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It started off as a normal day for Alex, well as normal as his days can get. He had managed to catch up with his work that he missed after his last mission (a/n this is based after crocodile tears) and catch up with his friends Tom and James.

Alex was now sitting in his usual spot in the back-left corner of the French classroom next to his best friend Tom. Alex doesn't usually pay much attention in his French class. Mostly because he is already fluent in it.

"Alex…Alex…...ALEX!" Tom shouted

"sorry Tom what's up" Alex said sleepily

"what's Monday in French" said Tom

"lundi" muttered Alex just loud enough for Tom to hear

"thanks. Hey mate are you alright?" said Tom

"yeah, something just doesn't seem right" said Alex

Just then the newly fitted speakers blared to life making Alex jump out of his sleepy state. "Will all students please report to the school hall immediately!" tom looked at Alex to see if he knew what was going on. Alex just gave shrugged. He thought its probably just an assembly on school behaviour or something.

As Alex started walking next to tom through the corridors, he started to notice nervous looks across a lot of the teachers faces. Then just as he walked through the double doors, he knew this was not going to be a normal school assembly.

The first thing Alex noticed was about twenty men wearing all black with a silver scorpion tattoo on there right shoulder. This had bad news all over it. He ignored the pain coming from his bullet wound as he scouted the room to understand the situation more. Then he saw him. Dr Three the master of pain.

"Tom that's Dr Three "said Alex

"Oh god. This isn't going to be anormal assembly is it" said Tom whose hands were shaking a little

"No probably not, don't panic just stay low" said Alex still studying the room

"immediate backup needed Brookland school, situation three, twenty armed men, one thousand three hundred civilians including teachers. Hostage taken." Alex whispered into his watch

He sat in his seat waiting for the reply of Mrs jones. By the sound of her voice she was worried, "alright agent, code 365, units H, J and k will be on the scene shortly." Alex swore under his breath loud enough for only him to hear. Great he thought. Its not like this situation is bad enough.

"hurry up tulip" Alex knew she hated being called by her first name, but he wasn't bothered at the moment. He was more focused on the scorpia men.

Suddenly Dr Three steps up to the podium, the whole room fell silent. "you may be wondering why we are here today." Said Dr three clapping his hands together. The whole room stayed silent. "we are here for one thing only, could Mr Rider come and join us on the stage."

Alex mentally swore, he could sense that all eyes were on him. "and what if I don't join you?"

Three snapped his fingers and pointed his MP5 sub at Miss Bedfordshire. "alright ill come" Alex said slowly.

"what have you and your gang got us into druggie." ( a/n druggie is a name Alex is called because he is always of school and people think he's in a gang) Alex glared at the boy which made him shut up.

"you think he's a druggie" said Dr Three. "you haven't told them, Alex I disappointed in you."

"Hello doctor long time no see" everyone was surprise with how calm everyone Alex was talking to this man who was surrounded by twenty armed men. Everyone was also confused how Alex knew the Dr.

"indeed, it was a shame our last encounter didn't last long I was enjoying hearing those screams of yours" Dr three said while staring into Alex's brown soulless eyes. "I look forward to our next session"

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen Dr "Alex said cockily

Suddenly Mr Bray stood up "Alex Rider what is going on, how do you know this man."

Alex mentally rolled his eyes. "Mr bray sit down now before you get yourself killed!" to everyone's surprise Mr Bray listened.

Tom still sat at the back wondered how such a calm collective persons attitude can change so quickly.

"Mr Brey was it? "Dr Three knew he got the name right because Alex gave out a little growl. "you see here Mr Rider isn't a druggie or part of a gang. He is the secret weapon of MI6, a spy!" Alex groaned his secret was definitely out of the park now.

"Alex here is quite the prodigy" said Three

"gosh usually your too busy trying to kill me to give me compliments "Alex smirked when saying this. Everyone was shocked how calmly Alex could talk about his death.

"oh don't worry Mr rider we will soon come to your death but not before we get those secrets out of you" vowed Three

"really?" said alex slipping his hand into his pocket. "that worked so well last time didn't it"

Before Dr Three could answer Alex pulled out a G43 out of his pocket and shot the DR straight in the chest. The fight was on.

Alex took sown 10 guards with his gun. When the guards realised, he ran out of ammo they attacked. 2 men launched at Alex who easily blocked their attempt. Quickly Alex dropped to the floor and swipes the guard's feet from underneath them

The guards saw how easily Alex took down the scorpia men so decided to attack as a five. Great Alex though. Alex used a different type of blocks and punches. Alex senses started going haywire. He was blocking attacks left, right and centre. Suddenly there was an opening. Alex rolled through so quickly the men didn't see it happen. Alex quickly stood and swung his fist straight into two of the men's temples instantly knocking them out.

Suddenly a striking pain came across Alex's back. One of the men standing aside sliced Alex back with a knife. Alex quickly blocked out the pain and managed to use the butt of his gun to smack the guard in the face. In a matter of minutes, the other three guard were down. Two to go Alex thought

When Alex looked around to the two other men, they both had their guns pointing to the croud. "stay where you are or we will shoot" said one scorpian. Before the guards could think alex did a spinning round house kick and knocked the guns. Unfortunately, as he kicked the gun the guard pulled the trigger. Alex waited for the impact, but nothing came. Suddenly a scream came from the front row of the assembly. The bullet had flown straight into a year sevens leg.

As Alex saw this, he quickly knocked out the last two men and tied all of the unconscious guards. As soon as he finished, he raced of the stage to the little girl holding her leg.

"hey,hey its ok" said alex softly. All of the teachers were surprised how could someone who just fought of a bunch of terrorists be so calm and soothing. "what's your name?"

"summer" said the girl trying to keep her tears from falling.

"alright summer can I just have a look at your leg please." Said Alex

Summer nodded softly and allowed Alex to look at her injury

"Tom can you bring my bag over please" Tom did as he was told and walked to Alex holding his bag. "thanks" Alex opened his bad and took out a first aid kit. The girl looked scared so Alex started to reassure her that everything Is ok.

"Don't worry it might sting a little, but it is just some anaesthetic I have to take the bullet out so if you let me put this on it you won't feel anything. You should look away though because it might be a bit gruesome.

Suddenly the school nose came up to Alex who was busy working on the girl. "how would you know what to do?" Alex rolled his eyes.

"I've helped with worst wounds than this. I had training in the SAS" when he said this, he saw the girl relax a bit more. After Alex applied a bandage he spoke into his watch. "situation neutralised, enemy down, one civilian casualty I'm dealing with it."

"I guess you have been in these situations before" Alex looked up and saw Mr Bray was speaking to him. He was still in a shocked state.

"yes, but never involving Civilians and especially school children" Alex stated

The girl sat next to summer (who assumed was her best friend) laugh and said "school children don't forget you go to school too"

Alex shrugged "I stopped being a child at the age of fourteen" suddenly he spoke into his watch " where's my backup its been nearly twenty five minutes.

Suddenly the door burst open and in walked Mrs Jones, Ben Daniels, and the units

"took you long enough" alex said staring into Mrs Jones eyes

" sorry agent protocol" Mrs Jones said this warningly knowing that wouldn't cut it

"Protocol, of course" alex scoffed " anyway therse a young lady hear with a bullet wound, ive removed the bullet but wasn't able to close the wound so I bandaged it up." Alex turned to summer "there's a paramedic waiting over their do you think you and your friend could walk over to him?"

Summer nodded and got up with help from her friend.

Alex turned to Mrs Jones "were going need a lot of forms now they know." He said

"hey Alex" he turned to see Ben talking to him "is that Dr Three?"

"yes unfortunately" said Alex

"was there any more casualty's" said Jones

"No summer was the only one" as Alex said this she let out a relived sigh she hated seeing children in danger after what happened to her kids.

unfortunately, as k-unit started to come and join Alex and Jones that's when the pain started to kick in. He started to sway which Mrs jones saw and quickly grabbed Alex before he could fall. She quickly shouted to snake who was the SAS medic. As snake saw what was happening, he quickly grabbed a chair for Alex to sit on.

"only one casualty" Mrs Jones said rolling her eyes as snape saw alexes back.

"I'm fine" Alex said as a striking pain came across his back .

"your really not fine Alex this is quite a deep cut, ill need you to take your shirt off" snake said calmly

"I can't I don't want them to see the scars" when saying this he pointed to the crowd. Ben and snake just rolled their eyes. Alex sighed as he saw he wasn't going to win this battle. As alex took of his shirt it became clear to everyone why he didn't want to take his shirt off. His body was littered with knife, whip and bun wounds and especially the clearest thing was the bullet wound just inches above his heart.

Unfortunately for Alex Mr Bray had just walked to talk to alex. "what the hell happened?"

"Dr Three happened." Alex replied sighing "remember him saying that he enjoyed hearing me scream and how he can't wait to get more information out of me. The sarcastic bitch." As he said this another jolt of main came from his back wound.

"There's not much I can do Alex except bandage it up. I just sujest tying not to lie on your back." Said snake.

"that's not a problem I don't think ill be able to anyway" Alex chuckled

After snake had finished patching alex. Official secrets acts were handed out to students and teaches. When this had finished Mrs jones said there would be a meeting at the school for everyone who wanted to ask any questions. Alex Rider knew after this day that his life would never be normal again.