18 years later

I woke up with the sun shining in my face. It's been two weeks since the pack defeated the beast of Gevaudan. So far it's been quite in Beacon Hills and I'm fine with that, I've been enjoying every single moment of being a normal teenager, without being paranoid. I got up and did my regular routines, I went to check on my mom, but then I remembered that she had an early shift at the hospital. I went downstairs and got the keys to my motorbike before heading out. Stiles is dragging me to the lacrosse field to help him with his back shots and goalie skills. We may be starting senior year soon but he is set on actually playing this year.

"Dude it took you long enough! I've been out here for almost an hour" Stiles exclaimed. "Sorry I was hungry and had to stop and get something to eat, and I bought you some food too, I think a thank you is in place" I sassed. Stiles just rolled his eyes dramatically, which made me laugh. We started practicing different techniques for about 3 hours, then my phone started vibrating from a text message. When I checked my message I had seen it was from my mom saying "We needed to talk come home when I get the chance." "Hey Stiles, I just got a text from my mom saying I need to head home." "She wants to talk to me about something, I'll see you later is that cool?" "Yeah Scotty, just text me later so I know everything's alright."

I finally arrived home, when I came in the house my mom was talking to someone on the phone. I only heard parts of the conversation. "He could use a break from Beacon Hills, He just arrived home, I will talk to him about it when we get off the phone. "Okay. I will talk to you later once everything is sorted." My mom said finishing the conversation. "Hey mom, who were you talking to?" I finally spoke up getting her attention.

Melissa's pov

I was currently on the phone with Scott's dad, Tony. We were discussing Scott going to New York with him for a little while. "He's 18, it's about time he found out Ton." "Yeah, your right. Scott could come stay with me, it would be a great opportunity to get too know one another." Tony spoke. "Yeah, that would be amazing, is it okay if he comes a month from now?" He's been through a lot these past years, he could use a break from Beacon Hills." I said sighing. "That would be great!, you break the news to him, because obviously I can't do it over the phone." Tony said rather sassily. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. Classic Tony I thought to myself. At that moment I heard the front door open. "He just arrived home, I will talk to him about it once we're off the phone." I stated. "Just shoot me a text once you tell him, so I can go ahead and get Pep to book him a flight." Tony stated. "Okay, I will talk to you later once everything is sorted." I then hung up the phone. "Hey mom, who was that?" Scott asked, walking up and sitting next to me at the kitchen table.

"Hey Scott, that was just a friend." Scott just nodded. "Anyways I needed to talk to you about a couple important important things". "Recently and in the past you've been through some pretty hectic things, you know with Allison still in a coma from the Oni's, you recently dying and being resurrected and many more things. "I want you to take a break from Beacon Hills for a little while and just live a normal life, get away from the supernatural world for a bit for both of our sakes. You're still young, you deserve more. You're always looking over your shoulder for eminent danger, which should not come so naturally for you to do, and You're always looking out for everyone else, it's time to look out for yourself honey."

I had tears streaming down my face for my son. Scott leaned over and wiped the tears from my eyes. "Mom everything's going to be fine." It was time for me to tell him the hardest part, hoping that he wouldn't feel betrayed and that he would understand. "Honey, I haven't been completely honest with you. I gently grabbed his face. I want you to stay with a close friend, Tony. The one I was on the phone with." I've known him eighteen years. Tony and I met, at an event eighteen years ago and when we ran into each other and started talking. We continued the conversation at his house when the event was over. Their's no easy way to explain what I'm about to tell you. He is your biological father." I stated slowly looking up at Scott, he seemed rather calm, but his eyes betrayed him, his eyes held an expression of hurt in them, which made my heart ache. "So you had a one night stand with him? Why didn't you tell me dad wasn't my biological father ?" Scott questioned. "I just wanted you to have a normal life without paparazzi, considering back then he was always in the tabloids. Just because it was a one time thing, doesn't mean I loved you any less. If I had a chance to do that night over, I wouldn't change a thing, because I was blessed to have you." I sighed. "We both decided to wait until your eighteen birthday to tell you." "Does he know about me? Does he know I exist?!" Scott exclaimed, shooting multiple question at me. "Of course he knows about you, I sent him pictures of you growing up and certificates of you, he always called to check on you." "He even sent money to help out." "Tony wants you to stay with him for a little while, that way you two can bond, and get to know each other." "You would be leaving next month, that way you have time to tell your friends." "I didn't tell him anything about the supernatural, just that you needed a break from Beacon Hills" "So if McCall isn't my last name, what is it?" Scott asked in a curious tone. Stark is your birth last name. Anthony Stark is your birth fathers full name. "Tony is the owner of Stark Industries." You would also be moving to New York.

Scott's pov

After my mom finished talking, I went to my room to process the information I had just been told. Too say I was shocked was the understatement of the year. I had just found out that the man I believed my father to be, was in fact not my father. I was a little hurt that my mom didn't tell me, but I understood that she did it to protect me. I also found out that I would be moving to New York next month. Which is a good thing, I think. I mean don't get me wrong, the people I love most lives here, but there's also many painful memories here. I need a break from the supernatural. I also would like to meet my biological father Tony, the only thing I heard about him was that a few years back he went missing for about three months. That was pretty much the only thing I heard about him, considering I don't watch tv. I had grabbed my phone and texted Stiles, to tell him there was going to be a pack meeting tomorrow at 10pm and to meet at the Animal clinic. The rest of the day I just stayed up in my room wondering how the pack would react. I didn't want to leave them, but I think this is the best thing for me right now. It wouldn't be forever just a couple of months or a year, and they couldn't visit if they were interested.

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