1: Prelude


Initial D is my favorite anime/manga ever, hands down. What exactly is it, though? Oh, the memories... Initial D is a story that stars 18-year-old Tofu delivery boy Takumi Fujiwara, who has spent every night for the past six years driving up and down Mount Akina as fast as he could to deliver the tofu on time. He drove rain or shine, without even knowing that his father was subtly tuning his mind for street racing.

During the 1990s, especially 1995 where the story takes place, street racing isn't a choreographed stunt-driven action scene like in the movies, it took actual guts and skill. And people took it seriously. Very seriously. One thing led to another and Takumi gets roped into the racing scene when he beats this rich snobby blonde hotshot racer named Keisuke Takahashi during a routine Tofu delivery. This all culminated in Takumi undergoing a very 'coming of age story' where he deals with growing up while understanding himself and his car in a very unique manner.

The anime is overdramatic, a total soap opera at times, kind of a cliched underdog story, but at its heart, it tells a very intimate, real and human story of what it was like to just be in Japan in the 1990s, especially in a subculture like that of Street Racing.

However, for now, Takumi is not of concern, at least for a few years.

Because Takumi is not the person I have just realized I have become reincarnated into. I have become reincarnated into Takumi's greatest rival for the first season of the anime and manga, Ryosuke Takahashi. Which is convenient as his life is now mine, and I in some part wish this both wasn't and was happening.

I had often heard of this 'truck-Kun' trope while beginning my exploration into anime, but I never would've guessed it would happen to me.

I was on my way to take my medical school entry examination when a very skilled truck driver decided to end my life.

Strangest of all, truck-Kun sent people like me to become heroes, to save lives, to win glorious battles. Ironically, this wasn't a glorious battle. I was just now in the body of a young man who lived a life very much like my own and let me recount it now.

The truck struck me dead in an instant when I stepped onto the street when the light changed, and as soon as I died I was reincarnated. As soon as I closed them, I opened my eyes lying in a bed I didn't recognize before a screen popped up in front of my eyes.

[Welcome to the Game!]

I leaned back in the bed with a gasp after reading this. Yes, this was indeed happening as well. It took me a second to process all of this as I had died, been reborn, and now have a Web Novel ability as my own.

Considering I was shaking a bit in shock, I would need a second to calm down.

[Passive Skill LV 1, Gamer's Mind- Activated!]

The rushing fear and panic in my body disappeared when this window appeared. Yup, so this was actually happening. Somehow. Great. All that studying for that medical exam was for nothing and this is still utterly insane.




AN: Racing scenes will be written in third person for the sake of flexibility while writing them, and the main character will be referred to as 'Ryosuke' in those scenes when I get around to them. For now, I will be taking my time in getting there eventually. Ciao!