It had been hours since anyone had even heard from Nick let alone knew where he was and everyone had begun to get worried. No one more than Schmidt though, 'What do you mean calm down, for all we know he's run off and joined an underground cult where you never have to work again and we'll never see him again.' This comment alone was enough for Cece to know that he needed to calm down and come home, leaving Jess and Winston alone in the loft. They talked about a whole manner of things from Winston's happiness with Aly, how despite growing up over the past few years Jess had known him Schmidt really did seems to be eternally dramatic when at exactly 9:36 PM, approximately 11 and a half hours after he had disappeared without telling anyone where he was going, Jess heard the keys jingling at the door "Nick? Miller are you home?" She walked towards the door with Winston following convinced it wasn't Nick but someone trying to break into the loft. 'Winston if it was someone trying to break in how would he have a key?!' She whisper shouted whilst simultaneously rolling her eyes. 'Oh right right right. That makes sense' Wasn't he a cop, supposed to know stuff like this? The door swing opens revealing Nick in a suit and tie, something neither of them was used to seeing but a sight Jess welcomed happily. She felt surely underdressed compared to him, she wore a red dress that came to midway down her legs and ballet pumps, a true Jessica Day outfit. Whilst being in New Orleans Nick had definitely become more attractive to her, not that he wasn't before, but she hasn't really noticed it until now. 'Day..', His eyes were filled with such love and warmth, the brown orbs staring into her soul like they were meant for her. 'Miller..' She looked back at him with her deep blue eyes, eyes the colour of the ocean on a stormy day, but her eyes were nothing but stormy to Nick, they were love, home, they were everything Nick wanted for the rest of his life. 'Hey you know I'm here too right, Winnie the Bish, your best friend of almost 30 years' Nick and Jess had drowned out anything other than themselves, getting lost in each other eyes for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, Winston cursed at them and walked away to his room.

'Hey I er- I wanna show you something' He grabbed her hand and led her out of the lost and towards the elevator with a sense of purpose, Jess had no idea what was going on but she had a feeling it would be worth the anticipation. They rode the elevator in silence, both of them very aware of the fact that their hands were still intertwined together. Both too afraid to look at the other, so instead, looking at the doors in front of them. When the elevator doors spring open Nick guided Jess in front of himself before letting go of her hand and placing his own in front of her eyes. 'Keep em closed, I don't want you ruining it' She giggled and did exactly what he told her too. She could hear him opening the door to the roof before lightly pushing her forward until eventually, she stood still, Nick placing his hands on her shoulders, gripping them tightly. 'Okay.. you can open them..'

Jess was severely taken aback from the sight in front of her. She looked around to see fairy lights strung up beautifully everywhere, the table drowning in good food, wine and candles, the walls surrounding the roof decorated with flowers and the same candles used for the table. She turned around to face the man that had brought her up there, he looked almost nervous. As if he wasn't sure how this would go if he had been wrong about how she felt about him if he had made a mistake. 'Jess I know that this might be a little-' 'No no Nick, this is... this is beautiful. I've never had anyone do anything like this.. apart from maybe you that one time before Cece's wedding' The pair broke down into giggles before Nick suddenly broke out his fancy man act, asking if he could guide her to her chair, pour her wine and brought a bunch of Sunflowers, orange Lilies and Gypsophila out from underneath the table claiming that he didn't know the first thing about flowers but all he had to do was describe her to the florist and this was what they came up with, bright, sunny and beautiful. The two sat down and continued to smile at each other like a couple of teenagers who had just fallen in love for the first time. Looking down at the table she noticed that the food laid out lovingly on the table was an assortment of snacky food instead of a typical meal, which Jess adored. Of course, she loved a good dinner but snaky food was truly the way to her heart. 'Oh my god... you got soft pretzels!' she exclaimed grabbing the bowl from its place at the centre of the table. Nick giggled at her excitement over the food. 'Of course, I did, I also got chocolate-covered strawberries, Olives, Chocolate, some chips. The works' Jess gingerly put down the bowl, back in the centre of the table and begun to look down at the floor nervously. 'Nick.. what is all this?' She could feel the man opposite her breathe deeply before opening his mouth, when he did however nothing came out but a long groan. Jess didn't know what she expected, but that definitely was not it. She looked up the see him with his head under the table again, this time however not emerging with flowers, but instead a rather large book. 'Look... I'm not always good at staying how I feel, granted I've gotten better at it over the years, thanks to you, but I just. I think I'd rather show you than actually say it. That way.. if you don't... then maybe this won't all blow up in my face'

Nick handed her the book and as she looked at the cover she could already feel the tears begin to swell in her eyes. The cover was decorated with glitter and flowers and "Jess and Nick" Scribbled in silver across the black background in Nicks messy writing. She looked back up at him and he just motioned her to carry on looking, so she just opened the book to find it was filled with pictures, and memories. Nicks truest thoughts and feelings. pictures that she didn't even know existed until now. Pictures of them dancing at Prince's party, one of them that her dad took before Cece's almost wedding to Shivrang, and along with these pictures were items that reminded him of them, a ticket stump from her birthday, the ticket for the cruise they went on, the jaywalking ticket from their first date, and finally pictured from Cece and Schmidt's wedding. She wasn't aware these had even been printed yet, there was one of the both of them laughing, another of them dancing, looking as if the whole world around them had disappeared. Finally on the last filled page, which was about halfway through the book was an envelope stuck to the page. Jess opened it and took out a letter from it and began to read, eyes now spilling with emotion as Nick looked over at her from across the table.

"Dear Jess,

First I just want to apologise for both taking too long to do this and not having the guts to say this to you out loud, but I hope you realise it's just because sometimes I can hardly believe that someone like you could ever feel anything like I do for me and if God forbid anything does go wrong I really don't want to lose you from saying something stupid.

Jessica for the longest time I've been scared of being around you, because every time you're within touching distance my brain just short circuits and I lose it. I truly don't think I ever got over you when we broke up, and to be honest that doesn't scare me as much as it probably should. A few years ago I would've run away to Mexico, changed my name and you would never see me again, but you've taught me that it's okay to love, and I do. I have been in love with you for 6 years, that love never faltering, not ever. Not when we broke up, not when we were both with different people and not now. I think I'll be in love with you until we're both 80 and are bed-bound.

I know that it didn't exactly work the way we wanted it to last time, but I want to try again, I want to fill out the rest of the pages of this book with more memories, ones where we can hold hands and laugh and be happy with each other. These past few years apart we've both grown into the people we needed to be before, and I truly believe that if we want to, we can make this work. That is if you want to. Do you want to?

I love you Day, always.

Nick Miller"

Jess folded the letter back up before placing it into the envelope and getting up to sit besides Nick. 'You mean it? Everything you said.. well wrote?' She asked, eyes full of hope and longing. 'Every word.' Nick brought his hand to her face, absentmindedly brushing her cheek with his thumb as she leaned in and finally after months of agonising pain, years even, the two of them finally felt like they were home again, that the missing pieces from their lives had finally fallen into place and that this was where they were meant to be. The two broke apart breathlessly, pressing their foreheads together, looking at each other grinning like no one had ever seen them. 'I love you, Jess' Jess planted another kiss on Nicks's lips before telling him that she loved him too, more than anything. They remained like this for the rest of the night, kissing and eating and flicking through the book, thinking of all the things they could do to put in there. Before they knew it they were on the little bed Nick had made up on the roof with a million cushions. They got the best nights sleep the pair had gotten in months, feeling content, satisfied and happy. They had made it back to each other, with the rest of their lived in front of them while they stared up at the stars whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears, getting back into the groove of what it meant for them to be a couple.