were starting to close from both, the rough beating, and the lack of sleep he'd been consistently getting, and hiding, the last few days. Rage was confused.

"You're not making sense. Start making sense!" Rage commanded, preparing to end his miserable existence if he didn't comply.

"It's simple. I won't hurt you because I love Raven, and that means, I love you." Beast Boy said, simply. He hadn't meant to tell her like this, but he figured now was as good a time as any. He knew he was probably within an inch of his life due to the toll he'd put on his body in the last few days coupled with his injuries, a split skull, a concussion, possible permanent damage to his shattered arm, a broken jaw, multiple cracked ribs, and probably some other broken bones from what he could tell. Realzing he didn't have the strength to stand, he simply slumped to the floor, pain radiating from every part of his body as he closed his eyes. Whether or not he passed out wasn't a concern to him at that point, he simply wanted to stay awake long enough to know Raven was okay and back to normal. Rage's reaction, on the other hand, was that of shock. She simply stood there, tendrils retreating and eyes returning to normal. No one had ever told her they loved her. Very few people had ever told Raven they loved her, but absolutely no one had ever told Rage that they loved her. How was she, in anyway, lovable? Yet, here he was, the green idiot that she had beaten nearly to death, telling her he loved her. For the first time ever, Rage felt regret. Not angry, or sad, or hate, she felt regret. With that realization, she willingly gave Raven control.

Raven stood there, shocked as she regained control of her body. Less so at Rage's actions, but more-so at Beast Boy's revelation. He loved her? Genuinely? She'd dared to hope once before with Malchior, but even that charade, at a glance, could be seen through if she thought about it hard enough. This, however, was definitely not a lie. He'd given up his sleep for her, done everything he could to comfort her the last few days, and even allowed himself to be nearly beat to death by her but he still loved her. Her heart soared as the gravity of his feelings made sense in her mind. She was ripped from her thoughts when she heard his voice. It was weak and soft, but it was very much alive.

"Good. You're back. Sorry about almost messing it up." He said, somewhat sheepishly before leaning his head against the glass wall and allowing unconsciousness to take him. He knew he's be fine, his self-healing capabilities had grown in the past few years, but in order for them to actually work fully, he needed sleep, and a lot of it to make up for the last few days. Plus, he hoped Raven wasn't too shocked or repulsed by his statement to heal him. He briefly dreaded what would come of their friendship if she felt put-off by his declaration but realized he'd live with it. It was something she deserved to know and something he had to get off his chest. With that final thought, his world went black.

Raven snapped out of her trance when she realized the full extent of Beast Boy's injuries. She rushed over to him and made sure he was still breathing. She let out a sigh of relief as she felt his shallow heartbeat. Wasting no time, she healed his head and his jaw, carefully before daring to move him. Although Raven couldn't use her destructive powers, the wards apparently didn't block her nondestructive powers. She didn't even notice however, having gone into semi-panic mode. Knowing that they were trapped in the room for at least the next few hours, Raven rested Beast Boy on the bed in the room and tried her best to heal his injuries.

After an hour or so, and once nearly everything was healed, Raven laid down on the floor next to the bed, exhausted, and thought about Beast Boy's revelation. She's only recently come to terms with her feelings for him and never thought he'd ever share them. It made sense based on his recent behavior. But it also didn't at the same time. For the longest time they'd always been at each other's throats. She mulled over what caused the change, how could they have gone from barely standing each other's company to falling in love with each other. It was then that Raven was reminded of am old saying. Opposites attract.

Raven laid on the floor and nearly laughed to herself as she realized that, while she should have seen it coming, one of the things she loved about Beast Boy was that she could almost never expect what he was going to do next. A pained groan jolted her from her thoughts. Raven saw him blinking his eyes before closing them tightly and got up to help.

Boy grabbed his head in pain as he regained consciousness. The harsh lights in the room burned his eyes and his entire brain felt slow. Slowly but surely, the events of the past few hours came back to him and he looked around for Raven. He had to make sure she was still okay. Suddenly, a small hand blocked the light from burning his eyes and he blinked a few times, adjusting. He then realized the hand was attached to Raven and turned his head to look at her. She was smiling, a genuine full smile. Beast Boy's breath caught in his throat. That was the smile that he'd been trying to get out of her nearly ever since he met her.

"Hey. How are you feeling?" She spoke. Her voice sounded normal, much calmer with it's usual soothing quality that he so enjoyed. He also noted a hint of concern behind the monotone. There was also another emotion mixed in. The one that he had begun hearing a lot more in the last few days. Whether it was always there and he'd only just noticed it, he wasn't sure.

"I...I'm fine." He spoke, he found his voice only to find that throat hurt. Raven could see his pained expression and immediately felt an immense wave of guilt flow through her.

"I'm really sorry." She said, for what felt like the hundredth time in the past few days. She moved to sit on the edge of the bed, her hand still blocking the light from his eyes. She looked away from him, not wanting to meet his eyes.

"It's alright." He said. She looked sad and he hated it when she looked like that. "I'm sorry if what I said made it weird between us." He added, remembering the last thing he'd said to her before passing out. Raven turned to look at him, bewildered. What did he have to apologize about?

"No." Raven said, loudly. Beast Boy was confused and wasn't sure what she meant by that. Raven saw his confusion and sighed before elaborating. "No. Don't be sorry. I, umm." She added, blush forming on her cheeks. "I realized that I feel the same way." She finished, full on blushing. Beast Boy smiled, widely. He was pretty sure he was dreaming, but didn't care at that point. He'd finally found out what the emotion was. Her last comment was drenched in it, even though it was still behind her usual monotone. It was the very same one he'd only recently realized he felt for her. His heart raced. Raven blushed even harder at his smile. "I'm still sorry." She added, still guilty.

"Don't worry about it, Rae. It's okay. I'm okay, and now you're okay, too. I'm just gonna need some sleep at some point." He joked, after his heart decided to slow down a little. Raven still couldn't believe his ability to forgive so easily but wasn't about to question it. Especially not after the revelations they'd shared. She simply nodded in response and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. She blushed after her lips made contact and got up from his bed, embarrassed. Beast Boy smiled widely, completely ignoring the fact that she'd moved her hand and light was threatening to burn a hole in his skull through his eyes. He closed his eyes and prepared to sleep before he heard a voice.

"Man, you're telling me you woke me up in the middle of the night so you two could kiss?" Cyborg said, incredulously from the now, open, set of doors, humor in his eyes. Raven rolled her eyes, blush lighting up, before shoo'ing him out of the room, promising to explain it all later while Beast Boy simply laughed. She turned back to him and gave him the most genuine smile he'd ever seen grace her lips. He was positive he'd died and gone to heaven. Content, he let sleep consume him.

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