Hi all!

This was a spur of the moment idea of a fic.

Starts a few months after the battle of Hogwarts, but Dumbledore still lives.

However, after this intro, I'd like to make it interactive to what you, the readers, would like! I will have a poll set up on my profile (every few chapters or so) with two or three ideas as to which direction I can take this fic. It's up to you to decide! (Suggestions through reviews are cool too!)

Constructive criticism and reviews are always appreciated.

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Cup one.

Tall. Black. Hint of cream.

Cup two.

Half steamed milk. Half espresso.

Cup three.

Red Eye. Part coffee. Part espresso.

The day moved on.


Harry sighed as he took another sip. The coffee was both strong and bold, but the caffeine had little to no effect. I guess that happens when you have too much of it far too often.

The young man feels like he has an excuse for having so much caffeine daily. Especially caffeine in the form of coffee. His lithe form moved around the kitchen of the cafe as if he lived there his whole life, yet this was not the case.

Harry James Potter, owner of Café des Maîtres, grew up in the unloving home of his aunt and uncle. More specifically, in the cupboard beneath the stairs. The boy then went onwards to Hogwarts when he was eleven. He went to find the world his parents lived in and loved. When he himself rejoined the wizarding world, he didn't see the place as his parents once did.

Attacks came his way every year without fail, yet for the longest time, no one would tell him why this was so. Not until his fifth year, anyways. Not until his godfather lost his life falling through the veil.

The subsequent years were no better, as things went from bad to worse. The Dark Lord attacked communities and homes. The 'Light Lord' (Dumbles, according to Harry) just spouted words instead of actions in response. All hope was pushed onto a teen not yet of age.

But defeat Tom Riddle, he did. Ensured the war's end, so he thought. He even walked to his death, expecting to be soon reunited with his family.

Death, however, had other plans.

Harry did not die, nor could he die. Death's Master now walked the world.

Since his aging had stopped, Dumbledore thought Harry had dabbled in the dark arts. Thinking of Harry as too strong, the old man tried to bind the teen.

Emphasis on tried.

With multiple attempts:

Subtle suggestions via legilimancy. Blocked.

Magical binds. Unlocked and unwound.

Marriage contract with one Ginerva Weasley. Annulled via goblins. Gotta love them.

Mind wipe via both obliviate and potions.

Fortunately for him, Death wants no one to be able to control it's Master. Both that and the warnings from Professor Snape (surprisingly enough) saved him from the headmaster's reach.

Yet, the man then decided to declare Harry as the new 'Dark Lord.'

Harry snorted at his reminiscing. Dark Lord indeed, he thought as he stood surrounded by all the mugs filled with dark roasted coffee. In a humorous sense he was a Lord who loves the dark. Just not dark magic.

Just making a single cup of dark roasted coffee made up his obsession. His livelyhood.

He needed to get back to work.

"Hello and welcome to the Café des Maîtres! What kind of coffee would you like today?"



AN: Poll options for the direction of this fic. Please vote!

option (a): The café serves op characters from various books, anime, movies, etc. (With Harry as either an advice giver or everyone else tries to offer him advice)...this would be a 'humorous' kind of fic

option (b): Death pulls Harry into the past (time travel!). Where Death (as a girl) is paired with Harry and they, together run the café and raise the younger Harry.

option (c): Dumbledore (and the Order) verses Harry, Death, Snape, & Goblins! (aka Harry tries to live a peaceful life, but Dumbledore won't let him be! Chaos ensues)