December 1998 New York

It was 7pm and Melissa Delgado was getting ready in the hotel room for the 94th medical charity event that Beacon Hills hospital and NYC hospital was hosting. When she arrived around 8:30pm it was packed due to all the wealthy people being there to donate and sponsor the event. Melissa was there for about an hour enjoying the evening when she had bumped into someone.

"Oh I am so sorry"

She stated stumbling a little looking up at the man she bumped into.

"It's fine" the man stated looking at the woman.


he introduced sticking his hand out to the woman.


announced introducing herself to the man Tony. The two began to talk through the evening getting to know each other. It was the end of the event and everyone was leaving.

"Would you like to come to my house and we can continue to talk a more" Tony asked with a


"I would love too" Melissa answered smiling.

Tony ended up giving Melissa his address to meet at his house.

Melissa had arrived at Tony's house and was waiting for him in the living room, while he was getting some wine out the kitchen. Melissa and Tony was conversing with each other for about half an hour. The pair ended up going up stairs and making out which ended up turning into something a little more heated. That was a night that Melissa would never forget, little did she know a month later she would be in for an unexpected surprise.

The next morning she had gotten up before Tony did and went back to her hotel to start packing to go back to Beacon Hills.

Two month later

Melissa was currently coming home from a shift at the hospital. It had been two months since she had slept with Tony. A month ago she had found out she was pregnant with Tony's Stark's child. She was planning on not telling Tony, due to the news always surrounding the Genius, Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and the paparazzi always in his business, but she had thought about it and ended up contacting Tony to tell him the news about the pregnancy since it was the mature thing to do.

Melissa had informed him that he had the right to know about their child, but she made it clear that his money wasn't necessary, considering Melissa wasn't overly fond of being dependent on others. Tony being the stubborn person he is still sent money support for their child, even if she didn't need him to. The parents both thought it was best to keep the baby away from the media, so their kid could grow up drama free. Nobody knew the baby was Tony Stark's, but Tony still looked out for the kid from afar.

A month later she had met Rafael, and Melissa and Rafe hit it off pretty quickly. The couple was inseparable, she was head over hills for the man. She had finally told him about the pregnancy and he took it well. He cared for the woman that was carrying the child as if it was his own. Rafael ended up taking Melissa on a dinner date and proposing when she was five months pregnant. The couple married in the middle of August, it was a nice wedding nothing to fancy. A month later she had gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Melissa had named her son Scott. She had given Scott the last name of Rafael. When Scott turned eighteen she had planned on telling Scott of his birth father, and if he decided he wanted to me his birth father he would be able to do so.

As the years went by Melissa had noticed her husband had an unhealthy habit of drinking. She constantly found herself confronting him about the habit, considering Scott was always around. Rafael was always coming home late drunk or he would stay in the house drinking. Every night would end up leading to an argument. When Scott was seven his father came home drunk, leading to Rafael and Melissa getting into an argument, which lead to Rafael accidentally shoving Scott down the stairs. Scott ended up hitting his head at the bottom of the staircase and blacked out for a few minutes. Melissa was angry at Rafael and scared for her son, so she told Rafael to stay out of the house for the night. She had expected him to come back the next morning so they could talk about it, but he never did, which lead to the couple getting a divorce. Melissa ended up raising Scott on her own, which lead to working doubles to provide for both her son and herself, without always being dependent on Tony's money, not that he minded. Melissa still sent pictures of Scott to Tony as he grew, and informed him of all his accomplishments. Around the age of 16 the pictures stoped coming in, because of all the supernatural things going on in Beacon Hills and Scott in a situation every other month. Luckily Scott had his best friend Stiles to keep him company through all the things going on in his life


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