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(Line Break)

A/N: Story sets at the start of Legion Mate

Misaki groaned slightly as she desperately tried to block the sunlight, yet no matter her best efforts, light loosely filtered in through her eyelids which forced her to wake up. Her blurry vision slowly clearing open, before everything eventually became clear.

She eventually went to look at her phone for the time, groaning when she realised that it was still early. Unfortunately for her, it was a school day, and she knew the consequences that would follow if she were to arrive at school late again.

She had never been a morning person all her life and she didn't think that'd change anytime soon.

Thus, after pushing herself out of the bed, the silver-haired girl went into the bathroom in order to prepare herself. After a short while, now completely refreshed and dressed in her school uniform, the girl headed down.

"Ah, good morning Misaki!" Shin greeted his niece with a smile.

"Good morning." The girl yawned as she walked directly to the coffee maker, in order to get herself a cup. As per usual, the girl saw her breakfast prepared along with her lunch already packed.

After finishing the last of her breakfast the girl then washed the plate and began heading out, "Shin I'm going out now."

"Oh, this is a surprise. Normally you'd leave later than this. Is something happening at school?" Shin asked in confusion, but Misaki shook her head.

"Of course not, I just don't want to keep Aichi waiting for me."

"Hmm, Aichi? Is he your new friend?" Shin asked and the silverette widened her eyes, realising she, too had no idea who 'Aichi' was.

"N-never mind that. I'm leaving." Without another word, the girl exited the store, leaving a confused shop manager inside.

"What's wrong with her?" he asked the cat who meowed in response before proceeding to go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, the girl in question was currently on her way to school, with her mind occupied with what had happened before.

'Why did I say that? I don't even know who Aichi is…' The girl thought to herself. She prided herself with her eidetic memory, and even utilises it in her Cardfights, however…

'Why? Why can't I remember how he looks like?' No matter how hard she tries, it'd only be in vain, the image would be completely blurry. It's almost as if someone had been trying to stop her from recalling.

Though that seemed impossible. Why would anyone try to do that?

However, before she could delve deeper into the topic, she felt someone place a hand on her shoulder, and she knew of only one person who'd do so, "Hey there Misaki, good morning!"

"Good morning, Akari." Misaki smiled.

As the two set out for school, the two, or Akari to be exact, began talking about rumours of new couples and scandals that was happening between at the school, and while Misaki weren't particularly interested in the topic, but at the very least she pretended to be.

Though, before the greenette could enter another long-winded talk again,

"Hey, Akari…do you know anybody in our school by the name of Aichi?" Misaki interjected, deciding to bring up the topic in her mind from earlier.

While a part of her told her to forget about it and to shrug it off like nothing, but another part of her, and the part she listened to, was vehemently telling her to find out about the mysterious boy, and what better way than to find out from the girl who searches for gossip all around the school?

"Hmm…Aichi, huh?" The greenette placed a finger on her chin as she hummed in thought before she ultimately shook her head, "Well I've never heard of him. Then again, since you have a perfect memory I'd assume you must at least recognise his features?"

"I thought so too but…every time I try, it's always foggy, and I can't get a clear image."

"Hmm, now that is strange." The girl said before a smirk appeared on her face.

"Don't tell me… you have a crush on this Aichi fellow?" A blush managed to find its way to Misaki's face when she said that, "A-Akari! Of course, I don't! I don't even know who he is!"

"Are you sure about that?" the girl pestered, the smirk on her face growing.

"I'm sure!" the girl responded with a glare, causing Akari to chuckle in response.

"Haha, sorry about that Misaki, I was just teasing you." The girl said with a wave of her hand.

Though even if it was teasing, why was it that her heart was still pounding heavily?

(Line Break)

The two managed to arrive at class without a hitch, and throughout the whole day, Misaki could only sit in her seat, listening to her teachers droning about their lessons. Or at least that's how it appears to be.

In fact, she hadn't been able to pay any attention to her classes whatsoever. All she could think about was the identity of this Aichi person.

Questions such as: Was he even a real person? Was he a student at her school? Perhaps he had been a customer at one point? Ran through her mind endlessly, yet the more she thought about it, the more questions that pop up.

Currently, Misaki and Akari were heading for their next class, which was located at another room on campus.

En route, they passed by the Physics Preparation Room and the moment they did, Misaki instantly stopped and turned back to look at the room.

"What's wrong Misaki?"

"Uh, nothing…you can go ahead first. I just need to check something real quick." Though Akari was confused, she nodded her head and carried on walking to her next class.

Misaki, once seeing her friend was no longer in sight, opened the door to the room, revealing an empty class with plenty of large tables in them.

She didn't know why, but for some odd reasons, she felt as if the room has another…purpose for it. As if there was something else to do in there.

'Why does it seem like I'm forgetting something? Something important…'

Shaking her head from all the thoughts, the girl decided that it was best to leave for class, otherwise, she'd never hear the end of it from her teacher.

(Line Break)

"I'm finally done." Misaki sighed, wiping the sweat that was pouring down her forehead, in her other arm was a broom.

Unfortunately for her, out of everyone in her class, she was called for cleaning duties. What was even more unfortunate was that the classmate she was assigned the duties with, had already left earlier on, leaving it up to her to finish them all. Otherwise, the teacher would most definitely have their heads for neglecting their duties.

Fortunately, she had already done plenty of cleaning back at Card Capital, so she didn't need to worry about that. The only thing she was worried about was the time.

Though she could have finished faster considering Akari had offered her help at first, though the silver-haired girl pestered her to return back home, seeing as her favourite show would be airing by the time she was done.

After she was done packing all her stuff, the girl planned on heading back home but stopped the moment she saw a familiar brunette at the front of the school gate.


The two then walked over to a more isolated part of the school so that they would be able to talk more freely. After all, it seemed very unlike Kai to make an effort to find her at her school.

"So, what is it?" she asked.

"Tokura, does the name Aichi Sendou, ring a bell to you at all?" He asked and Misaki's eyes widened when she heard him mention that name.

It was the exact same name that had been occupying her mind the entire day.

"Kai, that name…"

"Do you remember who he is, Tokura?" Kai asked, and if the girl were to say, he looked rather hopeful.

"Well, his name did appear in my head this morning, asides from that I can't say I know who he is."

"I see…" The brunette responded, his brows furrowing.

"Hold on, you went through all that trouble of coming here just to ask me that?" she asked, getting a nod from the male.

"Well, I hope that you find him then. I'll head on back first." Misaki responded as she turned away from the brunette to head back home.

"By the way, Tokura…" The girl stopped in place, turning back to Kai.

"I heard that you were staying late at school because you had something to do. Was it a Cardfight Club meeting or something?"

Misaki's eyes widened slightly when she heard the name. While she hadn't heard of such a club, it had struck a chord but she shook her head, "We don't have a club like that in our school, and the reason I was late is because the cleaning duties took some time."

"I see…Sorry for bothering you." The brunette then walked off, heading towards the school's direction and rather than following after him, the girl decided to continue her walk home.

(Line Break)

Misaki sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time as she carried on her walk to the shop. While it seemed like every other day, it was certainly not.

Not only was her mind completely occupied the entire day but Kai's sudden appearance at her school, asking about a boy she was sure she knew nothing about, was anything but normal.

Though looking back at how the day went. There were a few things that stood out to her the most:

Aichi Sendou, the physics preparation room, and now the Cardfight Club.

She knew that they all had to be related somehow, but the question is:


Upon reaching the shop, she saw a ton of children of all ages playing each other with smiles on their faces. It was a normal sight, yet she felt that something was missing from the image…

"Is something wrong Misaki?" Shin asked worriedly after seeing his niece remain unmoving for a while.

"I-I'm fine. I just need to get some rest is all, today has been a very mentally exhausting day."

"Sure." Shin smiled and with that Misaki excused herself to her room.

Placing her bag on the desk, the girl instantly collapsed on her bed, not even bothering to change to more comfortable clothes. All she wanted was to get some shuteye.

(Line Break)

Misaki groggily opened her eyes when she heard knocks on the door,


"Misaki, could you help watch over the store while I head out for a bit?" Shin called out through the door.

"Sure." She responded, rubbing her eyes as she got down from her bed before walking over to the store, where she saw her uncle looked prepared to leave.

"Oh, by the way, if you see Kai around, could you show this to him? I was about to do it myself when he was here earlier but I couldn't find it." Shin said, handing over a Vanguard deck to his niece.

"What's this? A trial deck?"

"A Narukami one to be exact. Since he was using that clan to play, I thought about showing him the latest one that came out."

"I'll show it to him if he ever comes around." She said, placing it on the counter before waving as the green haired man exited the store.

The girl was about to read her book, when the doors opened, and she half expected it to be Shin forgetting something like always, but to her surprise it was Kai, with a male from her school behind him.

"Welcome. Oh, Kai and…I think I saw you at school before…"

"Ah! It's the Boss Lady!" Naoki whispered, hiding behind the brunette as a tick mark formed on the girl's head.

She knew all about the rumours regarding her, though that didn't mean she enjoyed it one bit.

"We're going to use a fight table." Kai said as he walked passed her, "Help yourself." She responded in annoyance.

She watched as Kai began teaching the boy about how to play the game, and he even gave him the Narukami deck her uncle wanted to show him. Though a part of her was confused as to why Kai was teaching one of her school mates how to play Vanguard. Normally he wouldn't care about anyone and just play with anyone he wants to.

She decided to not voice it out and just watch their match.

"Stand up my avatar! Ride the Vanguard! Blaster Blade!" Kai called out, causing Naoki to stare at the unit in shock.

"That unit…" The redhead whispered.

Misaki then turned her eyes over from the battle to her schoolmate and was genuinely surprised when she saw fresh tears that were falling from the boy's eyes.

"Damn it! To think that I could forget about Aichi Sendou for even a second!"

'There it is again.' Misaki thought to herself. To think that it would all draw back to that name again. Though through it, it helped answer one thing.

If Naoki knew him, then he must surely have been a student at Miyaji High School. Though why hadn't she seen him before?

Walking over to the fight table, she stared at the Blaster Blade card, and like the others before, it struck a chord within her.

'Why does it look so familiar?'

"If you're curious about it, then how about we fight?" Kai asked, after seeing her staring at the card intently.

"I have to mind the store though…"

"What, you scared to fight me?" The brunette asked with a smirk, which caught her off guard but she shook her head.

"Of course not, it's just a Cardfight after all…" pulling out her deck from her pocket, the girl walked over to the table.

The fight between begun with Misaki starting first, though as the game progressed, the girl was starting to feel anxious. Not because of the fight, but mainly because of how mysterious Kai was acting, as he would always bring up strange questions.

"Image it, Tokura! Remember the first Vanguard battle you had!" Kai shouted at her and the girl instantly dived down deep into her mind, to recall the time she had first played the game.

She could recall everything that happened on that day, from how she felt bored at first but later got into the groove of the game, and how Shin had even prepared a deck for her.

Yet when it came to her opponent…

"I know it's someone important to me…so why? Why can't I remember?" Misaki placed a hand on her head and Kai smiled at the result before resuming the fight.

"One ray of light, extending out into the despair of oblivion…This light is what connects me and my mate together and its name is…Legion!"

Both Misaki and Naoki's eyes widened in shock when they heard that, "Legion?"

"Seek the mate!" in the battlefield, Wingal stabbed its sword to the ground before howling loudly, a bright shot up, as four cards from the Drop Zone moved over to the top of the deck. Before a card flung itself to Kai's hand.

"With that, I call Blaster Blade from my deck."

"Isn't that just a superior call though?" Naoki asked.

"Not quite since Blaster Blade joins Wingal in the Vanguard circle! This is Legion!"

"Two units in the Vanguard circle?!"

Misaki stared worryingly at the sudden predicament she was at when Kai's voice resonated in her ears.

"Picture it." Doing exactly as she was told, she was now staring face-to-face with Blaster Blade who stared straight into her eyes.

'That Blaster Blade…' an image of a blue haired boy suddenly flashed right in front of her eyes, causing her to shake her head.

'What was that?' She thought to herself.

"The image won't betray you." Kai said, appearing beside her.

"It isn't something that you form out of your consciousness or from knowledge. It's something that's reflected from your memories that you keep precious within your heart, and that is a true image!"

Staring deeper into the eyes of the unit, its features slowly turned to that of a blue haired boy with a smile on his face.

"Misaki." The boy called out to her, snapping her back to reality as she held her head in pain.

"W-what's wrong with her?" Naoki asked the brunette in worry.

'The memory that was once fuzzy is all starting to become clear now…Aichi.' The girl then removed her hand from her head, looking slightly in a daze.

"Aichi…Sendou." Misaki muttered to herself, though it was loud enough for both Kai and Naoki to hear.

"Misaki just said it…"

"That's right…her memory of him has been regained." With that, Kai resumed the game, and with Legion's introduction to the game, Misaki had stood no chance and it was inevitable when there were six cards in her Damage Zone.

"I lost…" the girl said as she clenched her fists tightly, her bangs covering her eyes.

"Tokura? What's wrong?" Kai asked in concern.

"I remember him…I remember Aichi." Misaki responded, all the memories of him reappearing in her head. From the time he had first entered the shop, to the times they spent together at school.

"How could I forget him?" she whispered, more to herself than anything, while Naoki nodded his head in agreement.

"Kai, is what you said true? Are we the only ones who remember Aichi?" Kai nodded his head and with that, the three began discussing what happened and eventually came up with a plan to find more people who know about Aichi.

With the promise of finding the missing boy one day, the two boys eventually left and Shin returned to the shop, completely unaware of what had happened.

"Well, today has been a hectic day, hasn't it?" Shin smiled, wiping the sweat falling from his forehead as he closed the store for the day.

"Yeah…" though her response was rather absentmindedly.

After eating dinner, the girl wished her uncle a good night before returning to her room. Getting herself dressed, the girl instantly dropped on her bed, as she wrapped her arms around her pillow tightly, as a memory of what happened a few weeks ago flashed in her head.

"Aichi, you're in no shape to fight…"

"I want to protect you!" He said suddenly and his words caused her heart to pound heavily.

"I'm not going there to lose…I'll go there and win! I'll take back everyone's future!" he said in determination as the girl had an internal battle.

Should she let him go, or not?

"Make sure you come back. Promise me." Misaki begged, deciding to give her trust to the boy.

"I promise." With that, the boy ran off, with his life at risk and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

'Please be alright…Aichi.'

"How could I ever forget you…Aichi?" Misaki whispered to herself, before feeling the waves of exhaustion hit her as she let sleep overcome her, her thoughts filled about the boy she loved.

End Chapter

I've been meaning to write a 100 theme challenge story, and since I've been watching Cardfight Vanguard again. I decided to throw my hat into the ring as well. Anyways, this won't be updated regularly. It's just a side project to do when I'm working on other stuff. That being said I hope you all enjoy it.

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