Loke paces around in the celestial realm, feeling bored out of his mind. It had been a long time since he had been summoned by Lucy, the strongest and kindest celestial spirit mage, the one who had summoned the Celestial Spirit king and had changed the rule of the celestial world, and the one and only Queen of his heart. He longed to see her; unable to wait until their next meeting each time she closed his gate.

While Loke could certainly open his gate at his own free will, he had noticed that every time he would do this, he would end up annoying his gorgeous master, and she wouldn't care for his affections anymore. Hence, Loke paced, waiting to be called by the lovely woman herself, and fulfill his eternal promise of being her knight in shining armor.

His prayers were answered almost immediately, as he felt himself being summoned. As he appeared in the human world, he prepared himself for combat, expecting to be summoned for battle. "Your prince has arrived, Lucy!" Loke smiles as he makes a flashy entrance, never dropping the opportunity to impress his princess.

He blinked as he realized that he was summoned not on a battle field, but rather in Lucy's apartment. His eyes look for Lucy, and his eyes widen as he finds his master clad in nothing but a bath towel, standing in the corner of her room, clutching his key midair.

Loke's heart pounds slightly as he takes in and relishes the sight of her exposed and flushed skin and smirks, "My, my, princess, what an unexpected sight. To what do I owe this beautiful view?" He approaches her seductively, "Do you require my assistance to dress you? Although, I think my expertise would say otherwise," he throws her a cheesy wink.

Lucy blushes deeply at his insinuation, "No, you silly idiot, that's not why I summoned you!" she points meekly towards the bathroom. "T-There's a bug or rodent of some kind in the bathroom! I was about to take a bath when it appeared! Please get rid of it for me!" she pleads, whimpering slightly.

Loke chuckles slowly, amused at her reaction. "Lucy, you've faced baddies from Dark Guilds with much more damage ability than this. How are you possibly afraid of a silly little bug?" he looks at her not in a teasing, but endearing sort of way.

"It's not a normal rodent-! Please just get rid of it!" she squeals clearly not in the mood to argue.

"I suppose I am the man for the task, as I am, Leo the Lion Spirit!" he boasts, meeting his fist to his chest to emphasize his manliness. "Leave it to me!" Loke makes his way to the bathroom.

There is steam in the bathroom as he enters, which was clearly ready for a bathing session, an alluring smell in the air from all the bath salts. Lucy calls from her bedroom, "Be careful! Don't let it enter the bedroom, please!"

Loke chuckles once again, "Don't worry, love, I will take care of it for you." he looks around, shuffling among the items in the bathroom, looking for the targeted creature. "Perhaps as reward, would you let me join you in the bath?" he flirts once again. He laughs to himself in satisfaction as he hears her splutter nervously before calling him a pervert. How he loved everything about her!

After looking around for a bit, Loke asks absently, "I don't really see it anywhere, Lucy! Are you sure it wasn't your imagination?"

"I wouldn't have summoned you had it been my imagination!" Lucy grumbles.

'Well, you do have a point. How about you continue your bath while I stand on guard beside you?" Loke jokingly offers. "I can assist you in a number of ways." he says in a sultry voice.

He swears he can hear Lucy growl at this time one, no doubt steaming from the ears, "Loke-!" she shouts in indignation. "Stop your insistent flirting and focus, will you?" she mutters to herself, "I ought to have summoned Virgo instead!"

Loke catches a movement near the clothes hamper and exclaims, "Aha! There you are, you naughty rodent. So you are the one who has been bothering my master." he saunters over to the basket and pushes it aside. The creature, a green nasty looking rat scurries between his legs and runs in all directions. "Hey-!" Loke shouts and hence begins a cat and mouse chase, as Loke runs around to catch the rodent.

"Did you find it?" Lucy asks from afar, but Loke is preoccupied.

He runs in circles, occasionally on the verge of tripping on the slippery floor, in an attempt to capture the rodent. Loke grunts angrily, "Now you've really angered me!" he launches a beam of his light towards the creature, but it expertly dodges.

Just as it was about to squeeze itself beneath the dresser, he uses his power to shoot at a mug, which lands squarely on the rat, effectively trapping the beast under it.

"Loke, did you get it?" she asks again.

"Yes! He's caught in my trap!" Loke replies, moving over to the struggling creature.

"Great job, Loke! You didn't let me down!" Lucy exclaims in joy.

Loke chuckles, "You wound me, princess. How could you possibly doubt my prowess?" he bends down and slightly lifts the mug to grab the creature and let it free outside the window.

"I'm sorry!" she sounds sheepish. "But next time, just keep your mouth under control." she huffs.

Loke was about to reply with another flirtatious line when instead, an unmanly gasp leaves his mouth as the rodent flies out, lunging straight to his face. He falls over on the bathroom floor on his butt as the now suddenly winged rodent zaps around.

Lucy appears at the bathroom door, "What's wrong-kya!" she screams as the flying pest comes flying at her. She flails her arm in an attempt to prevent it from coming near her, "Don't come near me!" she squeals. Loke makes a grab for it but then it swiftly zips past her, making way into her bedroom.

Loke curses as he follows, charging his hands with the light of Regulus, "I won't let you get away!" he runs around punching the spots the rodent previously sat on, scattering things about and messing the previously tidy room. As if teasing him, the rodent makes squeaky noises that sound like a cackle of amusement to his hears. Loke growls like a real lion, his patience wearing thin, as his pride as a man and Leader of the 12 Zodiac keys was at stake, right before the object of his affection.

Lucy whines, "I thought you took care of it!"

"I'm on it!" he grits his teeth. This pesky bug was really getting on his nerves now.

She shrieks as she realizes that the flying rodent was coming her way again. She makes a run for it, while Loke follows her closely. They run around her room in a comic manner, as Lucy tries to run from the flying rodent, and Loke rushes to catch it.

Finally having enough, she holds out another key, "Open! Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!" she summons the stoic pink haired maid.

She stands on the corner of the room, watching plainly as they continue to run around in circles. "How can I help you, Princess?"

"Read the atmosphere, will you?!" Lucy yells in exasperation.

"No, wait I almost got it!" he zaps a beam of his light and that accidentally ends up landing on his Lady Love. She yelps in pain, "Loke!"

"Argh! Now I'll really had it!" Loke bellows in anger. "Regulus, full charge!"

Lucy gasps as she realizes what he was about to do, "Wait, you'll destroy my apartment!"

All of a sudden, the rat changes course of flying and flies straight to Loke, startling him. He shrieks as the monster digs its sharp claws on his fist and pierces his skin with its teeth. "Ouch!" he grunts in pain repeatedly, shaking his fist. But the rodent doesn't let go, clinging to his flesh.

"Here you go, little one." Virgo coaxes the flying rodent with a small piece of cheese. Almost immediately, the creature lets go of Loke and gleefully grabs the cheese and settles himself on her hand.

"Princess, I have seen this species of rodents underground before. They aren't very harmful, and make good pets too." Virgo pets the rat as it gobbles down the cheese.

Lucy sighs of relief, "Phew, thank you so much, Virgo! You really saved me there!" she then shoots a glare at Loke, who stands there, gaping, "I wish I'd called you first instead! Loke, here was about to destroy my house! Not to mention, my room is already in a mess!" she pouts angrily.

"B-But Lucy, I had caught it, really! That thing all of a sudden grew wings!" he points at the now peaceful looking rodent.

"Excuses! And you're a Lion Spirit over that! You're seriously a good for nothing flirt!" Lucy reprimands him, while Loke makes the face of a puppy that was just kicked by his owner.

"Lucy!" he whines at her insults. Before he can continue, Lucy shouts, "Loke, Forced Gate Closure!" and with a poof he was back in the celestial realm.

Well...that was a failure of all sorts. He wasn't able to create an 'amazing husband' impression on her favorably and his pride as Lion Spirit was down in the dumps by now.

At least he got to see his Lucy in a towel.

a/n: loke and lucy interactions are so fun to write! definitely one of my favorite ships out there :)